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1893 Plat Map Index Letter A

A. B.Altona V.New Holstein
A. C.7New Holstein
A. D.Brillion V.Brillion
A. H.22 (18N 19E)Chilton
A. H. Sr.10New Holstein
A. J. Sr.Altona V.New Holstein
A. O.15New Holstein
A. P.St. Anna V.New Holstein
A. S. HeirsStockbr. V.Stockbridge
Abischer, Jno.12Charlestown
Abischer, W. F.10/11Charlestown
Achter, Henry208/217Brothertown
Achter, John237Brothertown
Aebischer, C. (Mrs.)10/13Charlestown
Aebischer, C. (Mrs.)Pt IndCharlestown
Aebischer, C. A.11/14Charlestown
Aebischer, E. F.11/14Charlestown
Aebischer, John10Charlestown
Aggen, Andrew3 (18N 19E)Chilton
Aggen, C.8New Holstein
Aggen, S. J.8New Holstein
Aggen, S. J.Pt IndNew Holstein
Aggen, Simon18New Holstein
Aggen, SimonPt IndNew Holstein
Ahlf, T.Pt IndNew Holstein
Ahlfs, T. Sr.28/29New Holstein
Albers, Henry13 (18N 19E)Chilton
Albers, HenryChilton V.Chilton
Albers, Jno.4New Holstein
AlbertPt IndNew Holstein
Allen, A. O.9Charlestown
Allen, L. R.97Stockbridge
Allen, T. H.Pt IndCharlestown
Altmann & SchreiberPt IndBrillion
Altona10New Holstein
Alves, H. A.Pt IndChilton
Alvis, Fred22 (18N 19E)Chilton
Alvis, H.22 (18N 19E)Chilton
Amel, J.186Brothertown
Amel, JamesPt IndBrothertown
Amel, P.134Brothertown
Amel, Peter20Brothertown
Amey, J.280Stockbridge
Anders, Hrs.20Charlestown
Anders, Wm.8Charlestown
Andrew, A.21Brillion
Andrews, R.141Brothertown
Anhier, F.14 (19N 19E)Chilton
Apils, Henry6 (20N 19E)Harrison
Aplin, J. C.9/16/17Rantoul
Aplin, N.4Rantoul
Aplin, N. J.3Rantoul
ApplebakerHayton V.Charlestown
Applebaker, Geo.Pt IndCharlestown
Applebaker, George28Charlestown
Arens, Albert21New Holstein
Arens, H. G. Jr.10New Holstein
Arens, O.Altona V.New Holstein
Arens, W.Altona V.New Holstein
Arenz, Mat.83Brothertown
AriensPt IndBrillion
Arnd, Herm17 (20N 19E)Harrison
Arndt, C.7Rantoul
Arnold, HenryPt IndChilton
Arnt, H.Brillion V.Brillion
Arps, C. (Mrs.) HeirsAltona V.New Holstein
Arps, Fred10New Holstein
Arps, FredAltona V.New Holstein
Arps, FredPt IndNew Holstein
Arps, HannesAltona V.New Holstein
Arps, Haranes (sic)11New Holstein
Arps, J. H. Jr.Altona V.New Holstein
Arvia Loftus & Co.12 (20N 19E)Woodville
Asmus, John24New Holstein
Asshauer, Aug.4 (20N 18E)Harrison
Asshauer, H.4 (20N 18E)Harrison
Asshauer, Henry4 (20N 18E)Harrison
Asshauer, HenryPt IndHarrison
Asshauer, Peter4 (20N 18E)Harrison
Auener, J. C.Altona V.New Holstein
Awe, John35/36Charlestown
Ax, C.21Brothertown

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