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BAPTISMS 1665 - 1670


Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.

1665 Tippat Henry son of Phillip 1 Apr  
  Eastlake Joseph son of John 16 Apr  
  Baylie Alce dau of Steven 16 Apr  
  Verante Dorothy dau of Henry 29 Apr  
  Newton William son of Steven 2 May  
  Glanfell Martha dau of Jonson 16 May  
  Tearell George son of Georg 21 May  
  Thomas Richard son of John 8 July  
  Angell John son of John of Illogan 23 July  
  Vivian William son of John 6 Aug  
  Frenches William son of Thomas 6 Aug  
  Vivian Aves dau of William 6 Aug  
  Ward William son of Sampson 21 Aug Marginal entry.
Page 40 Scues Thomas son of Willaim 1 Oct  
  Rule James son of Richard 8 Oct  
  Rule Francis son of Christopher 8 Oct  
  Bennett Mary dau of Henry 15 Aug  
  Bennett John son of Jonson 5 Nov  
  Oliver Elizabeth dau of Oliver 12 Nov  
  Pedven John son of John 20 Nov  
  Eva John [John Thomas[1] ] son of Thos. Jnr 20 Nov Given thus in Exeter Transcripts.
  Gribell Arthur son of William 28 Dec  
  Bryant Katheryn dau of Allex Jnr 30 Dec  
  Eva Mary dau of Mr. John 21 Jan  
  Rodgers Henry son of Henry 28 Jan  
  Stevens Richard son of Andrew 4 Mar  
1666 Robarte [2] William son of William 25 Mar [2] These entries were entered in 1665, crossed out and re-entered in 1666.
  Quentrel [2] Alce dau of Cullen 25 Mar  
  Hockin Charity dau of Francis 12 Apr  
  Warren Codelia dau of George 14 Apr  
  Williams Joane dau of Charles 22 Apr  
  Vincent Jane dau of John 28 Apr  
  Luke John son of Georg 6 May  
  Williams Chessen dau of Wiliam 6 May  
  Bryant Johnson son of Allexander 13 May  
  Hockin Francis son of Houten 19 May  
  Pawley John son of William 20 May  
  Rule Blanch dau of Jonson 20 May  
  Davy Elizabeth dau of John 3 June  
  [blank] [3] James son of Zacharias [blank] [3] Probably Jackson
  Stringer Richard son of Richard 24 June  
  Richard Elizabeth dau of Gilbert 29 July  
  Eva [blank] dau of Laurence 19 Aug  
  Reynolds John son of John 26 Aug  
Page 41 Jackson Joan dau of Andrew 23 Sept  
  William John son of Ralph 30 Sept  
  Bennett Beniamyn son of Henry 27 Sept  
  Stevens James son of James 4 Nov  
  Austen Richard son of Ann 9 Dec Illegitimate
  Trery Prudence dau of Arthur 12 Dec  
  Angier Andrew son of John   Was baptised about Xmas in these years.
  Verante Henry son of Henry 26 Jan  
  Bennett Mary dau of Frances 27 Jan  
  Verante William son of John 30 Jan  
  Rule Rebecka dau of Robarte 3 Feb  
1667 Tippatt Peter son of Phillip 7 Apr  
  Eles Miriam dau of James 8 Apr  
  Michell Tristram son of Richard 8 Apr  
  Carpenter John son of Henry of Illogan 8 Apr  
  Williams Elizabeth dau of Richard Jnr 16 Apr  
  Avere John son of Bennett 25 Apr  
  Timbye Grace dau of John 28 May  
  Prust Elizabeth dau of Mr.Edmond 8 June  
  Hockin Owner dau of Vincent 9 June  
  Eastlake Joane dau of John 15 June  
  Achem Gilberye son of Laurence 7 July  
  Terell Dorithy dau of Grace 14 July  
  Thomas Charles son of John 21 July  
  Pedven Mary dau of John 11 Aug  
  Eva Jacob son of Laurence 15 Sept  
  Hancocke Grace dau of Steven 15 Sept  
  Scues Annes dau of William 29 Sept  
  Newton Prudence dau of Steven 14 Oct  
  Sandry John son of John 1 Nov  
  Dane Sunobia dau of Allex 11 Nov  
  Eva Henry son of Mr.John 30 Nov  
  Rodgers Rebecka dau of Henry 8 Dec  
  Wade Sampson son of Sampson 15 Dec  
  Watty Joseph & Beniamyn twin sons of John 4 Jan  
Page 42 Frenches Tamson dau of Thomas 12 Jan  
  Eles Thomas son of John 18 Jan  
  Vivian Steven son of John 25 Jan  
  Bealy Frances dau of Steven 9 Feb  
  Glanfell Sarah dau of Jonson 23 Feb  
1668 Hockin Francis son of Francis 11 Apr  
  Rule Owner dau of Jonson 3 May  
  Bennett Henry son of Jonson 10 May  
  Bryant Jethro son of Allexander Jnr 30 May  
  Stevens Grace son of Samuell 11 July  
  Rule Peter son of christopher 12 Sept  
  Tippat Grace dau of Phillip 20 Sept  
  Achem Elizabeth dau of Laurence 10 Oct  
  Harry John son of William of Illogan 8 Nov  
  Paule Christian dau of John of Illogan 8 Nov  
  Angear Jane dau of John 9 Nov  
  Warren Martin son of George 15 Nov  
  Bayley Ann dau of William 21 Nov  
  Bayley John son of John 6 Dec  
  Grebell Richard son of William 7 Dec  
  Bryant Ann dau of John Jnr 16 Jan  
  Eva Christopher son of Laurence 17 Jan  
  Waters alias Robarte Elizabeth dau of William 17 Jan  
  Davy Ursula dau of John 1 Jan  
  Hockin John son of John Jnr 21 Jan  
  Eva Patience dau of Thomas Jnr 23 Jan  
  Bryant Allexander son of Allexander 31 Jan  
  Quintrell Marke son of Cullen 7 Feb  
  Verante Richard son of John 9 Feb  
  Paully Jane dau of William 21 Feb  
1669 Jackson Jane dau of William 25 Mar  
  Avere Owner dau of Bennett 4 Apr  
  Vincentt John son of John 17 Apr  
  Hockin Phillip dau of Hautten 24 Apr  
  Luke Jane dau of George 24 Apr  
  William Ann dau of Richard Senr 1 May  
Page 43          
  [blank] [1] Thomas son of Zacharias 2 May Probably Jackson
  William Christopher son of Ralph 8 May  
  William Mary dau of John Jnr 8 May  
  Rosewarne Jacob son of John - gent 24 May  
  Burtt Hagar dau of Jane 2 June Illegitimate
  Bryant Mary dau of Allexander Jnr 6 June  
  Newton Elizabeth dau of Steven 27 June  
  Vivian Elinor dau of William 4 July  
  Dans Mary dau of Allexander 25 July  
  Bennett John son of Henry 31 July  
  Williams John son of William 7 Aug  
  Hancocke Elizabeth dau of Steven 8 Aug  
  Richard Edward son of Edward 19 Aug  
  Terell John son of George 30 Oct  
  Rule Oliver son of Richard 17 Oct  
  Rowe John son of Georg 2 Nov  
  Mill James son of James 1 Dec  
  Stevens Mary dau of James 5 Dec  
  Jackson Andrew son of Andrew 26 Dec  
  Nickles Nicholas son of Nicholas 1 Jan  
  Hockin Richard son of Vincent 15 Jan  
  Eles Amy dau of James 26 Feb  
  Battrell Methuslah son of Jane 2 Mar Illegitimate
1670 Jefery Grace dau of Mark 22 Mar  
  Hockin William son of Francis 26 Mar  
  Timby John son of John 5 Apr  
  Lethlean John son of Bernard 12 May  
  John Jackett dau of William 3 July  
  Scues Ann dau of William 17 July  
  Bennett Millicent dau of Henry 30 July  
  Lawrey Mary dau of John 31 July This entry is omitted in the Bishop's Transcripts
  Newton John son of John 13 Aug  
  Bryant Daniell son of Allexander Jnr 11 Sept  
  Bryant John son of John Jnr 15 Oct  
Page 44 Angear Phillip dau of John 17 Oct Note: this entry has 'dau'
  Beally Thomas son of Steven 23 Oct  
  Williams Jane dau of Richard Jnr 12 Nov  
  Hockin Elizabeth dau of John Jnr 7 Jan  
  Frenches Rhoda dau of Thomas 28 Jan  
  Wade Mary dau of Sampson 4 Feb  
  Glanfell Rebecka dau of Jonson 4 Feb This entry is omitted in the Bishop's Transcripts.
  Eva Steven son of Laurence 11 Feb  
  Nance John son of John 20 Feb  
  Williams Katheryn dau of John 20 Feb  
  Reynolds Katheryn dau of John 5 Mar