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April 30, 1906

Lost Heart To Salesman

Janesville, Wis., April 30 - As the east and west trains, both of which arrive here about the same time, rolled into the station, Edward Coon, proprietor of a general store and creamery at Hillsborough, blithely stepped forth with his wedding outfit in a suit case. He was on his way to marry Miss Annie Bauer, but as he was leaving the station there stepped from another train Miss Bauer and Richard Lulloff, a clerk in the Lowell department store of this city. Both were blushing furiously.

"What's the joke?" demanded Coon, who was becoming suspicious.

They said that there was no joke about it unless he choose to so consider it. The bride-elect explained that she had lost her heart to Lulloff, and that they were just returning from Rockport, Ill., where they had fled to be married.

"How about that $75 diamond engagement ring and the $150 cash I gave you to buy a wedding outfit?" thundered Coon, slamming his suitcase upon the oor.(sic)

Little Mrs. Lulloff grew pale and got behind her husband, who adminished Coon to keep cool.

That afternoon he received the ring and a note for $700, the extra money being in the nature of half of his broken heart.

Mrs. Lulloff admits she loved Coon very dearly until she came here to buy her wedding outfit. Lulloff, the clerk who waited on her, was so helpful and so nice about picking out the goods, that he quite won her away from Coon in a few hours.

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