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Please donate to support this project. All of the labor is volunteered. But there are costs associated with testing DNA samples. Although most DNA contributors pay their own test fees, at times we identify "targets of interest" whose DNA test results will help answer lingering questions about Calvert/Colbert family groups. Very often the sample donors are not genealogists and have no particular interest in the outcome, and are reluctant to submit a sample if they have to shoulder the whole cost. Sometimes sample donors are the last male of their line, which means it is urgent to add their Y-DNA markers to our database, before evidence is lost forever. Finally, at times project contributors agree to offset the costs of a low-income person's test. As responsible stewards of contributions, we have negotiated a DNA surname group discount with FTDNA.

We recognize that all of us benefit whenever a new sample is tested. The more samples we have, the more valuable the samples that are already in the database. Your contribution will help the database become more robust and useful. If you would like to donate to the Calvert YDNA Surname Project & Varient Surname Spelling, Please Click HERE:  Calvert Group General Fund Contribution.