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New Holstein's Calumet County, Civil War Fatalities

I found this on a center platform type area in the New Holstein City Cemetery while I was there indexing the cemetery. I thought it may be of use to someone, so I copied it down, had the german writing translated and both are below along with the names. I hope it is of use to someone researching this county.

Above the names was the inscription as follows:
"Gewidmet Unseren Kriegern 1861-65"
Translated it says: "Dedicated to our soldiers in the War of 1861-1865."

Below the following list of names was this inscription: "Kein Schoen'rer Tod Als Fuer Das Vaterland zu Sterben".
Translated it says: "There no better death than to die for your fatherland (homeland)".

On the side next to the names is one last inscription that says as follows: "Gewidmet Vom Damen Unterstuetzungs Verin 30, Mai 1907"
Translated is says: "WIdowed Woman Support group May 30, 1907".

Below is the list of names as they appeared on this monument. I did not alphabetize them but left them just as they are placed on the monument.

Row 1Row 2
B. KuehlL. Weiler
J. TamsA. Friedrichsen
J. MuensterN. Ketelsen
H. BanderobG. Jensen
L. LoewenhagenD. Christiansen
H. BockA. Sievert
H. JensenJ. Peik
A. RammJ. Frentz
G. LarsenH. Lorenzen
D. DammannJ. C. Auner
F. TemkeCh. Hagemann
R. LuethgeF. Petersen
J. StaubeJ. V. Bergen
J. SchillingF. Peters
G. BockP. Schildhauer
P. HeldtC. Sievers
P. WestphalenD. Hauschild
D. FriesAug. E. Hansen
C. HeidlerH. Biermann
C. TedensCalus D. Jens
A. EichmeierE. Muenster
H. RussmannJ. Tiedjens
J. ZechW. Langemack
E. L. RietzJ. Leverenz
H. LindemuthC. Poppe
J. WietingP. Glashof
J. D. SchoerH. J. Lorenzen
H. AbrahamF. Wieting
P. Schwarz 

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