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Wisconsin State Pensioners 1812 - 1865
List of Pensioners on the roll January 1, 1883 Volume 4 by the Government Printing Office

Name of PetitionerPost-Office Add.Cause for
Which Petitioned
Date of
Original Allowance
No. of
Andrews, Rich'dBrothertownsunstroke$ 8.00January, 1880 
Arndt, CarlHilbertwound left arm$ 2.00  
Baker, ThomasHaytonwound of back$ 6.00  
Baldwin, GeoBrothertownch. hepatitis$ 8.00  
Ball, ErasmnsChiltonwound right leg$ 2.00  
Banderob, CatharineNew HolsteinMother$ 8.00March, 1880 
Barber, Joseph L.Haytondis of lungs$ 4.00October, 1882 
Bartels, Wm.Potter's Millswound left forearm
diar., & reu.
$ 6.00June, 1882 
Besat, AlexanderGravesvilleloss left arm$18.00  
Bishop, Harriet S.HilbertWIdow$10.00April, 1881191,805
Blenker, HenrySherwoodwound of chest
left forearm
Breed, Margaret M.ChiltonWIdow$ 8.00  
Breed, Olive S.ChiltonWIdow$ 8.00  
Brewster, Joel T.Stockbridgewound right leg$ 2.00  
Brown, AdalineStockbridgeMother$ 8.00October, 1880 
Buhl., Joseph
See Kolbe, Joseph
Bulman, GriselStockbridgewound left thigh$ 8.00  
Burkhart, ChristopherPotter's Millswound right arm & side$ 6.00  
Burns, Wm. H.Chiltong. a. wound left breast$10.00 35,829
Candy, Electa W.StockbridgeMother$ 8.00  
Castona, MaryChiltonWIdow$ 8.00  
Chesner, AnthonyChiltonwound right side$ 8.00  
Christiansen, AnnaNew HolsteinMother$ 8.00August, 1880 
Coe, Geo. D.StockbridgeSpinal Complaint$ 8.00  
Cook, Watson H.Stockbridgeinjury to spine$ 6.00February, 1880 
Cottrell, Grace AnnBrothertownWIdow$ 8.00  
Cullen, BridgetGravesvilleWIdow$ 8.00  
Darling, MaryGravesvilleWIdow 1812$ 8.00October, 1878 
De Grost, Harriet L.StockbridgeWIdow$ 8.00  
Dick, Edgar M.Brothertownwound right hand$ 8.00  
Dick, Eliza E.BrothertownWIdow$ 8.00  
Dignin, WilliamBrothertownwound right elbow joint$12.00  
Dooley, RosaStockbridgeMother$ 8.00  
Dunlap, Melita M.StockbridgeWIdow$ 8.00  
Ecke, HermanHilbertwound right shoulder$10.00  
Erdman, HenryChiltonwound left shoulder$ 4.00  
Flammang, HenryCharlesburghwound right arm$ 6.00February, 1878 
Fowler, James D.Brothertownwound right hand$ 1.00January, 1882 
Fuller, LeviBrillionWound Right Hand$ 8.00  
Fuller, Benj. L.Gravesvillewound right shoulder & right foot$ 6.00  
Goodrich, Thankful S.GravesvilleMother$ 8.00  
Gouberts, ReinhartChiltonfractured left leg$ 8.00  
Graves, Ira S.GravesvillePneumonia res. Asthma$ 6.00March, 1882 
Greeley, James H.Stockbridgewound left hand$ 2.00  
Hart, Orville A.Brothertownsunstroke$18.00  
Hicks, Wm. B.Stockbridgelung fev., ch. diar$ 4.00October, 1871 
Howe, Geo. W.StockbridgeRheumatism$ 8.00April, 1882 
Howey, Jesse A.Stockbridgedis. of skin, res. of
rem't fev., partial deafness
$ 6.00January, 1882 
Humphrey, ElseyBrothertownWIdow 1812$ 8.00March, 1879 
Hunts, MichaelChiltonwound right leg$ 4.00January, 1881 
Jacques, Daniel E.Brothertownwound left foot$ 8.00  
Jenkins, LydiaBrantWIdow 1812$ 8.00January, 1879 
Jenkins, Martin L.Stockbridgewound left ankle$ 2.00October, 1882 
Johnson, Joseph M.Brothertowninjury to back,
res. dis. of Kidneys
$ 8.00May, 1880 
Johnson, Nathaniel H.Stockbridgeinjury to abdomen$ 4.00  
Jones, LauraChiltonWIdow$ 8.00  
Jones, Mary C.BrothertownWIdow$ 8.00  
Kerker, James D.Chiltonwound right groin$ 2.00  
Koenig, JosephBrilliondis. of Liver$ 4.00November, 1880 
Kolbe, Joseph, alias Buhl.Chiltondis. of lungs$ 4.00June, 1882 
Lange, JnoChiltonscurvey, resulting enlargement
lymphatic glands
$ 4.00December, 1880 
Lerchen, JohannaHilbertMother$ 8.00  
Ley, JohnBrillionCh. Reu. & diar.$ 6.00May, 1881 
Lorentzen, Hans J.New Holsteinwound of head
res. in impaired hearing
Losey, IsaacGravesvilledis. of liver & spleen$ 6.00June, 1881 
Lowenhagen, Sophia C.New HolsteinWIdow$ 8.00  
Maltby, Ezra B.StockbridgeSurvivor 1812$ 8.00  
Mangan, JamesChiltoninjuried right knee$ 4.00October, 1880 
Martinson, AdolphNew HolsteinFrac. right leg,
res. in ulceration &
varacous veins
Mayer, MichaelStockbridgewound left elbow$12.00  
McAllister, MaryStockbridgeWIdow$ 8.00  
McCoy, LurancyChiltonWIdow, 1812$ 8.00May, 1890 
Merrill, JeremiahChiltonloss right leg$18.00  
Minehan, MichaelBrothertowninjury to abdomen$ 8.00May, 1881 
Mueller, AugustBrillionWound Left Shoulder$ 4.00September, 1880 
Murdock, LanderBrothertowndis. of Lungs$ 6.00August, 1880 
Newell, StewartChiltonvaricose veins, left leg$15.00November, 1880 
Norris, Oscar R.Stockbridgewound right hand$ 8.00  
Nugent, Alfred A.Chiltonloss right arm$24.00  
Nugent, John B.Sherwoodinjury to abdomen$ 4.00  
O'Heron, Patrick W.Chiltonch. diar., res. dis. of liver$ 4.00October, 1880 
Parsons, Harriet A.StockbridgeWIdow$ 8.00  
Pease, James W.Brothertowninjury to back$ 6.00October, 1880174,454
Pettis, Lucy J.GravesvilleWIdow$ 8.00  
Pingel, Fred'kStockbridgeloss right leg$18.00  
Pomranke, AugustGravesvilleResection right humerus$18.00  
Pratt, Louisa H.SherwoodWIdow$ 8.00December, 1881 
Reader, GeorgeStockbridgech. diar. & rheu$ 6.00October, 1880 
Richter, PeterBrothertownwound right hip$ 6.00  
Rickaby, Oscar F.Haytonloss right thumb$ 4.00  
Riedel, DanielPotter's MillsRheumatism$ 4.00October, 1881 
Sales, PhebeGravesvilleWIdow$ 8.00  
Schildbauer, PeterNew Holsteininjury to abdomen$ 8.00  
Schooner, Elisha W.Sherwoodloss right thumb$ 3.00  
Schwender, BertholdBrillionWound Left Arm$ 6.00  
Shelley, EliasBrothertownwound left hand$ 6.00  
Sprague, MiltonBrothertownch. rheu.$ 8.00  
Stanton, CatoChiltonch. diar. dis. of abd. vis,
dis of heart
$ 8.00March, 1882 
Tolaveson, OleyHaytondis. of heart$ 4.00November, 1879 
Watrons, Jane E.HaytonMother$ 8.00  
Weihler, Anna MariaHaytonWIdow$ 8.00  
Welch, Calista M.QuinneyWIdow$ 8.00  
Westcott, Geo. P.Hilbertdis. of lungs$ 6.00  
WIggins, Sarah AnnBrothertownWIdow$ 8.00  
WInter, ThomasStockbridgewound of head$ 4.00  
Woolett, Thos.StockbridgeMinor$10.00  
Zahns, JohnBrillionloss left thigh$24.00  
Zeck, JosephaChiltonWIdow$ 8.00  
Zimmer, NicholasHilbertwound right thigh$ 6.00  

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