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The Ancestry of William Garman Calvert


Barbara Calvert, Bill's widow, provided a view of Bill's ancestry for the website. This document

is transcribed with corrections for notation and presentation but is otherwise the same document as

has been provided Calvert Genealogy Group

if you have questions about this line of contacts, please email David E Bell:

The Calvert Family


Comparing "Descendants of Virginia Calverts" by Ella Foy O'Gorman and the information from "ColonialFamilies of the United States of America, Vols. 1, 5, 7. By George MacKenzie and adding the ancestry

of William Garmen Calvert, an early participant of the Calvert Surname DNA project at Family Tree

DNA. Transcribed By David Bell 11/03/05.


Ella Foy O'Gorman wrote the book "Descendants of Viriginia Calverts" and does have a disclaimer

that there is confusion over the George Calvert, son of William. But her information does compare

pretty well with that of the other book, "Colonial Families of the United States of America" which

does not go back to William in the ancestry of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore and Principle Secretary

to King James I, founder of Avalon in now NewFoundland. O'Gorman seems to be uncertain of

John Calvert, whose wife was Marjorie [--?--], (1)  b ca. 1525, married ca. 1548. This is stated in O'Gorman's book(hereafter, EFO) and in Colonial Families of the United States of America(hereafter

CF). John was contemporary to Henry VIII and lived in the area of Danby Wiske in Yorkshire, England.

In CF, MacKenzie states that John's wife name is unknown, and lists only one child, Leonard, b ca. 1550.

In EFO, O'Gorman states there was probably a daughter, the mother of Ralph Ewen and others.


Leonard Calvert, also of Danby Wisk. m. ca. 1575(Both books), Grace Crosland(EFO notes her name

might be Alice) d/o Thomas and Joanna Hawksworth Crosland. CF does not provide a maiden name but

does state that she was of Crosland Hills in Yorkshire.


               Leonard Calvert b 1550  m 1548 Grace or Alice Crosland      



   |                               |                                              |                                    |

George                     Mary b 1586 CF            Christopher (EFO) (2)       Samuel (EFO) (2)

b 1579 (EFO)            m. Isaac Chapline

b 1579-80 CF   

m1 Anne Mynne

m2 Joan Calvert (3)

d. 1632


Anne Mynne was the d/o George and Elizabeth Wroth Mynne. Joan, George's second wife drowned in her return voyage to England having sailed from Virginia in 1630(shipwreck). George was Private Secty. to
Sir Robert Cecil, Principle Secretary of England. George, who attended and graduated from Oxford University, became a clerk of the Crown and Assize in the county of Clare, Ireladn in 1613, after which he was appointed Clerk of His Majesty's Privy Council in 1617. Knighted at Hampton Court to King James

I, George became a member of the Commision to resolve the affairs of the Virginia Company. He

succeeded to Parliament representing Yorkshire in 1621 and became Principle Secretary of State to

King James I, but resigned in 1625--having become converted to Catholicism. At this time, he

was retained by James on the Privy Council and granted a colony which George Called "Avalon" in

now NewFoundland. George and his wife, Joan found the clime to their dislike and sailed to Virginia

where he was not welcomed by the Cavalier state due to his Catholic faith. He returned to England

and petitioned the King for a new Charter, but George died prior to approval and authorization of

the Great Seal. After his death in 1632, the Charter was granted for the area between Pennsylvania

and Virginia which was to become the state of Maryland, fulfilled in the hands of George's oldest son, Cecilius who became the 2nd Lord Baltimore, of the Irish Title.


George Calvert became a Roman Catholic in 1624 and tendered his resignation as Principal Secetary

of State which was accepted. King James however, kept him a member of the Privy Council. The

Encyclopiedia Britannica brings out that the Civil War in ENgland during the 1640's caused a great

Consternation and confusion in Maryaland. William Stone was not a Parliamentary Governor. He

was one of three in 1652--THomas Green, named by LEonard was Governor 1647-1649, William Stone

from 1649 - ? and various others were in control of the Colony until 1652 when William Stone regained

control of the Governorship and held this until 1654, when another Parliamentary Governor was

appointed Philip Calvert was appointed Governor in 1660-61 followed by Charles Calvert, and then

Charles Calvert followed by Cecilius. Thomas Notley was Governor 1679-1684. Charles Calvert was

GOvernor 1679-1684 and was the Third Lord Baltimore.


                                         George Calvert b 1579 m1 Anne Mynne


     |               |           |               |                  |               |         |              |           |            |          |

Cecilius    Mary     Dorothy   Elizabeth    Leonard    Grace   George  Francis   Helen   Henry  John

b 1605       b 1607    b 1608       b 1609      b 1610/11   b1611   b 1613   b 1614?  b 1615   b 1617 b1618

2nd Lord       |           m               m            m  (5)       m           |         d ?            m        nm      (8)

                     |       Rich'd       Samuel        ?            Sir Robt    |          at         Thomas

                     |       Talbot       Matthews                   Talbot       |          sea?       Green

                    m                                                                         |                       2nd Gov.

              William                                                                    nm                    of MD(7)

              Peasley                                                                   d aft                    

                                                                                          1634 MD(6)             



                     George Calvert m2 Lady Baltimore, Joan [--?--]



                                            Philip Calvert b 1627/28


Leonard Calvert


Leonard Calvert b. 1606 (CF) was baptized Nov. 21, 1610 at St. Martins in the Field, London and died

in 1647(both references). EFO does not state for certain that Ann Brent was the wife of Leonard. However, CF states that Leonard m Ann Brent(who predeceased him) d/o Richard & Elizabeth Reed Brent of Larke Stoke and Admington, Gloucestershire. She was a sister of Mistress Margaret, Fulke and Mary Brent all of whom imigrated to the province. Leonard and Anne were m ca. 1641, after Leonard returned to England. He was Governor of Maryland from 1633-1637, appointed by his brother, Cecilus, 2nd Lord Baltimore. Leonard arrived wiht the Ark and the Dove in 1634 (9).


EFO states that Leonard voyaged with Sir George to Avalon in 1628 along with his brother-in-law, Sir William Peaseleyand returned to England where he petitioned the King in behalf of his brother George, that

George might have share of certain prizes taken from French Ships by Benediction and Victory, HMS

vessels owned by George Calvert. The Calvert Papers indicate that GEorge Saled from Gravesend, EEngland bound for Md. with his brother George Calvert and other nieces and nephews. If An Brent

were indeed the wife of Leonard, this would be true. Margaret, Ann's sister, was the Executrix of

Leonard's Verbal but Noncupative Will to which there was no legal objection raised. O'Gorman uses

the will of Capt. William Stone, Va, who states his dau. M Hon. William Calvert, and Stone

is mentioned in the "Proof of William Calvert, son of Leonard. Margaret removed to VA and William

moved to the Colonies by 1661 and Married the daughter of the non-Parliamentary Governor, William

Stone by 1662/63. Ann Brent died and Margraet saw to the interests of Leonard and ensured they

were preserved. Certainly there were other Nieces and Nephews of Leonard Clavert but none are

mentioned in the interests of the Estate of Leonard, only William. As noted though, this will was

noncupative and verbal at the death bed of Leonard. Mary Brent, in her will, makes Sister Margaret

executrix. Margaret Brent died about 1663. There is a monument at St. Mary's in Maryland to

Leonard Calvert and upon this monument Ann Brent is inscribed as his wife(5).  Ann Brent died

Prior to the time of Leonard’s death and Mary Brent died about 10 years after Leonard.


Philip Calvert


Philip Calvert, b 1627/28, was named in Cecilius Calvert's marriage settlement? He lived in Wexford,
Ireland (apparently due to the interests of the George Calvert and his titled lands at Balmoral. Philip

died in Maryland ca. 1682, the same year as William Calvert, his nephew and son of Leonard died,

leaving a lack of eadership of the Colony. Philip married first Ann Wolseley and second, Jane Sewell,

the step-daughter of his cousin, Charles, 3rd Lord Baltimore, only surviving son of Cecilius, 2nd Lord,

at the time of Cecilius' death.


The Honorable William Calvert, Esq. of "Calvert's Rest"


William Calvert was b 1642 or 43/44 (CF) probably in England. He married ELizabeth Stone, d/o of

Captain William Stone. Both Resources agree on the marriage,. Elizabeth Stone Calvert survived her

husband and was alive still in 1707. Colonel William Calvert, Esq. became a member of the House of Burgesses; Deputy Governor of the province, Counsellor and Principal Secretary of Maryland 1669-1682. In 1682 he drowned in the Wicomico River which is the Northeast border of Old Somerset
County on Marylands Eastern Shore.


According to EFO WIlliam Married Elizabeth in 1664 having arrived in MD in 1662. In 1661 the

attorney general of the province brought suit in WIlliam's behalf in order to recover the properties

which were left him by his father, Leonard Calvert. These lands were in the hands of William Stone,

who had been non-parliamentary governor of MD and his heirs. The lands and costs were awarded
William Calvert thus proving without a doubt that Leonard Calvert was his father. It was due to Leonard's

will and the efforts of Margaret Brent who aided the case in court. It is speculated that Brent did so

because she was executrix but it may also have been because she was the sister of Ann who apparently

was Leonard's wife.


William Calvert m Elizabeth Stone b. 1663. Elizabeth Stone’s brother, homas, Addressed William

Calvert as "my loving brother William Calvert my attorney to prepare a petition...."


In 1662 William was living in St. Mary's county and had a license to trade with the Indians which was a good source of revenue. It is clear that William used the creation of missions to help establish settlements in the Maryland outback and to ensure peaceful relations built his “Piscataway Manor” in an area to subdue the area using the Catholic Missions to attract Settlers, a process William Repeated in the expansion of Provincial Maryland. His death came a year after treating with the Indians on Maryland Eastern Shore on the border between Charles and Somerset Counties.


Governor Charles Calvert, son of Cecilius,  referred to William as "Dear Nephew" and William wrote Philip Calvert, half brother of Leonard and Cecilius Calvert signing it "affectionate Nephew".Elizabeth Calvert filed her account as Administratrix of her husbands estate in 1686. She was then living in Virginia with her son Richard. At this time Both Charles andD George Calvert, other sons, had removed to Stafford County VA. Richard Calvert is the 4th son of William and Elizabeth, Charles was first, William second and George Calvert was third. The research of David Bell perhaps provides illumination into the 2nd son of William, William Calvert. See the document William Calvert, Planter of Somerset County, MD.








William Calvert b 1642-44 m Elizabeth Stone


          |                                                           |                                 |                     |           |                 |          |   

Charles Calvert b 1662(CF)      Elizabeth b1666(EFO) William b1666(10)   |      Richard   Cecilius    |

   B 1664(EFO)                                   m. 1661 (CF)                  b1670(EFO)     |     b1669(11)  Untraced  |                                  |   m1 Mary Howson                Capt. James Neal                    d w/o issue       |   b1670(EFO)   (EFO)   |

   m2 Barbara Kirk who         & he  m2 Elizabeth                                           |           |                            |         

   m2 Col. Andrew Foy                         Lord                                   _________|           |                ______|

                                                                                                          |                              |        Joshua (EFO)

                                                                                                          |                              |        No Proof(EFO)

                                                                                           George b1668(EFO)            |            

                                                                                            m1  Ann Notley(10)                \__ Rob’t of

                                                                                            m2 Elizabeth Doyne(10)                                   

                                                                                            m3 Ann Neal(e) (10)

                                                                                           d Stafford Co VA1699(EFO)

                                                                                           b. 1663 (JBCN) (11)

                                                                                           d. 1739 (JBCN) (11)



George Calvert born 1668(MD) of Stafford County, Virginia


In the MacKenzie book, it states that George Calvert was born 1668 in Maryland and moved across the river into Stafford County, Viriginia. There are few records about him and no primary source document that shows he is the son of William Calvert, PSOM and grandson of Leonard Calvert, First Governor of Maryland. O’Gorman states that he was married ca. 1691 and that his wife’s name is unknown. Further, EFO states that there is no record of her name. In CF, it does provide that George Calvert married Elizabeth Doyne and apparently has found more information about him and uses it to form the basis for treating his life and issue. The author of this piece on the Calvert’s of Maryland is not Privvy to the sources used

By MacKenzie. In O’Gorman, it notes as proof of George Calvert that he was in court 1690, having filed a complaint  againast John Takinson due to a debt owed George, the amount of which was a alage sum of money, even by today’s standards(&1500). The settlement was &800. George was in court again, being

Sued by Robert Brent for non-delivery of goods. The court ruled in Brent’s favor and the judgement against him was for 80 lb. Of Tobacco to William Harris “…for attendance at Court in suit between Robert Brent and George Calvert...” These court records fell in the years between 1690 and 1692 and George received satifisfaction in one case and not the other. There were other suits at court regarding land as well as settlements for payment in the colonial money of the era, Tobacco.


George Calvert b 1668 – Maryland

Lived Stafford County, VA m Elizabeth Doyne.


           John Calvert b ca. 1700 (CF)                                 |                                                           |

    B ca. 1692(JBCN) d. bef. 1739(JBCN)             George Calvert-no date (CF)                Thomas ? (CF)

       m1 Elizabeth Harrison abt. 1720                             b 1694(EFO)                                 not listed(EFO)

      d/o Benjamin Harrison III(CF)                         m1 Constance [--?--] (EFO)

  m2 Mary Gosling d/o John Gosling (EFO)          m2 Hester ? Stone widow of

  (CF on mention of 2nd marriage)                                      Francis Stone

                                                                                  and possible daughter of Richard

                                                                                  Kirkland and Constance Cornwell,

                                                                                  His wife)  or Constant Barton(EFO)







John Calvert of Deephole Farm b Stafford County VA 1692

And his son George Calvert, Patriot of Deephole Farm and the Horseshoe


In MacKenzie, the CF book lists four children for John while in EFO, O’Gorman only lists 2. It could be

That there were 4, 2 from a first marriage and 2 from a second.. The situation remains confused and is complicated by the factors of the “three sons” who are known as the Alias Harrisons as well as the fact that there are associated with John Calvert, two sets of orphans(See the topic: The Calvert Alias Harrison Alias Harris Saga in the Current research section of this site).


John Calvert acquired the Deephole Farm, where he lived for “one Indian Ear of corn”. In EFO, it notes that this land was acquired in 1715. Both CF and EFO agree on the son, George Calvert. In CF a birthdate of 1722 is given while EFO indicates 1715. According to CF George removed from Stafford to Culpeper and the land passed to him from his father, Deephole Farm(CF) and removed to Culpeper County, VA and lived at the “Horseshoe” farm where he was still residing when he died(EFO). Both references indicate he m. Ann Crupper and secondly Mary Strother-Deatheridge. CF cites a source that indicates that Mary was the grand aunt of later President Zachary Taylor and the great Grand-Aunt of the Jefferson Davis, President of the CSA. This George is called George V by CF, son of John and not George IV, brother of John.


EFO notes that the will for John Gosling recognizes his Daugher, Mary Calert. The Author assumes that Mary married John Calvert. It is believed that O’Gorman came to this conclusion in researching the multiple families of the area John also had a son Simon Gosling whose wife was Jane and in the same will, the Rookards are named. It is from this close family associate with John Calvert, the Rookards and Gosling that apparently, O’Gorman reached her conclusion. She names no other wives even though later records, published in her own book show that John Calvert of Deephole farm married the sister of Burr Harrison, Jane Harrison. In documents of Stafford Simon Gosling refers to William Rookard as “Brother”. Mary Calvert, in the Prince William County Order Book 1753-1755(PW formed from Stafford in 1731),

Petitioned John Rookard for debt of Tobacco and money and the court ruled in her favor. It has not been proven that Mary Gosling was indeed the wife of John. The author provides no other wife(see the note above, however). In CF it is an entirely different matter, MacKenzie giving the wife of John Calvert as Elizabeth Harrison, the daughter of Benjamin Harrison III[ who died after a lingering bout with Pneumonia in 1712. William Byrd details a dinner with Ms. Harrison before her marriage, Byrd of the James River Plantation area of Virginia and one of the Founders of later Richmond—note added by the transcriber, DEB 11/02/05]. MacKenzie does not mention Mary Gosling.


The relationship between John Calvert and the Goslings is established and it is apparent to him as opposed to George Calvert 1668 or his family line. This does not mean, however, that John married Mary Gosling. It is possible that Mary married Thomas Calvert, a brother of John of Deephole Farm. It is not certain if the children of John Calvert are those of Elizabeth or Jane Harrison, Mary Goslings, nor any wife. JBCN used Elizabeth also as the wife of John Calvert but later corrected it to Jane Calvert after the discovery of the Land Deed of Burr Calvert which named John’s wife as his sister, Jane.


The other children of John, according to O’Gorman,  are:  George V of Deephole Farm, Patriot, Cecilius b 1720 who removes to Kentucky and Thomas ? and thus, Thomas remains unclear even to O’Gorman. In neither account are the issue of John Addressed who are found to be Alias Harrisons even though later in time, before the publication of Descendants of Virginia Calverts, it became apparent that George, Thomas and Burr Calvert, thought to be sons of John Calvert, were indeed identified in records as Alias Harrisons. Indeed, O’Gorman and Nicklin wrote correspondence about this sistuation.


John Calvert lived in Prince William County, VA in CF and in EFO it is Stafford County VA. It is known that he had a partnershihp with Jacob Gibson and definnite proof that George Calvert IV and John were brothers and sons of George Calvert III, b 1668. There are date differences which have been noted. Here are the children of John Calvert by one of his wives or of multiples wives:


                                                                John Calvert b 1692 of Deephole Farm


        |                                              |                         |                            |                           |

George Calvert (Jr.)            Cecilius(CF)        William(CF)      Thomas(CF)         Jacob  b ca. 1720

        Of                                     no dates             no dates              no dates              (named for his fathers

Deephole Farm                                                                                                           partner, Jacob Gibson

B  ca 1772(CF)                                                                                                            born in Stafford Co

b. ca. 1715(EFO)                                                                                                         m. Sarah? (Crupper?)

m1. Ann Crupper                                                                                                       d. 1772

m2 Mary Stother nee



                             Jacob Calvert b ca 1720 married Sarah [--?--] Crupper?


   |                                            |                                   |                                       |                                 |

Francis b ca. 1751         Mary Ann                    Jacob                          Richard, sd.                 John

            d. 1823               m. Lawrence Butler     d. 1803                       removed to OH            d 1812  

m1 Elizabeth Witt                                              m. Prudence [--?--]                                        married

m2 Elizabeth Rose                                             no issue.                                                     Winifred Smith



According to O’Gorman, there is no absolute proof that Jacob was the son of John Calvert. There are records in Prince William Co. VA in which the names George Calvert, Jr and Jacob Calvert appear together.  It is also assumed that Jacob’s wife was Sarah Crupper, both by inference, family association  etc.

Sarah was the orphan of Robert Crupper and was bound over to Jacob Calvert (common practice) until her

Majority. Elizabeth Crupper agreed. George Calvert Jr. m. Ann Crpper and Jacob Calvert and he were both executors of the will of Richard Curpper, Robert’s brother. 


Jacob Calvert died before June 1, 1772. Sarah Calvert and Francis Calvert were executors of the estate of

Jacob Calvert. “We Sarah Calvert and Francis Calvert, William Farrow and George Calvert deephole are

Firmley bound etc”


The will of Jacob Calvert, Sr.  in Prince William County was Proved, Apr. 5, 1803, mentions “trusty Slaves Jacob “ to be emancipated;  Loving wife; John Calvert(Brother), Joseph and Jacob Butler; Mary Incheloe and Patsy Mitchell. The Executrix, wife, Prudence Calvert.


Francis Calvert b 1751 and wives Elizabeths Witt and Rose


Francis Calvert married first Elizabeth Witt  daughter of Lewis Witt and Ann Mills Witt, great grand-daughter of William Witt. Elizabeth Witt and Francis Calvert m 20 Dec 1791 in Bedford Co, VA. Elizabeth was bonr 1772 and died in 1806. Francis married Secondly , Elizabeth Rose. The first mention of Francis is found in the Bond Book of Prince William County, VA where he is mentioned as one of the executors of the estate of Jacob Calvert, which is substantiation that there was indeed a Jacob Calvert, but not proof that Jacob was the son of John Calvert(accepted and passed down in family genealogies). Questoining of

Various Calverts who descended from the Calverts of Prince Willliam Couny determined for sure that Jacob Calvert was their ancestor when O’Gorman interviewed and corresponded with them. Because of the duties and responsibilities left him after his father’s death, Francis married later in life than was normal for the era according to family stories. He remianed in Prince William County, the place of his birth, where he was listed on Personal Tax rolls from 1772 through and including 1786. He then removed to Bedford County, where he lived for many years before moving to an area of what is now West Viriginia. He died in an accident felling a tree. There was no record of Revolutionary War Service. A great Grandson of Robert Calvert, named one additional child, Susannah, who remained in the West Viriginia until her husband’s death and then she migrated on to Ohio and lived with her brother Robert. Susanna had two children, and the Author palces Susanna as the eldest child of Francis Calvert, thus a daughter of Elizabeth Witt Calvert, due to this family story. After her husband’s death, Susanna removed to Ohio and lived with her brother Robert.


Francis Calvert and Elizabeth Witt



    |                      Robert                      |                       |                           |                          |                      |

Susanna            b 9 sep 1794           Mary            Mills Witt           John Lewis           Nancy m.    Wood             b. ca. 1796       b. 1799               b 1803                 b 1805                       m.                [--?--] Stone

m?                    Sarah Stretch            m. ?        m [--?--] Headley   Elizabeth Ann          



                                                         Francis Calvert and Elizabeth Rose


         |                  |                                            |                          |                      |                         |

     Leah          Elijah b 1812                 Jane b 1814          Charles       Elizabeth         Francis

   B 1810       m1 Sarah Vigus             m. in 1839               b 1816           b 1820             b 1823

                     In 1838 and m2           Benjamin Miller                                                m. Mary [--?--]

                   Elizabeth Smith in





Robert Calvert b 1794, Bedford County, VA


Robert Calvert b 9 Sep 1794, Bedford County, VA. D. 19 Dec, 1851 Franklin, Ohio. He married Sarah Stretch 27 February 1816 in Bedford county, VA by Rev. William Harris. Sarah was born Aug 15, 1795, and died August 2, 1870, the d/o John and Susannah Landis Stretch of Bedford County, VA. In 1817, Robert and Sarah removed from Bedford County, Sarah with child on Horseback and Robert awlking, and crossed the pass in the Alleghany Mountains to the Salt works in what is now West Virginia. They made a stop here and then moved on to Adams and finallyed settled in Highland County, Ohio. It was at Elmville in Highland County, that Robert Calvert died and is buried. Of his descendants a number became Ministers, and he and four of his sons were Ministers of the Dunkard Protestant fatih.


Robert Calvert b 1794 and Sarah Stretch

(info from Frederick Newton Calert of Hillsboro OH and Thomas Mills Calvert of McFarland, CA)


              |                              |                |                       |                   |                 |                |             |             ||

           John                       Mills         Ira               Francis      William       Joseph     Moses    Joel          ||

          B 1817                  b 1818      b 1820                 b               (twin)         (twin)      b 1828  b 1832      ||

 m1 Elizbeth Miller           m              m               b  1823           b 1826       b 1826        m       m Ann      ||

 m2 Elizabeth Sheeley   Susanna    Rachel     m1 Rebecca       m1 Sarah     d 18     Sarah   Guthrie     ||

                                       Garman         Jones           Leedy                Weaver             Wilson   Hixon       ||

                                                                          m2 Sarah          m2 Louise                   Haigh                    ||

                                                                                 Giltner             Weaver                                               *




                                                         |                                                  |

                                                    Jesse                                        Susannah

                                                    B1832                                     1835-1837

                                  m. Barbara Angelmeyer 






                                                        Mills Calvert b 1818 m Susanna Garman


Mills Calvert was born November 8, 1818, Kanawha Salt Works, and County VA and died 12 June 1877 at May Hill in Ohio and is buried at Elmsville, Highland County, He married on 8 Oct 1843 at Stinking Springs in Highland County, Susannah Garman who was b  in 1821 near Stinking Springs and she died 4 Mar 1901 at May Hill, Ohio. Mills was a farmer and minster of the COB and was living in Franklin Twp. In Adams County, OH.


Mills and Susanna Garman Calvert


|                                            |                                    |

Joseph Garman                         Noah   b 1847             William Quinter

                                     B 1844                                   married 1872            b Aug. 7, 1851

                         m. Sarah Mahala Hixson             Margaret Simmons               married

                                                                                                                     Susan E. Couser



William Quinter Calvert b 1851 and Susan Elizabeth Couser


William Quinter Calvert  was born August 7, 1851 at May Hill in Adams County, Ohio and died 16 Dec. 1925, at Laverne California. He married Jan 30, 1875 in Adams County,  Susan Elizabeth Couser who was born Dec 14, 1854 in Adams County and died 23 February 1912 at Holtsville, Imperial County, CA. She is

Buried in Ingelwood Park Cemetery. Susan was the d/o Thomas and Rachel Orr Burns Couser. William was a minister of the COB. He also was a farmer. He had eleven Children


William Calvert and Susan Couser

(Informatrion provided by Thomas M. Calvert, Velma Leigh Calvert Carter, d/o George C.)


         |                       |           |                             |                     |                      |                            |                  |

   Cora Ema            |   Thomas Mills   |      Jesse Arthur   Mahala Tirzah  Anna Rosa       David         |                   

                                |                                                                                                                   William     |

   B 1874                 |     b 1 apr 1878    |          b 1881          b 1883               b 1887               b 1890        |

m. O. A. Fackler    |     m. Mary M     |        m Laura B      m. Ernest         M. Harry H.  m 1915 Eva  |

                                |     Thomas           |      Custer, 1903    G. Olmstead   Spencer, 1906   Williams      |

                           dau.                        Son                               1904                                                               |

                         infant                      Albert                                                                                                  *

                         D inf.                       D. inf.





                                                         |                            |                               |

                                                  Walter Q.            George G.                Hazel May

                                                 1892-1906            b 5 Mar 1896             b  1901

                                                                              d 4 Apr 1982            m. Galen Price

                                                                            m 1920(?) Birdie        (lived in Fl)

                                                                             Theoda Alexander









                                            George Garman Calvert & Birdie Theoda Alexander


George Garmen Calvert was born probably in Adams County, Ohio and moved with his family to the McFarland area of California. He eventually came to La Verne Calfiornia where he worked on Ranches and for the Metropolitan Water Co. Birdie Theoda Alexander, a descendant of John Ables and his wife Alazanah Cochran. John Albes came from Holland Ca. 1782 and bought land in Middlebourne, OH,  from John Quincy Adams. John Ables becdame a successful farmer and the family became known as the “PennyRoyal Kings”. Alazanah was John’s second wife. She was born in Guernsey County, OH. They did at one time live in Iowa. Birdie Theoda’s family also lived in Missouri. She was born in Long Beach, CA.

(Leigh Calvert Carter is doing research on this family also).


                                            George Garmen Calvert  b 1896 m Birdie Theoda Alexander


           |                                       |                                  |                              |                                       |

Elizabeth June                    Velma Leigh          William Garman       Marvin Richard    Dorothy Alice

B 1921 m John Calinksy       b 1923 m.              b 21 Dec 1924            b 1927 d 1987          b 1931. M.

Both now deceased              Roy Carter             m 26 June 1948                   m                   Stanley Lewis

3 sons: Fred, Tim,                3 Children:         Barbara Mullendore    Ellen McClosky      desceased)

 &  Terry                             Dan, David            2 dau: Janet                  d. May, 1993        3 children:

                                            Margaret                         Judith                                               2, dau. 1 son


(Information provided by Barbara Calavert, Bills wife. Bill was one of the early participants in the DNA Study. He had a sense of Humor and we had the joy of working with Bill before he passed away  on November 12, 2004. Barbara has been gracious in providing the material body of Research above, and has been helping the Calvert DNA and research Project in an ongoing capacity.


Notes of Barbara Mullendore Calvert:


For the purposes of this work, Barbara is the author, she married William Garman Calvert (note by transcriber, David Bell 11/02/2005)


John Lewis Calvert, s/o Francis Calvert and brother of Robert. John and his wife had at least one daughter,

Adeline, b 1843. She married 1862 John Wesley Campbell, s/o Henry Thruxton and Angeline Whtton Campbell. Angeline Whitton was the d/o of William Whitton and Milly Witt. I think that Milly was realted

To Elizabeth Witt, First wife of Francis Calvert.


Elizabeth Ann was d/o of Nancy Huddleston of Kanawha Co, VA who m. John Slack. John was the s/o of

Abraham of Bucks Co. PA--Elizabeth Ann Slack, dau. M John Lewis Calvert.


John Wesley Cambpell (1841-1876) served in the 11th WV Regulars during the Civil War. Adaline and John  had: Lavinna Elle who married thomas Mohler, James Albert (1866-1884), John Mills(1868 m 1893

Sadie Brown); Frank Allen (1870-1887); Florence 1871 m. 1891 George Crittendon Moore; Myron Grant b 1874 m. 1906 Christine Bickers.

. The Nicklin Family comes into the picture through the same door as do “our” Calverts, but by George,

Jacobs brother. George had a son, John by Anne Crupper Calvert. John Calvert, by his second marriage, had among others: Elizaeth who married Dr. Joseph Nicklin. It was a Descendant of this marriage who

Wrote “An Index of Calverts (1664-1799) and many other articles for Maryland Historical and also Genealogical Magazine. I have excerpts from his articles, and in one of them, on the first page is the section on Grace Crossland who ma. The First Leonard Calvert, was descended from Roer De Crosland, a contemporary of English King Henry VIII.


George Calvert, son of the above Leonard, m. #1 Anne Mynne, 1604. She was a descendant of the Lady

Mary Rich, d/o of Lord Chancellor Rich. This name is well known in English History. Rich had a great part in various legal matters and trials. Under Edward VI, Rich retained power and remained Catholic. He took

Part in the prosecution of the Bishops Gardiner and Bonner and in the harsh treatment accorded to the

Princess Mary.


Lord Rich retired in 1551 and re-appeared but rarely during the reign of of Queen Mary. Under Elizabeth,

However, Rich was again an influence in to the Court of his Majesty.


Lord Rich, by his wife Elizabeth Jenks or gynkes, had 15 children. His Grandson, Robert, the third Lord,

Was created the Earl of Warwick in 1618. Lord Rich was responsible for the founding of several schools and the supporting patronage remained in the family until 1851.


Elizabeth Mynne Calvert was the grandaughter of Sir Thomas Wroth and Lady Mary Rich, whose father was Lord Chancellor.


Milly Witt was a  sister of Elizabeth Witt, wife of Francis Calvert. Elizabeth and Milly were d/o of Lewis

And An Mills Witt. So the Campbells and the Calverts were cousins. Adaline Calvert’s sister, Katherine,

Married Charles Alexander Campbell, brother of John Wesley Campbell, thus a close relationship of the Calverts and Campbells in this line of Calverts.


Barbara Mullendore Calvert 10/31/05







  1. Marjorie “Leonard” according to other references.

  2. O'Gorman states that Samuel and Christopher are uncertain children of Leonard

  3. Joan, Lady Baltimore in some references, possibly Joan Arabella, who drowned retunring to England

      from the Americas in a shipwreck (note added by David Bell)

 4. EFO does provide greater detail on the Biography of George Calvert

 5. No marriage of Leonard officially Found. The statue at St. Mary's in MD, constructed in 1790

     indicates in the inscription that Ann was his wife. CF states death date for Ann as 1714 while EFO

     shows no date. Colonial Marriages lists four marriages: Baker Brooke, Henry Went, Richard Marsham

    and Judge rasker. EFO states no firm authority for the 2nd or 3rd marriage and no mention of the 4th.

6 There is no record for George nor a proven death date. He arrived with the Ark and the Dove

   at Elks Landing in 1634 and died sometime after this date.

7. Thomas Green, 2nd Governor of MD after Leonard Calvert, married three times: Helen Calvert,

    daughter of George Calvert, and also married the widow of Nicholas Harvey, Jane, as well as Ann

   Cox, widow and  sister of Sir Thomas Girrard, both gentlewomen, arriving with the voyage of the Ark

      and the dove.  

 8. John Calvert, b 1618 d inf. (EFO) and died in MD after arriving with Philip Calvert(CF).

 9. See the articles on the Ark and The Dove: Passenger List and Voyage in the Documents section of this


10. Among researchers of the era, there is no proof of any of George Calvert’s marriages,except to

      Elizabeth Doyne in 1688(CF) though EFO does not list any name. The transcriber believes that

      George married thrice. Proof of George being the son of William Calvert, PSOM, has not yet been


 11. John Bailey Calvert Nicklin, hereafter JBCN and EFO corresponded regarding William’s 

      William, EFO noting that JBCN should pursue research on Maryland’s eastern shore paying attention

      to the use of the spelling of the surname as “Colbert”. Both knew that William b 1666, was alive in

     in 1697 because he was the executor of the estate of William Robinson. Further, It is known that

     Elizabeth Stone Calvert was alive in 1707 and died apparently at that time. The same year, a William

    Calvert, Infant, is assigned a guardian in court—See David Bell’s research in “William Calvert, Planter

   Of Somerset County, MD”.