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Chilton Times April 14, 1877

Unregenerate Youths.

One of Fond du Lac's hardest young citizens reached home last evening after an extensive trip to Kansas, whither he went after breaking our of the Chilton jail some time three months since, where he was confined upon the somewhat unpleasant charge of horse stealing. The name he disgraces is that of Wilt Atkinson, and he is the son of a highly respected coal dealer in this city. On Wilt's arrival home he at once sought our his mother, like a dutiful son, and as soon as he assured her that he had thoroughly and completely reformed, and was now a straight-haired boy, went to her money drawer in the family bureau and stole $25. He at once joined a companion named Jack Tarchel, and in about three minutes the two joined a policeman. Mr. Atkinson had returned home a few minutes after the robbery and becoming apprised of what had occurred secured the arrest of the vicious youths. Wilt and Jack were accompanied also by a third companion who was too Wesfondan (?) in his gait for the local dogberrys and his identity remains shrouded in gloom. Young Atkinson will be taken back to Chilton for trial on the old charge, a large portion of the stolen money having been recovered.

Young Atkinson was one if the parties implicated with Frank Hammer who stole Mr. Miner's horse and buggy in Brothertown last fall, but the correspondent is mistaken when he says he broke out of jail here. In fact he was never arrested for the offence at the time. He is new enjoying the hospitality of Sheriff Miesen; but expects that his father will bail him out.

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