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BAPTISMS 1676 - 1680

Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

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1676 Humphrys Mary dau of John    
  Walters Sunobia dau of William 25 Mar  
  Bennett Samuell & Sarah twin s & d of Anthony 8 Apr  
  Bennett John son of Francis 15 Apr  
  Angoue Mary dau of Mr.Nathaniell 18 Apr  
  Nance Grace dau of John 6 May  
  Bennett Katheryn dau of Jonson 6 May  
  Nuttell Christophr son of Edward 7 May  
  Angear Thomas son of John 15 May  
  Hockin Nicholas son of Hautten 27 May  
  Vivian Jaone dau of John 25 June  
  [Rule] Margarett dau of Jonson 15 July  
  Saundry Ann dau of Charles 22 July  
Page 49 Edmonds Mathew son of John 27 July  
  Franches Rebecka dau of Thomas 19 Aug  
  Tymby Margery dau of John 26 Aug  
  Gribell Dorcas dau of William 27 Aug  
  Jackson John son Andrew 1 Oct  
  Bennett Elizabeth dau of John Jnr 7 Oct  
  Treweeke Reynold son of Mr.Richard 17 Oct  
  Williams Margery dau of Ralph 25 Oct  
  Avere [blank] son of Bennett 29 Oct  
  Butcher William son of William Jnr 12 Nov  
  Jeffree [blank] of Marke 13 Nov  
  Thomas Blanch dau of John 25 Nov  
  Wade Jane dau of Sampson 30 Nov  
  Verrante Francis son of John 11Nov  
  Bryant Elizabeth dau of John 16 Dec  
  Pryer John son of Christopher 12 Feb  
  Hockin Mathew son of Francis 24 Feb  
1677 Tabb Richard son of John 19 Mar  
  Humphry Frances dau of John 14 Mar  
  Stodan Margery dau of William 18 Mar  
  John Elizabeth dau of Thomas 19 Mar  
  Lethlean Dorcas & Salome twin ds of Bernard 7 Apr  
  Teage Admonition dau of Richard 29 Apr  
  Hidden John son of Sampson 18 Apr  
  William John son of Richard 10 June  
  Teage John son of John Jnr 16 June  
  Sampson Margery dau of William 24 June  
  Harrys Richard son of Richard 7 July  
  Tomas George son of William 22 July  
  Bryante Jonson son of Robarte 5 Aug  
  Prudeax Elizabeth dau of Edward 12 Aug  
  Bryante Elizabeth dau of Richard 12 Aug  
  Bennett Jane dau of Henry 31 Aug  
  Eva John son of Christopr 2 Sept  
  Bayly William son of William 9 Sept  
Page 50 Avery Alce dau of John 11 Sept  
  Achem John son of Laurence 16 Sept  
  Wibster Thomas son of Thomas 16 Sept  
  Trenwith Ann dau of Henry 18 Sept  
  Chapell Charles son of Charles 7 Oct  
  Butcher William son of William 1 Nov  
  Jeffery Christian dau of Francis 1 Nov  
  Edmonds Katheryn dau of Necholas 11 Nov  
  Williams Christover son of Christover 6 May  
  Williams John son of John Jnr 18 Dec  
  Angear George son of John 2 Feb  
  Hancocke John son of Stephen 3 Feb  
1678 Glanvile Phillip & Mary twin s & d of Johnson 14 Apr  
  Trenwith Joan dau of Thomas Jnr 27 Apr  
  Pryor John son of Christopher 9 June  
  Steven Mary dau of Thomas 11 June  
  Bennett Elizabeth dau of Christr. 16 June  
  Belman Elizabeth dau of John 22 June  
  Rodgers John son of Henry 28 June  
  Ferry Christopher son of Francis 1 July  
  Bennett John son of Anthony 7 July  
  Williams Richard son of Rich. Jnr 13 July  
  George Richard son of John of Ilogan 18 Aug  
  Michell Phillip dau of Ezechiell of Ilogan 18 Aug  
  Bryant Mareret dau of Allexander Senr 7 Sept  
  Vine Edward son of James 15 Sept  
  Vincent Ann dau of John 22 Sept  
  Edmonds Nickolas son of Nickolas 10 Nov  
  Tea[ge] Richard son of Richard 17 Nov  
  Williams Samuell son of Samuell 23 Nov  
  Trewet[h] Johan dau of Rich. 25 Nov  
  Perry Henry son of John 26 Dec  
  Bennett Christian dau of John 19 Jan  
  Newten Margery dau of Stephen 19 Jan  
  Eva Aves dau of Christopher 26 Jan  
  Moone Thomas son of Michell 9 Feb  
Page 51 Hocking Hauten don of Hauten 15 Feb  
  Water Haniball son of William 16 Feb  
  Angove Mary dau of John 16 Feb  
  Grebell Jane dau of William 4 Mar  
  Sandry Prudence dau of Charles 16 Mar  
  Teman Elizabeth dau of Wm. 23 Mar  
1679 Eva Mary dau of Christopher Jnr 30 Mar  
  Predex Mary dau of Edward 30 Mar  
  Bennett Arthur son of Henry 13 Apr  
  Jeffry Thomas son of James of Ilogan 21 Apr  
  Williams Jane dau of Elizabeth 27 Apr Illegitimate dau of Elizabeth, late of the pish of Gwinier, and of the reputed father, John Eles of the said pish, was received as a stranger in the pish of Camborn.
  Saule Ann dau of William 4 May  
  Bennett Dorithy dau of Johnson 11 May  
  Chapell Ann dau of Charles 11 May  
  George Edward son of John 25 May  
  Elles Thomas son of Thomas 25 May  
  Vivian Isabella dau of John Jnr 9 June  
  Andrew Mary dau of John 16 June  
  Achim Richard son of Laurence 22 June  
  John Richard son of William 24 June  
  Wade John son of Sampson 6 July  
  Fox Christian dau of Francis 20 July  
  Hocking Isabella dau of Francis 4 Oct  
  Richards Henry son of Thomas 12 Oct  
  Row Phillip son of George 7 Dec  
  Leathlean Salome dau of Bernard 7 Dec  
  Stoden Stephen son of Wm. 26 Dec  
  Wibster Henry son of Thomas 26 Dec  
  Carnesew Edmond son of John 1 Feb  
  Tellam John son of John 2 Feb  
  Bray Ann dau of John 15 Feb  
  Newton James son of Stephen 25 Feb  
Page 52 Burcher Margery dau of Wm. 25 Mar  
  Williams Richard son of Ralph 24 Mar  
1680 Trevayler Sarah dau of Peter 28 Mar  
  Frenches Edward son of Thomas 12 Apr  
  Williams Vincent son of Richard 25 Apr  
  Hiden Ann dau of Sampson 2 May  
  Harris John son of Richard 9 May  
  Eva [?] Christopher son of Christor. [1] 16 May This entry has been crossed out.
  Nuttell John son of Edward 23 May  
  Trenwith Ann dau of Henry 12 May  
  Jeffry George son of Marke 15 May  
  Wade John son of Sampson 22 May  
  Bryant Alce dau of christopher 29 May  
  Avery Elizabeth dau of John 26 Sept  
  Angere Emblen dau of John 29 Sept  
  Andrew Mary dau of John 3 Oct  
  Baylife Stephen son of William 17 Oct  
  Teage Barber dau of Richard 7 Nov  
  Eva Thomas son of Thomas 14 Nov  
  Ferry Thomasin dau of Francis 15 Nov  
  Trenwith Susanna dau of Thomas 21 Nov  
  Rowe Richard son of John Jnr 27 Nov  
  Paulle John son of John 11 Dec  
  Pryor Mary dau of Christo. 27 Dec  
  Nuttle Margeret dau of Michaell 6 Jan  
  Bennett Richard son of Christo. 9 Jan  
  Jeffery James son of Francis 9 Jan  
  Sanders Robert son of Allex 23 Jan  
  Vine Mary dau of James 23 Jan  
  Bennett [Av?]es dau of Anthony 23 Jan  
  Perry Ann dau of John of Illoggan 23 Jan  
  Treweke Alce dau of Rich, 26 Jan  
  Achim Honner dau of Laurence 2 Feb  
  Trevarthen Thomas son of Wm. 12 Feb  
  Sampson Mary dau of Wm. 20 Feb  
  Verant Elizabeth dau of John 13 Mar  
Page 53 Angove Katherine dau of John 20 Mar