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Schubert Bros. Photo Studios

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The photos listed below are from the Schubert Bros. Photo Studios. Schubert Bros. had Studios in Kiel and Chilton. These Photos were rescued from being destroyed in a land fill site. Robert A. Schulz saved these glass negatives that created these photos from being lost forever in that landfill site back in the 1990's. It has been discovered that this was just a small portion of the negatives that were rescued as many more had already been disposed of prior to Ed and the Historical Society finding them. In addition to the efforts of Ed Majkrazak and the Kiel Historical Society a very special thanks also goes out to Bob Domagalski who has taken the time to scan all these glass negatives and put them on cd's so they can be put online for your perusal. I certainly hope someone will find their ancestors here.

To copy them to your computer, place your cursor on the photo and right click on the photo and save it to your computer or an image program of any kind that you may use on your computer.

{One Added Note: Some of these names were difficult to read on the envelope the photo was in, also some names were scratched onto the negative, so some may be off a tad. In addition, some are spelled as they were phonetically heard. So make sure you check for all types of various spellings.}

- A -

Achter, Mr. & Mrs. John
Adam, John
Adam, Katie
Aebischer, Anna
Aebischer, Miss Minnior
Aebischer, Wm.
Agle, S. J.
Albens, Emily
Albers, Fred
Albers, Henry
Albrecht, Augusta
Aler, A.
Allen, Ure
Amly, W.
Amman, Henry
Amman, Joe
Amman, Rose
Anders, Caroline
Anhalt, August
Appelbecker, Lena
Appelbicker, Lena
Arin, Emma
Arnis, August
Arnis, Gretchen
Arnis, Magg
Arnis, Male
Arnis, Mr.
Arnis, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
Arnis, Mrs.
Arnis, Mrs. H.
Arnold, Edgar / Ruck, Albert / Laun, Adolph / Vorpahl, Arthur
Arnold, Jacob
Arnold, Phil-1
Arnold, Phil-2
Arnold, Phil & Possibly Brother ?
Arpes, Ed
Arpes, John
Arustetter, Matt
Asmuo, John
Asmus, Annie & Sister
Asmus, M.
Atzman, Katie
Awe, Henry
Awe, Henry
Awe, Henry & Charlotte
Awe, Mary
Awe, P.

- B -

Backhaus, Ellen
Backhaus, Louise
Backhaus, Mrs.
Badenstal, George
Baltz, John
Bandocker, Younger Boy
Banvier, Ed
Banvier, Mary & ?
Barber, Al's Daughter
Bargl, Jack
Barmel, Mrs.
Barrett, Elice
Barth, Mrs. L.
Bartlet, Girl
Bauer, Frank
Bauman, E.
Baumgardner, Minnie
Bechel or Birchel, Peter
Beck, Don's Daughter
Beck, John
Beck, L. Family
Beck, Miss
Beck, Nick
Becker, Matt
Behan, George
Beletz, Alfred
Beletz, Clara
Belter, Ricki
Bensen, Ed
Benson, J.
Benson, Minnie
Benson, Miss
Benson, Pat
Benson, Tom
Bentz, Aug.
Berchum, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Berer, M.
Berer, Mrs.
Berg, M.
Berger, Lizzie & ?
Berger, Mrs.
Bernam, Eva
Berneuer, Leo
Best, C.
Beyerstedt, Mrs.
Bink, Miss
Birchel or Bechel, Peter
Blake, W. Family
Blatz, J.
Blessing, Em.
Blessing, George
Bochuhi, Mr.
Bockmier, George
Bodenstab, Geo. Mrs.
Boeslager, Mr. - 12 Different Views
Boesloger, Misters - 12 Different Views
Bohrmauer, Miss
Boll, Annie
Boll, Cecilia
Boll, Zilie
Booggi, Anna
Borgi, Pac
Borgman, Lizzie
Borman, Fred
Borngesse, Anna
Bosma, Al
Bosma, M.
Bosma, Mr. & Mrs. Al
Bosma, Mrs. Al
Bostwich, Al
Botz, Lina
Bow, C.
Boylke, Tillie
Boyl, W.
Brachvogel Son
Brandis, Mr. & Mrs. William
Brandis, N.
Brass, D.
Bratz, Frank
Brebauer, F.
Brehmier, Graten
Brehmier, Mrs. F.
Breu, George
Brickbauer, Carl
Brickbauer, George
Bridge Scene
Brigg, M.
Brill, Clara
Brill & Conrad Girls
Brill, Ida
Brill, Joseph
Brill, Katherina
Brill, Leo
Brill, Lizzie
Brill, Veronica
Brink, Mrs. Fred
Brinkman, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Brinkman, Mr. & Mrs. Fritz
Britz, Annie
Broechert, Mrs.
Broeckert, E.
Broeckert, Mrs. D.
Broedker, Mrs.
Broll, George
Brost, Magdalena
Brost, Mr. & Mrs. Nic
Brouchiert, Mr. & Mrs. Wm.
Bruhn, Ernest
Bruhn, Misses
Bruhn, Miss Ki
Bruhn, Otto
Bruns, Alvina
Bruns, Nikke
Bruss, Charles
Bruss, Mrs. Charles
Buchbauer, John
Burgdorf Family
Burgdorf, Linda
Burget, Matin
Burgwart, Anna
Burgwart, Minna
Burk, Fred
Burk, Mr. & Mrs. W. C.
Burk, P.
Burkard, W.
Burkhard, Bertha
Burkhard, William
Burkhardt, Gottlieb
Burkhart, Anna
Burns, John

- C -

Cale, Tutobe C.
Casper, Jack's Children
Casper, Joseph
Chenesen, Jo's Daughters
Christel Bertha & Elisabeth
Christel, Mrs. R. - 2 Photos
Christel, R.
Christel, W. F.'s Children
Christel, William F.'s Child
Christel, Wm. F's Children
Chur, Chris
Clark, Ida
Conert, Magy
Conrad & Brill Girls
Conrad, E.
Conrad, John
Conrad, John - 2
Conrad, Lizzie
Conrad, Mathilde Kris
Conrad, Matilde
Conrad, Miss & Cousin
Conrad, Nic
Conrad, Nic - 2
Conrad, Phil
Cornish, Mrs. J.
Cottrell, Flora
Crawford, Manni
Crigon, Kati
Curtis, Louis

- D -

Danke, Mary
Darforster, Miss
Darling, Mr.
Dassler, A.
Daun, Adam
Daun, Albert
Davis, A.
Dehn, Aug.
Del, Anna
Dermpki Family
Dexheimer, J.
Dexheimer, J.
Dexheimer, John
Dexheimer, Lizzie & ???
Dickelman, August
Dickelman, Ida
Dicker, George
Dickre, Sophie
Dickrell, John
Dickrell, John & Agnes {Possley}
Didering, P.
Diechert, Ad.
Diechert, Lena - 2 Photos
Diechner, N.
Diem, Fred's Baby
Dietrich, Anna
Dietring, Mrs. H.
Dill, Miss
Donath, Wilhelmina
Dooley, John
Dorn, Bart
Dorn, Mick
Doschil & Gutheil
Doyle, Mrs. J.
Dreger, R. - 2 Photos
Dreiner, Magg.
Drews, Aug.
Drews, Daisy
Duchow, Ad. Girls, V.
Duecker, Charles
Duecker, Ella
Duecker, George
Duecker, Gustave
Duecker, Gustave - 2 Photos
Duecker, Gustave & Anna
Duecker, Herman
Duecker, John
Duecker, Mary
Duecker, Mrs. J.
Duerwecker, Chas.
Duecker, John & Emilie
Dumke, Theresa
Dumpke, Minni
Durlz, Joseph

- E -

Eberle, Frank's Child
Ebert, Clara
Ebert, Mrs. M. J.
Edens, C.
Edens, Mary
Edens, Mrs. Trino
Eggens, M.
Eggens, W.
Eichhorn, J.
Eichmeyer, Thresi
Eick, Emil
Eick, Ms.
Elendgier, Dora
Ellenbecker, M. C.
Ellenbecker, Mary
Elliker, San
Elmegrien, P.
Emerman, Anna
Erling, Aug.
Erling, Mathilde
Ester, Aug.

- F -

Faber, Eva
Fahr, A.
Farm Yard
Faust, Adam
Faust, Jacob
Faust Lady
Faust, Mr. & Child
Feldmann, John
Feldner, Lizzie
Feldt, Aug.
Fessler, Anton & Children
Fessler, Maggie
Fieberg, Henry
Fiedler, A.
Fieldler, B.
Fieldt, Minnie
Fildner, Joseph
Fischer, Agnes
Fischer, Frank
Fischer, Girl
Fischer, Miss
Fischer, Mrs. Frank
Fitzgerald, Agnes
Fluhr, Mr. & Mrs. Phil
Fluscher, Clara
Foelker, Joe
Foerster, Emma
Foster, Wm.
Franke, Frank
Frankman, Anth.
Frankman, Caroline
Franknan, Mr.
Frankman, Nanzi
Franzel, Ovelie
Franzen, Chas
Franzen, M.
Franzen, Mr.
Frost, K.
Fuertsch, Balt.
Fuhrman, Oscar

- G -

Gamernish, Theresa
Ganty, Nic.
Ganty, Victor
Garlieb, August
Gebhard, Ad.
Gebhard, Ad.
Gebhard, M.
Gebhard, M.
Gebhard, William's Daughters
Gebhart, And.
Gentiz {Yentiz}, Mr. & Mrs. Pac
Gerhard, George
Gerhards, Otto
Gerhart, L.
Gerhart, Miss
Gerlach, Jim
Gerlach, Matt
Gerlach, Peter
Gerlock, Miss & Mueller, Miss
Gerluch, Melvin
Gerhard, Jac.
Geulig, L.
Geulig, M.
Gilsdorf, Henry
Gilsdorf, Joseph
Gilsdorf, Steven
Gischer, Lorenz
Glock, Alma
Glock, Anna
Gnis---eson, John
Goerling, Aug.
Goerling, Carl
Goerling, Mr.
Goetz, Frank
Goggins, Mr.
Goldhamer, A. G.
Goldhamer, Aug.
Gossert, Joseph
Gourninger, B. N.
Gran, Adam
Granning, Maychel
Grass, Ernestine
Grass, Gust
Grerl {Yrerl}, Ida
Greschel, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Greschel, Rose
Grether, A., Jr.
Grether, A., Sr.
Gretzi, John
Greve, Bertha
Greve, Carl
Greve, E.
Greve, Emmilia
Greve, First Name Destroyed
Greve, H.
Greve, H. {Brother & Sister}
Greve, J.
Greve, L.
Greve, Minnia
Greve, Minnie - 2 Photos
Greve, Paul
Greve, Will
Griebenow, Anna
Griem, Mrs. Dennis
Griem, Mrs. James
Griem, W.
Gries, A.
Griese, Will
Grior, Saniri
Griebenow, Mathilda
Grogan, John & Caroline
Groh, Barb
Grosunt, Ad.
Gruse, Pd.
Gunderman, Gust
Gutenkunst, Ed.
Gutenkunst, Edw.
Gutheil & Doschil
Gutheil, Bernard
Gutheil, Bernie
Gutheil, Louis
Gutheil, Marie
Gutheil, Martha
Gutheil, Siegfried
Gutheil, Walter
Guthiel, Arth.
Guthiel, Mrs. B.
Guthiel, Mrs. Louis

- H -

Haacker, Al
Haacker, N. W.
Haen---man, Gan.
Hafenga, Memert
Hagenar, John
Halbach, I. J.
Halbach, K.
Halbach, Mary
Halbach, Miss Annie
Halp 0r Holp, Dora
Halsted, Anusby or Onusby
Halversen, Emma
Hammert, K.
Hamon or Hanson, Miss Mary
Hanert, Joseph
Hanert, Lana
Hanert, Sophie
Hanischild, W.
Hannert, John
Hansen, A. {maybe}
Hansen, Aug.
Hansen, D.
Hansen, Fredricka
Hansen, G.
Hansen, Lena
Hansen, Lena & Unknown Girl
Hansen, Marie
Hansen, Miss Mary
Hansen, Mrs.
Hanske, Emil {Young}
Hanske, Emil {1886}
Hanske, Emil {1891}
Hansman, Miss
Hanson, Con
Hanson or Hamon, Miss Mary
Happel, George
Happel, Mr. & Mrs. George
Happel, Mrs. George
Harbrecht, H.
Harbrecht, Will
Harcher, Ed
Harder, H.
Harder, Herman
Harlow, Maggie - 2 Photos
Harmon, Annie
Harris, Pauline
Harrisman, Mr.
Harrman, Herman
Hartman, Joseph
Hartman, Mary
Hartman Men
Hartman, Robert
Harzik, Clara
Hasbrecht, Minnie
Hasdorf, Mary
Hauptmandel, Louise
Hauptmantel, Annie
Haus, Arthur
Hauschild, Mrs.
Hayes, Dr.
Hays, Lucy
Haysen, H.
Hayton, Ed
Hedler, Miss
Heiderer, Mary
Hein, Maggie
Heinen, Christine
Heinen, John - son
Heinen, Mr. John
Heins, Mathilda nee Griebenow
Heins, Arthur
Heins, Clara
Heins, Charles A.
Heins, Pauline - 2 Photos
Heinzen, Ottilia nee Lulloff
Heis, George
Helms, Mrs.
Henderson, Mary & "Company"
Henke, Katie
Hennis, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
Henschel, A.
Henschel, Amalia
Henschel, Ann
Henschel, Bertha & Friend - 8 Photos
Henschel, H's Daughters
Henschel, Louis - 1
Henschel, Louis - 2
Henschel, Mr.
Henschel, Mrs. Carl
Henschel, Mrs. Martin
Henschel, Philip
Hepner, Mary
Hepke, Anna
Her---p, Mr. J.
Herberg, A.
Herberg, Hilda
Herberg, Miss
Herich, Anna
Herold, Olga & Sisters
Hertel, Lizzie
Herzog, Anton
Herzog, Fransizka
Herzog, Mary
Herzog, Miss
Herzog, Mr. A.
Hickman, Gust
Higgens, Agnes
Hill & Moony Ladies
Hobedant, Ed
Hoff, Casper
Hoffman & Unknown Male
Hoffman, George
Hoffman, Mary
Hoffman, R. & Unknown Male
Holdured, Young Boy
Hollensteiner, Laura
Holliday, Mr.
Holp or Halp, Dora
Holzer, Mary & Unknown Female
Holzer, Miss
Holzer, Theresa
Hoping, Fred
Horneck, Ann
Horneck, Clara
Horst, G.
Huberty, Emil - 2 Photos
Huberty, Nic - 2 Photos
Huebis, Mrs.
Hugo, Edward
Hulls, Chas

- I -

Igle, Kate
Issack, J.

- J -

Jackman, Ida
Jackman, Mr. & Mrs. Aug.
Jackman, Will
Jacob, Ed
Jacoby, Mary
Jacolin, Mr.
Jamcob, Pauline
Jegeler, Katie
Jerred, Catherine
Jerred, Mary
Jerred, Nick
Jess, Dora
Jess, M.
Jess, Mary
Jiens, Sophia
Jochenaser, Johanna
Jorden Mother & Daughters
Jost, Franz
Juckem, Jacob
Junge, Claus
Junk, Annie
Junk, John
Juno, Sam

- K -

Kamann, A.
Kasper, Adolph
Kautzer, Agnes
Keenan, Alice
Keenan, George
Keenan, Miss Mary
Kerkers Livery
Kern, Katie
Kersher, John
Kiers, Frank
Kieser, Miss Mag
Kindler, Bertha
Kinker, Anton
Kirsch, Frank
Kirsh, P. R.
Kisser, Aug.
Kisser, K.
Klauk, Matt
Klauk, Mr. & Mrs. F.
Kleiler, Miss
Klein, Anna
Klein, Henry
Klein, Miss Kate
Kleins, S.
Kleist, Chas
Klessey, Louis
Kletzien, Will
Klinner, Herman
Kloppenburg, Mrs. D.
Klotz, John
Knand, J.
Knoitzinger, Mrs.
Knoll, Anna
Knoll, Miss Minnie
Knoor, Mina
Kobreker, Kate
Kocker, Anton's Children
Kocker, Mrs. Anton
Koenig, Anna
Koenig, Girl
Koeppen, Fritz
Koeppen, Min
Koering, Mrs W.
Kolen, W.
Kooric, Marie
Korb, E.
Korb, Katie
Kortz-Kurtz, Henry
Kortz-Kurtz, Katie
Kortz-Kurtz, Mr.
Kraemer, Mrs.
Kramer, Mr.
Krammuer, Aug.
Krauser, John
Krauser, Katie
Kreinan / Krienan / Kruinan, Bertha
Kreinan / Krienan / Kruinan, Emma
Kreinan / Krienan / Kruinan, Ferd
Kreinan / Krienan / Kruinan, Frida
Kreinan / Krienan / Kruinan, Norm
Kreinan / Krienan / Kruinan, W.
Kreissban, Min
Kreppers, John
Krieger, Augusta
Krieger, Henrietta
Krieger, Johanna
Krienan / Kruinan / Kreinan, Bertha
Krienan / Kruinan / Kreinan, Emma
Krienan / Kruinan / Kreinan, Ferd
Krienan / Kruinan / Kreinan, Frida
Krienan / Kruinan / Kreinan, Norm
Krienan / Kruinan / Kreinan, W.
Krippes, Annie
Kreiman, Ed
Krochnke, Anna
Krochnke, B. or E. - 2 Photos
Kruger, Mary
Kruinan / Krienan / Kreinan, Bertha
Kruinan / Krienan / Kreinan, Emma
Kruinan / Krienan / Kreinan, Ferd
Kruinan / Krienan / Kreinan, Frida
Kruinan / Krienan / Kreinan, Norm
Kruinan / Krienan / Kreinan, W.
Krumhas, Al
Kuehl, C.
Kuehl, Carl
Kuehl, Magg.
Kuehl, Paula
Kuhn, L.
Kurtz-Kortz, Henry
Kurtz-Kortz, Katie
Kurtz-Kortz, Mr.

- L -

Lacroix, Jennie
Lacroix, John
Lacroix, John B.
Lacroix, John P.
Lacroix, Lizzie
Lacroix, Louisa
Lacroix, Mary
Landera, John
Landira, Josie
Lanet, Ed
Langfeld, John
Lansen, Christina
Lansen, Mrs. D.
Lansen, Mr.
Lau, Annie
Lau, E.
Lau, Miss
Lau, Will
Laun, Adolph / Vorpahl, Arthur / Arnold, Edgar / Ruck, Albert
Laux, Lex & Shunk Thessiss
Leffering Boy
Leffering, Emily
Leffering, Kathy & ???
Leffring, J. A.
Leffring, Lizzie
Leidle, John
Lerch, Theresa
Lerche, Miss
Lerchi, Emma
Levering Boy
Levering, Emily
Lex, Frank
Lindeman Boy
Lindeman, Herman
Lindemann {Hansen}, Lena / Lindemann, Emma, Helen & Augusta
Lindner, A.
Lindner, Flora - 2 Photos
Lipke, Anni
Lipke, Helen
Lipke, Herman
Lipke, Max
Liverang, C.
Livy, Mary
Lobles, George
Lochner, Matt
Lochner, R.
Lockner, G.
Logas, Mary
Loos, Fredricka
Loos, Lady
Loos, Miss
Lopel, Eva
Lorengersfeld, Julie
Lorenzer, Fred
Lorenzer, Frida
Lorenzer, John
Lorge, John -1
Lorge, John -2
Lortz, W.
Losken, F.
Lotzer, Mrs.
Lotzer, P.'s Children
Lovett, Bl.
Lowenhagen, Mrs.
Ludler, Anton
Lueden, Aug.
Luesack, John
Luesack, Mary
Luesack Men
Luethy, Arnold
Luithen, Mrs. P.
Lulbbi, J.
Lulden, Mrs.
Lulloff, Al's Child
Lulloff, Al's Children
Lulloff, Emily
Lulloff, Will
Lupzip Men
Lutter, Dr.

- M -

Madzen, Fritz
Mahlberg, Mary
Mahlberg, Mrs. C.
Mahlberg, Nic.
Mahlich, Joseph
Mahlitz, F.
Mahloch, Carl
Mannebach, Anil
Mannebach, Anna
Mannebach, Jack
Mannebach, Joe
Mannebach, Lizzie
Mannebach, Martin
Mannebach, Martin
Manther, Anna
Manther, Emil - 2 Photos
Manther, Miss A.
Manz, Philipp
Martin, Janie
Martin, Lizzie
Martin, Mary
Mathaus, Louise
Mathaeus, William
Mathews, Franziska
Mathiesa, Ernestine
Mathiesen, Frida
Mattison, J.
Maurer, Eva
McElrer, J.
McMullen, J. and Children
McMullen, Mrs. John
Meggers, Min.
Meggers, Miss
Meggers, Miss
Meiselwitz, Ad.
Meiselwitz, C.
Meiselwitz, Mrs.
Menert Girls
Menert, Teresa
Mennsar {Meunsar}, Ella
Merk, Ed.
Merk, Josie
Mertens, Clara
Mertens, John
Mertens, Male
Mertens, Sophia
Meunster, Ernest
Meunster, Lilly
Meunster, Mrs. E.
Meyer & Wagner Ladies
Meyer, Birdu
Meyer, C.'s Child
Meyer, Crist
Meyer, Franzis
Meyer, H.
Meyer, Henry's Girl
Meyer, John
Meyer, John
Meyer, Lady
Meyer, Mary
Meyer, Nic. {Brothers}
Michels, Andrew - 2 Photos
Miller, Eddis
Miller, Frank
Miller, Helen
Miller, Henry
Miller, Rosa
Milton, Miss Alice
Minnie {Menne}, Miss
Minnie {Menne}, Ida
Minnie {Menne}, Jack
Minnie {Menne}, Karen & Sister
Minnie {Menne}, Mr. J.
Minnie {Menne}, Mrs. J.
Minnie {Menne}, Phil
Moony & Hill Ladies
Muelenbach, Arnold's Children
Muelenbach, Mr. & Mrs. Pat
Muelenbach, Nic
Mueller, Anna
Mueller, Anton
Mueller, Christ
Mueller, Gertrude - 2 Photos
Mueller, Gott.
Mueller, H. {Mr.}
Mueller, Henry
Mueller, Joseph
Mueller, Katie
Mueller, Magdaline
Mueller, Math.
Mueller, Miss & Gerlock, Miss
Mueller, Miss H.
Mueller, Mrs.
Mueller, P.
Mueller, Pete {Mrs.}
Mueller, Phil
Mueller, Rudolph
Mueller, Sophia
Mueller, Theresa
Mueller, Tina
Mueller, Val
Muench, A.
Murphy, Thomas

- N -

Naberman, Gust.
Nachez, Clara
Nagler, S.
Narnest, J.
Nehls, Fred
Neibauer, Mr.
Nelson, M.
Nemze, Anton
Nenig, Pat.
Nennig, F.
Nenning, A.
Nenning, Frank
Nenning, Mrs. W.
Neoldinstilb, Louise
Nerchman, Katie
Nett, Anton
Neubauer, Mrs. Theresa
Neuber, Tillie
Newitt, Plt.
Nidri, Mrs.
Niederprum, Matt's Daughters
Nieland, Mary
Niemade, Rud.
Nieslaus, Miss
Nill, Anton
Nimmer, John
Nipke, Mary
Nipke, Mrs. Thomson
Nitt, Anton
Nohren, Claus
Noll, E.
Noll, Mrs. E.
Noworatzky, Joseph's Child
Nuinster, E.

- O -

O'Brien, Lizzie
Oderich, Miss Aug.
Oesau, Clara
Oesau, Mrs. Gust.
Oesau, H.
Oesau, Herm.
Oesau, Maggie
Oesau Sisters
Oesau, W.
Oesau, Mrs. Will & Child
Ohde, J.
Ohde, William
Olbrich, Aug.
Olbricht, Anna
Olsan, Arth.
Olsen, Ferd.
Olsen, Miss
Olson, D.
O'Neal, Katie {2 Photos}
Orlop, A.
Ort, Dorothy
Ottstedt, Mrs.

- P -

Palotis, Gust.
Pant, Mary
Pape, Mary
Pasch, Mary
Paschov, N.
Passley, C.
Passley, Mrs. W.
Paul, Bertha
Paul, Mary
Paulsen, Ella
Paulsen, Ernest
Pentelton, Chas.
Peters, Emma
Peters, Fred
Peters, Laura
Peters, Miss
Petersen, E.
Petersen, M.
Peterson, Fred's Daughter
Peterson, Miss
Petzold, William, Tetzloff, Paul & Unknown
Pfiefer, Rosa
Pickruhn Girls
Pickruhn, J.
Pickruhn, Katie
Pickruhn, Minnie
Pickruhn, Mr.
Pickruhn, N.
Pieker, C.
Pilens, Emma
Pingel, Martha
Pinzel, H. And Company
Pitzen Children
Pitzen, Kate
Pitzen, Mary
Pitzen, Mrs. Joseph
Poethel, Mrs. Carl
Polster, Mr.
Poppi, Mr.
Possley, Agnes
Possley, Miss & Sister
Portman, C.'s Children
Potinauc, Mohi
Potsie, Otto
Prakl, Mr.
Prani, Lou
Preusler, Frank
Prichard, Joseph
Pridle, Louise
Proell, Frank
Prueter, Louis
Puchner, Alfred
Puchner, E.
Puchner, Miss

- Q -

Quante, August
Quante, Helen
Quantes, P.

- R -

Radder Girls
Radder, Mr. & Mrs. Henry
Radder, William
Raddinger, Joseph
Ralster, Louis
Ramminger & Rayist
Ramminger, Anna
Ramminger, F.
Ramminger, Franzis
Ramminger, Franziska
Ramminger, Henry {2 photos}
Raquet, Barbara
Raquet, Jack
Rasch, Emma
Rather, H.
Rather, Minnie
Rather, Oscar
Rather, W.
Rauler, Anton
Rayist & Ramminger
Ree, Clara
Ree, Martha & Company
Ree, Martha
Reichard, Lina
Reichert, H.
Reichert, Jette
Reichert, Katie
Reichert, Mary
Reichert, Mrs. F.
Reichert, Mrs. J.
Reichwald, Frank {2 photos}
Reichwald, Mrs. C.
Reimers, Emma
Reininger, Rev.
Reinl, Katie
Reisee, R.
Renner, Zef & Tetzloff, Paul
Retten, Pak
Reuther, Anna {Brouchiert}
Rieth, Lizzie
Rietz, Rob.
Riger, R.
Riloenhal, Mr.
Rock, Anna
Rock, Emma
Rock, Gusta
Rock, Henry
Rock, John
Rock, Mary
Rock, Mrs.
Rock, Peter
Rock, Y.
Roeder, Anton
Roeder, Lizzie
Roeder, M.
Roeder, Mag.
Roeder, Marg.
Roeder, Teresa
Roeder, Theresa
Roehrig, Mary
Roewert, W.
Roggenbuk, Mary
Roider, B.
Roidlick, Ernest
Roilsch, Mrs.
Rollmann, Ella
Rolsch, R.
Rosaer, M.
Rosbing, Clara
Rosenbauer, Mrs.'s Son
Rosin, Franzes
Rothfock, W.
Rothman, Ed.
Rothman, Phil.
Rothman, Walter
Ruberg, Bertha
Ruchel, Hugo
Ruck, Albert / Laun, Adolph / Vorpahl, Arthur / Arnold, Edgar
Rucks, J.
Ruh, K.
Ruh, Martha
Rumpf, Will
Rumpff, Anna
Ruppenthal, Louise
Ryan, D.
Ryan, K. {2 photos}

- S -

Sach, Anna
Sach, Gust
Saehl, F.
Sanpich, A. J.
Sattner {Suttner}, W. C.
Saurer, Cath.
Schaar, Annie
Schaar, Henry
Schaefer, Dr. Herman
Schaefer, John's Young Lady
Schaefer, Lois
Schaefer, Magg.
Schaf, August
Schaller, Katie {Nee Holzer}
Schenzler, Mr.
Schiesberg {Schiesbert}, Anna
Schiesbert {Schiesberg}, Anna
Schildhauer, Anna
Schildhauer, Clara
Schildhauer, George
Schildhauer, Herman
Schildhauer, J.
Schildhauer, Mrs. J.
Schildhauer, Will {2 photos}
Schilling, Louise
Schilling, N.
Schilling, Phil.
Schilling, W.
Schimmel, Joseph
Schissler, Emma
Schleines, Fritz
Schlichting, Herman
Schlichting, Hermina
Schlichting, Oscar
Schmall, Mr. & Mrs.
Schmall, W.
Schmidt, Emma
Schmidt, Helen
Schmidt, Mary
Schmidt, Miss
Schmidt, N.
Schmidt, Pac.
Schmidt, R.
Schmidt, Rosa
Schmith, Anna
Schmitz, Lambert
Schneider, Rosa
Schneider, Will
Schnell, Adam's Daughter
Schnell Sisters
Schnidler, Joseph
Schoen, J.
Schoetzel, Frank
Schoetzel, Ida
Schott, Tessy
Schreiber, John
Schrempp, Sister Euphrosia
Schrieber, Aug.
Schrieber, H.
Schrinaker, Gust.
Schriod, George's Daughter
Schriod, George's Son
Schroeder, Augusta
Schroeder, George
Schroeder, John
Schroeder, Nick's Daughter
Schuasel, S.
Schuler, Casper
Schuler, Henry
Schuler, P.
Schuler Sisters
Schultz, Auguste
Schultz, Emma
Schultz, H.
Schultz, Miss
Schultz, Will
Schulz, Theodore
Schumaker Women
Schurig, Ad.
Schurig, John
Schurig, Louis
Schurig, Louise
Schurig, Mr.
Schurikert, George
Schwab, Annie
Schwagert, J.
Schwallenberg, Val
Schwartz Ladies
Seichter, Miss Theresa
Selig, S.
Sell, Mr. & Mrs. Hans
Sentieber, Anna
Severm, J.
Shnell, Adam & Anna {Geiberger}
Shunk, Thessiss & Laux, Lex
Siblen, Chas
Sieblen, Doris
Siegmund, John's Daughter
Siever, Dora
Siever, Miss
Sievers, Mr.
Sievers, George
Sievers, Maggie
Sievers, Mary
Sievert, H.
Sill, Chas.
Sill, Emma
Sill, Fr.
Sill, Fred
Sill, Geo.
Sill, Maggie
Sinusen, Miss
Sinz, Amalia
Slatter, J.
Smith, Aliesa
Smith, F. G.
Sohn, Mrs. George
Soiwert, Al
Spaner, G.
Spearmann, Miss
Sperl Children
Spertt, Alfred
Spindler, J.
Srienener, Mr. & Mrs. Henry
Stahl, Geo's Daughter
Stahl, Lizzie
Stange, Lizzie
Stange, Miss
Stange, Mr. {2 photos}
Stark, Frank
Stecker, Anna
Stefel, Will
Steffen, Al & Company
Steffen, John
Steffen, Karl
Steffen, P.
Steinke, Emil
Stein, R.
Stemper, Nic's Family
Stemper, Nick
Steniker, Christina
Stephany, K.
Stephany, Till
Steuven, Herman
Stoecker, Mrs.
Stoecker, Will.
Stoelting, Otto & Matilda's Wedding
Stoelting, Otto & Matilda's Wedding
Stoever, Mary
Stoffel, Jacob
Stoffel, Will.
Stoll, August
Stoll, Dora
Stoll, Herman
Strade, Aug.
Streubert, Louisa
Strichert, Otto
Struck, A.
Struck, August
Suttner {Sattner}, W. C.
Sy, August
Szkweigert, J.

- T -

Tagge, Mrs. Aug.
Tagge, Carl
Tagge, Mrs. Carl
Tagge, Henry
Tagge, Hulda
Tagge, William
Tams, Will.
Tank or Tauck, Gust.
Tecks, John
Teldman, J.
Teldt, Aug.
Temme, Roland
Tetzloff, Paul, Petzold, William & Unknown
Tetzloff, Paul & Renner, Zef
Thiel, Maggie
Thieler, Fred
Thieler, Mary
Thiesen, H.
Thiesen, John
Thiessen, Adol
Thiessen, Augusta
Thiessen, Claus
Thiessen, Reinert
Thilke, Frank {2 Photos}
Thilke, Miss
Thilke, Miss
Tiedeman, H.
Tillinger, Mike & Company
Tillman, M.
Tillmann, Clara
Timm, Bertha
Timm, Chas
Timm, Miss
Timm, Robert
Tissen, August
Tissen, Miss
Tonis, Anna
Tonis, George
Tonis, Peter
Tremme, George
Turba, John
Turba, Joseph

- U -

Uhl, Julia & Sister
Ulrich, I.
Unknown Man on Wagon
Unlabeled Couple
Unlabeled Family Group 1
Unlabeled Family Group 2
Unlabeled Family Group 3
Unlabeled Lady 1
Unlabeled Lady 2
Unlabeled Lady 3 {2 Photos}
Unlabeled Lady 4
Unlabeled Lady 5
Unlabeled Lady 6
Unlabeled Little Girl
Unlabeled Man 1
Unlabeled Man 2
Unlabeled Man 3
Unlabeled Man 4
Unlabeled Man 5
Unlabeled Man 6
Unlabeled Man 7
Unlabeled Small Child
Unlabeled Young Girl

- V -

VanderBloumen, Theo
Vanderhoot, Miss
Veers, Lucy
Vertinger, A.
Vetting, Minnie
Vietinger, Will
Vieting, J.
Vieting, Mrs. J.
Vigs, Minnie
Voelker, Miss K.
Voelker, Pauline
Vogt, Hedwig
Voigt, J.
Voigt, William
Voland, Carl's Daughter
Volker Boy
Volland, Alfred
Vollstedt, August
Vollstedt, August Meat Market
Vollstedt, Dora
Vollstedt, Mr.
Voltz, Aug.
Voltz, August
VonBerger, Mrs. John
Vorpahl, Arthur / Arnold, Edgar / Ruck, Albert / Laun, Adolph
Voss, Anna - 1
Voss, Anna - 2
Voss, B. {2 Photos}
Voss, Casto
Voss, Miss
Voss, Mr.
Vriccie, John

- W -

Wagner, G.
Wagner, George
Wagner, Mrs. George
Wagner, Sophia
Waldring or Wuldring, Anna
Wandens, Mr.
Wanke, Mathilda
Ward, R. L.
Weber, Gertrude
Weber, Gust
Weber, Helen
Weber, John
Weber, Louis
Weber, Mrs.
Weber, Peter
Weber, Tillie
Webner, Nic
Webner, Sabine
Weidler, A. & Son
Weimer, John
Weinkoetz Baby
Weinkoetz Boys
Weinkoetz Children
Welker, Mary
Wenstein, John
Werneke, Clara
Wertzel, Julia
Wesberg, Lizzie
Weskord, Mrs. T.
Westling, Adolph {2 Photos}
Westling, Anna
Westling, B.
Westling, Carry
Westling, Casper
Westling, Mrs. Gerhard
Westling, Henry
Westling, Mrs. Henry
Westling, Miss
Westphalen, Mr.
Westphalen, Tien
Wick, Mr. & Mrs. John
Wickman, Mary
Wiesler, Dr.'s Baby & Mrs. Schubert
Wilke, Carl
Williams, Anna
Williams, Matt
Wimmer, Franziska
Winkel, Sophie
Winter, Anna
Winter, Miss Kuni
Winter, Miss
Winter, R.
Wirling, Mary
Wisnant, A.
Witters, John
Witthuhn, Ernst & {Oemichen} Adela Marriage
Wittman, Friedrich
Wittman, William
Woefel, R.
Woelfel, Mrs.
Woelfel, Mrs. Wilfel R.
Woolenberg, Dravis
Worrening, Mrs.
Wriet, Henry
Wring, Mrs.
Wuldring or Waldring, Anna

- X-Y -

Yentiz {Gentiz}, Mr. & Mrs. Pac
Yrerl {Grerl}, Ida

- Z -

Zakner, Amanda
Zarnisdorf, H.
Zeiger, Carl
Zeiger, Carl {Civil War}
Zeigler Brothers
Ziehr, John
Ziehr, Pat
Zield Girls
Zillman, George
Zillman, W.
Zillman, Miss W.
Zilsness, Gust
Zimmerman, Ad.
Zimmerman, Adam
Zimmerman, Mrs. Adam
Zimmerman, C.
Zimmerman, Fred
Zimmerman, John
Zimmerman, Katie
Zipnick, M.
Zipnick, W.
Zorn, Nick
Zorn, Peter
Zuebl, Emma
Zutz Girl
Zutz, Mict or Mich

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