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This site is dedicated to the memory of all the Calverts who have touched our lives.

At the close of 2009, we honor: Jim Ray, Barbara Calvert, and Vicki Thompson. And as always, we remember: Gaston Calvert of Jacksonville, Alabama; George E. Calvert of Catskill, New York; William Garmen Calvert of West Caldwell, New Jersey; Lawrence Calvert of Vancouver, Washington; William E Calvert born 1 Nov 1914 died 17 May 2006 of Prince William Co.,Virginia; Arvin Woodrow Calvert died 25 Jan 2008; and Freddie Calvert died 6 March 2007; Arleigh E Calvert August 2012. Dorothy Lee Calvert, who tragically perished in the devastating tornado that touched down in Joplin, Missouri, 22 May 2011.

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Who Was The First George Calvert  of Stafford County Virginia?

Prince William Reliquary, Vol 9 No. 2 (Dec 2011)  Starting At Page 38. 

Welcome to the Calvert Genealogy site. This compilation of the heritage of our Calvert, Colbert, Colvert, Calbert, and similar surname familes, is made possible by many individual and collective research efforts, including paper documentation and DNA testing. This site is an ongoing project that will grow as more data becomes available from  Calvert family members like you. We hope our site can assist you in your own research endeavors. Whether you descend from a Calvert in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, you share a common bond with other site contributors. Please take a moment to sign our guestbook.