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BAPTISMS 1700 - 1703


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


1700 Verant Mary dau of Richard 1Apr  
  Bryant Tamsen dau of John 1 Apr  
  Davey Ann dau of John 10 Apr  
  Rule Richard son of Johnson 4 May  
  Trenwith Jone dau of William 1 June  
  Warren Mary dau of George 16 June  
  Bennatts Mary dau of Richard 13 July  
  Treveatheck Katherin dau of John 13 July  
  Tomas Richard son of richard 27 July  
  Curry Ann dau of Henery 10 Aug  
Page 69 Richards Thomas son of Edward 17 Aug  
  Cannarthen Mary dau of John 5 Oct  
  Bennatts Beniamen son of Henery 13 Oct  
  Tredenham Susanna dau of James 2 Nov  
  Bauden Ann & Issabela twin ds of Richard 3 Nov  
  Rogers Jane dau of Mathew 10 Nov  
  Quentrall Phillip dau of John 11 Nov  
  Harris John son of John 19 Nov  
  Hocking Margret dau of Francis 23 Nov  
  Benatts Richard son of George 30 Nov  
  Hocking Mary dau of Francis 1 Dec  
  Williams Allis dau of Christover 7 Dec  
  Hocking Phillip dau of Vencent 26 Dec  
  Jackso[n] Ann dau of Petter 1 Feb  
  Whenan Christian dau of John 9 Feb  
  Quick Richard son of Thomas 1 Mar  
  Annear Oarderry dau of Blanch 2 Mar Illegitimate
  Verrant Henery son of Francis 2 Mar  
  Bryant William son of Allexander 26 Mar  
1701 Quentrall James son of Marks 12 Apr  
  Vivian Sarah dau of Francis 13 Apr  
  Benatts Ursla dau of Henery 3 May  
  Robarts Thomas son of James 3 May  
  Grible John son of William Jnr 10 May  
  Dunking Mary dau of John 20 May  
  Ambrus Charles son of Daniell 1 June  
  Barnes John son of Thomas 14 July  
  William William son of Henery 3 Aug  
  Hankook John son of Steven 3 Aug  
  Vivian Johnson son of Johnson 16 Aug  
  Souden Reynould son of John 4 Oct  
  Paul Lydia dau of Richard 10 Nov  
  Tredenick William son of Reynould 16 Nov  
  Bennatts Henery son of Henery 29 Nov  
  Williams Elizabeth dau of John 29 Nov  
  Bauden Henery son of Richard 30 Nov  
  Bryant Johnson son of Johnson 6 Dec  
Page 70 Terell George son of George 7 Dec  
  Rull James son of James 26 Dec  
  Pirkin Bridgment dau of John 17 Jan  
  Glasant Jane dau of charles 17 Jan  
  Daniell Welmat dau of William 30 Jan  
  Bray Christian dau of Charles 1 Mar  
1702 Vivian Jane dau of Robart 28 Mar  
  Predex [Prudex] James son of James 6 Apr  
  Timby Bettrus dau of John 6 Apr  
  [1] Rogers John son of Mathew 7 Apr Different handwriting
  Battrell [Baterall] Mary dau of John 11 Apr  
  Harris Thomas son of John 18 Apr  
  Quenterall Margery dau of John 26 Apr  
  Hocking Richard son of Edward 16 May  
  Richards Mary dau of Edward 18 May  
  Trevailler Mary dau of Peter 27 June  
  Bryant Cathrein dau of Alicksander 9 Aug  
  [2] Hocking Elizabeth dau of Francis Aug Omitted in Bishop's Transcripts
  Benatts George son of Francis 24 Aug  
  Webster Jane dau of Thomas 29 Aug  
  Michall Edward son of Tistrem 5 Sept  
  Davey John son of John 19 Sept  
  Hocking Mary dau of William 19 Sept  
  Samsan Richard son of John 4 Oct  
  [3] Davey Grace dau of John 6 Nov Entry erased
  Virant Richard son of Richard 9 Nov  
  Quick Rebeckah dau of Thomas 5 Dec  
  Hocking Francis son of Francis 26 Dec  
  Rule Stephen son of Johnson 26 Dec  
  Benats Clarenda dau of George 8 Jan  
  Richards Mary dau of John 10 Jan  
  Warren Elizabeth dau of John 10 Jan  
  [4] William son of William   Entry erased
  Arundell William son of William Esq, - gent 26 Jan  
  Watres [Watters] cornelius son of William [21] 31 Jan  
  Painter Elizabeth dau of James 7 Feb  
Page 71 Ginkin Elizabeth dau of James 21 Feb  
  Verant Amey dau of Francis 28 Feb  
1703 [1] Hocking Anne dau of Vincent 1 Apr Omitted in Bishop's Transcripts
  Pale [Paule] Charles son of Alexander 6 Apr  
  Hunt Richard son of Roger 4 July  
  Vivian Isabela dau of Johnson 18 July  
  Couling Mary dau of Henery 8 Aug  
  Quintrell Jane dau of Marks 15 Aug  
  Benats Francis son of Henery 4 Sept  
  Grebel [Grible] Beniman son of William 12 Sept  
  Boase William son of William 2 Oct  
  Bawden William son of Richard 3 Oct  
  Rule Jane dau of James 9 Oct  
  Glanfull [Glanfield] [2] Joseph & Beniamen twin ss of Joh[n]son 19 Oct Written over an erasure
  Benatts Elizabeth dau of Richard 6 Nov  
  Thomas Jone dau of Richard 7 Nov  
  Williames Isabell dau of John 15 Nov  
  Bray Mary dau of John 27 Nov  
  Haris John son of Thomas 11 Dec  
  Richards Cathrein dau of Edward 11 Dec  
  [3] H{an]kack Stephen son of Stephen 20 [?] Dec Bishop's transcripts very delapitated for the next thirteen entries.
  Pa[ul] Nathaniell son of Richard Dec  
  Sowdun Thomas son of John Dec  
  Benats Jone dau of John Dec  
  Turden.... Mary dau of Ruald Dec  
  Richa[rds] Jane dau of Edward Dec  
  Quintriel John son of John 2 Jan  
  Hosk[ing] Ann dau of George 15 Jan  
  Tembey Richard son of Richard 23 Jan  
  Dungen Hauten son of John 8 Mar  
  Ambris Mary dau of Danoell 18 Mar  
  Arndell Elizabeth dau of William - gent 24 Mar