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1893 Plat Map Index Letter C

C., C. U.Stockbridge V.Stockbridge
C., D.235Brothertown
C., D.Chilton C.Chilton
C., F.23Stockbridge
C., J.15Rantoul
C., J. (Mrs.) Heirs6 (18N 20E)Chilton
C., W.18 (20N 18E)Harrison
C., Z.59Stockbridge
Cain, Jno4 (18N 19E)Chilton
Calivetz, C.13 (20N 19E)Woodville
Callaghan, Dennis23 (18N 19E)Chilton
Callaghan, John19Charlestown
Callaghan, M.29Charlestown
Campbell, Jas.13 (19N 19E)Chilton
Cannon, Grace3 (18N 19E)Chilton
Carlson, G. C.101Stockbridge
Carney, Jas.35 (19N 19E)Chilton
Carney, Michael182/186/227Stockbridge
Carroll, F. Mrs.6Charlestown
Carroll, F. Mrs.Pt IndCharlestown
Carroll, Jas.29/30Rantoul
Carroll, T.31 (20N 19E)Harrison
Carroll, Thos.28Rantoul
Carter, B. F.114/115Stockbridge
Carter, B. F.22 (20N 19E)Woodville
Carter, B. F.8 (20N 19E)Harrison
Carter, F. R.11 (19N 18E)Harrison
Carter, F. R.274Stockbridge
Carter, F. R.Chilton C.Chilton
Carter, F. R.Pt IndChilton
Carter, F. R.Pt IndHarrison
Carter, R.24 (18N 19E)Chilton
Castana, MaryChilton C.Chilton
Cath. Cem.98Stockbridge
Cath. Ch. & Cem.33New Holstein
Cath. Ch. & Sch.256Stockbridge
Cath. Ch. & Sch.Chilton C.Chilton
Cath. ChurchChilton C.Chilton
Cath. ChurchSherwood V.Woodville
Cath. ChurchSt. Anna V.New Holstein
Cath. ChurchStockbridge V.Stockbridge
Catholic Church/School22Charlestown
Cavert18 (20N 18E)Harrison
Cemetery10New Holstein
Cemetery12 (19N 19E)Woodville
Cemetery14 (18N 19E)Chilton
Cemetery25/36 (20N 18E)Harrison
Cemetery32 (20N 19E)Harrison
Cemetery34 (19N 19E)Chilton
Cemetery7 (18N 20E)Chilton
CemeteryAltona V.New Holstein
CemeterySt. Anna V.New Holstein
Cemetery (2)Chilton C.Chilton
Cemetery (2)High Clift V.Woodville
Charcoal Pits18Brillion
Cheese Box Fact.Hilbert V.Rantoul
Cheese Fact. E&S34 (19N 19E)Chilton
Cheese Fact.(18N 19E)Harrison
Cheese Fact.1/10/15Rantoul
Cheese Fact.14/22 (18N 19E)Chilton
Cheese Fact.14/25 (19N 19E)Chilton
Cheese Fact.17/22/25Rantoul
Cheese Fact.21Brillion
Cheese Fact.254Stockbridge
Cheese Fact.258/307Stockbridge
Cheese Fact.27/32/35Rantoul
Cheese Fact.3 (19N 19E)Woodville
Cheese Fact.3/9 (20N 18E)Harrison
Cheese Fact.3/9 (20N 19E)Woodville
Cheese Fact.34/36 (20N 19E)Woodville
Cheese Fact.4/11 (18N 19E)Chilton
Cheese Fact.4/21/32New Holstein
Cheese Fact.5/8 (20N 19E)Harrison
Cheese Fact.64/89Stockbridge
Cheese Fact.7 (18N 20E)Chilton
Cheese Fact.8 (19N 19E)Harrison
Cheese Fact.Chilton C.Chilton
Cheese Fact.Hilbert V.Rantoul
Cheese Fact.St. Anna V.New Holstein
Cheese Fact. A. S.7Brillion
Cheese Factory20/32Charlestown
Cheese Factory80/196/206Brothertown
Cheesebro, N. V.Chlton C.Chilton
Cheseboro, N. V.12 (18N 19E)Chilton
Chesebro, R.7 (18N 20E)Chilton
Chessner, Anthony2 (18N 19E)Chilton
Child, S. S.18 (20N 18E)Harrison
Chilt. Store & Milling Co.Pt IndChilton
Chilton #1 AddnGravesville V.Charlestown
Chilton City18 (18N 20E)Chilton
Chirel, L.1Brillion
Christie, Jas.137Stockbridge
Christie, T. W.76Stockbridge
Christie, T. W. 2nd78Stockbridge
Christoph, F.18/19Charlestown
Christoph, F.19 (18N 20E)Chilton
Christoph, F.Chilton C.Chilton
Christopherson, John1/12Charlestown
Church12 (19N 18E)Harrison
Church Germ. Ev.35Rantoul
Church Germ. Luth.22Rantoul
City HallChilton C.Chilton
Clark, Ozias34 (19N 19E)Chilton
Clark, S. D.34 (19N 19E)Chilton
Cleveland, Susan Est.79Stockbridge
Clevers, Theo.21Brillion
Clifford, W. Heirs148/149/150Stockbridge
Co. OfficesChilton C.Chilton
Coe, G. D.120Stockbridge
Coe, G. D.Pt IndStockbridge
Coe, Mary M.Pt IndStockbridge
Cole, Patrick M.28 (19N 19E)Chilton
Commeford, Jno.99Stockbridge
Cone, Sarah11 (18N 19E)Chilton
Congreg. Ch.Stockbridge V.Stockbridge
Connell Bros.11/13/23Charlestown
Connell Bros.20/33Charlestown
Connell Bros.24/25/26Charlestown
Connell Bros.Pt IndCharlestown
Connell, M. J.Pt IndChilton
Connell, R. F.4/5Charlestown
Connell, T. E.Pt IndChilton
Connelly, MaryChilton C.Chilton
Connelly, R.178Brothertown
Connely, M.36 (19N 19E)Chilton
Conrad, Nicolaus27/28New Holstein
Conrady, F.5 (20N 19E)Harrison
Conrady, F.9 (20N 19E)Woodville
Conroy, John9 (10N 18E)Harrison
Cook, A. P.141/142Stockbridge
Cook Brown & Co.1/2 (19N 18E)Harrison
Cook Brown & Co.105/106Stockbridge
Cook Brown & Co.29/31 (20N 19E)Harrison
Cook Brown & Co.36 (20N 18E)Harrison
Cook Brown & Co.7/8Stockbridge
Cook Brown & Co.High Clift. V.Woodville
Cook, Mary276/316Stockbridge
Cook & Brown Lime Co.Pt IndHarrison
Corb, F.1Brillion
Cordell, Jno.Chilton C.Chilton
Cordell, JohnGravesville V.Charlestown
Cordy, M.123Stockbridge
Cordy, Nic.235/268Stockbridge
Cornelius, Martin136/171Stockbridge
Cornish, JessePt IndCharlestown
Cornish, Lillie M.Gravesville V.Charlestown
Corrigan, Jas.18Brillion
Cottrell, Grace A.62Brothertown
Court HouseChilton C.Chilton
Coy, D.4Rantoul
Coy, David15/16 (19N 19E)Chilton
Coyhis, B. J.199Brothertown
Crawford, Andrew13Charlestown
Crawford, C. P.7Rantoul
Crawford, C. P.Hilbert V.Rantoul
Crawford, Eliza285Stockbridge
Crawford, S. M.Pt IndCharlestown
Crawford & Harper9 (18N 19E)Chilton
Crawford & HarperPt IndChilton
CreameryChilton C.Chilton
Cressy, L.18 (19N 20E)Chilton
Criter, Daniel76/77Brothertown
Croak, JamesPt IndStockbridge
Croke, Wm.Chilton C.Chilton
Crosby, P.41Brothertown
Crouch, Hester135Stockbridge
Crouch, Jno. Heirs135Stockbridge
Crouch's (Wm.) AddnChilton C.Chilton
Cullen, Bridget32Rantoul
Cullen, Thos.33Rantoul
Curtin, Daniel1 (20N 19E)Woodville
Curtiss Addn.Gravesville V.Charlestown
Czierpike, Frank3 (19N 19E)Woodville
Cziske, J.14 (20N 18E)Harrison

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