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BAPTISMS 1730 - 1732


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


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1730 Row Anna [Ann] dau of Richard 30 Mar  
  Row James son of Abednego 19 Apr  
  Predex [Predux] Gorg [George] son of John 26 Apr  
  Glanfull Thomas son of Thomas 3 May  
  Predex [Predux] James son of James 3 May  
  Hocking Lucey base child of Mary 10 May  
  Jaxon [Jackson] William son of Richard 18 May  
  Danell [Danil] Elisabeth dau of Thomas 6 June  
  Evia [Eva] Thomas son of Francis 21 June  
  Quntarll [Quntral] Elisabeth dau of Ruchard 21 June  
  Hocking alias Brusher John son of John 27 June  
  Grebell Mary dau of Bengeman 5 July  
  Williams Henare son of Henare 11 July  
  Paull Jane dau of Arthar 11 July  
  Davy Frances dau of Symon of Elugan 22 July  
  Echam Elisabeth dau of Gelbard 6 Aug  
  Bennats Chrischan [Christian] dau of Mathie 15 Aug  
  Williams Sarah dau of Stephen 15 Aug  
  Trevarthen Benjamin son of Benjamin 24 Aug  
  Tyeck Thomas son of William 29 Aug  
  Hensele Mickial son of Mickial 21 Aug  
  Edwards Jane dau of James 6 July  
  Hocken Jane dau of Thomas 1 Nov  
  Chapell Usale dau of John 15 Nov  
  Donken William son of William 22 Nov  
  Chapell Thomas son of John 20 Dec  
  Bennats Christopher son of Francis 26 Dec  
Page 204 Rabarts John son of Joseph 26 Dec  
  Donken Mary dau of Gorg. 28 Dec  
  Jefare [Jeffrey] Mary dau of John 28 Dec  
  Battarll Thomas son of John 3 Jan  
  Vivian Hotten son of Robart 1 Jan  
  Semens Richard son of Petter 2 Jan  
  Weepstar Mary dau of Water 25 Jan  
  Hocking Sedwell dau of Joseph 8 Feb  
  Bryant Richard son of Richard 14 Feb  
  Lemen [Lemon] Charlus [Charles] son of Gorg. 14 Feb  
  Prideaux Edward son of Francis 16 Feb  
  Trithall Jone & Catherine daus of John 20 Feb  
  Teack Edward son of Tho. 20 Feb  
  Bryant Catharn [Catherine] dau of Edward 28 Feb  
  Knight John son of John of Ilougan 2 Mar  
  Larans [Larance] An & Jane daus of Petter of Ilougan 2 Mar  
  Hocking Jane dau of Samewel 5 Mar  
  Colin [Cowlin] Henery son of Henery 14 Mar  
  Warran William son of Gorge. 14 Mar  
  Threvailer [1] Marg......[Margeret] dau of Edward 14 Mar [1] Altered from "Theevailer".
  Rabarts Thomas son of Thomas 21 Mar  
  Tarwarthen [Trewarthen] Maey dau of Thomas 22 Mar  
1731 Robins Mary dau of Cornelus 2 May  
  Vivian Stephen son of Francis 29 May  
  Sowden Ann [Anne] dau of Thomas 13 June  
  Bennats Christopher son of John 13 June  
  Bennats Joanna dau of Frances 19 June  
  Bartell Gilbard son of John 20 June  
  Whenan [Whennan] Elisabeth dau of Edmond 10 July  
  Robarts Christchan [Christian] dau of Noal [Noel] 18 July  
  Bullack [Bullock] Ann [Anne] dau of James 26 July  
  Sowden Mary dau of John 24 Aug  
  Dockin John son of John 29 Aug  
  Veran [Verran] John son of John 5 Sept  
  Sampson Mary dau of Will. 6 Sept  
  Terill [Terrell] George son of John 12 Sept  
  Hocking John son of William 19 Sept  
  Madern [Maddern] Thomas son of Richard 26 Sept  
  Jefery [Jeffery] John son of Maks 3 Oct  
Page 205 Temby Joseph son of John 18 Oct  
  Sanders Ann dau of William 18 Oct  
  Hocken [Hockin] John son of John 23 Oct  
  Rogers John son of Edward 14 Nov  
  Glanville Martha dau of Benj. 15 Nov  
  Ambrose Ursula dau of Charles 15 Nov  
  Franches William son of William 16 Nov  
  Bennets Elizabeth dau of Christopher 16 Nov  
  Glanville Amos son of Thomas 4 Dec  
  Tab Richard son of Richard 12 Dec  
  Tellam Richard son of Fran. 19 Dec  
  Lethlean Mary dau of Will. 26 Dec  
  Whenan [Whennan] Jane dau of Hen. 27 Dec  
  Noble Trefena [Tryphena] base child of Mary 28 Dec  
  Thomas Jacob son of Jacob 2 Jan  
  Sowdon Jane dau of James 15 Jan  
  Murton Mary dau of Robert 16 Jan  
  Webster Jane dau of Walter 25 Jan  
  Thomas Anne dau of Richd. 21 Jan  
  Eva [1] Will. [William] son of Will. [William] 29 Jan [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Stephens James son of Martin 5 Feb  
  Bennets Jno [John] son of Jno. [John] 12 Feb  
  Bennets Joseph son of Christopher 13 Feb  
  Rule James son of James 13 Feb  
  Bennets Anne & Grace daus of Geo. 20 Feb  
  Bennets Jno [John] son of Tho. 22 Feb  
  Row Mary dau of Philip 27 Feb  
  Glanvill Mary dau of Johnson 4 Mar  
1732 Snell John son of Thomas 26 Mar  
  Williby Thomas son of Peter 2 Apr  
  Dunston Henry son of Henry 2 Apr  
  Edwards James son of James 10 Apr  
  Michel Edwd. son of Edwd. 10 Apr  
  Richards John son of Tho. 10 Apr  
  Robins John son of James 11 Apr  
  Rogers Willm. son of Jno. 24 Apr  
  Belman Mary dau of Jno. 25 Apr  
  Hocking Mary dau of Nicholas 30 Apr  
  Pentyer Jane dau of James 30 Apr  
Page 206 Gribbel John son of John 1 May  
  Jackson William son of Richd. 14 May  
  Hancock Catharine dau of Stephen 17 May  
  Daniel Wilmot dau of Tho. 10 June  
  Tilary Catharine dau of Henry 11 June  
  Gilbard Ann dau of James 25 June  
  Row Anne & Mary daus of Richd. 1 July  
  Bennetts [1] Henry son of Henry 1 July [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Bate [1] Mahershalahashbaz base child of Margt. 25 July [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Rule [1] Catharine dau of Henry 13 Aug [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Bennetts Anne dau of Jno. & Mary 16 Sept  
  Hensley Mary dau of Michael 17 Sept  
  Waters John son of Willm. 3 Sept  
  Eva Richard son of Joshua 25 Sept  
  Williams Jane dau of Stephen 25 Sept  
  Walters John son of John 29 Sept  
  Quick John son of Thomas 8 Oct  
  Perry Mary & Martha daus of Richd. 23 Oct  
  Teague Richard son of John 29 Oct  
  Chapel Richard son of John 4 Nov  
  Teague Joseph son of Willm. 12 Nov  
  Bryant Tabitha dau of Jno. 13 Nov  
  Carter Joane dau of Jno. 13 Nov  
  Davey Jane dau of Jno. 13 Nov  
  Prideaux Elizabeth dau of James 19 Nov  
  Temby Martha dau of John 3 Dec  
  Cockin Elizabeth dau of Alex. 26 Dec  
  Oatfield John son of Richard 31 Dec  
  Bryant William son of Johnson 2 Jan  
  Dunkin Catharine dau of Wm. 7 Jan  
  Gribbel Mary dau of Benj. 21 Jan  
  Chappel Jane dau John 25 Jan  
  Rule John son of John 18 Feb  
  Dunkin Anne dau of George 3 Mar  
  Trevarthen Thomas son of Tho. 4 Mar  
  Tredinnack Douglas on of Jno. 4 Mar  
  Quintral Joane dau of Richard 11 Mar