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Addendum: Mary (Gosling) Calvert

by Michelle Allensworth Pendleton 

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17 Nov 2013

A new consideration of the traditional theory of Mary Gosling possibly being a wife of John Calvert c.1690 (1692) of "Deep Hole Farm" as presented in Ella Foy O' Gorman's book "Virginia Calvert's" posited. 

Mrs. O'Gorman attributed Mary Gosling to possibly marrying both John Calvert and the son of his brother George c.1690 (1694), Obed Sr. I suppose this scenario could have transpired if the young widow of John later married the nephew of her late husband.  Mary would have been much the same age as Obed Calvert Sr., however. In John Gosling's Will, his daughter Mary was listed as Mary Calvert (Prince William County Will Book C 1734-1744, pages 255-258). The Will was written 27 March 1739 and from my understanding, John Calvert was deceased by this time. Mary could have been his young widow, but I offer an alternative that is more likely than what has been presented and accepted since 1947.

Obed Calvert Sr's first child was born about 1740 according to O'Gorman's book and following this line of reasoning and speculation, Mary Gosling could have been the mother of Obed's first child Jesse Calvert Sr.

What is needed here is to ascertain when Mary Gosling was born. I personally don't have anything concrete, only a couple of generic reference records on that appears to have been put together from a hodge-podge of undisclosed references. In one, Mary Gosling is placed as being born 1722 and two other references has the date of 1719. Those two references also list her spouse as Obed Calvert Sr. so I suspect one of the sources found in the "hodge-podge" was O'Gorman's book. Here are the links for those of you that can access's database:

That time span of 1719 to 1722 fits well from what I know about the family in my own Rookwood research. I really want to find a document that proves when Mary Gosling was born, but I don't have that unfortunately. Working with these two dates above, if Mary was born in 1719, she would have been 19/20 years old in March of 1739 when her father wrote his Will. The date of 1722 would make her 16/17 years old. If she had married John Calvert in the year of his death, which we don't know exactly as I understand it, but might have been in 1731 or 1737/38; in 1737 Mary would have been between the ages of 15-18 and in 1738, 16-19 using the 1719-1722 time span for her birth. If John died in 1731 then there is no possible way Mary Gosling, daughter of John Gosling, could have been a wife to John Calvert.

I offer that Mary Gosling, due to her youth, would be a more likely candidate to be wife of Obed Calvert Sr. Mary Gosling was of the same age plus or minus a year or two as Obed Calvert Senior. We know from the bible records for his family that his wife was named Mary. That alone isn't proof positive that Mary Gosling was his wife, but it is more to go on than what has been presented suggesting she was a third wife of John Calvert.

The idea of Mary as third wife to John came to fruition and is attributed to the fact that a witness to the Will of John Gosling was Richard Crupper. As the father of Anne Crupper, who married George Calvert (known as Jr. in records) and because John Gosling's daughter Mary was mentioned in his Will as Mary Calvert, the connection was made that she was a probable wife to John Calvert.

Richard Crupper as a witness to the Will of John Gosling can be as simple as they were friends, neighbors and a man that John Gosling held in high regard.

It is clear that John Gosling's daughter married a Calvert.  I just cannot see the sole reason for John Calvert even having a third wife being based on Richard Crupper witnessing the Will of John Gosling.  It is far more likely John Calvert did not have a third wife.

There is one more factor to be considered when discussing whether or not Mary Gosling was a wife of John Calvert and that is the personal experience of Mary's mother, Mary Rookwood Gosling.

Her second husband was Edward Rookwood (1) (c.1651- 1717) of Charles County, Maryland who was at least twenty years her senior. She was apparently very unhappy with her marriage because she left Edward, taking their son(s) with her and fled with John Gosling to Stafford County Virginia (2). Mary Rookwood Gosling wouldn't have approved or possibly even allowed her daughter Mary Gosling to wed a man several years older. John Gosling I also believe would not want to have his daughter to potentially endure what her mother did. I just cannot envision Mary Sr. giving her blessing to her daughter to wed a much older man. John Calvert of Deep Hole was definitely a much older man.

Someday the document may yet be found that will prove whom Mary Gosling Calvert and Obed Calvert Sr. married, but for now we simply do not know if they were married to each other. 

Michelle Allensworth Pendleton

17 November 2013

1) The Land Records of Prince George's County Maryland 1717 to 1726 abstracted by Elise Greenup Jourdan, Heritage Books, 2009. Page 25 (folio 260/844) Indenture 4 Oct 1719

From: John Gosling, planter, and Mary his wife, of the Colony of Virginia

To: James Perrie, tailor of Maryland

Mary Gosling, widow of John Nelson, who next married Edward Rockwood (sic-Rookwood) of Charles County, now deceased; then married John Gosling of Virginia; for 32/10  a tract of land called Gilliard formerly in Charles County, now in Prince George's Co. on the Eastern Branch; taken up by John Nelson 5 Sep 1698; inherited by Mary from his Will dated 21 May 1698.

/s/ ?Simon Pearson (seal)

Wit: Ralph Crabb, Thomas Sprigg

Acknowledged by Mary Gosling, wife of John, enrolled 7 Apr 1720

Page 93

 (folio 617) Indenture 22 Feb 1724; enrolled 1 Mar 1724

From: John Gosling of Stafford Co Virginia and Mary his wife

To: James Pearie of Prince George's County

Land called Gelhard (Gilliard) formerly in Charles County, now in Prince George's County, originally granted John Nelson 5 __ 1694 for 225 acres; by Will dated 21 May 1698 given to his wife Mary Nelson; Mary later married Edward Rockwood (sic-Rookwood) of Charles County; after his death Mary married John Gosling; for  35/_/10.

/s/ John Gosling (mark), Mary Gosling (mark)

Wit: William Stoddert, Jos Belt

(Folio 620) Indenture 22 Feb 1724; enrolled 24 Mar 1724

From: John Gosling, planter of Stafford County of Colony of Virginia, and Mary his wife

To: John Beall of Prince George's County

John Nelson of Charles County, planter, at the time of his death owned a tract of land called Dumfries originally in Charles County now in Prince George's County; laid out for 336 acres; his will dated 21 May 1698 gave this land to his wife Mary Nelson; Mary later married Edward Rockwood (sic- Rookwood) of Charles County; after his death Mary married John Gosling; sold for 20 (pounds); located near the head of the Eastern Branch

/s/ John Gosling (seal), Mary Gosling (mark and seal)

Wit: William Stoddert, James Pearsey

James Stoddert Jr. given power of attorney in this matter

Subject RE: [MDCHARLE-L] Thomas Rookwood etc Part A

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