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Source: The Parish Register for Camborne 1538 - 1837 LDS Film No. 236535


These are full transcriptions and all parts of the entry has been transcribed.

The early years have many blank spaces but I wish to make this a complete and accurate transcription so have included every entry no matter how small.

Please note that where there are blank spaces this indicates entry unreadable.


Circa 1558

PAGE 1   Christian dau of 13  
    Marye dau of    
    Margerye dau of Robert 2  
      dau of    
      dau of    
    [Dori]the dau of 15  
  Tonkin Jane dau of 13 A Jone dau of John Tonckin, buried 14 Jan 1859/60
  Luke Marie dau of 11  
    John son of 11 Dec  
  Arundell Robert son of John 20 Nov A Robert Arundell was married in 1583
  John Richard son of Rogger 5 Jan  
  Rosewarne Elizabeth dau of Henrie 9 Feb  
  John J[o]ne dau of Tho. 14 Mar  

Circa 1559

  Luke William son of Henrie [M]ar A Harri Luke was buried 27 Feb 156/34
  Bowes Richard son of John Apr A John Boose was buried 14 Apr 1562
      of John Apr  
      of John May  
      of [J]ohn June  
      of John    
  Tonckin     Sept  
      of Henrie Nov  
  [M]ond     Jan  
      of Ja.......    
  Buswyne   dau of Tho.    
  Geare [H]imfrye son of John 12 Feb  
PAGE 2 H....   of John 10 Jan 1576  
      dau of 13 June 1577  
      son of Christopher 1 July  
      dau of Harri 28 Aug  
  Meane   of Allexr Oct  
  Robert   of John 2 Oct  
      dau of Richard 18 Oct  
      dau of Haniball 20 Oct  
      son of William 1 Nov  
  Williams Alex son of John 1 Nov  
  Trewike Mary dau of John 2 Nov  
  Syse Jane dau of Richard 30 Nov  
  D...a...k Robert son of Margaret 30 Nov Illegitimate
  Hunfrie Richard son of John 3 Dec  
  John Robart [son of] Allex[?]    
        23 Apr  
  Sexstone Ellan dau of 6 May Illegitimate
  Davye Richard son of Thomas 10 June  
  Shepperd Marie dau of [Har]rie 26 [Ju]ly  
  Ton[c]k[in] John son of William 3 Aug  
      sons of Aug  
    Robert son of Jo.... 17 Aug  
  Crane John & Richard sons of Richard 9 Sept Both buried 10 Sept 1578
  Meane Susanna dau of Rogger 16 Nov  
  James John son of John 21 Sept  
  [V]insant [R]obart son of Harri 8 Oct  
  Davie Thomas son of John 28 Oct  
  Davie Elzabeth dau of 6  
  Treddinam Richard son of William 6 Nov  
  Teage Scippiyou son of Joane Teage & Richard Crane 10 Nov Illegitimate
  Lanyon Sarah dau of    
[? 1579]         This page has been bound in upside down. The entries are here given in chronological order.
  Hockin M.... son of John 25 Mar  
PAGE 3   Myhiell son of Henri 29 Mar  
  Lan[y]on [B]lanche dau of John 25 Apr  
      of Robert May  
      dau of Willm [?] June  
  Meane   son of John 7 Aug  
  Toocker   dau of Nic[holas] 16 Aug  
  ......dd Symon son of John 30 Sept  
    Marie dau of 3 Nov  
  Hodgies Jone dau of James 14 Nov  
  Murlan Nicles son of John 29 Nov  
  Meane [?] Anes dau of Rogger 1 Dec  
      son of Reynold    
    Richard son of 3  
  Coveran Rebecka dau of    
    Willm son of 10 servant to J......
  Tonkin [?] John son of    
  Eva Harri son of    
[? 1580]          
  Tockar Marie dau of Robert June  
  Tolcarne Myhell son of William June  
  Meane Marie dau of Allx Aug  
  Davye John son of Thomas 10 Sept  
    Agnes dau of Thomas Feb  
  De.... Elzabeth dau of 6 Mar  
  Ac.... Marie dau of    
      of John H.... 10 Jan  
  Oliver [?]     27 Mar  
      dau of Allexr 2 Apr son of John 17 Apr  
  Teage William son of William 18  
  Meane Thomas son of Elexander Feb  
  Oliver John son of Nycholes Feb  
  So.. Ellan dau of Benatt 22 Feb  
  Geare Richard son of James 5 Mar  
PAGE 4          
  Hockin Ellen dau of Richard 2 Apr  
  Fa[r]mer Alles dau of Marten 7 May  
  Pendarves Ph & John sons of Alexander 10  
  Hockin Mary dau of Mihell 28 June  
  Treweeke Grace dau of John 8 July  
  [?R] awe Christian dau of Sam 18 July  
  Williams Allex son of Water 1 Aug  
  Braye John son of William 12 Oct  
  Pryore Humfrye son of Tho 24 Oct  
  Polleawe Samson son of Thomas 25 Oct  
  Evia [?] Elizabeth dau of Jo 28 Oct  
  Dun Richowe dau of Paskaw 13 Nov  
  Hicks Allex son of [H]enrie Nov  
    William son of    
[? 1593]          
  Roswarne Denis son of    
  Dav[ye] Ch[ristoph]er son of    
  Vin... Chr...      
    John son of    
    Johnson son of    
  [Tre]wick Richard      
  Pers Richard son of [Alex ?]    
[? 1594]          
  Vinsant Vinsant son of    
  Polleawe Benat son of    
  Hockin Dority dau of 4  
  Trewicke George son of    
  Hudd Robert son of 18  
    John son of 7  
  Roswarne George son of    
  Oliver Willm son of    
  S... Tamson dau of    
  Hockin     Jan  
1595     dau of 2 Apr  
      of Tristram [M]ay  
PAGE 5          
      of [J]uly  
      of .......ell Sept  
      of .......dem [Ja]n  
      of Feb  
  Trewik   of Feb  
      son of Willm 28 Feb  
  Wadde   of William    
      son of James    
      of John 22 Mar  
  Bree ...e son of Mr.George 5 Feb  
      dau of James 2 May  
      son of Allexander 8 May  
    ...he son of Nycholas 20 May  
      dau of Tho. 20 May  
      dau of Thomas May  
      son of Benat May  
      dau of John June  
      of Christopher July Blanch dau of 1  
  Rowe Jaquet dau of 26 Sept  
  Roswarne Annes dau of Ri[chard]    
  Tonckin John son of Alex 24 Oct In different handwriting
  Hockin Rebecka dau of Mihell 19 Jan  
  Cocke Robart son of Thomas 26 Jan  
  Raynell John son of Robart 28 Feb  
  Buddye Ellyzabeth dau of George 28 Feb  
  Avrie Alles dau of John 21 Feb  
  Buswyne Robart son of Willm & Jane 12 Mar