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1893 Plat Map Index Letter B

B., A.1 (19N 19E)Woodville
B., A.14New Holstein
B., A.25 (20N 18E)Harrison
B., C.7 (18N 20E)Chilton
B., C.86Stockbridge
B., C. & Co.Sherwood V.Woodville
B., C. (Mrs.)86Stockbridge
B., E.25New Holstein
B., F.9/15New Holstein
B., F. (Mrs.)10New Holstein
B., G.17Brothertown
B., G. A.Brillion V.Brillion
B., G. M.Brillion V.Brillion
B., H.10 (20N 19E)Woodville
B., H.13 (18N 19E)Chilton
B., H.Brillion V.Brillion
B., J.1 (19N 19E)Woodville
B., J.10 (20N 19E)Woodville
B., J.31 (20N 19E)Harrison
B., J.6/15Rantoul
B., J.Chilton C.Chilton
B., J.Sherwood V.Woodville
B., J. (Mrs.) HeirsAltona V.New Holstein
B., J. G.Sherwood V.Woodville
B., J. S.7Charlestown
B., M.36 (20N 18E)Harrison
B., O.7 (19N 19E)Harrison
B., O. D.6Rantoul
B., Q.27 (20N 19E)Woodville
B., R.23Stockbridge
B., R.Chilton C.Chilton
B., S.Chilton C.Chilton
B., W.23Brothertown
B., W.25New Holstein
B., S. & Wagon ShopStockbridge V.Stockbridge
B., S. Shop245Stockbridge
B., S. ShopBrothertown V.Brothertown
B., S. ShopChilton C.Chilton
B., S. ShopSt. AnnaNew Holstein
B., S. ShopStockbridge V.Stockbridge
B., S. Shop (2)Potter V.Rantoul
Babbatz, A.High Clif. V.Woodville
Babbetz, August229Stockbridge
Babbetz, Gust.183Stockbridge
Backhaus, C.25New Holstein
Badloff, J. M.13Brillion
Baertlein, F.4/8 (20N 18E)Harrison
Bahrs, Fritz12Rantoul
Baker, G. H.140/141/144Brothertown
Baker, G. H.146/167/174Brothertown
Baker, T.21Charlestown
Baker, Thos.21/23Charlestown
Baldock, J. W.34 (19N 19E)Chilton
Baldock, Ruth34 (19N 19E)Chilton
Baldwin, For. Jct. V.Brillion
Baldwin & Waller's Addn.Chilton V.Chilton
Baldwin, Frank58Stockbridge
Baldwin, Geo.50/58Stockbridge
Baldwin's, (Geo) 2nd Addn.Chilton C.Chilton
Baldwin's, (Geo) Addn.Chilton C.Chilton
Baldwin's, (Geo) W. Addn.Chilton C.Chilton
Balgie, Fred3 (20N 19E)Woodville
Ball, GabrielHayton V.Charlestown
Ball, Mary A.23Brothertown
Ball, Mary A.Brothertown V.Brothertown
Ball, W.23/38Brothertown
Ball, W.Brothertown V.Brothertown
Bancroft, J. B.9Charlestown
Bangart, Christ5 (20N 19E)Harrison
BankChilton C.Chilton
Baptist, Church28 (19N 19E)Chilton
Barber, S. C.7 (18N 19E)Harrison
Barbian, Adam9 (20N 18E)Harrison
Bargenwart, Jno.20New Holstein
Barker, Jonathan6/7 (20N 18E)Harrison
Barker, JonathanPT IndHarrison
Barnard & Mc Comb1Rantoul
Barrett, James112Stockbridge
Barrett, Martin263Stockbridge
Barry, Thos.11 (18N 19E)Chilton
Barry, Thos.Chilton C.Chilton
Bartels, O.14New Holstein
Barth, J.23Brillion
Barthel, August13Rantoul
Bartz, Franz36Rantoul
Bartz, Fritz1Rantoul
Bartz, Fritz W.Pt IndBrillion
Bartz, Joe22Brillion
Basler, Franz36 (19N 19E)Chilton
Basler, Jno.24/25 (19N 19E)Chilton
Bast, J. J.126Brothertown
Bastian, Fritz3Brillion
Bastian, H.14Brillion
Bastian, M.14Brillion
Bauckes, Louis5 (19N 19E)Harrison
Bauer, E.3 (19N 19E)Woodville
Bauer, Geo.25/28/34
(20 N 19E)
Bauer, GeorgePt IndWoodville
Bauer, J. G.29 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bauer, W.3 (19N 19E)Woodville
Bauex,(sic) Geo.28 (20N 19E)Woodville
Baumgarten, Ludwig8 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bayer, Jos.28 (20N 19E)Woodville
Beach, S. C.3/4 (20N 19E)Woodville
Beach's (Ed) Addn.Brillion V.Brillion
Beach's (Geo. M.) Addn.Brillion V.Brillion
Bean, Frank2Charlestown
Bechlem, H.24 (19N 20E)Chilton
Bechlem, WilliamPt IndChilton
Becker, Chas.242/261Stockbridge
Becker, Jacob14Brillion
Becker, JacobPt IndBrillion
Becker, Jos.1 (19N 18E)Harrison
Becker, Wm.3Rantoul
Behnke, A.Brillion V.Brillion
Behnke, AugustBrillion V.Brillion
Behnke, Bros.Brillion V.Brillion
Behnke, Christian29Rantoul
Behnke, Edward8Rantoul
Behnke, Ferdinand4/5Rantoul
Behnke, J.Potter V.Rantoul
Behnke, Wm.Brillion V.Brillion
Behrend, M.Hilbert V.Rantoul
Behrens, T.Chilton C.Chilton
Beil, A.13Rantoul
Beil, Henry5Rantoul
Beil, P.11Rantoul
Beimler, Jno.16Brillion
Bell, Matt160/161/181Brothertown
Below, Albert7Rantoul
Benning, Stephen153Stockbridge
Benschauel, M.33 (20N 19E)Woodville
Berg, E.24New Holstein
Berg, Jno.16Rantoul
Berg, Jno.Brillion V.Brillion
Berg, Mathias2 (19N 19E)Woodville
Bergander, G.3Rantoul
Bergelin, Fred30 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bergelin, J.7 (20N 18E)Harrison
Bergen, C.149Brothertown
Bergen, H.149Brothertown
146Berger, JohnPt IndChilton
Bergheim, Math.341/382Stockbridge
Bergin, O.96Brothertown
Berheim, J.186Brothertown
Berkholtz, E.150Brothertown
Berkholz, E.50/106Brothertown
Bernard, Franz30/31 (19N 20E)Chilton
Bernard, Franz36 (19N 19E)Chilton
Bernauer, L.Altona V.New Holstein
Berndt, M.High Clif. V.Woodville
Bersch, Arnold12 (19N 19E)Harrison
Berthelsen, Nels7 (20N 18E)Harrison
Besat, A.9/16Charlestown
Besat, AlexPt IndCharlestown
Bessert, Ferd.3/4Charlestown
Bessert, Herm. Sr.17/20Rantoul
Bessert, R.21/22Rantoul
Bessert, Herm. Jr.20Rantoul
Bettner, A.26Rantoul
Bettner, August24/26Rantoul
Beyerstedt, Mrs. F.Altona V.New Holstein
Biedenbinder, Jno.Potter V.Rantoul
Biekenbinder, Jno.15/20Rantoul
Bierman, Henry33Charlestown
Bierman, HenryPt IndCharlestown
Bigford, W. W.55Stockbridge
Binder, John4 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bink, Nic.29/31/32Charlestown
Binsfeld, P.Pt IndBrillion
Binsfeld, P. M.23/24Brillion
Birk, Lorens146Stockbridge
Birkholz, Fred275Stockbridge
Bishop, O. D.32 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bishop, O. D.5 (19N 19E)Harrison
Bishop, W. R.32 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bishop, W. R.5 (19N 19E)Harrison
Bittner, Frank24 (18N 19E)Chilton
Bittner, FrankChilton C.Chilton
Blacksmith Shop1/32New Holstein
Blanchard, L.29 (20N 19E)Harrison
Blanchard, M.Hilbert V.Rantoul
Blau, NickPt IndBrillion
Blenker, HenryPt IndHarrison
Blksmth ShopSherwood V.Woodville
Block, M.7 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bloedorn, Henry2Brillion
Blood, L. P.35/36Stockbridge
Bloom, C. L.1/146Brothertown
Blount, C.Stockbridge C.Stockbridge
Bloy, Fred10 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bloy, Gottlieb15 (20N 19E)Woodville
Blumberg, Wm.7 (19N 19E)Harrison
Bockmeyer, J.5New Holstein
Bockmeyer, Jno.4New Holstein
Bockmeyer, John33Charlestown
Bockmeyer, Jurgen8New Holstein
Bodein, R.7 (20N 18E)Harrison
Boehm, Adam12 (20N 18E)Harrison
Boehnlein, Andrew168/169Brothertown
Boertlein, John8 (20N 18E)Harrison
Boetcher, F.4Charlestown
Boettcher, F.33Rantoul
Bohman, L.14Brillion
Boie, Nicolaus23New Holstein
Boland, Cath.32Rantoul
Boland, D.33Rantoul
Boland, Jno.21Brillion
Boland, Mary29Rantoul
Boland, P. D. M.33Rantoul
Boland, Pat2Charlestown
Boll, G.16Charlestown
Boll, Gabriel15/16Charlestown
Boll, J. S. Est.Chilton C.Chilton
Boll, Jacob21New Holstein
Boll, Susan223/224/230Brothertown
Boll, Val.26New Holstein
Bolz, Nicolaus34New Holstein
Bolz, Nicolaus Sr.35New Holstein
Bomranke, August7 (18N 20E)Chilton
Bomranke, AugustGravesville V.Charlestown
Bonnlaender, Martin6New Holstein
Borck, C. (Mrs.)32/33Charlestown
Borck, Fred27/34Charlestown
Borman, AnnaAltona V.New Holstein
Bornemann, E. L.27 (20N 19 E)Woodville
Bornemann, Ernst21/22 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bornemann, Ernst28/29 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bornemann, ErnstPt IndWoodville
Bornemann, Henry22/28 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bornemann, HenryPt IndCharlestown
Bornemann, Henry Jr.27/34 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bornemann, Wm.28 (20N 19E)Woodville
Borree, F.17 (20N 19E)Woodville
Borsche, Frank9 (20N 18E)Harrison
Borsche, Helena9 (20N 18E)Harrison
Borsche, Wm.8/9 (20N 18E)Harrison
Borscher, Jos.8 (20N 18E)Harrison
Bosma, Dierk8New Holstein
Bosma, John29New Holstein
Bosman, H.7New Holstein
Boss, A. Heirs33Brothertown
Bottling WorksChilton C.Chilton
Bourne, B. R.23/24Stockbridge
Bovee, F.21Stockbridge
Bovee, Frederick23/24Stockbridge
Bowe, Albert28/33Brothertown
Bowee, Lucy26 (19N 18E)Chilton
Bowman, B. B.177Stockbridge
Boyle, OwenChilton C.Chilton
Bracht, H.Brillion V.Brillion
Bradmeier, A.7 (19N 19E)Harrison
Brand, A.28/33New Holstein
Brandel, A.Pt IndRantoul
Brandel, August9Charlestown
Brander, August11 (19N 19E)Woodville
Brandes, August35/36Rantoul
Brandes, HenryPt IndRantoul
Brandes, Wm.31Rantoul
Brandes, Wm.333/349Stockbridge
Brandmeier, A.8 (19N 19E)Harrison
Brandmeier, Henry(18N 19E)Harrison
Brandmeier, Henry8 (19N 19E)Harrison
Brandt, Herm.20 (29N 19E)Harrison
Brant, P. O.35 (19N 19E)Chilton
Brasch, H.5/8 (29N18E)Harrison
Braun, A.2Brillion
Braun, August12Brillion
Braun, Carl1Brillion
Braun, J.6Brillion
Braun, J.8Charlestown
Braun, Jos.16Charlestown
Breed, G. D.13 (18N 19E)Chilton
Breed, G. D.7 (18N 20E)Chilton
Breed, G. D.Chilton C.Chilton
Breed, George D.Pt IndChilton
Breid, M.36 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bremer, A.24Rantoul
Brewer, C. (Mrs.)Stockbridge V.Stockbridge
BreweryChilton C.Chilton
Brick YardChilton C.Chilton
Brickler, N.14 (20N 18E)Harrison
Brickler, Nic.22 (20N 18E)Harrison
Bride, O. Jr.21 (19N 19E)Chilton
Bride, O. Sr.21 (19N 19E)Chilton
Bril. Lmbr & Mfg. Co.Pt IndBrillion
Brill, Jno.29New Holstein
Brill, Wm.22/27/28/36New Holstein
Brillion Furniture Co.Brillion V.Brillion
Bringman, Ernst3Charlestown
Bringmann, C.26Rantoul
Bringmann, F. Sr.26Rantoul
Bringmann, FritzPt IndRantoul
Bringmann, Fritz Jr.35Rantoul
Bringmann, Fritz Sr.35Rantoul
Brining, Jno.27Rantoul
Brinning, Fred K.27Rantoul
Britton, M.36 (20N 19E)Woodville
Britton, Mathias1 (19N 19E)Woodville
Broadhead, J. S.7 (18N 20E)Chilton
Brockhaus, Fred24 (10N 18E)Harrison
Brockmann, Anna5 (20N 18E)Harrison
Brockmann, J.5 (20N 18E)Harrison
Brockmann, Jno.8Rantoul
Brodhead, J. S.Chilton C.Chilton
Brodhead, J. S.Gravesville V.Charlestown
Brodhead, J. S.Pt IndCharlestown
Broeckel, Anton144/145/165/166Brothertown
Broecker, B.26 (19N 18E)Chilton
Broehm, Jacob18Brillion
Broehm, Jacob6/8Brillion
Broehm, JacobPt IndBrillion
Broeren, Jno.1 (20N 19E)Woodville
Brooks, Jno.1 (20N 19E)Woodville
Brown, Nic.58Stockbridge
Brown, R. C.Pt IndHarrison
Bruckner, Conrad34Charlestown
Bruckner, Jno.22Charlestown
Bruecher, Jno. W.3 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bruecker, H.Hilbert V.Rantoul
Bruecker, Henry3 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bruecker, HenryPt IndRantoul
Bruecker, John W.Pt IndWoodville
Bruehl, J.12 (20N 18E)Harrison
Bruehl, Jno.30 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bruhn, J.4New Holstein
Bruhn, O.3/4New Holstein
Bruhn, OttoPt IndNew Holstein
Bruit, Henry23New Holstein
Bruns, J.33Charlestown
Bruss, Aug.Pt IndBrillion
Bruss, CharlesPt IndBrillion
Bryant, E.High Clif. V.Woodville
Buboltz, Chas.21 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bubolz, Carl20 (20N 19E)Harrison
Bubolz, F.1Brillion
Bubolz, Friedrich1Brillion
Bubolz, G.12Brillion
Buchel, Frank152Brothertown
Buchel, Jno.108Brothertown
Buchel, John Sr.135Brothertown
Buchel, M.89Brothertown
Buchel, Peter340Stockbridge
Bucher, RudolphChilton V.Chilton
Bucholz & Hoch149Brothertown
Bucholz, Mary103Brothertown
Buck, J. S.6 (20N 18E)Harrison
Buhl, F.Altona V.New Holstein
Buhl, F. Jr.Altona V.New Holstein
Buhl, Frank22/27Charlestown
Buhl, FranziskaAltona V.New Holstein
Buhl, John20/23Charlestown
Bullen, Sarah9/10 (20N 19E)Woodville
Bumler, MaggieFor. Jct. V.Brillion
Burg, A.69/127/186Brothertown
Burg, And.47Brothertown
Burg, C.72Brothertown
Burg, F.128Brothertown
Burg, Geo.47/48Brothertown
Burg, John132Brothertown
Burg, P.134Brothertown
Burg, Peter48Brothertown
Burg, W.St. Anna V.New Holstein
Burg, WendelSt. Anna V.New Holstein
Burgeler, Cecilia34New Holstein
Burke, Jno. Jr.7Rantoul
Burke, Jno. Sr.7Rantoul
Burke, John12 (19N 19E)Woodville
Burkholz, E.71Brothertown
Burns, Thos.145Stockbridge
Burns, Thos.68Stockbridge
Busch, Henry66Brothertown
Butter FactoryAltona V.New Holstein
Button, MathiasHilb.Rantoul
Butzem, Nic.22 (19N 20E)Chilton
Buxton, R. A.181Stockbridge
Byron, Frank262Stockbridge

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