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Chilton Times October 28, 1905

Contractor Missing

The Fond du Lac Reporter tells of the disappearance of a Manitowoc contractor named George Bohl. The missing man spent 1901 in this city doing the mason work on the Chilton Malting plant and was known to many of our citizens.

Gerorge Bohl, a Manitowoc contractor who had the contracts for the erection of churches at DePere, Kewaskum and Campbellsport, is reported to have mysteriously disappeared and as his work was unfinished his bondsmen may have to complete the jobs.

J. Kennedy, the manager of the Manitowoc Brick & Clay company, who is one of Mr. Bohl's bondsmen passed through the city this morning on his way to Campbellsport and Kewaskum to make arrangements for completing the churches which were to have been finished this fall.

Mr. Kennedy stated that he had been one of Mr. Bohl's bondsmen for the last ten years and had always found him to be perfectly honest and reliable in all his work, but that Bohl disappeared two weeks ago and in spite of the fact that he has a family in Manitowoc his whereabouts are unknown.

As soon as Mr. Bohl commenced work on the Campbellsport church he got into trouble. He sublet his carpenter work and the contractor who received the work left the job before it was finished. Mr. Bohl then sublet the masonry work, but the contractor on that job also left his work incomplete, so that Mr. Bohl had to finish both at a considerable loss to himself.

Several men who were employed on the Campbellsport church by Mr. Bohl stated that for several weeks they could see that Mr. Bohl was worrying a great deal and that they were not surprised that he disappeared. The work on the Campbellsport church has been completed as far as the plastering and the building of the tower.

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