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Brick Walls

Brick walls, as dead-ends in genealogy research are commonly known are a frustrating situation which almost every genealogist must have encountered. Records are lost and references in public venues is not available for certain eras. Even family records were lost and destroyed, leaving little information about a particular family in possession of any known source--including descendants.

An example where even public records can be of little use is in Census data before 1850. Only the head of family is named and the remainder are identified by sex and age category. Family records may name an individual, child wife or other person who was living in a household, but not the given names of children or even the maiden surname of the spouse.

Today, family researchers have a tool which can help in dealing with such roadblocks - DNA, whether it is y-chromosome DNA which is the most useful tool in tracing ancestry or Mitochondrial DNA for females where it can apply to given situations.

For genealogists, DNA samples can be extremely helpful in isolating family ancestry scientifically. At the point where a particular individual is known but not his parents, DNA among as many family groups is able to assist where no means of determining the paternity of the father is possible otherwise.

This new tool in genealogical research, that helps especially when a researcher reaches a point they can not advance their family research, DNA, a new avenue in genealogical research in finding family lines that was not possible ever before.

Today through scientific advancements we can compare families by using their surname and their DNA makeup. The Calvert surname has already born results from DNA contributors, from people carrying the Calvert, Colbert, and Colvert surnames where previous unknown family origin has been found.

Calvert Genealogy as presented at the website, helps families collect DNA samples to be analyzed by the lab at Family Tree DNA of Houston ( ). Moreover, this is aiding in determining the ancestry of special research cases such as the The Calvert Alias Harrisons Saga where multiple wives and multiple parents with multiple surnames is involved in a group of children associated with a particular Calvert, John b c 1692 in Stafford County Va. This is a well known 'brick wall' to Calvert researchers and has bearing upon many of the family researchers participating in the project.

The Calvert Surname project at Family Tree DNA has a modest database but even so, success stories have already been part and parcel of the effort.

Imagine the potential if all the varied Calvert families from all the varied origins participated in the DNA project, lines of ancestry could be determined that previously would have been unsolvable. Of course, some things may never be found -- no document exists to correspond to the scientific evidence--at least documents have not been found as yet.

Don't give up hope -- tons of data lies in court houses today that waits to be discovered and used. The problem is, such repositories cover a lot of ground -- something a researcher would not know to even consider as a place to visit in order to obtain a record is now being made possible with the vast network of Genealogy research and documentation as well as making data available through Online resources. DNA can help isolate the geographic locale in which to see hardcopy data and to perform research. As more data becomes available to researchers, AND as more data becomes available via scientific avenues, progress can and is being made.

David Edwin Bell - Host for the Calvert discussion group and a Coordinator of the Calvert Surname Project at Family Tree DNA.

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