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BAPTISMS 1720 - 1722

Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

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1720 Angove Wm. son of Wm. 26 Mar  
  Tab Peternel dau of Jno. 15 Apr  
  Ellis Miriam dau of Thos. 15 Apr  
  Tresona Joseph son of John 18 Apr  
  Glasond Elizabeath dau of Robard 19 Apr  
  Otfelde Henery son of Richard 24 Apr  
  Dave Elizabeath dau of Stephen 8 May  
  Angove alias Triskillard Ricd. base child of Mary 31 May  
  Sanders Jane dau of Wm. 2 June  
  Rowe James son of Ricd. 11 June  
  Harris Ann dau of Thos. 11 June  
  Hosken George son of Thos. 18 June  
  Tellum [1] Francis son of Christopher 25 June [1] The next entry which reads: "gorge, son of Thomas Hocking, 10 June," has been partly erased and crossed through.
  Bennets Christopher son of Richd. 13 Aug  
  Bennets Matthew son of Francis 3 Sept  
  Williams Grace base child [2] of Elizabeath 5 Sept [2] "Base child" written over an erasure.
  Comman Phelleppey dau of andrew 17 Sept  
  Davey Mary dau of John 2 Oct  
  Carnarthen Hanna dau of John 2 Oct  
  Vine Elizabeth dau of Nicholas 2 Oct  
  Winnan Elizabeth dau of Henry 2 Oct  
  Vivian Elizabeth base child of Mary 9 Oct  
  Prust William son of William 16 Oct  
  Teague Jennifer dau of Thos. 22 Oct  
  Stephens Thomas son of Martyn 13 Nov  
  Tellam Richard son of Richard 13 Nov  
  Bartell James son of John 13 Nov  
  Blake Jane dau of gorge 19 Nov  
  Semons William son of Pter 20 Nov  
  Benats William son of Christepher 10 Dec  
  Vivian Simon son of Jno. 30 Dec  
Page 193 Hocking Ann dau of Samwell 9 Jan  
  Vivian Christopher son of Wm. 21 Jan  
  Pearse Richard son of Andrew 29 Jan  
  Warren John son of George 4 Feb  
  Prideaux Mary dau of Jno. 10 Feb  
  Glasson Dorothy dau of Jno. 22 Feb  
  Battrel Mary dau of Henry 25 Feb  
  Vivian Elenyer dau of John 4 Mar  
  Roue Tho. son of tho. 5 Mar  
  Barkell Honour dau of William 5 Mar  
  Rechards [1] Hanath dau of Phelip 19 Mar [1] the next entry is erased.
1721 Lethlean Wm. son of Wm. 25 Mar  
  Bennets Clarinda dau of Matthew 6 May  
  Vivian Elizabeath dau of Fr. 11 May  
  Hosking Jone dau of Francis 30 May  
  Vine Mary dau of James 10 June  
  Paul Constance dau of Ricd. of Gwinear 20 June  
  Edwards Elizabeath dau of James 25 June  
  Eva Joshua son of Joshua 25 June  
  Beannats [Bennets] William son of Heannery 25 June  
  Bray Ann dau of John 2 July  
  Hocking James & John sons of John 8 July  
  Williams Christopher son of Henry 8 July  
  Carter Catherine dau of John [2] 8 July [2] "John" written over an erasure.
  Jefery [3] {Jeffry] Mary dau of Marks 12 Aug [3] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Thomas William son of Jacop 20 Aug  
  Michall Tho. son of Richard 20 Aug  
  Scuis [Skewis] John son of Henery [Henry] 3 Sept  
  Vivian Hawten son of Rob. 30 Sept  
  Rowe Barbra dau of James 10 Oct  
  Benats [Bennats] Richard son of Tho. 15 Oct  
  Dunking [Dunken] Mary dau of William 12 Nov  
  Bennetts James son of Arthur 18 Nov  
  Angove Christian dau of Wm. 18 Nov  
  Belman Jno. [John] son of Jno [John] 19 Nov  
  Eva Catherine dau of Henry 19 Nov  
  Barkell [Bartell] John son of John 26 Nov  
  Glanfull Roger son of Oliver 26 Nov  
Page 194 Gilbert John son of John 26 Dec  
  Teague Charity dau of Ricd. 31 Dec  
  Tellam [1] Elizabeath dau of Mathew 6 Jan [2] [1] Altered from "Tellem". [2] "January" written over an erasure.
  Prust William son of William 28 Jan  
  Magor Wm. [William] son of Wm. 3 Feb  
  Chapple [Chapell] Catherine dau of Wm. 3 Feb  
  Benats Margarey dau of John 7 Feb  
  Eva Mary dau of William 10 Feb  
  Hocking James son of Mathew 3 Mar  
  Davey Elizabeath dau of Tho. [Thomas] 10 Mar  
  Epleet Elisabeth dau of James of Ilougan 11 Mar  
1722 Tamlen Thomas son of Thomas of Ilougan 26 Mar  
  Row Elisabeth dau of Richard 26 Mar  
  Ley James son of James 28 Mar  
  Proubas [Probas] William son of Elexsander of Ilougan 1 Apr  
  Colens Jane dau of Marcks of Ilougan 1 Apr  
  Samson Richard son of Thomas of Ilougan 15 Apr  
  Sparnon John son of Richard of Ilougan 25 Apr  
  Bennats Grace dau of Frances 28 Apr  
  Teage Jane dau of John 29 Apr  
  Bellman Mary dau of After [Aster] 20 May  
  Donken Richard son of John 20 May  
  Angove Grace dau of William 20 May  
  Netel [Nettell] William son of James of Illugan 20 May  
  Paull Jane dau of William of Ilougan 27 May  
  Meer [Moon] Niclus son of Nicklus of Ilougan 10 June  
  Bryant Jane dau of John 10 June  
  Sandards [Sandras] Robard son of Robard 24 June  
  Hosken Siman son of Thomas 24 June  
  Williams William son of William 8 July  
  Afare [Avery] John son of Bennat of Ilougan 22 July  
  Glason Jone dau of Robert 22 July  
  Black Tamisan dau of Gorge 22 July  
  Bartell Rosamond dau of Will. 22 July  
  Predex Marey dau of Francis 2 Sept  
  Trithall [Trythall] Catharen dau of John 16 Sept  
  Dennes Pascus dau of John of Ilougan 16 Sept  
  Paull Nathanell son of Alexander 26 Sept  
  Evia Elesabeth dau of Francis 29 Sept  
Page 195 Edwards An [Ann] dau of James 13 Oct  
  Rabarts Mary dau of Henare 11 Nov  
  Rulle Elizabeth dau of Jonson 11 Nov  
  Tarsana Margreet [Margret] dau of John 11 Nov  
  Paull Marey dau of After [Aster] 18 Nov  
  Teege Elisabeth dau of Thomas 30 Dec  
  Telam [Tellam] William son of Richard 1 Jan  
  Stephens Henery son of Marten 1 Jan  
  Weren Constanc dau of georg 1 Jan  
  Perce Henare son of John of Ilougan 10 Feb  
  Vivian John son of Leettell John 16 Feb  
  Vivian Mathew son of William 24 Feb  
  Vivian Hester dau of Francis 24 Feb  
  Verran William son of Francis 26 Feb  
  Hocken Susanna dau of Samwall 4 Mar  
  Davey Thomas son of Simon of Illogan 24 Mar  
  Belman Martha dau of Jno. 24 Mar