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William Calvert, Planter of Somerset County, Maryland Eastern Shore

By David Bell

26 Feb 2004


When I began seeking my ancestor, Isaac Calvert of Greene County, PA, I was trying to find records which would show whom the father of Isaac. I found an Isaac in Somerset

County, who filled the correct birth time frame. The reason for this is the family stories from more than one family line passed down that our Calvert family of West Virginia or Pennyslvania was related to the Calverts Lord Baltimore. More than this, my Mother her

Father indicated we descended from a Cecilus Calvert, but did not know if this was Lord Cecilius or another.


In my research of adjacent family lines, I found other descendants of a common ancestor, Thomas Calvert b 1669, also had recorded that their ancestor was a Cecilius Calvert.


William Calvert PSOM b England 1643 came to MD in 1660 / 61 and later married Elizabeth Stone in probably in 1661/62 in Maryland. Various researchers shows that Willima’s second son was William b 1666 who was alive in 1697 and executor of the estate of William Robinson. Both Ella Foy O’Gorman and John Bailey Calvert Nicklin knew that this William was alive and Ella(hereafter EFO), in correspondence with Nicklin(hereafter JBCN), suggested he look at William Calvert and possible descendants

And also to pay special attention to those he found via the surname spelled “Colbert”.

Apparently, Nicklin decided not to pursue William. I believe that William 1666 married a Robinson, her name possibly Margaret.


In records, there is a “William Calvert” who is assigned a guardian in 1707 Charles County MD. It is at this time, that Elizabeth Stone Calvert, known to be alive still in 1707, has been said to have passed away.


I have sought the will of Elizabeth Stone to no avail. My purpose is to find who the children were, who would inherit, not only the the properties and monies of William Calvert, Esq., but also inherit from Eliabeth herself who was wealthy in her own right inheriting lands from her father, William Stone who was a Governor of early Maryland.


William Calvert, born 1666 was known to be alive in 1697, married a Robinson most likley. In the family stories of my family is a tale that one of our ancestors, either an John or William Married a Margaret Robinson. Moreover, at Cornerstone Genealogy at Waynesburg PA, I discovered notes on the Calvert ancestry of Alvah Headley. He also

Inidcated that an ancestor married a Margaret Robinson.


Given the above loosely defined search criteria, I speculate, that the William Calvert assigned a guardian in 1707 was the son of William Calvert b 1666 and grandson of William Calvert Esq. and Elizabeth Stone Calvert.

In my meandering through records of Somerset County, in Coventry Parish Records, I found the marriage of Alexander Calvert who married Mary Wheeler in 1744, Coventry Church, same parish.




Among the children listed,  was William Wheeler b 1745/6 and Isaac b 1747/8. This fit very well with the approximate birth date of Isaac Calvert of Greene County, PA, who was said to be nearly 100 years old when he died. In researching Isaac, various and assundry records show that he was born 1735,  1746 or 1749 with an isolated record being 1755. At this time, although I have discovered a massive amount of datwa and records about Isaac Calvert, I have not been able to establish a birth date. Isaac died sometime after 1829. He was quite elderly, and the best estimate that I have as an official death date is about 1830, certainly before 1832 when court records of Greene County are dealing with the residue of properties in his estate. If Isaac was indeed nearly 100 years old at the time of his death, then we could establish a range of dates + or – 10 years which if used to figure a median date would be 1740(+ or – 10). Isaac of Somerset fit this citeria.


Using standard naming conventions for children, if Alexander and Mary followed form, they would have named their first son, William, for Alexander’s father, Isaac would be the second son, and a third would be named for Alexander himself or an uncle.

In Coventry PE Records, the first three sons of Alexander and Mary Wheeler Calvert were William, Isaac and Alexander Neal.


The knowledge of the first male children’s names was bolstered when I discovered that Mary Wheeler was the daughter of Isac Wheeler, at least indicating that they were following traditional convention in naming their children. Thus began a search for the father of Alexander Ccalvert, named William. I believe that I found him – William Calvert, Planter, being sued for 1024 lb of tobacco plus about double indemnity damages to be paid in kind at court in Coventry PE Somerset 1733, this record referring to an earlier court record of 1726.  After this, I found William Calvert in Tax lists between 1730 and 1740. 


This William then, is likely the father of Alexander Calvert who married Mary WHeeler in 1744 in Coventry PE Church. They had William 1745, Isaac 1747 ALexander Neal 1753 and Betty 1756 in church records-Jane and Mary daughters provided by the Colbert family and I just found Nicholas or Michael(very difficult to read Census record)  in the 1810 Dividing Creek Census by pouring over it with Mag glass... Nicholas and Alexander Neal  live in cventry parish then, and apparently do not migrate west.


William and Isaac are likely the two who are Colbert in 1790 census and followed the basic western migration through MD and VA to Western VA, perhaps. It is very possible that William Colbert who married Brigdett Howard is a son of either William or Isaac,

Sons of Alexander Calvert. Alexander Neal is in census records as Neal Colbert. 


Three other family genealogists John Conklin and Alvah Headlee and an outfit out of Wetzel WV named Time Travelers(now defunct) looked into the ancestors of their respective family lines, each arriving at Isaac Calvert But Conklin. See below(Oh, Dorothy Hennen also researched this family line).


Many Researchers have attached this Isaac to the Isaac of Various records, b1735. I do not believe this to be a valid date and think Isaac, of Greene County, was b orn1745-1750. John Conklin who researched his Calvert Lines was b 1889. He departed from Isaac as the eldest ancestor of our line, indicating that Thomas Sr was b 1784 and his father was the William above, b1753. I do not believe this as Thomas Calvert b 1769 is now well documented with primary and secondary sources as are his descendents for the most part. However: Prior to isolating William 1753 as his ancestor Conklin established the Father of William as Resin(Reason) b 1722 who married a Wheaton. In fact I have historically found this Reason and have been unable to prove his lineage(see Calvert Alias Harrison topic, Below). Reason could very well be the ancestor of Isaac c1747, William 1753, George 1761, Thomas 1755 John (unkn. est 1760-65 and other siblings unknown). Interestingly, though his dates are generally different, he indicates that Reason's father was John Calvert b 1686 in his case who may or may not be the John who married Elizabeth Harrison and is the Calvert associated with the Alias Harrison Saga. He indicates the mother of Reason is Margaret Robinson in either case, the father of John Being George Calvert who married Elizabeth Doyne.


I have provided  illumination about this in my document on “John Calvert of Deephole Farm and the Calvert Alias Harrison Saga” and have speculated that there are two sets of Calvert orphans or one set of Calvert and one set of Harrison orphans related to John, perhaps from a second wife after Elizabeth(these children would indeed be orphans when john dies in 1739 if the wife had also died, the mother of whom I believe is Jane Harrison, sister of Burr Harrison, the son of Capt. Thomas Harrison). These Calvert orphans, I speculated, are the ones taken in by Burr Calvert. The elder Children, Thomas, Burr  and George Calvert of Deephole farm and one daughter, directly are referred to in court records as Alias Harrison.


The younger children do not which adds to the confusion because these elder children would not need a guardian so I believe their usage is related to inheritance. The Elder Children would have reached majority by the time Thomas Died. Reason could indeed be one of the second set of Children of John and with an unknown wife(he would have remarried when Elizabeth died) then it could be that the wife of this John is indeed Margaret Robinson and Headlee gave the date as 1717 for the marriage.


This may be an indication of which children are born to Elizabeth Harrison and which to the second wife. At least it makes sense due to the confusion about the famil(ies)y. One thing I do know: There is a John Calvert who is the father of a Benjamin Calvert b 1887 who married a Minerva wright and is buried in Wright Family Cemetery near Blacksville WV. This John and Wife are mentioned as the parents on the tombstone of Benjamin, her name being Margaret. The question is, is this Margaret a Robinson and is this a mixup or is the mixup with the Alias Harrisons? Back to Reason b 1722. Conklin lists the marriage to Harriet Bryan and indicates they settle in Frederick Co MD in 1750. They also have FNU daugther calvert b 1767 who married a John Founer (sic) Fournier? Fonner, their marriage being in Frederick MD. Son William was supposedly in the Rev war 1777-8 again in 81. He relocated to Bedford County, PA and Married a Wheaton. At any rate, Thomas Clare Calvert Sr had a son, John D b 1804.


In a newspaper interview at Waynesburg PA, he states the Calverts came from Buck's and Lancaster, England. What that means I am not sure but assuming County identity, if in england as being Buckinghamshire and Lancashire. Otherwise it is anyone’s guess.


My family also indicates the family originated in MD along with the Lemasters and other families moved west into western VA and PA(Greene County). In that same article, JOHN D says the family first moved to Carmichaels and then south (Wayne and Perry TWP). We do have primary and secondary documenation for Isaac and Frances Bulett Bulet Bullitt(Fanny) and her tombstone is in old blacksville Cemetery, WV. If you or anyone else can add anything to this, Let us say that I am looking for the ancestor of Isaac Calvert, who may have been Reason and it could be a John whom I would presume be b sometime after 1720. It may be the Alexander I mentioned in the opening who married Mary Wheeler. This ancestor might or might not be from England but following what has been stated in secondary sources, I am using that as a guide. ================================================================================================================================1. William Calvert b c1790 in court records, assigned a guardian in 1707 Charles Co, MD  2. William Calvert, Planter of Somerset Co MD, wife unknown, of Court records, 1726 &      

                                                                          1733 being sued for 1024 LB of Tobacco.

 3. Alexander Calvert b c1720 m Mary Wheeler d/o Isaac Wheeler

     4a. William Wheeler Calvert 1745/6

     4b. Isaac  1748

     4c. Nicholas/Michael after 1756

    4d. Alexander Neal 1751

    4e. Betty 1756 (Elizabeth, ) b 1756. (died in childhood)

    4f. Jane – From Colbert family records

    4g. Mary – From Colbert family records

    4h. Doly ? (Dorothy?) From Coventry Records 


It is possible that Isaac, 4b above, b 1747/8 married  Elizabeth Gart Marriage 1868 Holy Trinity Church, DE.

Further evidence indicates that William Calvert, who married Bridgett Howard, descends as a son of Isaac Calvert b 1747/8 son of Alexander Calvert who married Mary Wheeler.

This William uses the name Colbert in the family line down.





In researching records, I find that these people are Calverts or Colberts depending on type of records and it appears that at some point they adopt the spelling Colbert. While this is true of many Calvert families Who have found records where their ancestors are found by varied spellings, including my own, I have not been able to isolate further records which reveal the true ancestry  Of William Colber twho married Bridgett or, in fact, have I uncovered further proof Of ancestry for William Calvert Planter, who he married or his children.


There are many other Calverts in Somerset County, as well as important personages

Who are adjacent family to those of the Calverts of Maryland and Stafford County. Ethelbert Doyne, son of Robert and brother of Elizabeth Doyne who married George

Calvert of Stafford County, lived and died in Somerset county. William Calvert, PSOM

Drowned in the Wicomico River in 1682—the Principle Secretary of Maryland. The Wicomico is the North and western boundary of Old Somerset County. Levin Powell

Who is associated with the Calverts of Stafford, lived in Somerset County. Indeed, there

Is a Levin Calvert who would be contemporary with William Calvert, Planter, found in records of early Somerset; there is also a Levin Calvert born later, possibly contemporary

with Alexander Calvert.


I believe the discovery of these records is very important to not only Calvert family research as it relates to the Lords Baltimore, especially in regard to William Calvert, the second oldest son of William Calvert, PSOM, but also very possibly Richard Calvert, William’s fourth son.


Further research data will be forthcoming as time to peform the research is available.

If you have any possible connection with the Calverts or Colberts of the above described family lines, please contact me.

David E Bell –