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Neenah Time March 9, 1867

A Narrow Escape-Last week, our friend John B. Nugent, of Clifton, came near losing by fire the principal Gift in his Enterprise. His little child, about two years of age, pulled a lighted kerosene lamp from a table, the lamp breaking and the burning oil flying over the floor and enveloping the child in flames. Mr. Nugent seized his child in his arms, and with extraordinary prosence of mind, succeeded in saving the little one by smothering the flames with his coat. Mrs. N. came tot he rescue of the house, with a pan of milk, and John with blankets, and the flames were subdued before doing material damage. This is the first time we ever heard of fire being quenched with milk, but we are assured that, unlike water, it mixes with the kerosene and helps subdue it.

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