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1870 Federal Census for Rantoul, Calumet County

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# White
# White
# Colored
# Colored
# Males,
Foreign Born
# Females,
Foreign Born
# Blind# Insane

Column-Identifying Intial = Full Explanation

1-D = Dwelling - Houses numbered in the order of visitation
2-F = Families numbered in the order of visitation
3-Name= The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
4-Age = Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
5-G = Sex {M= Male / F = Female}
6-C = Color {White = W / Black = B / Mulatto = M / Chinese = C / Indian = I}
7-O = Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.
Value of Real Estate owned
8-R = Value of Real Estate Owned
9-P = Value of Personal Estate
10-B = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
11-FB = Father of Foreign born
12-MB = Mother of Foreign born
13-I = If born within the year, state month {Jan. & c.}
14-M = If married within the last year, state month {Jan. & c.}
15-A = Attended school within the year
16-CR = Cannot Read
17-CW = Cannot Write
18-DD = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
19-US = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.
20-V = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards where rights to vote is denied on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

Page 1
11King, James55MWFarmer4000425IrelandXX        
  King, Ann45FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  King, Mary A.19FW   PennsylvaniaXX        
  King, Margret15FW   PennsylvaniaXX  X     
  King, Theresa14FW   PennsylvaniaXX  X     
  King, Catherine13FW   PennsylvaniaXX  X     
  King, Ann S.11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  King, Philip10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  King, Jane8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
22Moultan, R.60MWFarmer2500300IrelandXX   XX   
  Moultan, Mary60FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Moultan, Mary23FW   CanadaXX        
  Moultan, Ellen21FW   New YorkXX        
33Boland, Catharine36FWKeeping House300 IrelandXX   XX   
  Boland, Patrick15MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Boland, Dennis13MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Boland, Matthew6MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Boland, Charles4MW   WisconsinXX        
44Cullins, Bridget40FWKeeping House2000250IrelandXX   XX   
  Cullins, Thomas J.12MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Cullins, Peter10MW   WisconsinXX        
  Starkey, Bridget75FW   IrelandXX   XX   
55Wince, John51MWFarmer600 PrussiaXX        
  Wince, Elizabeth17FW   PrussiaXX        
  Wince, John20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Wince, Joseph15MW   PrussiaXX        
  Wince, Catharine12FW   PrussiaXX        
  Wince, Michael9MW   PrussiaXX        
66Poppe, Conrad32MWFarmer1400190BavariaXX        
  Poppe, Ellen25FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Poppe, Lillia4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Poppe, John2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Poppe, George6/12MW   WisconsinXXDec       
77Poppe, John29MWFarm Laborer  BavariaXX        
  Poppe, Catharine27FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Poppe, August9MW   BavariaXX        
  Poppe, Lenia6FW   IllinoisXX        
  Poppe, Charles5MW   IllinoisXX        
  Poppe, Louisa3FW   IllinoisXX        
  Poppe, Margret2FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 2
88Geege, Charles51MWFarmer1000112MecklenburgXX        
  Geege, Hannah48FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Geege, Barbara16FW   New YorkXX        
  Geege, Mina13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Geege, Onica11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Geege, Charles9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Geege, Lenia7FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Geege, Frederic5MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Geege, Hannah3FW 1400{sic} WisconsinXX        
99Lawrence, Smith B.46MWFarmer3400185BavariaXX        
  Lawrence, Catharine50FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Lawrence, Peter21MW   BavariaXX  X     
  Lawrence, Charles19MW   BavariaXX  X     
  Lawrence, George14MW   BavariaXX  X     
  Lawrence, Madeline11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lawrence, Laurence8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
1010Paucher, Frank33MWFarmer2200500PrussiaXX        
  Paucher, Louisa20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
1111Breney, John41MWFarmer1400280PrussiaXX        
  Breney, Dora30FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Breney, Fred14MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Breney, Mary8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Breney, Matthew6MW   WisconsinXX        
1212Whalen, Daniel48MWFarmer2000260IrelandXX   XX   
  Whalen, Elizabeth40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Whalen, John19MW   New YorkXX        
  Whalen, Margret14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Whalen, George3MW   WisconsinXX        
1313O'Rourke, Cornelius55MWFarmer2500860IrelandXX        
  O'Rourke, Mary41FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  O'Rourke, John14MW   Massachussett {sic}XX  X     
  O'Rourke, Daniel10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  O'Rourke, Mary F.8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  O'Rourke, Frank J.6MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  O'Rourke, Ada4FW   WisconsinXX        
  O'Rourke, William10/12MW   WisconsinXXAug.       
1414Pingle, Christopher51MWFarmer1800350MecklenburgXX        
  Pingle, Mary45FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Pingle, Mary11FW   WisconsinXX        
  Pingle, Henry8MW   WisconsinXX        
Page 3
1515Launetager, Adam56MWFarmer800150PrussiaXX        
  Launetager, Mary46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Launetager, Mortus18MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Launetager, Charles10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Launetager, Augustus6MW   WisconsinXX        
1616Ortlepp, Gottlieb24MWFarmer1700160PrussiaXX        
  Ortlepp, Mary23FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Ortlepp, John1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Ortlepp, Constad66MW   PrussiaXX        
  Ortlepp, Elizabeth56FW   MecklenburgXX        
1717Buckbergan, John25MWFarmer450 PrussiaXX        
  Buckbergan, Mary20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Buckbergan, Peter2/12MW   WisconsinXXApr       
1818Martinson, Adolph39MWDry Goods Merchant30002500MecklenburgXX        
  Martinson, Ida23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Martinson, Agnes1FW   WisconsinXX        
1919Hedrich, Frednah{sic}58MW   PrussiaXX        
  Hedrich, Almena68FW   PrussiaXX        
  Hedrich, Herman20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Hedrich, Oscar17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Hedrich, Amelia14FW   WisconsinXX        
  Hedrich, Edwin9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
2020Leinbake, Joachim47MWLaborer  MecklenburgXX        
  Leinbake, Mary35FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Leinbake, Lina13FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Leinbake, Mary7FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Leinbake, Joachim4MW   MecklenburgXX        
2121Berth, Ernest50MWFarmer500 PrussiaXX        
  Berth, Louisa42FW   PrussiaXX        
  Berth, John15MW   PrussiaXX        
  Berth, Augusta14MW   PrussiaXX        
  Berth, Batain9FW   PrussiaXX        
  Berth, Ernest5MW   PrussiaXX        
2222Pingle, Christian25MWFarmer340 PrussiaXX        
  Pingle, Stena28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
2323Sticker, Frednah {sic}27MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Sticker, Mary33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Sticker, Frederich10MW   PrussiaXX        
  Sticker, Cornelia5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Sticker, Mina1FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 4
2424Jenson, Peter27MWFarmer400120WisconsinXX      X 
  Jenson, Jennie24FWKeeping House  WisconsinXX        
  Jenson, Kate2FW   Wisconsin          
2525Voss, Henry27MWFarmer800150PrussiaXX        
  Voss, Anna21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Voss, Frederich1MW   WisconsinXX        
2626Riddle, Daniel43MWFarmer2500200PrussiaXX        
  Riddle, A. E.38FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Riddle, Caroline18FW   PrussiaXX        
  Riddle, August8MW   WisconsinXX        
  Riddle, William3MW   WisconsinXX        
2727Allright, Charles53MWFarmer600100PrussiaXX        
  Allright, Mary48FW   PrussiaXX        
  Allright, William21MW   WisconsinXX        
  Allright, Augusta15FW   WisconsinXX        
  Allright, Hannah10FW   WisconsinXX        
  Wagner, William21MW   PrussiaXX        
  Wagner, Augusta17FW   WisconsinXX        
  Wagner, Henry14MW   WisconsinXX        
2828Pruess, F. William38MWFarmer1200 DenmarkXX        
  Pruess, Kate36FW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, A. D.14FW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, R. H.12FW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, W. F.10FW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, M. T.6FW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, T. W.3MW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, E. C.2MW   PrussiaXX        
  Pruess, R.1/12MW   WisconsinXXMay       
2929Gunlock, F.38MWFarmer600 MecklenburgXX        
  Gunlock, Caroline36FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Gunlock, Christina26FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Gunlock, Tory20FW   MecklenburgXX        
3030Frauley, John48MWFarmer1600232IrelandXX        
  Frauley, Ellen50FW   IrelandXX        
  Frauley, Michael19MW   Massachussetts {sic}XX        
  Frauley, Daniel17MW   Massachussetts {sic}XX        
  Frauley, William15MW   Massachussetts {sic}XX        
  Corall, C.75FW   IrelandXX        
3131Corall, Thomas33MWFarmer1800300IrelandXX        
  Corall, Catherine30FW   IrelandXX        
Page 5
3131Corall, Michael7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Corall, Catharine5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Corall, John1MW   WisconsinXX        
3232King, Patrick50MWFarmer2000400IrelandXX        
  King, Mary D.40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  King, Mary E.21FW   Pensylvania {sic}XX        
  King, Anna17FW   Pensylvania {sic}XX  X     
  King, Charles13MW   Massachusutts {sic}XX  X     
  King, Josephine10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
3333Harlow, James50MWFarmer3800300IrelandXX        
  Harlow, Catharine15FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Michael14MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Maria13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Ellen12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, James11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Timothy10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Sarah8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
3434Harlow, John53MWFarmer4500400IrelandXX        
  Harlow, Margret50FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Harlow, Timothy23MW   IrelandXX        
  Harlow, Mary20FW   New YorkXX        
  Harlow, Ellen18FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Margret16FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Sarah14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Michael12MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, James10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
3535Mc Grath, James31MWFarmer2100300IrelandXX        
  Mc Grath, Jane30FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Mc Grath, Robert7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, William5MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, Margret4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Mc Grath, Ellen2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Mc Grath, Peter7/12MW   WisconsinXXNov.       
3636Graney, Dennis50MWFarmer2000300IrelandXX        
  Graney, Honora47FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Graney, James23MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Graney, Hannah21FWSchool Teacher  IrelandXX  X     
  Graney, Dennis19MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Graney, Jeremiah17MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Graney, Mary J.10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
Page 6
3636Graney, John8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Graney, Catharine5FW   WisconsinXX  X     
3737Mc Grath, James52MWFarmer2500365IrelandXX        
  Mc Grath, Mary D.38FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Grath, Frank13MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, Dennis11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, Ellen10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, William8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, Nicholas7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Grath, Anna5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Mc Grath, Alice2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Mc Grath, Henry2/12MW   WisconsinXXApr       
3838Calaghan, Patrick40MWFarmer1000290IrelandXX   XX   
  Calaghan, JoAnna40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Calaghan, Catherine16FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Calaghan, Mary14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Calaghan, Dennis13MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Calaghan, Margret10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
3939Whalen, Michael40MWFarmer800260IrelandXX   XX   
  Whalen, Anna40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Whalen, Mary15FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Whalen, James10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Whalen, Ellen8FW   WisconsinXX        
  Whalen, George6MW   WisconsinXX        
  Whalen, Patrick4MW   WisconsinXX        
4040Finucen, Andrew60MWFarmer2000250IrelandXX        
  Finucen, Maria48FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Finucen, James33MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Finucen, Andrew13MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Finucen, Francis10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Finucen, Maria7FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Finucen, Caroline3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Finucen, Joseph6MW   WisconsinXX        
4141Rawley, Patrick40MWFarmer1300100IrelandXX        
  Rawley, Mary30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Rawley, James12MW   IllinoisXX  X     
  Rawley, Timothy10MW   IllinoisXX  X     
  Rawley, Patrick9MW   IllinoisXX  X     
  Rawley, John7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Rawley, Kate5FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 7
4141Rawley, Daniel3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Rawley, Maria1FW   WisconsinXX        
4242Loftus, Thomas45MWFarmer1000200IrelandXX        
  Loftus, Hannah13FW   WisconsinXX        
  Loftus, Maria8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Loftus, Thomas6MW   WisconsinXX        
  Loftus, James2MW   WisconsinXX        
4343Priuss, Frederic33MWFarmer600 PrussiaXX        
  Priuss, Catharine33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Priuss, Ewena12FW   PrussiaXX        
  Priuss, Rudolph10MW   PrussiaXX        
  Priuss, William8MW   PrussiaXX        
  Priuss, Emma4FW   PrussiaXX        
  Priuss, Frederic1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Priuss, Adwin1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Priuss, Catharine1/12FW   WisconsinXXMay       
4444O'Donald, James55MWFarmer40 IrelandXX        
  O'Donald, Mary37FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  O'Donald, Mina11FW   IrelandXX        
  O'Donald, John8MW   IrelandXX        
  O'Donald, Margret6FW   IrelandXX        
  O'Donald, James3MW   New YorkXX        
  O'Donald, Ann1FW   WisconsinXX        
4545Corralls, James32MWFarmer2000370IrelandXX        
  Corralls, Kate30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Corralls, Mary4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Corralls, Catharine2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Corralls, William1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Kennedy, Richard8MW   IllinoisXX  X     
4646Mulcahy, Cornelius50MWFarmer1500275IrelandXX    X   
4747Boland, Margret55FWKeeping House1500250IrelandXX        
  Boland, Matthew23MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Boland, William20MWTeaching School  New YorkXX        
  Boland, Margret18FW   New YorkXX        
  Boland, Michael14MW   WisconsinXX        
4848Mulcahy, William57MWFarmer1000200IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Catharine45FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Kate18FWTeaching School  IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Ellen18FW   IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Ann14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
Page 8
4949Dogan, John55MWFarmer800200IrelandXX        
  Dogan, Bridget51FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Dogan, Mary A.11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Dogan, Edward19MW   Massachusset {sic}XX  X     
5050Mulcahy, Timothy43MWFarmer1000530IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Eliza40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Cornelius18MW   WisconsinXX        
  Mulcahy, Mary A.15FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mulcahy, Delia11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mulcahy, William8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mulcahy, Elizabeth7FW   WisconsinXX  X     
5151Kennedy, Patrick48MWFarmer2000530IrelandXX        
  Kennedy, Margret45FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Kennedy, William10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Campbell, Mary19FW   Mass.          
5252Skine, Patrick44MWFarmer3000650IrelandXX   XX   
  Skine, Honora44FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Skine, Mary A.20FW   VermontXX        
  Skine, Thomas19MW   WisconsinXX        
  Skine, Patrick16MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Skine, John15MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Skine, Bridget13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Skine, William11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Skine, Michael8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Skine, James5MW   WisconsinXX        
  Skine, Martin A.2MW   WisconsinXX        
5353Flaherty, Michael48MWFarmer3000290IrelandXX        
  Flaherty, Mary43FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Flaherty, Charles18MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Flaherty, Stephen15MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Flaherty, James13MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Flaherty, Joseph9MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Flaherty, Ann7FW   IrelandXX  X     
  Flaherty, Mary11FW   Ireland {sic}XX  X     
  Flaherty, John4MW   Ireland {sic}XX  X     
  Flaherty, Michael2/12FW   IrelandXXMar       
5454Molton, Martin30MWFarmer400120CanadaXX        
  Molton, Catharine25FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Molton, William6MW   WisconsinXX        
  Molton, Ann3FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 9
5454Molton, Mary1FW   WisXX        
5555Corbell, John57MWFarmer2000260IrelandXX        
  Corbell, Mary47FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Corbell, Margret22FW   New HampshireXX        
  Corbell, Mary18FW   New YorkXX        
  Corbell, Patrick16MW   New YorkXX        
  Corbell, Bridget14FW   WisXX  X     
  Corbell, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Corbell, Catherine8FW   WisXX  X     
5656Speers, Francis27MWFarmer600100New York        X 
  Hillman, August37MWFarmer2000345PrussiaXX        
  Hillman, Emily33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hillman, Henry9MW   WisXX        
  Hillman, Charles7MW   WisXX        
  Hillman, Frederick4MW   WisXX        
  Hillman, Ann2FW   WisXX        
  Hillman, Edwin1/12MW   WisXXMay       
5757Lesley, Robert25MWFarmer1800 PrussiaXX        
  Lesley, Catharine24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
5858Riorden, Owen55MWFarmer2000508IrelandXX        
  Riorden, Jane45FW   IrelandXX   XX   
  Riorden, Thomas25MW   IrelandXX        
  Riorden, Michael18MW   IrelandXX  X     
  Riorden, Ann10FW   WisXX  X     
  Riorden, Mary J.7FW   WisXX  X     
5959Riorden, Patrick26MWFarmer1200275IrelandXX   XX   
  Riorden, Eliza24FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Riorden, James1MW   WisXX        
6060Stephen, John36MWFarmer1000135PrussiaXX        
  Stephen, Margret28FWKeeping House  New York          
  Stephen, Frederick10MW   WisX         
  Stephen, Kate8FW   WisX         
  Stephen, Sophia7FW   WisX         
  Stephen, Ellen3FW   WisX         
  Stephen, Ida5/12FW   WisX Dec       
6161Malley, James70MWFarmer500200IrelandXX        
  Malley, Mary70FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Kelly, John17MW   IrelandXX  X     
6262Malley, Patrick29MWFarmer2000260IrelandXX        
  Malley, Mary21FWKeeping House  Vermont          
Page 10
6262Malley, James1MW   WisX         
6363Caspar, Henry57MWFarmer2000530PrussiaXX        
  Caspar, Margret55FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Caspar, William24MW   PrussiaXX        
  Caspar, George21MW   PrussiaXX        
  Lidda, Charles25MWWork in A???  PrussiaXX        
6464Caspar, Jacob27MWFarmer1000125PrussiaXX        
  Caspar, Clothilde23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Caspar, Adolph1MW   WisXX        
6565Gissert, Fred29MWFarmer700130PrussiaXX        
  Gissert, Mary22FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
  Gissert, Barbara8/12FW   WisconsinX Oct       
6666Wertz, Laurence50MWFarmer2000240PrussiaXX        
  Wertz, Catherine36FW   PrussiaXX        
  Wertz, John18MW   New YorkXX        
  Wertz, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Wertz, Michael10MW   WisXX  X     
  Wertz, Catharine8FW   WisXX  X     
  Wertz, Ortilea5FW   WisXX     Blind  
  Wertz, Anna2FW   WisXX        
6767Delong, David31MWFarmer1600130New York        X 
  Delong, Harriet28FW   Illinois          
  Delong, Daniel4MW   Wis          
  Delong, Robert1MW   Wis          
6868Mangan, Patrick23MWFarmer700125IrelandXX   XX   
  Mangan, Ann17FW   IowaXX        
6969Gissart, Conrad56MWFarmer1000160PrussiaXX        
  Gissart, Charlotte56FW   PrussiaXX        
  Gissart, William20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Gissart, Barbara15FW   WisXX        
  Gissart, Adam13MW   WisXX        
7070Plate, Daniel48MWFarmer400130PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Dorothy37FW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Louisa21FW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Albert18MW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Daniel11MW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Dorothy9FW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Mary7FW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Gustavus5MW   PrussiaXX        
  Plate, Mina1FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 11
7171Leichtman, Martin28MWCarpenter2200500CanadaXX        
  Leichtman, Caroline22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Leichtman, Anna4FW   WisXX        
  Leichtman, Kate3FW   WisXX        
  Leichtman, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
7272Christman, John50MWFarmer1200130FranceXX        
  Christman, John19MW   WisXX        
  Christman, Mary16FW   WisXX        
  Christman, Rosina13FW   WisXX        
  Christman, Anthony11MW   WisXX        
  Christman, Adam9MW   WisXX        
  Christman, Dinah7FW   WisXX        
7373Shaver, John27MWFarmer1200125PrussiaXX        
  Shaver, Catharine23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Shaver, Mary2FW   WisXX        
7474Coy, David34MWFarmer3000380Vermont        X 
  Coy, Griza27FWKeeping House  New York          
  Coy, Mary A.6FW   Wis    X     
  Coy, Elsa A.4FW   Wis          
  Coy, Frederick1MW   Wis          
  Peters, John17MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
  Coy, Amana80MWFarmer  Vermont          
  Coy, Lurance71FW   Mass          
7575Crawford, John53MWFarmer3000400New York        X 
  Crawford, Gitta A.50FWKeeping House  New York          
  Crawford, Camilia M.20FWAt School  New York    X     
  Crawford, Ornida18FW   New York    X     
  Crawford, Adelia O.14FW   Wis    X     
  Crawford, William9MW   Wis    X     
  Giese, Claus23MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
7676Bledroff, William66MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Bledroff, Christian68FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
7777Hillman, Charles72MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Hillman, Elizabeth71FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hillman, Henry30MWFarmer3000400PrussiaXX        
  Hillman, Henrietta28FWKeeping House  Mass          
  Hillman, Mina6FW   WisX         
  Hillman, Caroline4FW   WisX         
  Hillman, Louisa2FW   WisX         
  Hillman, Charles2/12MW   WisX Mar       
Page 12
7777Swedenburg, Eve12FW   Wis    X     
7878Swedenburg, Anthony50MWFarmer  HanoverXX        
  Swedenburg, Elizabeth51FWKeeping House  HanoverXX        
  Swedenburg, Henry26MW   HanoverXX        
  Swedenburg, Herman24MW   HanoverXX        
  Swedenburg, Caroline20FW   HanoverXX        
  Swedenburg, Louisa17FW   HanoverXX        
7979Sonsen, Anna60FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Sonsen, Caroline18FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Sonsen, August12MW   WisXX  X     
  Sonsen, Anna9FW   WisXX  X     
  Sonsen, Amelia7FW   WisXX  X     
  Sonsen, Louisa2FW   WisXX        
  Baker, Charles30MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
8080McMahon, John41MWFarmer2000225IrelandXX        
  McMahon, Mary40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  McMahon, Patrick19MW   IrelandXX        
  McMahon, Theresa12FW   IrelandXX  X     
  McMahon, John9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  McMahon, Peter6MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  McMahon, James3MW   WisconsinXX        
  McMahon, Francis2/12MW   WisconsinXXMar       
  McMahon, Anna50FW   IrelandXX        
  Sharkey, Bridget72FW   IrelandXX        
  Speers, John8/12MW   WisXXOct       
8181Berg, John51MWFarmer2600125BavariaXX        
  Berg, Catharine46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Berg, Catharine19FW   WisXX        
  Berg, John15MW   WisXX        
  Berg, Herman12MW   WisXX  X     
  Berg, Margret9FW   WisXX  X     
8282Grentz, Peter50MWFarmer4000125PrussiaXX        
  Grentz, Margret48FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Grentz, Claus17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Grentz, Henry13MW   PrussiaXX        
  Grentz, Margret10FW   PrussiaXX        
  Grentz, Catharine7FW   PrussiaXX        
  Grentz, Matilda6FW   PrussiaXX        
  Larkie, Hannah70FW   PrussiaXX        
8383Voigt, Charles35MWFarmer1500180PrussiaXX        
Page 13
8383Voigt, Johanna37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Voigt, Waster {sic}8FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Voigt, Mathilda5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Voigt, Martha1FW   WisconsinXX        
  Voigt, William61MW   PrussiaXX        
8484Moses, Powel60MWFarmer1200200BadenXX        
  Moses, Caroline56FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Moses, Powel21MW   BadenXX        
  Moses, Caroline18FW   BadenXX        
  Moses, Frank16MW   BadenXX        
  Moses, Mary13FW   BadenXX        
8585Kreger, John32MWFarmer500160PrussiaXX        
  Kreger, Sophie28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kreger, Anna4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Kreger, John3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Kreger, Mary6/12FW   WisconsinXXDec       
8686Grutti, Henry45MWFarmer2000120PrussiaXX        
  Grutti, Mina F.38FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Grutti, Lewis9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Grutti, Charles7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Grutti, Bertha5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Grutti, Albert3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Grutti, Edwy1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Gluce, Edwin48MW   PrussiaXX        
  Gluce, Mina73FW   PrussiaXX        
8787Georgü, Edward28MWLutheran Minister 325WurtemburgXX        
  Georgü, Louisa24FW   BavariaXX        
  Georgü, Edward4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Georgü, Henry2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Georgü, Edwin2/12MW   WisconsinXXApr       
8888Frederwitz, Henry39MWFarmer4000670PrussiaXX        
  Frederwitz, Elizabeth30FWKeeping House  MassXX        
  Frederwitz, Hannah15FW   New YorkX   X     
  Frederwitz, Sophia13FW   WisconsinX   X     
  Frederwitz, Herman9MW   WisconsinX   X     
  Frederwitz, Henry6MW   WisconsinX   X     
  Frederwitz, Henrietta4FW   WisconsinX   X     
  Frederwitz, Albert1MW   WisconsinX         
  Frederwitz, William20MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
8989Schwalberg, John H.65MWFarmer2000420PrussiaXX        
Page 14
8989Schwalberg, Anna54FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schwalberg, Herman17MW   WisconsinXX        
  Schwalberg, Mina15FW   WisconsinXX  X     
9090Duchow, Albert32MWFarmer2000320PrussiaXX        
  Duchow, Barbara26FWKeeping House  MassXX        
  Duchow, Caroline5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Charles3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Henry1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Schwalberg, Eliza17FW   PrussiaXX        
9191Gerlach, Samuel35MWFarmer600155PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Caroline34FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Charles2MW   PrussiaXX        
9292Moses, Michael27MWFarmer1000220BadenXX        
  Moses, Theresa25FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Moses, Louisa5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Moses, Theresa3FW   WisconsinXX        
9393Opper, Peter46MWFarmer2000650DarmstadtXX        
  Opper, Catharine27FWKeeping House  MassXX        
  Opper, Barbara6FW   WisconsinX   X     
  Opper, Christian4MW   WisconsinX         
  Opper, Henry2MW   WisconsinX         
  Opper, Margret11FW   WisconsinX         
  Opper, Peter9MW   WisconsinX   X     
  Opper, Christian22MWFarmer  DarmstadtXX        
9494Goager, Neibert49MWFarmer500190BadenXX        
  Goager, Mary A.53FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Goager, John18MW   BadenXX        
  Goager, Mary12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
9595Guthchow, Fred28MWFarmer2000212MecklenburgXX        
  Guthchow, Henrietta24FW   PrussiaXX        
  Guthchow, Augusta3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Guthchow, Henrietta2FW   WisconsinXX        
9696Voget, Herman20MWFarmer1500 PrussiaXX        
9797Wundrow, John37MWFarmer2000200MecklenburgXX        
  Wundrow, Mary42FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Wundrow, Henry14MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Wundrow, Charles9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
9898Gerlach, Charles22MWFarmer600 PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Mina22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
9999Lambke, John30MWFarmer3000350PrussiaXX        
Page 15
9999Lambke, Caroline28FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Lambke, Caroline12FW   MecklenburgXX  X     
100100Brinkman, Fred37MWFarmer2500290PrussiaXX        
  Brinkman, Gustine35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Brinkman, Anna13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Brinkman, Fredrick10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Brinkman, Ernest8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Brinkman, Amelia6FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Brinkman, William4MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Brinkman, Ida2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Brinkman, Ellen9/12FW   WisconsinXXSep       
  Mohnke, Anna23FWTeaching School  PrussiaXX        
101101Lambke, George45MWFarm Laborer  MecklenburgXX        
  Lambke, Mary45FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Lambke, Mary7FW   MecklenburgXX  X     
  Lambke, George4MW   MecklenburgXX  X     
102102Zhan, Frederick22MWFarmer1000180BavariaXX        
  Zhan, Hannah21FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Zhan, Huldah1FW   WisconsinXX        
  Zhan, Edwin5/12MW   WisconsinXXNov       
  Barts, August8MW   PrussiaXX  X     
103103Rusch, Ferdinand22MWFarmer1800320PrussiaXX        
  Rusch, Mary24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Rusch, Henry5MW   WisconsinXX        
  Rusch, August1MW   WisconsinXX        
104104Zhan, John55MWFarmer100 PrussiaXX        
  Zhan, Fredericka55FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Zhan, August20MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Zhan, Mary17FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Zhan, Herman15MW   WisconsinXX  X     
105105Zhan, Leitrecht30MWFarmer2000285PrussiaXX        
  Zhan, Mina26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Zhan, Mary5FW   WisconsinXX  X     
106106Duchow, William27MWFarmer3000 PrussiaXX        
  Duchow, Caroline22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Duchow, Alvena5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Edward2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Henry1MW   WisconsinXX        
107107Prohl, Albert29MWFarmer3000190PrussiaXX        
  Prohl, Caroline20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
Page 16
107107Prohl, Charles4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Prohl, Henry2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Prohl, William3/12MW   WisconsinXXMar       
108108Gephart, George43MWFarmer500180BavariaXX   XX   
  Gephart, Ernestine29FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gephart, Emma11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gephart, Augusta9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gephart, Delia7FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gephart, Matilda3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Gephart, Sophia8/12FW   WisconsinXXOct       
109109Pomranke, August32MWFarmer2500328PrussiaXX        
  Pomranke, Ernestine25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Pomranke, Gustave8/12MW   WisconsinXXOct       
110110Promranke, Michael60MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Promranke, Gustiene55FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Promranke, Herman14MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Promranke, Robert11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
111111Tremble, Joseph41MWFarmer1200180BadenXX        
  Tremble, Magdalene38FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Tremble, Agnes17FW   BadenXX  X     
  Tremble, Joseph14MW   BadenXX  X     
  Tremble, George11MW   BadenXX  X     
  Tremble, John10MW   BadenXX  X     
  Tremble, Rosina8FW   BadenXX  X     
  Tremble, Paul7MW   BadenXX  X     
  Tremble, Magdalene5FW   BadenXX        
  Tremble, Margret4FW   BadenXX        
  Tremble, Theresa2FW   BadenXX        
  Seageal, George72MW   BadenXX        
112112Gotto, George55MWFarmer1500360PrussiaXX        
  Gotto, Rosina45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gotto, William23MW   PrussiaXX        
  Gotto, Carloline {sic}20FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Gotto, Elizabeth17FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Gotto, August14MW   PrussiaXX  X     
113113Gerlach, John50MWFarmer3000800PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Dorothy52FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Caleb21MW   PrussiaXX        
  Gerlach, Daniel19MW   PrussiaXX        
114114Isaac, August27MWFarmer1800260PrussiaXX        
Page 17
114114Isaac, Caroline23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Isaac, Christina13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Isaac, Peter D.11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Isaac, William6MW   WisconsinXX        
  Isaac, Henry4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Isaac, Ida2FW   WisconsinXX        
115115Kind, Hannah56FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kind, Elizabeth23FW   PrussiaXX        
  Kind, Caleb22MW   PrussiaXX        
  Kind, Rosa19FW   PrussiaXX        
  Kind, Hannah17FW   PrussiaXX        
  Kind, Caroline14FW   PrussiaXX        
116116Powel, Christian58MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Powel, Christina52FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Powel, Frederick36MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
  Powel, Charles27MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
  Powel, William16MW   PrussiaXX        
  Powel, Ferdinand13MW   PrussiaXX        
117117Staman, Christopher34MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Staman, Christina26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Staman, August2MW   PrussiaXX        
118118Branarkel, Horace50MWFarmer800160BadenXX        
  Branarkel, Mary65FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Branarkel, Stephen20MW   BadenXX        
  Branarkel, Mary18FW   BadenXX        
  Branarkel, Hannah16FW   BadenXX        
  Branarkel, Elizabeth13FW   BadenXX        
119119Beadenbinder, John24MWFarmer1000 DarmstadtXX        
  Beadenbinder, Margret20FWKeeping House  WisconsinXX        
120120Zahn, John26MWCarpenter500150PrussiaXX        
  Zahn, Theresa19FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
  Zahn, Amanda2FW   WisconsinX         
  Zahn, Martha1FW   WisconsinX         
121121Kaule, August28MWShoemaker300100PrussiaXX        
  Kaule, Bertha23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
122122Meuke, Claus51MWDry Goods Merch Ret.2000170PrussiaXX        
  Meuke, Anna50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Meuke, Margret20FW   WisconsinXX        
  Meuke, Ernest18MW   WisconsinXX        
  Meuke, Elizabeth16FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 18
122122Meuke, August8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Meuke, Emily6FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Leukel, Jacob25MWCarpenter600 BavariaXX        
  Schaar, John20MWCarpenter  Holstein PrussiaXX        
123123Meuke, Henry50MWTaylor800 PrussiaXX        
  Meuke, Margret53FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Meuke, Ernest5MW   PrussiaXX        
124124Morgan, Thomas26MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Morgan, Eunice20FWKeeping House  Pensylvania {sic}XX        
  Morgan, John T.1MW   WisconsinX         
  Morgan, Mary A.13FW   WisconsinXX        
125125Dennis, Andrew45MWBlacksmith600200CanadaXX        
  Dennis, Mary37FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Dennis, Mary A.17FW   CanadaXX        
  Dennis, James A.18MW   IllinoisXX        
  Dennis, William H.15MW   IllinoisXX        
  Dennis, Ella J.5FW   WisconsinXX        
  Dennis, Sarah E.3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Dennis, Fanny10/12FW   WisconsinXXAug       
126126Haut, Johnathan52MWCarpenter180 New York        X 
  Haut, Sarah51FWKeeping House  New York          
  Haut, Emma20FW   New York    X     
  Haut, Frank13MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Haut, Rose E.10FW   Wisconsin    X     
127127Scholey, S. B. D.55MW   Pensylvania {sic}        X 
  Scholey, Susan37FW   New York          
  Scholey, Alice18FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Scholey, Leonora14FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Scholey, Frederick6MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Scholey, Clarence4MW   Wisconsin          
  Scholey, Stephen16MW   Wisconsin    X     
128128Warner, Benjamin37MWFarmer800137SwitzerlandXX        
  Warner, Mina37FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Warner, Louisa6FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Warner, William4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Warner, Herman2MW   WisconsinXX        
129129Larkey, Christian41MWFarmer4570450PrussiaXX        
  Larkey, Augusta31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Larkey, Sophia9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Larkey, Otto7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
Page 19
129129Larkey, Henry6MW   WisconsinXX        
  Larkey, Bertha4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Larkey, Matilda2FW   WisconsinXX        
130130Lorche, Charles39MWFarmer3000430PrussiaXX        
  Lorche, Louisa35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lorche, Amelia12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lorche, Theodore10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lorche, Emma8FW   WisconsinXX        
  Lorche, Bertha6FW   WisconsinXX        
  Lorche, Martha4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Lorche, Alvina2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Lorche, Huldah4/12FW   WisconsinXXMar       
131131Greve, Henry24MWFarmer2000125HolsteinXX        
  Greve, Dorothy26FWKeeping House  HolsteinXX        
132132Giedgens, John26MWFarmer  HolsteinXX        
  Giedgens, Margret22FWKeeping House  HolsteinXX        
133133Geyso, Herman50MWFarmer2000175PrussiaXX        
  Geyso, Ida50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Geyso, Richard16MW   WisconsinXX        
134134Grapp, Henry31MWFarmer1500130PrussiaXX        
  Grapp, Christina22FW   PrussiaXX        
  Grapp, Jacob2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Grapp, August4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Grapp, Anna4/12FW   WisconsinXXFeb       
135135Clark, David39MWFarmer1000140New York        X 
  Clark, Sarah J.29FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Clark, Sarah L.13FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Clark, Margret7FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Clark, William7MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Clark, Nancy82FW   New Hampshire     XX   
136136Starkey, Susan45FWKeeping House1300190PrussiaXX        
  Starkey, Caroline18FW   WisconsinXX        
  Starkey, August12MW   WisconsinXX        
  Starkey, Anna10FW   WisconsinXX        
  Starkey, Amelia8FW   WisconsinXX        
  Starkey, Louisa1FW   WisconsinXX        
  Baker, Charles36MWShoemaker  PrussiaXX        
137137Potter, O. R.57MWLumberman10,00020,000CanadaXX        
  Potter, Eliza30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Potter, Legare27MWLumberman  New York        X 
Page 20
137137Potter, Emily27FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
  Potter, May5FW   Wisconsin          
  Rada, Thomas20MWLaborer  IrelandXX        
  Wright, De Witt38MWMachinist 400New York        X 
  Welch, Benjamin19MWFarm Laborer  Wisconsin          
138138Mulcahy, John57MWFarmer1500230IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Mary57FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mulcahy, Mary17FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mulcahy, Margret14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mulcahy, Ellen13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mulcahy, John11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
139139Engel, Henry44MWWagon Maker 100Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Engel, Sophia44FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Engel, Charles9MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Engel, Mary3FW   New YorkXX        
140140Otto, George54MWSaloon Keeper600 SaxonyXX        
  Bartels, Henry62MWSaloon Keeper600180PrussiaXX        
  Bartels, Sophia60FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Bartels, William23MW   PrussiaXX        
141141Duchow, Charles26MWFarmer1400360PrussiaXX        
  Duchow, Caroline26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Duchow, Albert6MW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Lewis5MW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Herman2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Duchow, Mina62FW   PrussiaXX        
142142Schutte, William28MWFarmer400150PrussiaXX        
  Schutte, Otilda18FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
  Schutte, Anna8/12FW   WisconsinX Sep       
  Schriber, Kate8FW   Wisconsin          
143143Eygert, Fred50MWFarmer300130PrussiaXX        
  Eygert, Mina53FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Eygert, Charles17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Eygert, Frederick3MW   PrussiaXX        
144144Clines, Godfrey37MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Clines, Mina33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Clines, Matilda3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Clines, Anna6/12FW   WisconsinXXDec       
145145Ackert, John30MWFarmer  MecklenburgXX        
  Ackert, Anna28FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Ackert, Charles3MW   WisconsinXX        
Page 21
145145Ackert, Emma2FW   WisXX        
  Ackert, Anna11/12FW   WisXXJune       
146146Olm, Lewis36MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Olm, Mary23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Olm, Frederick4MW   WisXX        
  Olm, Charles2MW   WisXX        
147147Wilhelm, Jacob40MWFarmer2500380FranceXX        
  Wilhelm, Mina43FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Wilhelm, Jacob14MW   WisXX  X     
  Wilhelm, Lana12FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wilhelm, Gustave7MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Latterman, August72MW   SaxonyXX        
  Kreger, August30MWFarmer  SaxonyXX        
  Kreger, Matilda27FW   SaxonyXX        
  Kreger, Alfred4MW   SaxonyXX        
  Kreger, Robert2MW   SaxonyXX        
148148Glosshoff, Peter26MWFarmer2000230Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Glosshoff, Margret26FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Glosshoff, Catharine3FW   WisXX        
  Glosshoff, Eliza2FW   WisXX        
  Glosshoff, Matilda4/12FW   WisXXFeb       
149149Kaenry, Joseph37MWFarmer1800250PrussiaXX        
  Kaenry, Ellen30FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Kaenry, Emma9FW   WisXX        
  Kaenry, Hallmuth4MW   WisXX        
  Kaenry, George1MW   WisXX        
  Kaenry, Josephine1/12FW   WisXXMay       
150150Schafer, August56MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Schafer, Mary48FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schafer, John22MW   PrussiaXX        
  Schafer, Gotleib15MW   PrussiaXX        
  Hince, Erne52MWFarmer800180PrussiaXX        
  Hince, Eliza55FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hince, William19MW   PrussiaXX        
  Hince, Enstein18FW   PrussiaXX        
151151Freng, Christian33MWFarmer  MecklenburgXX        
  Freng, Anna40FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Freng, Frederick10MW   MecklenburgXX        
  Freng, Anna6FW   MecklenburgXX        
152152Leg, John37MWFarmer  BadenXX        
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152152Leg, Matilda36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Leg, Caroline10FW   WisXX        
  Leg, Mary9FW   WisXX        
  Leg, Matilda7FW   WisXX        
  Leg, Andrew4MW   WisXX        
153153Klist, Claus36MWFarmer5000420Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Klist, Henrietta28FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Klist, John11MW   WisXX        
  Klist, Henry10MW   WisXX        
  Klist, Charles8MW   WisXX        
  Klist, Peter6MW   WisXX        
154154Kleist, Henry D.32MWFarmer2500425Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Kleist, Augusta18FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
155155Muller, Claus58MWFarmer2000260Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Muller, Lena52FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Muller, Peter25MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Muller, John22MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Muller, Hans20MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Muller, Jacob17MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
156156Mortell, Patrick53MWFarmer3800490IrelandXX   XX   
  Mortell, Margret48FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mortell, Thomas22MWAt Home  MassXX        
  Mortell, Dennis19MW   MassXX        
  Mortell, James17MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Mortell, Patrick14MW   WisXX  X     
157157Partz, John42MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Partz, Caroline42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Partz, Charles42MW   PrussiaXX        
158158Pippenburg, Gotlieb62MWFarmer1400340PrussiaXX        
  Pippenburg, Bertha59FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Pippenburg, Robert17MW   WisXX        
  Pippenburg, Frank14MW   WisXX        
  Pippenburg, Albert12MW   WisXX        
  Pippenburg, Bertha8FW   WisXX        
159159Glasar, John52MWFarmer1600170PrussiaXX        
  Glasar, Lucy48FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Glasar, John21MW   PrussiaXX        
  Glasar, Mary16FW   PrussiaXX        
160160Malmick, John48MWFarmer800100PrussiaXX        
  Malmick, Sophie49FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
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160160Malmick, Charles10MW   PrussiaXX        
161161Rioser, Frederick37MWFarmer1600400PrussiaXX        
  Rioser, Mary26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Rioser, John5MW   WisXX        
162162Olbey, Shepherd28MWFarmer1000100Mass        X 
163163Besrte, Frederick35MWFarmer1800135MechlenburgXX        
  Besrte, Catharine30FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Besrte, Bertha11FW   MechlenburgXX  X     
  Besrte, William9MW   MechlenburgXX  X     
  Besrte, Mary5FW   MechlenburgXX        
  Besrte, Emma3FW   MechlenburgXX        
164164Osterman, John30MWFarmer500130Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Osterman, Margret30FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Osterman, Mary1/12FW   WisXXMay       
165165Clausen, Hans36MWFarmer900125Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, Mary37FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, Otto14MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, Henry13MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, John12MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, Mary10FW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, Mina8FW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, Hans4MW   Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Clausen, William2/12MW   WisXXApr       
166166Martin, John55MWFarmer1000150PrussiaXX        
  Martin, Eliza54FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Martin, Lewis18MW   PrussiaXX        
  Martin, Mary13FW   WisXX        
  Martin, Mena11FW   WisXX        
  Thiel, Hans25MWWork in Ashery  Holstein PrussiaXX        
167167Lauer, Peter35MWFarmer800150PrussiaXX        
  Lauer, Catharine28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lauer, Catharine8FW   WisXX        
  Lauer, Mary6FW   WisXX        
  Lauer, Peter4MW   WisXX        
  Lauer, August2MW   WisXX        

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