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BAPTISMS 1723 - 1726


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 198          
1723 Jeffrey George son of George of Illogan 25 Mar  
  Vine James son of James of Illogan 25 Mar  
  Hocking Honour dau of Jno. 25 Mar  
  Haris Cardellia dau of thomas 30 Mar  
  John Blanch dau of Philip 13 Apr  
  Samson [blank] [Grace] dau of Heu [Henry] 15 Apr  
  Jaxson Eliesabeth dau of Richard 20 Apr  
  Fine [1] [Vine] John son of Niclus [Nickloss] 21 Apr [1] "Niclus Fine" written over an erasure.
  Bennats An [Ann] dau of After [Arter] 21 Apr  
  Hensle [Hensly] Honar dau of Mycall [Michael] 21 Apr  
  Bennats Joseph son of Crystaphar [Christopher] 5 May  
  Gribell Arthur son of John 12 May  
  Hocken [Hocking] Seedwell [Sidwell] dau of Joseph 13 May  
  Evia [Evah] Zeccheus son of Gorge 18 May  
  Veran John son of John 19 May  
  Mechall [Michael] Samewell [Samuel] son of Samewell [Samuel] 23 May  
  Recat [Reccat] Thomas son of Thomas 26 May  
  Jefare [Jeffary] Mark son of Mark 3 June  
  Barkle Wm. [William] son of John 15 June  
  Battrall John son of Henare 24 June  
  Nettell Mattie dau of Cristophar 7 July  
  Tarweela William son of Mathie [Mathew] 14 July  
Page 196 Bennets Elisabeth dau of Mathew [blank]  
  Hocken [Hocking] Francis son of Mathie [Mathew] 21 July  
  Row Anthane [Antony] son of Thomas 21 July  
  Davy [Daves] John son of John [1] 10 Aug [1] Against this entry is written "Alies Bequiah"
  Tyack [2] Wm. [William] son of Wm. [William] 31 Aug [2] "Teague" crossed through and "Tyack" written above.
  Glasson Mary dau of John 7 Sept  
  Sanders Thos. [Thomas] son of Wm. 8 Sept  
  Donken Elisabeth dau of William 9 Sept  
  Quenttarll [Quentrall] Frances dau of Richard 21 Sept  
  Tellam Cristophar son of Cristophar 28 Sept  
  Tellam Richard son of Richard 3 Oct  
  Preedex [Predex] John son of John 13 Oct  
  Bennets Phoebe dau of Richd. [Richard] 9 Nov  
  Lemmon Archelaus son of Geo. 9 Nov  
  Vivian Haughton son of Robert 9 Nov  
  Hancock Catherine dau of Jno. [John] 10 Nov  
  Vivian Richd. [Richard] son of Long Jno. [3] [John] 16 Nov [3] "Long" interpolated before 'Jno".
  Lemmon Wm. son of Wm. [William] 16 Nov  
  Targerten Jone dau of Francis 30 Nov  
  Row Barbra dau of Richard 7 Dec  
  Pool Margry dau of Gorg of Illugan 19 Jan  
  Jenken Jane dau of Digore [Degary] of Illougan 25 Jan  
  Evia [Evah] James son of William 1 Feb  
  Cartheu [Carthew] John son of Thomas of Illugan 1 Feb  
  James Thomas son of Thomas of Illugan 16 Feb  
  Thomas Mary dau of John of Illugan 16 Feb  
  Larans [Lavares] Samuell son of Peter of Illugan 17 Feb  
  Ley Margrat dau of James 29 Feb  
  Lathlean Alexander son of Willm. 9 Mar  
1724 Richards Janne dau of Phiap 6 Apr  
  Hosken Tristram son of Thomas 11 Apr  
  Tembe John son of John 10 May  
  Bray Johnson son of John 10 May  
  Edwards Margare dau of James 26 May  
  Hosken Gilbard son of gilbard 30 May  
  Trythal Jane dau of John 30 May  
  Glasson Robert son of Robert 27 June  
  Eva Margret dau of Frances 27 June  
Page 197 Barkell Mary dau of Wm. 2 Aug  
  Pearse Andrew son of Andrew 9 Aug  
  Thomas Dyonisia dau of Jacob 9 Aug  
  Hocking Samuel son of Joseph 19 Aug  
  Duncan Grace dau of George 12 Sept  
  Eva Henry son of Henry 16 Aug  
  Bennets Arthur son of Arthur 26 Sept  
  Angove Wm. son of Wm., Sexton 26 Sept  
  Terrell John son of John 8 Nov  
  Robarts Prudence dau of Joseph 8 Nov  
  Ambres Mary dau of Charles 26 Dec  
  Gilbard Elisabeth dau of John 28 Dec  
  Edwards Elisabeth dau of thomas 10 Jan  
  Bennats Samuell son of Frances 16 Jan  
  Tarsana James son of John 30 Jan  
  Bennats Richard son of Richard 13 Feb  
  Jackson Jane dau of Richard 13 Feb  
  Davey Thomas son of thomas 27 Feb  
  Jefery Grace dau of Mark 27 Feb  
  Rule Catherine dau of Johnson 27 Feb  
  Black Charlus son of Gorg 14 Mar  
  Angove Eunice dau of Willm. 20 Mar  
  Bartell Henry son of John 21 Mar  
1725 Larance Elizabeth dau of Edward, gent, of Feage 25 Mar  
  Rull [Rule] Mary dau of John 29 Mar  
  Rogers William son of John 17 Apr  
  Tyack [1] Phillipa dau of William 1 May [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Vivian [1] An [Ann] dau of Francis 15 May [1] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Row Richard son of Richard 12 June  
  Hocking Edmund son of Samuell 12 June  
  Richards Philip son of Philip 13 June  
  Michell Wm. [William] son of Samuel 26 June  
  Bennats Stephen son of Francis 27 June  
  Hensly Michaell son of Michaell 11 July  
  Battarll [Botrall] Margret dau of Henare 11 July  
  Davey Elisebath [Elizabeth] dau of John 25 July  
  Bennats Mary dau of John 25 July  
  Webster Stephen son of Stephen 1 Aug  
  Bennats Christopher son of christopher 15 Aug  
Page 198 Bennats John son of John 20 Aug  
  Robarts Henry son of Henry 22 Aug  
  Robarts Grace dau of thomas 22 Aug  
  Glanfull [Glanvill] Johnson son of Oliver 5 Sept  
  Predux [Pridux] Francis son of Francis 19 Sept  
  Robarts Noal [Noall] son of Noal 19 Sept  
  Donken [Dunkin] Ann dau of William 24 Oct  
  Dunken [Dunkin] James son of John 14 Nov  
  Prisk Edmond son of William 14 Nov  
  Souden Elizabeth dau of John 14 Nov  
  Hosken Constanc [Constance] dau of Thomas 14 Nov  
  Bennats Francis son of Mathew 21 Nov  
  Belman William son of John 21 Nov  
  Evia [Eva] Dorathie dau of William 12 Dec  
  Stevens [Stephens] Elisabeth dau of Marten 2 Jan  
  Tellum John son of Richard 6 Jan  
  Baily John son of Willm. of Illugan 30 Jan  
  Hocking Elizebath [Elizabeth] dau of John 30 Jan  
  Paull Constanc [Constance] dau of Arter 30 Jan  
  Tembey Richard son of John 13 Feb  
  Vivian Keturah dau of Willm. 13 Feb  
  Williams Francis base son of Mary 24 Feb  
  Quentrall Richard son of Richard 27 Feb  
  Werren [Warrin] Georg son of Georg 27 Feb  
  Recket Allas [Allis] dau of Thomas 27 Feb  
  Hancock Richard son of Stephen 2 Mar  
  Teag Richard & Admonition twains, son & dau of Thomam 2 Mar  
  Osbrans William of Ilougan   13 Mar  
1726 Skues Roben [Robart] son of Renfre [Renfry] 8 Apr  
  Glasson [Glassond] Charles son of John 8 Apr  
  Jane Joseph son of Henry 11 Apr  
  Briant [Bryant] John son of John 11 Apr  
  Williams Christian dau of Henry 11 Apr  
  Thillam [Tellam] William son of Cristaver [Christopher] 17 Apr  
  Bennats Henry son of Edward 1 May  
  Pridux Samson [Sampson] son of Stephen 1 May  
  John Grase [Grace] dau of Henry 9 May  
  Robens [1] [blank] son of Corneles 15 May [1] This entry does not appear in the Bishop's Transcript.
  Davey [blank] [Mary] dau of James 15 May  
Page 199 Trithall John son of John 29 May  
  Verran Dorathe [Dorithy] dau of John 12 June  
  Dunkin John son of George 10 July  
  Glason John son of Robard 10 July  
  Whenan Zackeas son of Henry 10 July  
  James Ann dau of William 24 July  
  Osbron [Osborne] Ann dau of Thomas of Illugan 24 July  
  Bennats Jane dau of Artar 28 Aug  
  Sandars [Sanders] Mary dau of William 11 Sept  
  Lemon Elizabeth dau of William 11 Sept  
  Paull James son of Thomas 2 Oct  
  Bartell Elizebath dau of Willm. 16 Oct  
  Lemon Georg son of Georg 5 Nov  
  Cocking Elexandry son of Elexandry 5 Nov  
  Vivian Claranda dau of John 5 Nov  
  Eva Mary dau of Joshua 13 Nov  
  Vivian Agotha dau of Roben [Robart] 20 Nov  
  Best Penelope dau of Peter of St. Columb Major 10 Dec  
  Vivian Francis son of Francis 21 Jan  
  Ambress [Ambrose] Elizabeth dau of Charles 21 Jan  
  Marten Elizabeth dau of Henry of Illugan 21 Jan  
  Pridux Francis son of John 28 Jan  
  Michell William son of Samuell 29 Jan  
  Souden Elizabeth dau of John 12 Feb  
  Vine Grace dau of James 14 Feb  
  Bartell Elizabeth dau of John 14 Feb  
  Gribell Benimen [Beniemin] son of Benimen 18 Feb  
  Rule Johnson son of John 25 Feb  
  Bray John son of John 26 Feb  
  Georg Mary dau of Stephen 26 Feb  
  Richard [Richards] Edward son of Thomas 4 Mar  
  Glanvill Mary dau of Benimen 4 Mar  
  Robarts Joseph son of Joseph 12 Mar  
  Lea John son of James 18 Mar  
  Tresona [Tresonah] Mary dau of John 19 Mar