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BAPTISMS 1733 - 1735


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 206          
1733 Michel Philip son of Philip 26 Mar  
Page 207 Michel John son of John 31 Mar  
  Roberts Susanna dau of Henry 8 Apr  
  Row Anne dau of Abed-nego 15 Apr  
  Hockin John son of Richard 22 Apr  
  Sowdon Jane dau of John 23 Apr  
  Hockin Edward son of Thos. 29 Apr  
  Jeffery Richard son of John 29 Apr  
  Lemmon George son of William 29 Apr  
  Osborne Jane dau of Thomas 14 May  
  Jenkin Anne dau of Reynold 19 May  
  Rowe Mary dau of Philip 26 May  
  Hockin James son of John 29 May  
  George Honour dau of Stephen 29 May  
  Gribbel Jane dau of Danl. 8 July  
  Bennetts Richard son of Francis 14 July  
  Vivian Mary dau of John 15 July  
  Tilary Catharine dau of Henry 26 July  
  Battrel Anne dau of Henry 29 July  
  Bryant Elizabeth dau of Rivchd. 29 May  
  John Henry son of Hen. Jnr. 6 Aug  
  Cornelius Thomas son of Martin 1 Aug  
  Willowby Anne dau of Thos. 20 Aug  
  Davy Bridget dau of Hannibal 9 Sept  
  Robins Margaret dau of Cornelius 16 Sept  
  Thomas Anne dau of Richard [?] 16 Sept  
  Harris John son of Charles 2- Sept  
  Bennetts Jane dau of Matthew 29 Sept  
  Trevailer James son of Edward 7 Oct  
  Temby Peter son of Peter [?] 21 Oct  
  Bennetts Elizabeth dau of John [?] 12 Nov  
  Trythal James son of John [?] 27 Dec  
1734 Bennetts Elizabeth dau of John [?] 31 Mar  
  Hockin William son of Wm. 31 Mar  
  Eva Jane dau of Christopher 31 Mar  
  Vine Wm. son of Nicholas 31 Mar  
  Rule Stephen son of John [?] 16 Apr  
  Cooke Margaret dau of Geo. 28 Apr  
  Tabb Rebecca dau of Richard 12 May  
  Roberts Anne dau of Joseph 19 May  
  Terrell Elizabeth dau of John 19 May  
Page 208 Rule Oliver son of James 26 May  
  Potter John son of Rob. of Gwynear 22 June  
  Glanfull Elizabeth dau of Thos. 24 June  
  Teague Elizabeth dau of John 24 May  
  Whennan Margery dau of Henry 30 June  
  Love Jane dau of Luke 14 July  
  Trevarthen William son of Wm. 10 Aug  
  Jefferey William son of Mark 1 Sept  
  Lethlean Blanch dau of Wm. 8 Sept  
  Gilbert Anne dau of John 8 Sept  
  Glanfull Johnson son of Johnson 21 Sept  
  Bryant John son of John 29 Sept  
  Eva Andrew-Paul base child of Mary 5 Oct  
  Rogers Allice dau of Edwd. 6 Oct  
  Snell Elizabeth dau of Thos. 27 Oct  
  Bennetts John son of John 11 Nov  
  Bellamn Eleanor dau of John 11 Nov  
  Bennetts Grace dau of Christo. 16 Nov  
  Rogers John son of Edwd. 26 Dec  
  Mager Rebecca dau of John 26 Dec  
  Chapel Anne dau of John 27 Dec  
  Pentyer James son of James 10 Jan  
  Cowlin Constance dau of Henry 10 Jan  
  Stephens Grace dau of Martin 11 Jan  
  Bennetts Haughton son of Wm. 12 Jan  
  Williams Anne dau of Steph. 19 Jan  
  Eva Anne dau of William 2 Feb  
  Richards Rachal dau of Thos. 2 Feb  
  Michel Jane dau of Trustram 2 Feb  
  Vivian Elizabeth dau of Robert 9 Feb  
  Paul Richard son of Charles of Illogan 16 Feb  
  Teague John son of Wm. 16 Feb  
  Dunston John son of Henry 16 Feb  
  Bennetts Margery dau of John 16 Feb  
  Roberts Rachal dau of Thos. 16 Feb  
  Morton Phyllis dau of Robt. 16 Feb  
  Donithorne Mary dau of Cyprian 2 Mar  
  Glasson Grace dau of William 5 Mar  
  Gilbert John son of Jas. 16 Mar  
  Trannack Anne dau of Nich. 19 Mar  
  Hockin Nicholas son of Nicholas 23 Mar  
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1735 Glanfull Benjamin son of Benjamin 2 Apr  
  Waters Cornelius [Charles] son of William 7 Apr  
  Hocking James son of Richard 13 Apr  
  Sowdon James son of Thomas 13 Apr  
  Rowe Elizabeth dau of Philip 27 Apr  
  Rule Henry son of Stephen of Gwinear 10 May  
  Bullock James son of James 21 June  
  Rogers John son of John 30 June  
  Sowdon John son of John 28 June  
  Gribbel Richard son of Benjamin 28 June  
  Olive Joseph son of Jos. of Illogan 3 Aug  
  Jenkin Elizabeth dau of Reynold of Illog. 3 Aug  
  Bennetts Eleanor dau of Francis 9 Aug  
  Dunkin William son of George 23 Aug  
  Cook Anne dau of George 24 Aug  
  Temby Mary dau of John 27 Aug  
  Harris Charles son of Mr. Charles 29 Sept  
  Bryant John son of Johnson 23 Oct  
  Trevarthen Charles son of Benj. 1 Nov  
  Eva Stephen son of Joshua 9 Nov  
  Temby Simon son of Peter 9 Nov  
  Bryant Margery dau of Francis 9 Nov  
  Bennetts Grace dau of George 9 Nov  
  Cockin Francis son of alex. 23 Nov  
  Bennetts Robert son of Christor. 10 Dec  
  Jackson Anne dau of Peter 14 Dec  
  Temby Richard son of John 26 Dec  
  Row [Rowe] Jane dau of Abed-nego 26 Dec  
  Glasson John son of John 11 Jan  
  Baws Mary dau of Wm. 11 Jan  
  Rule James son of Henry 11 Jan  
  Cornelius John son of Martin 25 Jan  
  Skewis Wm. son of Wm. 21 Feb  
  Vivian James son of John 28 Feb  
  Bennetts Matthew son of John 29 Feb  
  Eva Elizabeth dau of christopher 6 Mar  
  Verrant Sampson son of John 12 Mar  
  Hockin Thomas son of Thos. 14 Mar  
  Roberts John son of Noel 14 Mar  
  Franchis John son of Wm. 21 Mar