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Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Petersen Family History

The following Family History was contributed by: Mary Damer & Melody Floyd

Generation 1
Casper Henry Petersen - [1] - He was born on 14 Mar 1826, in Mielberg, Schlwswig-Holstein, Germany. His residence in 1860 was in Racine Ward 2, Racine, Wisconsin. In 1861 he moved to a farm in New Holstein where he lived until 1892. He died 15 Jul 1906, in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Notes for Casper Henry Petersen:

Casper was born in Mielberg in Schleswig Holstein on 16 July 1826, and came to America with his wife, Doris in1851. They arrived in New York on September 30, 1851 on the Bark Florentine from Hamburg Germany. He was a school teacher and fought in the Prussian Wars before emigrating to America. Casper married Augusta Bodenstab in 1859. In 1860 he was listed as a merchant iving in Racine with his wife and their two daughters. Augusta's father was an early settler in the township of Herman Wisconsin and the first physician in the county. She was born in 1831 in Hanover, Germany. Caspter served as a member of the Assembly for two terms.

Obituary in The Plymouth Reporter, Plymouth, Wisconsin, July 21, 1906

"C.H.M Petersen, a resident of the city since 1892, passed away at his home on Milwaukee Avenue at an early hour Monday morning after a few weeks' illness. Deceased was born in Mielberg, Schlwswig-Holstein, Germany, March 14, 1826. He received an education at the Teachers Seminary at Tondern, from where he graduated and followed teaching for a term of five years, when he enlisted in army service, being a principal in the Denmark Schleswig-Hoostein war, which lasted some years. He came to America with his family in about 1850, coming direct to Wisconsin and settling at Milwaukee. He held a position as a teacher and organist in the first Lutheran school of that city. Two years later he removed to Chicago, where he followed clerking until 1855, when he changed his location to Racine and entered the mercantile business. In 1861 he again removed, this time to a farm at New Holstein, where he remained until coming to this city in 1892. During the first four or five years of his residence here he was secretary and treasurer of the Schwartz Mfg. Co. after which he retired to spend the remainder of his years in quiet. During his residence at New Holstein, the deceased represented his county in the assembly for four terms. He was also chairman of his town for a number of years and president of the Calumet County Mutual Fire Insurance Col. He was twice married, the first time in his native land. His wife died in 1854 and from this union two daughters survive as follows: Mrs. Henry Bruns of Beloit and Mrs. R. Hayenga of Brant. In 1859 he remarried, choosing Miss Augusta Bodenstab as his life's partner, who survives him with the following three children: Dr. F.J. Petersen of Lompoc, Cal., E.L. and Hugo of this city. Two daughters of the latter union died in infancy. The funeral took place at his late residence Thursday morning at 8 o'clock., D. Mahlsted making a few brief remarks, after which the funeral cortege went to New Holstein, where the remains were taken to the hall, and the funeral service was held at 2 o'clock, the Rev. Schildknecht of the Reformed church officiating. The pall bearers were Carl Hecker, C. Lautenbach, Nic. Fischer, Aug.

Obituary in Plymouth Review, Plymouth, WI, July 18, 1906

Aged Resident Dies Suddenly

C.H.M. Petersen Found Dead in His Bed Monday Morning

Was up previous evening. Began life as a teacher, engaged in the mercantile business, was a farmer and manufacturer-took part in war in Europe, was a member of state legislature. On Monday morning C.H. M. Petersen, an aged resident of this city, was found dead in his bed, the end having come, it is believed, some time during the night. Aside from the debility which accompanied old age, he was troubled with heart disease. The evening before he was up and around as usual and there was nothing in his condition which foretold the approaching dissolution, when he retired. It was apparent that he had passed away without a struggle. The funeral will be held tomorrow. There will be brief services at the home of nine o'clock in thus having passed his eightieth year. He was educated at the Seminary at Tondern, Schleswig. After completing the course at the institution, he taught school for five years when he entered the army and took part in the Denmark-Schleswig war, which lasted two years. At the close in 1850 he came to American and clerked in a mercantile establishment in Chicago. He did not remain there long before he went to Milwaukee and engaged in teaching in a Lutheran parochial school, then under Rev. Lochner. At the end of two years he removed with his family to Racine and opened a store. In 1861 he went to New Holstein and bought a farm on which he lived until he removed with his family to Plymouth in 1890. While at New Holstein he served in state legislature four terms in 1868, 1869, 1872, and 1881. He was chairman of his town and for many years president of the Calumet County Fire Insurance Company. While living in Plymouth, he was at one time a Free Mason and an Odd Fellow but when the lodges in New Holstein broke up he dropped his membership in the two orders. He was twice married and there are two children of the first marriage surviving - Mrs. R. Hayenga of Brant and Mrs. H. Bruns of Beloit. He was married to his second wife, Miss Augsta Bodenstab in Sheboygan in 1859. Three children of the second union survive as follows: Dr. F.J. Petersen of Lompoc, California; E.L. Petersen and Hugo Petersen of this city. The deceased was a man of wide experience and of considerable education, and the account of his life shows that he was useful to his fellowmen. He was strictly honest, but by thrift and economy he was enabled to accumulate some wealth. His opinions carried weight with those best acquainted with him.

Generation 2
Casper Henry Petersen & Doris b. Abt. 1824. They had 2 children.
Emily (Emma) (Amale/Iardoretha Fredrika Petersen - [2] - She was born on 13 Feb 1853, in Chicago, Illinois. She married Rudolph Maves Hajenga. They were married on 09 Nov 1875, in New Holstein, Wisconsin. Residence in 1880 in was listed as Chilton, Calumet, Wisconsin, United States]. She died on 06 Jan 1918.

Mary Petersen - [2] (Casper Henry Petersen - [1]). She was born Abt. 1857 in New Holstein, Wisconsin. She married Henry Bruns. They had three children. She died on 26 Oct 1932.

Casper Henry Petersen & Augusta Johanna Bordenstabborn 24 May 1831 - Died 13 March 1908
Edmund L. Petersen - [2] He was born Nov 12, 1867 in New Holstein, Wisconsin. D. Dec 08, 1954 in Los Angeles, California. He married Matilda Orlopp 31 Oct 1894 in Village of Hayton, Calumet County, Wisconsin, daughter of Fritz Orlopp and Magdalina Schumacher. She was born Sep 1870 in Plymouth, WI. They had two children.

Hugo Petersen - [2] He was born Dec 1869 in New Holstein, Wisconsin and married Augusta Roehl (b. Nov 25, 1878: d. Dec 1949).

Frederick Julius Petersen - [2] He was born on 03 Feb 1863, in New Holstein, Wisconsin. He died Sept. 09, 1913, Camp Meeker, CA. He married Bertha Wilhelmina Pieper (She was born on 12 Jan 1867, in New Holstein, Calumet, WI and died 16 Apr 1949). They were married in New Holstein, Wisconsin. They had two children.

Lillie Gwendolin Petersen b. 21 Dec. 1888 - d. 2 Feb 1966
Harry Eugene Petersen b. 14 Jun 1890 - d. 5 Dec 1966

Generation 2
Emily (Emma) (Amale/Iardoretha Fredrika Petersen - [2] (Casper Henry Petersen - [1]). Emily was born on 13 Feb 1853, in Chicago, Illinois. Residence 1880, in Chilton, Calumet, Wisconsin, United States. She died on 06 Jan 1918. She married Rudolph Maves Hajenga Oct. 09, 1875 in New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin. Rudolph and Emily had 11 children.

Children of Emily Petersen and Rudolph Hajenga are:

Swanetta (Nettie) Fredericke Laura Hajenga - [3], b. 29 May 1876, Chilton, Calumet County, Wisconsin; d. 04 Nov, Fondu Lac, Wisconsin. She married William (Wilhelm) Kalwitz.
Maves C. Hajenga, b. 1878, Chilton, Calumet County, Wisconsin.
Charles Hajenga, b. Mar 1880.
John Hajenga, b. 26 Mar 1880, Chilton, Calumet County, Wisconsin; d. 30 Apr 1953, Benchland, Montana.
Rudolph Hajenga, b. Sep 1885.
Alexander Frederick Hajenga, b. 30 Dec 1887, Chilton, Calumet County, Wisconsin; d. 30 May 1978, Milbank, South Dakota.
Augusta Hajenga, b. Sep 1889.
Robert Heinga, b. 15 Aug 1892, Chilton, Calumet County, Wisconsin; d. Mar 1970, Brillion, Wisconsin.
Emma Hajenga, b. 23 Jun 1895.

Mary Petersen - [2] (Casper Henry Petersen - [1]) was born 1857 in Wisconsin, and died 26 Oct 1932. She married Henry C. Bruns. He was born in 1851.
Children of Mary Petersen and Henry Bruns are:
Emma Bruns.
Alfred Bruns.
Henry Bruns, b. 1891, Wisconsin.

Edmund Louis Petersen - [2] (Casper Henry Petersen - [1]) was born 12 Nov 1867 in New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin and died 08 Dec 1954 in Los Angeles, California. He married Matilda Orlopp 31 Oct 1894, in the village of Hayton, Calumet County, Wisconsin, daughter of Fritz Orlopp and Magdalina Schumacher. She was born Sep 1870, in Plymouth, WI.

Notes for Edmund Louis Petersen:

Living next door to CHM, Auguste & Hugo in 1900. With wife - no children - age 32 & 29.
On the marriage certificate he was listed working as a jeweler.

Children of Edmund Petersen and Matilda Orlopp are:

Earl H. Petersen - [3], b. 31 Jul 1901; m. Jessie Wade, Abt. 1923; b. 1902, Wisconsin.
Carl Petersen b. 5 Mar 1905

Frederick Julius Petersen - [2] (Casper Henry Petersen - [1]). He was born on 03 Feb 1863, in New Holstein, Wisconsin. He died in 1913. He married Bertha Wilhelmina Pieper in New Holstein, Wisconsin on 22 Sept 1886.

Notes for Frederick Julius Petersen:

On the Registration of Marriage, Frederick's occupation is a farmer. Around 1892 the couple moved from New Holstein to Plymouth. They then moved to California at some point in the late 19th century. Fred. J Petersen was a medical doctor and was highly regarded as one of the earliest homeopathic medical doctors. He had a number of articles published in the American Medical Journal and a book published about herbal remedies and dosages. Frederick J. Petersen was terminally ill and finally took his own life in 1913. This was an embarrassment to the family in California and they seldom talked about him and lost contact with the Wisconsin relatives. The book, "Materia Medica" that he wrote in 1905 is on line.

Fred J. Petersen, M.D.

This enigmatic Eclectic physician wrote a few papers for the Los Angeles Eclectic Journal and later the California Eclectic and the Eclectic Journal (all between 1904 and 1908)...and this one textbook. It is a peculiar and rather exciting approach to Eclecticism, gleefully mixing botanicals, electricity and low-potency homeopathics. He took the approach that most herbs were best employed for their "secondary actions", that is, not for their toxic or heroic effects, but the subtler constitutional and multi-systemic effects that were crucial to the Eclectic Medical model. He then used low-potency homeopathics, for their usual echoes of toxicity, their "primary actions". And then he mixed them all up, along with baths, faradic, and even light therapy. He presumed, as a sensible rural physician (the typical Eclectic), that such a doctor should be able to make most of his or her supplies, medicines and even diagnostic tools. This book is as close to a basic workbook for low-tech physicianing as I have seen, and it contains many rather unique observations that coincide with what I have experienced and observed but have not seen mentioned elsewhere. A peculiar and refreshing mixture of different schools that in many ways is more "Eclectic" than many better known works.

Although all alternative physicians were united against the "Regular School", Homeopaths aligned together in glinty fanatacism, digging and delving into their version of pharmaceutical alchemy, the Physiomedicalists were Cleansing the Body of vitiating influences, and the sturdy Eclectics were practicing medicine (using drugs but especially botanicals) and surgery in a vitalist make-over of Standard Practice. Homeopaths and Eclectics generally traveled in alternative universes, with a common foe but little or no mingling, and the Physiomedicalists or Neo-Thomsonians, a rather anarchic bunch, were in a rather reduced state, consisting largely of semi-professional practitioners, ageing and grumpy. Thus it was at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bear in mind, of course, that these medical divisions were most staunchly upheld by the various schools, national and local organizations, publishers, allied pharmaceutical manufacturers and periodicals...Medical Politics. At the turn of the 20th century, a licensed physician...trained in whatever sect...often, in the course of a practice of a few decades, began using methods and remedies from other medical sects. A rural country doc might, in time, end up using botanicals from Cincinnati, drugs from New York, homeopathics from Philadelphia, and some osteopathy picked up at a Still symposium. THESE docs didn't write books, however...except for Dr. Petersen.

Petersen, born in 1864, graduated in 1900 from the California Eclectic Medical College in Los Angeles, was in practice in Los Olivos, California (NW of Santa Barbara), later moved to Lompoc, California, and finally ended up further north in Camp Meeker, a small village in the rolling hills south of the Russian River and Guerneville. There, in 1913, age 50, suffering from ill health, he took his own life with a gun. His death was noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association, but apparently ignored by the California Eclectic Medical Association. Peculiar.

Children of Frederick Julius Petersen and Bertha Wilhelmina Pieper are:
Lillie Gwendolin Peterson. She was born on 21 Dec 1888 in New Holstein, Calumet, WI, USA [1]. She died on 02 Feb 1966.
Harry Eugene Peterson. He was born on 14 Jun 1890 in Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI, USA . He married Reta Roberts. They were married 1936. He died on 05 Dec 1966 in Glen Ellen, CA.

Hugo A. Petersen - [2] (Casper Henry Petersen - [1]). He was born Dec 1869, New Holstein, Calumet County, Wisconsin and married Augusta Roehl (b. 25 Nov 1878, Germany; d. Dec 1949) In the 1920 census it looks like he was living as a lodger in Plymouth City. He is listed as single at age 50. In 1900 he was living with his parents at the age of 30.

Generation 3
Swanetta (Nettie) Fredericke Laura Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry - [1]) was born 29 May 1876 in Chilton, Calumet County, Wisconsin, and died 04 Nov in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin. She married Wilhelm Kalwitz 22 Mar 1898 in Calumet County, Wisconsin, son of Karl Kalwitz and Fredericke Marks. He was born 27 Mar 1857 in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, and died 20 Feb 1948 in Brothertown, WI.

Notes for Swanetta (Nettie) Fredericke Laura Hajenga:

Obituary for Mrs. William Kalwitz: No date or name of paper

Mrs. William Kalwitz town of Brothertown, Passed away at 7 pm Thursday, Nov. 4 at St. Agnes Hospital, Fond du Lac, following a lingering illness. Nee Nettie Hajenga, she was born May 29, 1876, in the town of Chilton, the daughter of the late Mr, and Mrs. Rudolf Hajenga. She attended Brant school, and on May 22, 1898 was married to William Kalwitz at Brothertown. She was a member of the St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed Church, Calumetville, the Women's Guild of Calumetville, and the Women's Society of Christian Service at Brothertown. Survivors include two sons, Otto at home, and the Rev. Rudolf Kalwitz of Milwaukee: three daughters, Mrs. William (Emma) Olbrich and Mrs. Ebon (Ella) Phillips, both of the town of Brothertown, and Mrs. Elmer (Clara) Klessig at home; nine grandchildren; seven great grandchildren; three brothers, Alex of Milbank , S.D. Robert of Brillion, and Rudolph of Great Falls, Montana. Funeral services were held at 2 pm Monday at the St. Paul's Evangelical and Reformed Church, Calumetville. The Rev. C.A. Voll officiated and burial was made in the church cemetery. Pall bearers were George Phillips, Lincoln Klessig, Robert Hajenga, Donald Hajenga, Charles Kalwitz, and Louis Kalwitz. The Erbe-Hoffmann Funeral home, Chilton conducted the funeral services.

Notes for Wilhelm Kalwitz:

The mother tongue of William's mother and dad is listed as German on the 1920 census in Wisconsin. On the same census the place of birth for his mother and dad was listed as Prussian. His death certificate is listed as coming from the Calumet County Register of Deeds and has a local registrar's number of #316. (208 is written in the top right hand corner. He died in Calumet, Brothertown at the age of 90 years, 10 months and 23 days. The file date was 3 - 13 - 48. He is listed as a white male who was married to Nettie who was 71 years old when he died. He was born in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin and his occupation was a "farmer." His father is listed as Karl Kalwitz from Germany and his mother as Rica Marks from Germany. The informant was Mrs. Wm. Kalwitz of Malone R. 1. Wisconsin. He was buried on 2-23-48 in the St. Paul Cemetery in Calumet, Wisconsin and the funeral director was Anton Hoffmann from Chilton. William resided in Brothertown, Calumet County, Wisconsin. He died at 12:45 am from lobar pneumonia after an illness duration of 4 days. He is also listed as having senility. The certificate of death is signed on the 21st of Feb., by E. T. Rathert, M.D. who was from Chilton, Wisconsin. There is age incongruity with the 1870 census where he is listed as being 16 which doesn't go with the birth date. However the number 16 looks as if it was written over. William is listed on the 1920 census as being the Head of his household and 62 years of age. His wife Zettie is listed, along with Emma, Otto, Ella, Rudolph, and Clara. Next to his household is listed that of his brother, Christian. His brother was listed as 54 years of age at the time of the census and married to Anna who was 44 years of age. Their children were Charlie, who was 23, William who was 21, Della (?) who was a 16 year old female, Louis who was a 15 year old son, Rose who was a 13 year old daughter, Margret who was a 9 year old daughter, and Christian who was a 7year old son. Christian and William's mother and father were listed as coming from Prussia and speaking German. Both of them were Farmers and listed as General farmers. His marriage certificate is No. 30, 01362. He was listed as a Farmer living in Brothertown, Calumet County, Wisconsin and born in Fon du Lac County, Wisconsin. He married on March 22, 1898 in Brothertown. The ceremony was listed as Clergical and the witnesses were Miss Amelie Guestoerhoeft and John Hajenga. Conrad Hartinstern pronounced the marriage and the date of certificate was March 28, 1898 and the date of registration was March 30, 1898.

Maves C. Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry - [1]) He was born 1878 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). His residence in 1880 was listed as Chilton, Calumet, Wisconsin. He lived in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Sheboygan paper (Sheboygan Press) of November 25, 1927 said that he was picked up for being drunk and was unable to pay the $25 fine which someone else paid for him. His wife was responsible for the complaint and in addition to the fine he was imprisoned for 30 days.

George H. Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]) He was born on 24 Jan 1882 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). Residence 1920 in Soledad, Los Angeles, California]. He died on 06 Jun 1972 in San Diego, California.

Notes for George H. Hajenga:

General Notes:

He moved out to California and was "lost" to the family. Would write Emma asking for money. In 1936 he was listed as living at 202 N. Main Street in Lost Angeles, California. Dorris heard that he helped build the big bridge in San Francisco. His sister Emma heard from him occasionally.

Alexexander Frederick Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]) He was born on 30 Dec 1887 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County) Residence 1910 in Melrose Twp, Grant, South Dakota. He married Frieda Oehm. They were married on 16 Sep 1920. He died on 30 May 1978 in Milbank, South Dakota.

Notes for Alexander Frederick Hajenga:

"Alex F. Hajenga, 90, of Milbank, died Tuesday morning at the Whetstone Valley Nursing Home. Funeral services will be Thursday at 10:30 a.m. in Emanuel Lutheran Church with the Reb. Reuben Wiegert officiating. Interment will be in the Milbank Cemetery. The son of Rudolph and Emily (Peterson) Hajenga, he was born Dec. 30, 1887, in Chilton Wis. He grew up at Chilton and received his education there. He came to Grant County in 1911 and was employed as a farm worker. Mr. Hajenga was a World War 1 veteran and served overseas where he fought against the enemy at Alsace Lorraine, France, in the Meuse Argonne defensive sector. He entered the service in Milbank, June 24, 1918, and received his discharge at Fort Snelling, April 28, 1919. His marriage to Frieda Oehm was solemnized at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Milbank, Sept. 16, 1920. They farmed in Grant Center and Melrose Townships until moving to Milbank in 1960. Mr. Hajenga was a member of Emanuel Lutheran Church, Birch Miller Post No. 9, American Legion, and WWI Barracks. Surviving are his wife, Frieda; one son, Harold, of Milbank; two daughters, Mrs. Doris Enquist, Milbank and Mrs. Donald (Esther) Shaack, Watertown; 11 grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents; an infant son, George, and nine brothers and sisters. Visitations will be at the Mundwiler Funeral Home this afternoon (Wednesday) and at the church prior to the service.

John Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). He was born on 26 Mar 1880 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). Residence 1910 in Melrose Twp, Grant, South Dakota [13]. He died on 30 Apr 1953 in Benchland, Montana. He married Sarah Minnie Liebe. She was born Abt. 1890 in South Dakota.

Rudolph Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]) He was born on 30 Dec 1887 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). He died on 19 Jan 1958 in Great Falls, Montana. He never married and lived in Montana near his brother John.

Augusta Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). She was born on 13 Sep 1889 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). She died on 16 Aug 1914 in Chilton, Wisconsin. She died when she was about 17 years old of a reported ruptured appendix.

Robert Heinga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). He was born on 15 Aug 1892 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). He died Mar 1970 in Brillion, Wisconsin. Robert Hajenga changed his name from Hajenga to Heinga. He didn't like the way people pronounced Hajenga. Frieda Zenk was his wife. They had four daughters and lived in Brillion Wisconsin.

Emma Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). She was born on 23 Jun 1895 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). She died on 06 Jul 1949 in Park Falls, Wisconsin. She took care of her father and moved to Park Falls. She was six feet tall and had a wonderful sense of humor. She never married and had met a Frenchman who lived in her house as a border. She worked in some position and would have lost her position if she married. He was an artist and did folk art woodworking. She loved to read and left a library of books when she died.

Her obituary in the Sheboygan Press, July 7, 1949, is as follows:

"Miss Emma Hajenga, 54, of Park Falls Wisconsin, died in an Ashland hospital on Wednesday after a year's illness. Born in the town of Chilton, she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudoph Hajenga. She had been employed by the Flambeau Paper Company of Park Falls. Surviving are two sisters, Mrs. Nettie Calwitz of town Brothertown and Miss Mavis Hajenga of Sheboygan; and five brothers, Tom of Benchland, Montana, George of California, Rudolph of Stanford, Montana, Alex of Milbank, South Dakota, and Robert of Brillion. The body will arrive in Green Bay early Friday and be taken to the Pfeffer Funeral Home in Chilton where funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday with the Reverand Orval Egbert officiating. Burial will be at Hillside Cemetary. Friends may call from 2 o'clock Sunday until the time of services.

Doris Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus [1]). She was born on 17 Apr 1884 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County). She died on 20 Sep 1884 in New Holstein, Wisconsin.

Charles Hajenga - [3] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus [1]). He was born 1880 in Chilton, Wisconsin (Calumet County).

Emma Bruns - [3] (Mary Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]).
Alfred Bruns - [3] (Mary Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]).

Henry Bruns - [3] (Mary Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). He was born 1891 in Wisconsin. He married Gertrude Houck. She was born 1897.

Earl Petersen - [3] (Edmund Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). b. 31 Jul 1901; m. Jessie Wade, Abt. 1923; b. 1902, Wisconsin.

Notes for Earl H. Petersen:

In 1930 Chicago census living with wife and sister-in-law Elizabeth Wade

Lillie Gwendolin Peterson - [3] (Frederick Julius Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus -[1]). She was born on 21 Dec 1888 in New Holstein, Calumet, WI, USA. She died on 02 Feb 1966.

Harry Eugene Peterson - [3] (Frederick Julius Petersen - [2], Casper Henry Marcus - [1]). He was born on 14 Jun 1890 in Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI. He married Reta Roberts. They were married 1936. He died on 05 Dec 1966 in Glen Ellen, CA.

Generation 4
Emma Kalwitz - [4] (Emily Doretha Fredrika Petersen - [3], Casper Henry Marcus - [2], Haris CHM - [1]).. She was born on 06 May 1899. She married William Olbrich. They were married on 30 Nov 1922.

Notes for Emma Kalwitz:

General Notes:

Born at 9:30 P.M. Birth certificate No. 73 01639 Born in Brothertown Recorded in Chilton, Vol. 4 - pg. 464

Otto Christian Kalwitz. He was born on 14 Jul 1900. Fact 1 Dec 1979 in Died in Wisconsin. He died Dec 1979. He lived as a bachelor farming with his brother.

Ella Emilie Wilhelmine Kalwitz. She was born on 30 Oct 1903, in Rt. #3 Calumet County, Wisconsin. Residence 1920 in Brothertown, Calumet, Wisconsi. She married Ebon Lyman Phillips on 18 Sep 1923, at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malone, Calumet County. She died on 18 Aug 1975, in Brothertown, Wisconsin.

Notes for Ella Emilie Wilhelmine Kalwitz:

According to her confirmation notice, Ella Kalwitz was confirmed in 1919 at the age of 16 years of age in St. Paul's Church. When she was in high school, Ella played basketball on the first Chilton High School Girls Basketball Team. She was a teacher when she married. She taught in Malone (Calumet County) and in a school one mile north of Brothertown (The "North" School.) Historically, women dominated the pedagogical processes. Women were the educators in the one-room school house. Contracts were drawn for these women in which they agreed to several stipulations for a monthly salary of $75. In Wisconsin, a typical teacher's contract for the school year of 1922 was as follows: Miss ___ agrees:
* Not to get married. This contract becomes null and void immediately if the teacher marries.
* Not to keep company with men.
* To be home between the hours of 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. unless in attendance at a school function.
* Not to loiter downtown in icecream parlors.
* Not to leave town at any time without the permission of the chairman of the Trustees.
* Not to smoke cigarettes.
* Not to drink beer, wine, or whiskey.
* Not to ride in a carriage or automobile with any man except her brother or father.
* Not to dress in bright colors.
Ella had always wanted to become a nurse and in 1959, she attained her nursing degree and worked at Calumet Memorial Hospital as a nurse.

Article on Ella's Golden Anniversary Celebration: Fond Du Lac Reporter, Tuesday, September 25, 1973

"Mr. and Mrs. Ebon L. Phillips of Brothertown, Wisconsin celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at a dinner dance and social Sunday at Schneider's Kloten Oasis. The former Ella Kalwitz and Ebon Phillips were married September 18, 1923 at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Malone, the Rev. Hoeppner officiating. Mr. Phillips served in the U.S. Navy in WW 1 and since his marriage has been engaged in farming. Mrs. Phillips taught school in Calumet County for several years. In 1959 she graduated from Moraine Park Technical Institute and was employed at Calumet Memorial Hospital, Chilton for 12 years. The couple has three children, Mrs. James Koertgen of Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Mrs. Vernon Damer of Peru, Illinois, and George of Drummond. They also have 10 grandchildren.

Ebon Lyman Phillips is the son of George Phillips & Flora Florence Waffle Phillips. He was born at 5:45 A.M on 26 Jul 1899, in Brothertown, Wisconsin Calumet County. He died at the age of 96 following a two-year illness on 12 Dec 1995, in Peru, Illinois and was buried in Chilton, Wisconsin.

Notes for Ebon Lyman Phillips:

At the age of 17, Phillips helped drive cattle from Brothertown to Malone. That year he moved out west and worked there on a ranch. When the war broke out, he tried to enlist in the Navy but was sent back to work on the ranch harvesting grain. Finally on Dec. 17, 1917, he enlisted in the Navy at Seattle, Washington, where he served as a gunner on the USS South Dakota and the USS Des Moines. At the end of the war, he served on a overt mission in Russia, known as the Polar Bear Mission. He was a member of World War I Barracks of Calumet County, American Legion Post No. 125 of Chilton, Calumet County Veterans of Siberia, the Polar Bears of Detroid, Chilton Senior Citizens, and AARP. He served a treasurer of Consolidated School No. 1 of Brothertown for 20 years and was building inspector for the Town of Brothertown until 1973. He farmed in Brothertown.

Rudolph J. Kalwitz - He was born on 21 Oct 1904. Residence 1920 in Brothertown, Calumet, Wisconsin. He was married to Elda Rdke (born on 25 Oct 1911. She died on 27 Sep 2000 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.) He died on 29 Nov 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Residence 1920 in Brothertown, Calumet, Wisconsin.

Notes for Rudolph J. Kalwitz:

He is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Ripon, Wisconsin. He was the minister of St. Paul Evangelical Church in Arlington Heights, Illinois for four and a half years. Before that he was a minister in Medford Wisconsin at the Dorchestor Peace Evangelical Church (1930 - 36) During his time there the evangelical church combined with the reformed congregations and the German language was discontinued.He left Arlington Heights to become an associate pastor of the Tabor Evangelical Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Tabor Church was one of the largest in the Evangelical and Reformed Synod since it had 564 active members with 140 women in the Ladies Aid Society and four choirs. Notes for Elda Radke: Obituary Publication Date: Oct. 01, 2000 (Nee Radke) Went to the Lord Sept., 27, 2000. Beloved wife of the late Rev. Rudolph J. Kalwitz.

Dear mother of Carolyn Boeckler of Arlington Heights, IL and John (Bonnie) Kalwitz, a former president of the Milwaukee Common Council. Also survived by 4 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, other relatives and friends. According to Elda's wishes, a private family service was held. Private Interment Hillside Cemetery, Ripon, WI. Elda was a graduate of Ripon College, a substitute teacher for the Milwaukee Public Schools for many years and a member of Calvary Memorial United Church of Christ. Memorials to the Milwaukee Hunger Task Force would be appreciated.

Clara Kalwitz. She was born on 15 Jun 1909. She married Elmer Klessig. They were married on 24 Sep 1929.

Residence (1930) in Brothertown, Calumet, Wisconsin. She died Jul 1982.

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