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This News Article was transcribed by: Cheryl Janowiak

The Chilton (WI) Times, 13 March 1915

An Immigrant’s Sentiment.

The following lines were sent The Times from Shawano by Mrs. Otto Rollmann, the venerable mother of Senator Henry Rollmann. Mrs. Rollmann came to this country with her parents in 1847 and located in Fond du Lac county. Later she moved to Chilton and remained here many years previous to going to Shawano. The verses were written in 1847 in the German language and in looking over some old papers in her possession a few days ago she found them and translated them into English. In translating them much of the rythm is lost but the spirit of patriotism and allegiance to the land of the free and the home of the brave, like our country’s flag, "Is Still There." The verses are as follows:

Oh! you my free land, America!
With gladness I speak your name.
Here in this beautiful land
Everyone can live in freedom;
Here is no King, no serf.
America, you are now my Fatherland!
Forever I will be true to you.
What mankind needs, you give.
Your name is known far and near.
Everyone is a sovereign, a freeman here;
Equality here is the law of the land
And freedom is this country’s highest gift
And mankind’s most precious treasure.
Therefore; you free Americans,
Hold yourselves worthy and true.
Do not meddle with other lands;
Stay home by your own house and hearth.
Be kind and true – give your brother a helpful hand.
Then your freedom will never have an end.
Keep fast and true this noble gift;
For Freedom, alone, sacrifice your life;
Do not have it taken from you –
For Freedom, alone, your blood be the price,
But may this country never need it –
For Freedom alone makes mankind humane,
And gives him strength for higher and nobler aims.

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