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This News Article was transcribed by: Cheryl Janowiak

The Chilton Times - July 25, 1868 - Front Page

The St. Charles Catholic Congregation

It is not generally known to our readers that there is a community, numbering 72 families, of intelligent, enterprising and industrious Germans, 4 or 5 miles south of this village, in Eastern Brothertown, who have large clearings, good houses and barns, and are prospiring as well as any community in the state. They were organized into a congregation in 1866 by Rev. Father Schroudenback, of this village, and ten acres of land were deeded, for church purposes, by Jacob Burg, of Marytown. On this ten acres this community have built a handsome hewn log house for the priest and a hewn log school house, each two stories high. The school house is now used for public worship, but in a short time these enterprising people intend to erect a stone church, ledges of beautiful lime-stone being near at hand. They have purchased a bell, which, with the hangings, weighs 1500 pounds, a large and beautiful mass book handsomely bound, with gilt edges and containing a large number of beautiful steel engravings, a mass chalice, a communion chalice, an ostensorium or remonstrance, with incense and boat, a beautiful heavy satin veil trimmed with silver embroidery, a splendid statue of the blessed Virgin, having the child Jesus in her arms, a statue of St. Joseph, both being over four feet high, a superb funeral cross of brass, 2 crosses for the alter of carved wood, alter vestments, &c., &c. For some time their religious exercises were conducted by Rev. Father Pacificus, of Marytown, but they are now under the pastoral charge of Father Schroudenback, of this place, although they expect to have a pastor of their own as soon as Bishop Melcher assumes charge of this diocese. Taken altogether they are the most enterprising religious congregation in the county and their zeal in the faith they profess should be imitated in every community and by every denomination.

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