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BAPTISMS 1716 - 1719

Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Page 188 Teague Alexander [4] son of John 31 Mar [4] The first "e" in this entry name altered from "i".
  Paule Eilliam son of Richard 3 Apr  
  Madren Margaryet dau of Marten 7 Apr  
  Wolf Robert son of Robert 14 Mar  
  Grebell Richard son of Richard 28 Apr  
  Trewhelyea Marey dau of John 4 May  
  Ambris Urselyea dau of Danell 9 May  
  Vivian William son of William 21 May  
Page 189 Paule James aon of Alexander [1] 2 June [1] The first "e" in this name altered from "i".
  Benats Biniamin son of Henery [1] 2 June [1] The first "e" in this name altered from "i".
  Benats {Bennatts] Felipey dau of Samwell 1 July  
  Blake Wulliam son of William 8 July  
  Bleuat {Blewett] Aves dau of Fr. [Fra.} [5] 15 July  
  Roue [Rowe] George son of Richard 28 July  
  Vivian John son of John 18 Aug  
  Trevailer James son of John 16 Sept  
  Hoskin William son of Thos. 22 Sept  
  Ealis [Elis] Christpher son of Thomas 13 Oct  
  Sandres [Sanders] Mary dau of Robard [Robert] 13 Oct  
  Tresare John son of Thomas - gent 16 Oct  
  Paule Elizabeath dau of After [Aster] 24 Nov  
  Bennerrs Mathew son of Mathew 1 Dec  
  Richard [Richards] Eliz. [Elizabeth] dau of Edward 1 Dec  
  Thomas Ann base child of Elizabeath 7 Jan  
  Hocking John son of Benidct [Benidict] 22 Jan  
  Richard [Richards] John son of Edward 3 Feb  
  Hocking Agotha dau of Francis born 26 Jan  
  Haris [Harris] Joseph son of Tho. {Thomas] 26 Feb  
  Wering Hinery {Henry] son of William 2 Mar  
  Edwards Mary dau of James [3] 4 Mar  
1717 Hocking James son of Wm. 27 Mar  
  Boase John so of William 31 Mar  
  Glanfull Olever son of Olever 2 Apr  
  Chapell Richard son of John 13 Apr  
  Jaxson Jone dau of Richard 8 May  
  Nettell Christepher son of christepher 8 May  
  Thomas Margarey dau of Jacop born 9 May  
  Jackson Joan dau of Ricd. 8 May  
  Tellam Ricd. son of Ricd. 1 June  
  Roue Richard son of Thomas 2 June  
  Tresonyea Samwell son of John 10 June  
  Robards Elizabeath dau of Hinery 10 June  
  John Elizabeath dau of Philip 10 June  
  Tellam Christepher son of Christepher 17 Aug  
  Benats Joseph son of Edward 18 Aug  
  Vine Wm. son of Edwd. 8 Sept  
  Teag Richd. son of Richd. 8 Sept  
  Predes Margery dau of Jno. 28 Sept  
Page 190 Danell Pasiance dau Richard 29 Sept  
  Davey Joseph son of John 5 Oct  
  Newton Hinery son of Benimin 12 Oct  
  Trewhelyea Margarey dau of Mathew Oct  
  Otfull Richard son of Richard 26 Oct  
  Jefery John son of Marks 17 Nov  
  Paule James son of Alixander 13 Nov  
  Scuis John son of Hinery 23 Nov  
  Williams Margarey dau of Hinery 23 Nov  
  Cocking John son of Thos. 14 Dec  
  Probus Alexander son of Alexander 14 Dec  
  Benats Gilbard son of Francis 26 Dec  
  Donking Jane dau of John 26 Dec  
  Trewheela John son of John 6 Jan  
  Roue Jane dau of Richard 1 Feb  
  Tabb John son of John 15 Feb  
  Pears Ruth dau of Andrew 9 Mar  
  Jacson Zacharias son of Peter 15 Mar  
  Quick Wm. son of Thos. 22 Mar  
  Harris Ann dau of Benidict of Illogan 23 Mar  
1718 Angove Catherine dau of Wm. 6 Apr  
  Teague Ann dau of John 11 Apr  
  Simons Richd. son of Peter 3 May  
  Madren Cathren dau of Marten 10 May  
  Blake Elizabeath dau of George [1] [Gorge] 18 May [1] Written over an erasure.
  Magor [2] Mary dau of Wm. [William] 24 May [2] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Bennetts [2] Amey dau of Henry 1 June [2] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Sandres Sarath dau of Robard 2 June  
  Koke John son of Gorge 15 June  
  Rule John son of Oliver 20 July  
  Dowe Mary dau of Stephen 28 July  
  Jaxson Jane dau of Richard 3 Aug  
  Hosking Francis son of Francis 30 Aug  
  Gillbard Mary dau of John 31 Aug  
  Giles Peter son of William 7 Sept  
  Vivian Elizabeath dau of William 3 Sept  
  Vine William son of Nichlos 20 Sept  
  Tegue [Teague] Edward son of Thos. 27 Sept  
  Glasond Constance dau of Robard 27 Sept  
Page 191 Vivian Francis son of John 4 Oct  
  Prust Alice dau of William 12 Oct  
  Glasond John son of John 10 Nov  
  Poue Jane dau of James 10 Nov  
  Williams [1] Samwell son of William 23 Nov [1] Partly written over an erasure.
  Sampson [1] Stephen son of Hugh 23 Nov [1] Partly written over an erasure.
  Bryant Ann dau of John 26 Dec  
  Hosking Tho. son of Tho. 6 Jan  
  Trevailer Jane dau of John 17 Jan  
  Vivian Matthew son of Robert 31 Jan  
  Roue Margaryet dau of Tho. 8 Feb  
  Teague Alixander son of Richard 7 Mar  
  Tellam Elizabeth dau of Ricd. 14 Mar  
  Benats Gillbard son of Mathew 21 Mar  
1719 Eva Ric [1] [Richard] son of Joshua [Joseph] 25 Apr [1] Partly written over an erasure.
  Braye [Bray] Mary dau of John 27 Apr  
  Davey John son Tho. 18 May  
  Robards [2] James son of Hinery [Henery] [6] 7 June [2] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Hockin [2] [Hocking] Jane dau of John 7 June [2] This entry is written over an erasure.
  Tho [Thomas] Mary dau of Jacop 7 June  
  Benats Honour dau of Samwell 11 June  
  Sampson John son of John 20 June  
  Eva Elizabeath dau of Henery 20 June  
  Eva Larance son of Gorge 30 June  
  Williams Wm. [William] son of christopher 8 July  
  Glanfull Ricd. [Richard] son of Oliver 8 Aug  
  Batrell Hinery [Henery] son of Hinery [Henery] 22 Aug  
  Benats Jane dau of Tho. 5 Sept  
  John Julian dau of Phillip 10 Sept  
  Hockin [Hocking] Benidick son of Benidick 10 Sept  
  Richards Ann dau of Phillip 15 Sept  
  Paul Mary dau of Arthur 5 Dec  
  Angove John son of Wm. [7] 19 Dec  
  Vivian Sarath dau of Francis 21 Dec  
  Benats William son of Christepher 26 Dec [3] An entry erased and "were Baptised Decembour the 26" written over it accoss the page.
  Rule John son of Johnson 26 Dec [3] An entry erased and "were Baptised Decembour the 26" written over it accoss the page.
  Edwards Rebekea dau of James 26 Dec [3] An entry erased and "were Baptised Decembour the 26" written over it accoss the page.
  Eva Dorothy dau of William 1 Jan  
Page 192 Benats James son of John 9 Jan  
  Predowex Honour dau of John 17 Jan  
  Chapel [Chapell] Wm. [William] son of John 1 Feb  
  Lemmon [Lemon] Mary dau of George 13 Feb  
  Prideaux Ann dau of Francis 21 Feb  
  Trewhelyea Mathew son of Mathew 28 Feb  
  Trewhelyea Darcas dau of John 20 Mar