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Chilton Times April 7, 1866

Fire--A Horrible Affair--A Child Burned To Death-About five o'clock on Friday morning Mr. Nellossen's dwelling house in this village was discovered to be in flames. The alarm was given and the family aroused. Some made their escape through the door and others through window, but we regret to state that the pet of the family, a little girl of six years, was consumed in the building. The fire originated in the cellar kitchen over which little Rosa was sleeping and burned a hole through he floor of the bed chamber, and it is supposed that in her efforts to reach her mother, who was frantically calling her, and whom she answered two or three times, that she must have fallen through the floor to the flames below. Mrs. Nellessen's face and arm are terribly burned and her life would have been lost were it not for the superhuman efforts of Mr. Hauptle, who at great risk to himself, saved her. Little Rosa's charred remains were found in the basement, and will be interred to-day (Saturday.) The building and nearly all of its contents were destroyed. It was insured in the Aetna for $400.

We cannot permit this occasion to pass by without returning the thanks of the community to the Ebert boys of this village. At fires they exercise more presence of mind and real courage than a whole crowd. And at the fire above mentioned, Moses Ebert in particular is entitled to great credit for his efforts to save little Rosa, by crawling through the different sleeping apartments in search of her, injuring himself by inhaling the flames and smoke.

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