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This News Article was transcribed by: Cheryl Janowiak

The Chilton Times - Saturday - July 20, 1901 - Front Page

The Soldiers’ Monument

The city fathers have not as yet taken any action in the matter of the dedication of the soldiers’ monument to be erected at the corner of Main and Madison streets. A member of the council in a conversation with a Times reporter said that at the proper time the council would appoint a committee on invitations and other committees to attend to the various details, so that the occasion would be one long remembered by the citizens of this county.

During the war of the rebellion Calumet county was one of the first to respond to the country’s call for volunteers, and it furnished men for nearly every rank and fighting regiment from the state. It furnished two generals, J. B. Sweet and Harrison C. Hobart, both of whom made a record. As for Captains, it had an abundance, a few of whom The Times can now recall were Hobart, Reynolds, Needham, Gibbs, Magdeburg, and Potter. It also furnished a prominent scout, "Steve Nick" orderly for Gen. Bragg. Jack Rowell, orderly for Col. Bouck, Gene Wilber and every last one of them were a credit to Little Calumet.

The city fathers, as The Times understands it, will send invitations to the governor, ex-governors and prominent citizens of the state to attend the dedication exercises. An invitation will also be extended to the veterans of the Spanish-American war, this county having furnished nearly sixty men who volunteered to follow the flag to the island of Cuba for humanity’s sake.

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