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BAPTISMS 1711 - 1715


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 185          
1711 [1] Hocking Stephen son of Francis 7 Apr [1] "Anno Dom: 1711" written over an erasure.
  Canarton John son of John 7 Apr  
  Benats George son of Samwell 11 June  
  Bryant Amey dau ofJohn 27 May  
  Nettel Grace dau of Christepher 3 June  
  Eva Elenyer [Elenor] dau of Gorge 15 July  
  Trevailer Avis dau of John 21 July  
  Hocking Barthlemew [Bartholomew] son of Fr. of Hello 5 Aug  
  Wering Gorge son of William 11 Aug  
  Rule Elizabeth dau of Pter 12 Aug  
  Chapell Charles son of John 19 Aug  
  Glasond William son of John 2 Sept  
  Teague Grace dau of Richard 2 Sept  
  Tab Jane dau of John 2 Sept  
  Bellman Grace dau of Peter 14 Oct  
  Williames [Williams] Jane dau of John 12 Nov  
  Tembey Lovdey [Lovday] dau of John 2 Dec  
  Knight Richard son of Gabrall 10 Sept  
  Benets Richard son of Hinery 3 Jan  
  Nettel John son of Edward 6 Jan  
  Magger [Maggor] Jacop son of William 2 Mar  
  Glanfull John son of Olever 15 Mar  
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1712 Hocking [1] Theadossae dau of Nichlos [1] 13 Apr [1] Written over an erasure.
  Vine [1] Margaret dau of Edward 19 Apr [1] Written over an erasure.
  Terell Stephen son of Gorge 11 May  
  Prideaks Elizabeth dau of John 18 May  
  Ambris Danell son of Danell 31 May  
  Newton Benimin son of Benimin 8 June  
  Glanfull Hinery son of Johnson 22 June  
  Giles Jane dau of William 22 June  
  Lockat William son of William 6 July  
  Roue [1] Richard son of Thomas [1] 14 Sept [1] Written over an erasure.
  Davey Darkus dau of John 27 Sept  
  Teague Richard son of John 28 Sept  
  Sampson James son of John 28 Sept  
  Teague Jane dau of Richard 9 Nov  
  Williams Samwell son of Samwell 12 Nov  
  Richards Rachall dau of Edward 7 Dec  
  Ostler Ranald son of Ranald 7 Dec  
  Glassond Robard son of Robard 7 Dec  
  Williames James son of Christepher 7 Dec  
  Donking Hawten son of John 20 Dec  
  Edmond Elizabeath dau of Mathew 21 Dec  
  Robarts Jane dau of Henery 18 Jan  
  Hocking Agotha dau of Francis, Clark. 28 Jan  
[S] kewis Mary dau of Henery      
  Crase Clarath dau of Anndrew 15 Feb  
  Tresona John son of John 15 Feb  
  Madren Marten son of Marten 15 Feb  
  Rule Honour dau of James 8 Mar  
1713 Benats Jane dau of Samwell 8 Mar  
  Bray Jane dau of Edmond 3 Apr  
  Trevarth [Trevarthen] Elizabeath dau of Tho. 11 Apr  
  Boden Richard son of Richard 11 Apr  
  Nettell William son of Christepher 24 May  
  Wolfe Margaryet dau of Robard 24 May  
  Paule John son of Richard 26 May  
  Bryant Jane dau of John 31 May  
  Perking Margaryet dau of John 6 June  
  Benats [2] Treffana dau of Henery 6 June [2] This entry is repeated on 27 May [ Christian name spelt "Trefena".] and follows the Haris entry of 1 Nov.
Page 187 Row Marey [Mary] dau of James 13 July  
  Paule Jane dau of Alixander 8 Aug  
  Trevailer John son of John 15 Aug  
  Prust Mary dau of William 23 Aug  
  Haris Fr. son of tho. 29 Aug  
  Hockin [1] John son of John of Berippr. Sept [1] This entry is written in the left-hand margin of the previous page containing Baptisms for 1712.
  Cornarthen William son of John 11 Oct  
  Haris Anna [Ann] dau of William 1 Nov  
  Glasond John son of John born 29 Aug  
  Eva Sampson son of Gorge [1] 5 Sept  
  Blewart [Blewat] Richard son of Francis 8 Nov  
  Tembey John son of Richard 9 Nov  
  Gorge Johnson son of Henery 9 Nov  
  Benats Annthony son of Tho., Bap. in Illuggan 22 Aug [10 Nov]  
  Bowes [Bose] William son of William 6 Jan  
  Pearse Elenyer dau of Andrew 24 Jan  
  Bennetts William son of Francis 13 Feb  
  Glasond Elizabeath dau of Robard 13 Mar  
1714 Teague Edward son of John 26 Mar  
  Chapel Wm. son of Wm. 29 Mar  
  Tab Tho. son of John 10 Apr  
  Vivian Ann dau of Will [William] 25 Apr  
  Hocking Simon son of Fr. [Francis], Clark. born 10 May  
  Verrant Grace dau of Francis 22 May  
  Teague Jane dau of Richard [3] 5 June  
  Wering William son of William [June] 3 July  
  Benats Sarath dau of Edward 1 Aug  
  Chapell Grace dau of John 7 Aug  
  Ambrose James son of Daniel 5 Sept  
  Hocking Tho. son of Tho. [15] 5 Sept  
  Davey Dorcas dau of John 4 Oct  
  Glanvill Benjamin son of Oliver born 5 Oct  
  Predies Edward son of John 14 Nov  
  Cooke Elizabeath dau of Jorge 26 Nov  
  Magor Prudence dau William 22 Jan  
  Tresonna Thomas son of John 30 Jan  
  Roues [2] Edward son of Tho. 30 Jan [2] Written over an erasure.
  Roue John son of Richard 2 Feb  
Page 188 Row [1] Philip son of Tho. 7 Feb  
  Perking Margaryet dau of John 19 Feb  
  Tembey Symon son of John 5 Mar  
  Paule John son of Affter 5 Mar  
  Otfull Elizabeath dau of Richard 6 Mar  
1715 Newton Benimin son of Benimin 26 Mar  
  Benat Elizabeath dau of Samwell 9 Apr  
  Rule Elizabeth dau of Oliver 7 May  
  Robards Sewsanna dau of Hinery 6 June  
  Tellam Nichey son of Chris. 18 June  
  Joabe Mary dau of John of Illuggan 25 June  
  Nettell Jone dau of Christepher 25 June  
  Probis Jane dau of Alixander 16 July  
  Semones Pter son of Pter 28 Aug  
  Vivi [Vivian] Roger son of John 4 Sept  
  Benats James son of Thomas 17 Sept  
  Dunkin [2] William son of John 1 Oct [2] Interpolated entry.
  Danell Pasance [Pacance] dau of Richard 14 Nov  
  Dave Thomas son of Stephen 15 Jan  
  Perse Clareendea [Clarendea] dau of Anndrew 29 Jan  
  Row Ann dau of James 2 Feb  
  Tabb Richard son of John 16 Feb  
  Glazon Barbara dau of John 18 Feb  
  Michall Kathren dau of Mary, base-child 24 Feb  
  Vivian Jane dau of Robt. Jnr. 3 Mar  
  Hosken James son of Francis 3 Mar  
  Glasond Mary [3] dau of Robard 10 Mar [3] Written over an erasure.
  Samson Elizabeath dau of John 10 Mar  
  Danell Elizabeath dau of William 19 Mar