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BAPTISMS 1706 - 1710


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


Page 181 Hawking Vincent son of Vessant 19 Oct  
  Warren Ann dau of John of Gwinyar 5 Nov  
  Warren John son of George 12 Nov  
  Craze Andrew son of Andrew 10 Dec  
  Bennetts Jane dau of John 26 Dec  
  Ambros Ann dau of Daniel 26 Dec  
  Paul Elizabeth dau of Richard 14 Dec  
  Waters John son of William 6 Jan  
  Bray Sampson son of Edmond 1 Feb  
  John William son of Henry 1 Feb  
  Teage John son of John 25 Jan  
  Arundell Anna dau of William Esq. 5 Feb  
  Cooke Margery dau of George 8 Feb  
  Canarthen Elizabeth dau of John 15 Feb  
  Trevarthen Audery dau of Tonkin 23 Feb  
  Hosking John base-child of Petrenel 25 Feb  
  Gribble Henry son of William 19 Feb  
Page 182          
1707 Bryant Florence dau of Alexander 30 Mar  
  Cowlyn Margery dau of Henry 30 Mar  
  Vivian John son of Johnson 5 Apr  
  Verrant Johnson son of Francis 5 Apr  
  Thomas Mary dau of Richard 15 Apr  
  Hancock Richard son of Stephen 19 Apr  
  Tremenhere Henry son of Mr. John of Penzance, dec'd. 26 Apr  
  Terrell Christian dau of Georg 10 May  
  Perking Katherin dau of John 10 May  
  Sampson Jane dau of William 17 May  
  Prust Elianor dau of William 17 May  
  Davey William son of John 24 May  
  Bawden Andrew won of William 24 May  
  Dinking Gilbert son of John 2 June  
  Skews Henry son of Henry 2 June  
  Paul alexander son of Allexander 7 June  
  Nettle Jane dau of christopher 14 June  
  Sampson Jone dau of Hugh 15 May  
  Prideaux Jane dau of James 15 June  
  Newton William son of Benjamin 12 July  
  Richards Thomas son of Henry 19 July  
  Paull Ann dau of Andrew 31 Aug  
  Bennatts William son of Henry 7 Sept  
  Hocking [1] Elizabeth dau of Francis of Hellow 25 Oct [1] Thos entry is the first on this page, is repeated 4 lines below and crossed through with the words "entered line 1', interlined. The surname reads 'Hawkin'. The next entry is erased. In its place is written : "This was for Peter Jackson's son who is entered in line 2d above.
  Jackson Peter son of Peter 1 Nov  
  Quintrell Redigon dau of John 10 Nov  
  Hocking Frances dau of John 10 Nov  
  Quick John son of Thomas 22 Nov  
  Chapell Mary dau of John 29 Nov  
  Bryant Mary dau of Johnson 29 Dec  
  Temby Mary dau of Richard 9 Jan  
  Hocking Georg son of Nicholas 14 Jan  
  Dannell Frances dau of William 17 Jan  
  Eva Mary dau of Georg 18 Jan  
  Richards Phillip son of Phillip 19 Jan  
  Hawking Edmond son of Nicholas 8 Feb  
  Bray Richard son of Elizabeth 8 Feb  
  Vine Edward son of Edward 15 Feb  
Page 183 Bawes Symon son of William 28 Feb  
  Glanfull John son of Johnson 6 Mar  
  Williams Stephen son of John 20 Mar  
1708 Michell John son of Tristram 17 Apr  
  Ostler George son of Reginald 8 May  
  Teage Blanch dau of Alexander 8 May  
  William Catherin dau of Christopher 15 May  
  Trevarthen William son of Thomas 17 May  
  Bawden Ann dau of Richard 24 May  
  Berryman Elizabeth dau of Henry 12 June  
  Richards Ann dau of Edward 21 June  
  Ottfull James son of Richard 11 July  
  Temby Catherin dau of John 11 July  
  Hocking Richard son of Francis 24 July  
  Bottrell Margaret dau of John 2 Aug  
  Rule James son of Johnson 13 Nov  
  Hocking John son of thomas 15 Nov  
  Warren Margarett dau of William 15 Nov  
  Trefusis Mary dau of Henry of Constantine, gent, [being of Riper years] 17 Nov  
  Ellis Elizabeth dau of Humphry, dec'd, [being of Riper years] 17 Nov  
  Probus John son of Allex of Illoggan 27 Nov  
  Warren John son of Thomas of Illoggan 30 Nov  
  Knght Rebecka dau of Gabriel 11 Jan  
  Bennetts [Bennet] Francis son of John 24 Jan  
  Harris Thomas son of Thomas 29 Jan  
  Bennetts Edward son of Edward 13 Feb  
  Craze George son of Andrew 13 Feb  
  Clements Jone dau of John of Illoggan 19 Feb  
  Canarthen Catherin dau of John 27 Feb  
  Trebot [1] Jane dau of Fr. of Illugan 23 July [1] Interpolated entry, in another hand.
  Bray Jone dau of Edmond 17 Apr  
  Vivian Martha dau of Johnson 22 Apr  
  Dannell William son of William 10 May  
  Verrant Jone dau of Francis 14 May  
  Symons Sarah dau of Peter 21 May  
  Teage Elizabeth dau of John 28 May  
  Mager John son of William 4 June  
  Hawking Charles son of Edward Jnr. 19 June  
Page 184 Sampson Mary dau of John 9 July  
  Blewett Christian dau of Francis 26 July  
  Rule John son of James 31 July  
  Hunt Elizabeth dau of Roger 5 Aug  
  John William son of Henry 13 Aug  
  Nettle Sidwell dau of Christopher 14 Aug  
  Hawking Francis son of William 26 Aug  
  Hancock Hannah dau of Stephen 28 Aug  
  Evah Stephen son of Stephen 2 Oct  
  Richards Edward son of Edward Jnr. 16 Oct  
  Ambros Jane dau of Daniel 27 Nov  
  Ben [1] Jane dau of Hinery 29 Nov [1]This entry is written in another hand in the left-hand margin.
  Sampson Honor dau of William 28 Dec  
  Davey Thomas son of John 28 Jan  
  Jackson Richard son of Peter 4 Feb  
  Cook Elizabeth dau of George 5 Feb  
  Bennetts Johnson son of John 11 Feb  
  Perking Ann dau of John 21 Feb  
  Terrell Johnson son of George 5 Mar  
  Hocking John son of Nicholas 12 Mar  
  Proon Jane dau of Alexander of Illoggan, wid. 18 Mar  
1710 Gribble Daniel son of William [12] 8 Apr [2]'William' written over an erasure.
  Williams Catherine dau of Christopher 9 Apr  
  Hocking Bartholomew son of Francis of Hellow 16 Apr  
  Temby William son of Richard 29 Apr  
  Bennetts George son of George 30 Apr  
  Prisk Elizabeth dau of William 6 May  
  Skews Margaret dau of Henry 6 May  
  Bawes Mary dau of William 13 May  
  Sampson Hugh son of Hugh 14 May  
  Vine Mary dau of Edward 21 May  
  Donking [3] John son of John 28 Dec [3] This entry is written at the foot of the page in another hand.
  Quick Elizabeth dau of Thomas 11 June  
  Paul William son of Alexander 25 June  
  Stephens William son of William 16 July  
  Richards Amey base-child of blanch 5 Aug  
  Hocking Honor dau of John Jnr of Beripper 14 Aug  
  Ustler James son of Reynold 2 Sept  
Page 185 Row Edward son of thomas 3 Sept  
  Teage Alexander son of Alexander 17 Sept  
  Gribble Margaret dau of Richard 18 Sept  
  Richards Andrew son of Edward 11 Sept  
  Bawden Elizabeth dau of Richard 1 Oct  
  Scott Annice dau of Henry [4] 13 Oct  
  Bryant Francis son of Alexander 9 Dec  
  Maddern William son of Martyn 9 Dec  
  Utfull Elizabeth & Sarah twin daus of Richard 26 Dec  
  Paul Andrew son of Andrew 1 Jan  
  Bennatts Anthony son of Edward 6 Jan  
  Verrant John son of Francis 10 Feb  
  Bennatts Hannah dau of Henry 17 Feb  
  Craze Jane dau of Andrew 21 Feb  
  Warren Stephen son of George 21 Feb  
  Harris Margery dau of Thomas 3 Mar  
  Rule Henry son of Johnson 11 Mar