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1870 Federal Census for Harrison, Calumet County

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# White
# White
# Colored
# Colored
# Males,
Foreign Born
# Females,
Foreign Born
# Blind# Insane

Column-Identifying Intial = Full Explanation

1-D = Dwelling - Houses numbered in the order of visitation
2-F = Families numbered in the order of visitation
3-Name= The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
4-Age = Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
5-G = Sex {M= Male / F = Female}
6-C = Color {White = W / Black = B / Mulatto = M / Chinese = C / Indian = I}
7-O = Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.
Value of Real Estate owned
8-R = Value of Real Estate Owned
9-P = Value of Personal Estate
10-B = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
11-FB = Father of Foreign born
12-MB = Mother of Foreign born
13-I = If born within the year, state month {Jan. & c.}
14-M = If married within the last year, state month {Jan. & c.}
15-A = Attended school within the year
16-CR = Cannot Read
17-CW = Cannot Write
18-DD = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
19-US = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.
20-V = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards where rights to vote is denied on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

Page 1
11Goan, Henry34MWFarmer 200New YorkXX        
  Goan, Caroline31FWKeeping House  New YorkXX        
  Goan, Henry7MW   Wis          
22Geater, William52MWFarmer1800480EnglandXX        
  Geater, Hannah51FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Geater, Hannah M.21FW   WisXX        
33Wildman, Joseph59MWLocomotive Builder  EnglandXX        
  Wildman, Sarah60FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Wildman, Thomas17MW   EnglandXX  X     
  Wildman, Joseph15MW   EnglandXX  X     
44Longworth, John48MWFarmer2700300EnglandXX        
  Longworth, Anna47FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Longworth, John22MW   EnglandXX        
  Longworth, William18MW   EnglandXX        
  Longworth, Joseph15MW   EnglandXX        
  Longworth, Sarah12FW   WisXX        
  Longworth, Elizabeth9FW   WisXX        
  Longworth, Thomas4MW   WisXX        
55Brandmier, Andrew48MWFarmer3300350BavariaXX        
  Brandmier, Margret46FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Brandmier, Andrew20MW   BavariaXX        
  Brandmier, Magdalene18FW   IllXX  X     
  Brandmier, John16MW   IllXX  X     
  Brandmier, George15MW   IllXX  X     
  Brandmier, Susan13FW   IllXX  X     
  Brandmier, Ann13FW   IllXX  X     
  Brandmier, Elizabeth11FW   WisXX  X     
  Brandmier, Henry9MW   WisXX  X     
  Brandmier, Michael7MW   WisXX  X     
  Brandmier, James5MW   WisXX  X     
66Chomis, Michael43MWFarmer2000500PrussiaXX        
  Chomis, Gertrude40FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Chomis, John17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Chomis, Gertrude15FW   PrussiaXX        
  Chomis, Stephen11MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Chomis, Joseph6MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Chomis, Ann4FW   PrussiaXX        
  Chomis, Nicholas1MW   WisXX        
77Barber, Stephen49MWFarmer  Michigan          
  Barber, Phebe40FWKeeping House  New York          
Page 2
77Barber, Angeline13FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Barber, Alvira22FWAt Home  New York          
  Barber, John17MW   Wis    X     
  Barber, Anna12FW   Wis    X     
  Barber, Melissa9FW   Wis    X     
88Vowe, David36MWFarmer400 New York        X 
  Vowe, Emeline30FWKeeping House  New York          
  Vowe, Albert11MW   Wis    X     
  Vowe, Almer9MW   Wis    X     
  Vowe, Morris7MW   Wis    X     
  Vowe, George1MW   Wis          
99Fenten, Edward56MWFarmer1700360New York        X 
  Fenten, Albert20MWFarm Laborer  New York          
1010Gieson, Lorenzo50MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Gieson, Catharine40FWKeeping House3000400PrussiaXX        
  Gieson, Joseph14MW   WisXX  X     
  Gieson, Lorenzo11MW   WisXX  X     
  Gieson, Andrew3MW   WisXX        
  Gieson, Christian2/12MW   WisXXMay       
1111Gieson, Christian42MWFarmer3000350PrussiaXX        
  Gieson, Henry12MW   WisXX  X     
  Gieson, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Gieson, John6MW   WisXX  X     
1212Grey, James47MWFarmer6000460ScotlandXX        
  Grey, Margret46FWKeeping House  ScotlandXX        
  Grey, John22MWFarmer  ScotlandXX        
  Grey, Margret16FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Grey, Elizabeth13FW   WisXX  X     
  Grey, Isabel11FW   WisXX  X     
  Grey, Jane6FW   WisXX  X     
1313Blumberg, William50MWFarmer3000600PrussiaXX        
  Blumberg, Elizabeth44FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Blumberg, Amel18MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Blumberg, William16MW   WisXX  X     
  Blumberg, Emma14FW   WisXX  X     
  Blumberg, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
  Blumberg, Augusta11FW   WisXX  X     
  Blumberg, Frederick9MW   WisXX  X     
  Blumberg, Albert7MW   WisXX  X     
  Blumberg, Charles5MW   WisXX  X     
Page 3
1414Fenton, Mary58FWKeeping House1000156New York          
  Fenton, Edwin18MW   New York          
  Fenton, George16MW   Wis    X     
  Fenton, Charles12MW   Wis    X     
  Fenton, Frank10FW   Wis    X     
1515Harvey, Sarah57FWKeeping House6000800EnglandXX        
  Harvey, Henry B.26MW   EnglandXX        
  Harvey, Joseph25MW   EnglandXX        
  Harvey, Thomas18MW   EnglandXX        
1616Dorothy, Catharine48FWKeeping House1200100IrelandXX   XX   
  Dorothy, Hannah16FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Dorothy, Mary53FW   IrelandXX   XX   
  Dorothy, Margret17FW   New JerseyXX  X     
1717Haestle, Andrew28MWFarmer300100WurtemburgXX        
  Haestle, Mary25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Haestle, Catharine5FW   WisXX        
  Haestle, Helen3FW   WisXX        
  Haestle, Mary1FW   WisXX        
1818Aenz, John60MWFarmer800360PrussiaXX        
  Aenz, Catharine50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Aenz, Michael18MW   PrussiaXX        
  Aenz, Lena16FW   PrussiaXX        
  Aenz, Elizabeth12FW   WisXX  X     
  Aenz, Clara14FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Aenz, Anna10FW   WisXX  X     
  Aenz, Dora9FW   WisXX  X     
  Aenz, Peter7MW   WisXX  X     
1919Bart, Peter63MWFarmer3000600PrussiaXX        
  Bart, Catharine46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Bart, Margret19FW   WisXX        
  Bart, Joseph17MW   WisXX        
  Bart, August14MW   WisXX        
  Bart, John12MW   WisXX        
  Bart, Anton10MW   WisXX        
  Bart, Peter7MW   WisXX        
  Bart, Michael5MW   WisXX        
  Backer, Frank35MWStone Mason  PrussiaXX        
2020Kuhn, Joseph50MWFarmer1600450PrussiaXX        
  Kuhn, Mary49FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kuhn, Joseph13MW   WisXX        
Page 4
2020Kuhn, Catharine9FW   WisXX  X     
  Kuhn, Matilda7FW   WisXX  X     
2121Price, Patrick56MWFarmer500 IrelandXX   XX   
  Price, Mary57FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Price, Michael23MW   IrelandXX        
  Price, Christopher29MW   IrelandXX   XX   
  Price, Catharine19FW   IrelandXX        
2222Lais, John J.46MWFarmer1200300PrussiaXX        
  Lais, Catharine39FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lais, Anna M.13FW   WisXX  X     
  Lais, Catharine11FW   WisXX  X     
  Lais, Mary7FW   WisXX  X     
  Lais, Thomas6MW   WisXX  X     
  Lais, Henry4MW   WisXX        
  Lais, John J.1MW   WisXX        
2323Watz, Matthias53MWFarmer800150PrussiaXX        
  Watz, Mary50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Watz, Veronika10FW   WisXX  X     
  Watz, Elizabetha8FW   WisXX  X     
2424Lear, John J.65MWFarmer4400500PrussiaXX        
  Lear, Anna M.65FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lear, John21MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
2525Schumus, Nicholas40MWFarmer1000165PrussiaXX        
  Schumus, Margret34FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schumus, Mathias9MW   WisXX  X     
  Schumus, John7MW   WisXX  X     
  Schumus, Mary5FW   WisXX  X     
  Schumus, Anna2FW   WisXX        
2626Pung, John J.45MWTailor  PrussiaXX        
  Pung, Mary57FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Pung, Mary10FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Pung, Lawrence8MW   PrussiaXX  X     
2727Mansfierd, Orrin57MWFarmer3200900Conn        X 
  Mansfierd, Betsey49FWKeeping House  Conn          
  Mansfierd, Frederick8MW   Wis    X     
  Mansfierd, Orrin D.3MW   Wis          
2828Bishop, Bela28MW????4000660Vermont        X 
  Bishop, Louisa23FWKeeping House  Conn          
  Alan, James6MW   Wis    X     
  Beach, Mell4MW   Wis          
Page 5
2929Golderman, John60MWFarmer1000130PrussiaXX        
  Golderman, Margret58FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Golderman, Matilda21FW   PrussiaXX        
  Golderman, Hannah19FW   PrussiaXX        
  Golderman, Mary17FW   PrussiaXX        
  Golderman, Catharine14FW   WisXX        
  Golderman, John12MW   WisXX  X     
3030Smith, John44MWFarmer2000360PrussiaXX        
  Smith, Mary42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Smith, Mary20FW   OhioXX       
  Smith, Barbara18FW   OhioXX        
  Smith, Charles16MW   IndianaXX        
  Smith, Nicholas12MW   WisXX  X     
  Smith, Helen9FW   WisXX  X     
  Smith, Walter7MW   WisXX  X     
  Smith, Peter5MW   WisXX        
  Smith, Josephine2FW   WisXX        
3131Baker, John45MWFarmer2100380PrussiaXX        
  Baker, Mary41FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Baker, Lambert15MW   WisXX  X     
  Baker, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Baker, William10MW   WisXX  X     
  Baker, Mary7FW   WisXX  X     
  Baker, George4MW   WisXX        
  Baker, Louisa1FW   WisXX        
3232Medler, Peter36MWFarmer1000 PrussiaXX        
  Medler, Lena27FWKeeping House  WurtemburgXX        
  Medler, Andrew8MW   WisXX  X     
  Medler, Joseph6MW   WisXX  X     
  Medler, Rosa4FW   WisXX        
  Medler, John1MW   WisXX        
3333Fenton, George50MWFarmer1500190New York        X 
  Fenton, Josephine32FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Fenton, Ellen9FW   Wis    X     
  Fenton, Edward6MW   Wis    X     
  Fenton, Clarence3MW   Wis          
3434Seymour, William42MWFarmer3000460IrelandXX        
  Seymour, Catharine39FWKeeping House  Pa          
  Seymour, James20MW   WisX         
  Seymour, Mary16FW   WisX         
Page 6
3434Seymour, Daniel15MW   WisX   X     
  Seymour, William11MW   WisX   X     
  Seymour, Michael9MW   WisX   X     
  Seymour, Dennis7MW   WisX   X     
  Seymour, Ellen4FW   WisX         
  Seymour, Francis4/12MW   WisX Mar       
3535Rice, B. Frederick37MWFarmer375160Vermont        X 
  Rice, Rachel25FWKeeping House  New York          
  Rice, Herbert16MW   Vermont    X     
  Rice, Frederick13MW   Wis    X     
  Rice, Adelbert11MW   Wis    X     
  Rice, Augusta7FW   Wis    X     
  Rice, Wallace4MW   Wis          
  Rice, Otto7/12MW   Wis  Dec       
3636Elkbert, Edward26MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Elkbert, Caroline25FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Elkbert, Emma4FW   WisXX        
  Elkbert, William2MW   WisXX        
3737Feis, John52MWCarpenter  BavariaXX        
  Feis, Barbara50FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Feis, Anna22FWAt Home  BavariaXX        
  Feis, John20MW   BavariaXX        
  Feis, Jacob16MW   BavariaXX        
  Feis, John E.12MW   WisXX  X     
  Feis, Andrew10MW   WisXX  X     
  Feis, Michael7MW   WisXX  X     
3838Pratt, Russell56MWFarmer4000560New York        X 
  Pratt, Emeline52FWKeeping House  New York          
  Pratt, Erastus30MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Pratt, Mervan27MWFarmer  New York     XX X 
  Pratt, Edward23MWFarmer  Wis        X 
  Pratt, Mary11FW   Missouri    X     
  Pratt, Huldah76FW   Conn          
3939Schuetts, Frederika30FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Schuetts, August5MW   MechlenburgXX        
  Strachan, Charles29MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Strachan, Augusta28FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Strachan, Augusta5FW   WisXX        
  Strachan, Otto1MW   WisXX        
4040Steinhagen, Charles36MWFarmer1300170MechlenburgXX        
Page 7
4040Steinhagen, Louise35FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Steinhagen, Charles12MW   MechlenburgXX  X     
  Steinhagen, Herman8MW   WisXX  X     
  Steinhagen, Walter7MW   WisXX  X     
4141Steinhagen, Fred48MWFarmer3000320MechlenburgXX        
  Steinhagen, Mary26FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Steinhagen, Frederick17MW   MechlenburgXX  X     
  Steinhagen, Ernest15MW   WisXX  X     
  Steinhagen, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
4242Schultz, Charles27MWFarmer2600340MechlenburgXX        
  Schultz, Frederika26FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Schultz, Albert5MW   WisXX  X     
  Schultz, William4MW   WisXX        
  Schultz, Minie4FW   WisXX        
4343Sidel, Antonie55MWFarmer  BavariaXX        
  Sidel, George25MWFarmer  BavariaXX        
  Sidel, Joseph23MWFarmer  BavariaXX        
  Sidel, Mary18FWAt Home  BavariaXX        
  Sidel, Antone13MW   WisXX  X     
  Sidel, Theresa9FW   WisXX  X     
4444Helms, William28MWFarmer  BavariaXX        
  Helms, Anna26FW   BavariaXX        
  Helms, Frederick6MW   BavariaXX        
  Helms, Henry4MW   WisXX        
  Helms, William1MW   WisXX        
4545Scherer, Mattice57MWFarmer1040220PrussiaXX        
  Scherer, Anna39FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Scherer, Henry16MW   WisXX  X     
  Scherer, John14MW   WisXX  X     
  Scherer, Kate12FW   WisXX  X     
  Scherer, Nicholas10MW   WisXX  X     
  Scherer, Peter8MW   WisXX  X     
  Scherer, Joseph6MW   WisXX  X     
  Scherer, Margret3FW   WisXX        
  Scherer, Gertrude2/12FW   WisXXMay       
4646Nash, John34MWFarmer1000130IrelandXX   XX   
  Nash, Mary27FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Nash, Patrick8MW   New JerseyXX  X     
  Nash, Mary A.5FW   New JerseyXX  X     
  Nash, Hannah3FW   WisXX        
Page 8
4646Nash, Margret3/12FW   WisXXMay       
4747Caroll, Thomas56MWFarmer800 IrelandXX        
  Caroll, Margret40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
4848Rice, Ira A.40MWFarmer 100New York        X 
  Rice, Ruth S.40FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Rice, Caroline11FW   Vermont    X     
  Rice, Emily10FW   Vermont    X     
  Rice, Sara9FW   Vermont    X     
  Rice, Inez4FW   Wis          
  Rice, Barrett3/12MW   Wis  Apr       
4949Alexander, James39MWFarmer 125CanadaXX        
  Alexander, Henrietta36FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Alexander, William13MW   CanadaXX        
  Alexander, Isabell11FW   WisXX        
  Alexander, George9MW   WisXX  X     
  Alexander, Anna6FW   WisXX  X     
  Alexander, Milla3FW   WisXX        
  Alexander, Wallace1MW   WisXX        
5050Carter, Benjamin45MWBrick Manufacturer3000400New Hampshire        X 
  Carter, Louisa40FWKeeping House  New Hampshire          
  Carter, Frederick18MW   Maine    X     
  Carter, Charles16MW   New Ham {sic}    X     
  Carter, Sarah15FW   New Ham {sic}    X     
  Carter, John H.12MW   New Ham {sic}    X     
  Carter, Mary9FW   New Ham {sic}    X     
  Carter, Henry7MW   Wis    X     
  Carter, Benjamin4MW   Wis    X     
  Carter, Bertha1FW   Wis          
  Rummel, Hannah83FW   New Hamps {sic}        X 
  O'Brien, Mary18FWDomestic Servant  Ohio          
  Rieter, John25MWWorks in Brickyard  PrussiaXX        
  Clifford, Horace30MW   New York        X 
5151Yager, George48MWBrick-maker 225New York        X 
  Yager, Rhoda41FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Yager, George22MWWorks in Brickyard  Ill        X 
  Yager, Bertha18FWAt Home  Ill          
  Yager, Ella13FW   Ill          
  Yager, Frederick9/12MW   Ill  Oct       
5252Steeman, Charles59MWWorks in Brickyard800100Holstein PrussiaXX      X 
  Steeman, Margret41FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
Page 9
5252Steeman, Margret16FW   WisXX        
  Steeman, Charles13MW   WisXX  X     
  Steeman, Frederick8MW   WisXX  X     
  Steeman, Henry5MW   WisXX  X     
5353Nugent, Henry59MWFarmer81001260CanadaXX   XX   
  Nugent, Miranda50FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Nugent, Daniel20MW   CanadaXX        
  Nugent, Florence18FW   MichiganXX  X     
  Nugent, Mary16FW   MichiganXX  X     
  Nugent, Jesse10MW   WisXX  X     
  Nugent, Fred8MW   WisXX  X     
  Gillis, John23MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
5454Gregor, William58MWSaloon Keeper600130PrussiaXX        
  Gregor, Emily37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gregor, Leopold10MW   WisXX  X     
  Gregor, Menie8FW   WisXX  X     
  Gregor, Edith5FW   WisXX        
  Gregor, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Gregor, Herman3MW   WisXX        
  Gregor, William4/12MW   WisXXApr       
5555Franklin, Soloman64MWFarmer1000125EnglandXX        
  Franklin, Maria44FWKeeping House  New York          
  Franklin, Phenia15FW   CanadaX   X     
  Franklin, William13MW   CanadaX   X     
  Franklin, Julius7/12MW   WisX Dec       
5656Carter, Henry43MWLaborer  New Hamps {sic}        X 
  Carter, Mary37FWKeeping House 170New Hamps {sic}          
  Carter, Willie17MW   New Hamps {sic}    X     
  Carter, George10MW   Wis    X     
  Smith, Nellie19FWDomestic Servant  Wis          
5757Collins, Samuel34MWLumberman1200270New Hamp {sic}        X 
  Collins, Martha28FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Collins, Nellie7FW   Wis    X     
  Collins, William5MW   Wis          
  Collins, Hiram5/12MW   Wis  Feb       
  Smith, Robert18MWWorks in Saw Mill  Wis          
5858Marx, Nicholas60MWFarmer450 PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Anna55FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Joseph20MWWorks in Brickyard  PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Jane14FW   PrussiaXX  X     
Page 10
5959Fidler, Charles45MWWorks in Brickyard100 PrussiaXX        
  Fidler, Bertha30FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Fidler, Amelia11FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Fidler, August9MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Fidler, Carrie5FW   PrussiaXX        
  Fidler, William2MW   WisXX        
6060Dayton, Julius30MWEngine Driver  VermontXX        
  Dayton, Laura27FWKeeping House  VermontXX        
  Wolf, Barbara18FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
6161Nugent, John34MWLumberman3500680CanadaXX        
  Nugent, Josephine28FWKeeping House  New Hampshire          
  Nugent, James5MW   WisX         
  Nugent, John3MW   WisX         
  Nugent, Katie1FW   WisX         
  Collins, Nancy12FW   WisX   X     
  Mead, Mary17FWDomestic Servant  PaXX        
  Newman, Henry18MWFarm Laborer  Vermont    X     
6262Buboltz, William30MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
  Buboltz, Mary20FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Buboltz, Matilda2FW   WisXX        
6363Blour, Nicholas30MWFarm Laborer200100PrussiaXX        
  Blour, Lena30FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Blour, Nicholas1MW   WisXX        
6464Cloves, John23MWFarmer  WisXX        
  Cloves, Melissa17FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Gosne, Adwin20MWWorks in Saw Mill  WisXX        
  Waber, Albert25MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
6565Cloveter, Michael38MWWorks in Brickyard  PrussiaXX        
  Cloveter, Caroline36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Cloveter, Augusta9FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Cloveter, Herman6MW   WisXX  X     
  Cloveter, Amel4MW   WisXX        
  Cloveter, Emma2FW   MichiganXX        
6666Cleveland, Moses39MWFarmer500220New York        X 
  Cleveland, Rhoda37FWKeeping House  New York     X    
  Cleveland, Charles18MW   New York     XX   
  Cleveland, Joseph16MW   New York          
  Cleveland, Alphe11FW   Wis    X     
  Cleveland, Elizabeth9FW   Wis    X     
  Cleveland, Ida2FW   Wis          
Page 11
6666Cleveland, Cormel3/12FW   Wis  May       
6767Cleveland, Franklin34MWFarmer1000360New York        X 
  Cleveland, Margret23FWKeeping House  ScotlandXX        
  Cleveland, George2MW   Wis X        
  Cleveland, Thomas2/12MW   Wis XMay       
  Cleveland, Moses70MWFarmer  Vermont          
6868Lieke, Jacob55MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Lieke, Dorothy46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lieke, August19MW   PrussiaXX        
  Lieke, Julius13MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Lieke, Augusta11FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Lieke, Dorothy7FW   PrussiaXX        
  Lieke, Amelia5FW   PrussiaXX        
  Lieke, Matilda1FW   WisXX        
6969Faulk, Godlift53MWFarmer1300300PrussiaXX        
  Faulk, Anna43FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Faulk, Augusta7FW   PrussiaXX        
  Faulk, John5MW   PrussiaXX        
  Faulk, Anna1FW   PrussiaXX        
  Faulk, Adolph15MW   PrussiaXX        
7070Eames, Almira36FWFarmer700210Vermont          
  Eames, Ryland15MW   Vermont    X     
  Eames, William11MW   Wis    X     
  Eames, Cora10FW   Wis    X     
  Eames, Ellworth8FW   Wis    X     
7171Peter, Sandusky31MWFarmer250 New York          
  Peters, Mary25FWKeeping House  Vermont        X 
  Peters, Carrie5FW   Wis          
  Peters, Minie3FW   Wis          
7272Below, Darius65MWFarmer1000130Mass        X 
  Below, Esther62FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Below, Henry18MW   Vermont          
7373Frank, Peter24MWFarmer  WisXX      X 
  Frank, Jennie19FW   WisXX        
  Frank, John1MW   WisXX        
7474Nicolai, Stephan43MWFarmer6000570PrussiaXX        
  Nicolai, Elizabeth37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Nicolai, Margret13FW   WisXX  X     
  Nicolai, William11MW   WisXX  X     
  Nicolai, Elizabeth9FW   WisXX  X     
Page 12
7474Nicolai, Mary7MW   WisXX  X     
  Nicolai, Catharine6FW   WisXX        
  Nicolai, Jsoephine4FW   WisXX        
  Nicolai, Emma2FW   WisXX        
7575Theis, Baldus44MWFarmer1200160PrussiaXX        
  Theis, Anna M.30FW   BadenXX        
  Theis, Christina13FW   WisXX  X     
  Theis, Baldus10MW   WisXX  X     
  Theis, Theresa7FW   WisXX  X     
  Theis, Sophia5FW   WisXX        
  Theis, Rosa9/12FW   WisXXOct       
7676Weinfeld, Jacob45MWMerch & Dry Goods Retail 1000BohemiaXX        
  Weinfeld, Barbara43FWKeeping House  BohemiaXX        
  Weinfeld, Judah18MW   BohemiaXX        
  Weinfeld, Pardina16FW   BohemiaXX        
  Weinfeld, Adophus14MW   BohemiaXX        
  Weinfeld, Amel10MW   BohemiaXX  X     
  Weinfeld, Ernest7MW   BohemiaXX  X     
  Weinfeld, Isadore6FW   BohemiaXX  X     
  Weinfeld, Charles2MW   WisXX        
  Weinfeld, Lewis4/12MW   WisXXMar       
  Finch, Charles19MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
7777Hover, George23MWShoemaker375200BadenXX        
  Hover, Cynthia23FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Hover, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
  Helm, John19MWApprentice Shoemaker  Wis          
7878Bailey, George32MWFarmer600100Conn        X 
  Bailey, Maria30FWKeeping House  Conn          
  Bailey, Frederick7MWFarmer  Conn    X     
  Bailey, Claudius28MWFarmer  Conn          
  Bailey, Selina59FW   Conn          
  Bailey, Nellie12FW   Conn          
  Bailey, Frederick69MWFarmer  Conn          
  Schafer, Sebastian30MW   PrussiaXX     Insane  
7979Thomas, Henry29MWWagon Maker2000200PrussiaXX        
  Thomas, Gertrude24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Thomas, Joseph4MW   WisXX        
  Thomas, Anna2FW   WisXX        
  Thomas, Mary L.1FW   WisXX        
  Brent, Marie Anna12FW   WisXX        
Page 13
7979Brantmire, Nicholas22MWWorks in Wagon Shop  PrussiaXX        
  Lintch, Richard21MWWorks in Wagon Shop  PrussiaXX        
  Nelson, John24MWBlacksmith  PrussiaXX        
8080Sagar, William28MWButcher1500280New YorkXX        
  Sagar, Amelia20FWKeeping House  OhioXX        
  Sagar, Lewis2MW   Wis          
  Millister, Jane18FIndDomestic Servant  Wis          
  Redeman, Frederick42MWCarpenter 80PrussiaXX        
8181Derfers, John54MWFarmer4000500BadenXX        
  Derfers, Eva53FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Derfers, John28MWFarmer  New YorkXX        
  Derfers, Margret17FW   WisXX  X     
  Derfers, Frank16MW   WisXX  X     
  Derfers, Barbara13FW   WisXX  X     
  Derfers, Michael8MW   WisXX  X     
8282Case, Bradley45MWBrick Mason600 New York        X 
  Case, Lucy39FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Case, Elwina18FW   Michigan          
  Case, Abnes15FW   Wis    X     
  Case, Nellie13FW   Wis    X     
  Case, George11MW   Ill    X     
  Case, Fanny8FW   Ill    X     
  Case, Charles6MW   Ill    X     
  Case, Arabella3FW   Wis          
8383Bishop, William35MWSaw Mill & Stove Maker41004900Vermont        X 
  Bishop, Caroline25FWKeeping House  Conn          
  Bishop, Forest10MW   Wis    X     
  Bishop, Ellis8MW   Wis    X     
  Bishop, Emery6MW   Wis    X     
  Bishop, Edith4FW   Wis          
  Bishop, Casey1FW   Wis          
  Knapsieb, John23MWWorks in Saw Mill  HolsteinXX        
  Taylor, William22MWWorks in Saw Mill  Wis          
  Shew, Peter30MWWorks in Saw Mill  RussiaXX        
  Miller, John22MWWorks in Saw Mill  RussiaXX        
  Robinson, Robert24MWWorks in Saw Mill  CanadaXX        
  Newton, Oliver20MWWorks in Saw Mill  New York          
  Webster, Charles25MWWorks in Saw Mill  New York        X 
  Norris, Horace34MWWorks in Saw Mill  VermontXX      X 
  McCabe, Patrick27MWWorks in Saw Mill  IrelandXX        
Page 14
8484Bishop, O. D.32MWStove Manufacturer  Vermont        X 
  Bishop, Orelia24FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Bishop, Parry4/12MW   Wis  Mar       
8585Stowel, Philip34MW   New York        X 
  Stowel, Ellen22FW   New York          
8686Hubbard, John36MWCarpenter 100New York        X 
  Hubbard, Maria24FWKeeping House  New York          
  Hubbard, Eva4FW   Wisconsin          
  Hubbard, Carrie3/12FW   Wisconsin  Apr       
8787Frove, Peter40MWCarpenter  SwitzerlandXX        
  Frove, Margret30FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Frove, John20MW   WisXX        
8888Miller, Michael55MWLaborer  PrussiaXX        
  Miller, Catharine57FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Miller, Peter19MW   WisXX        
8989Bacus, Peter40MWFarmer450 PrussiaXX        
  Bacus, Margret45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Bacus, John8MW   WisXX        
  Bacus, Anna7FW   WisXX        
  Durmer, Charles44MWFarmer500 MechlenburgXX        
9090Haen, Peter40MWFarmer1000350PrussiaXX        
  Haen, Anna38FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Haen, Elizabeth13FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Haen, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Haen, Henry6MW   WisXX  X     
  Haen, Peter1MW   WisXX        
9191Halsted, Charles28MWFarmer800100Wis        X 
  Halsted, Louisa29FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Halsted, Frank1MW   Wis          
9292Blanchard, Emilie62FWKeeping House2000560Vermont          
  Blanchard, Leonard22MWFarmer  Vermont        X 
  Blanchard, Mary20FW   Vermont    X     
  Blanchard, Asel18MW   Vermont    X     
  Blanchard, Horace16MW   Vermont    X     
  Beanard, Nellie8FW   Wis    X     
9393Runte, Theodore25MWRetail Dry Goods Merchant22005000PrussiaXX        
  Runte, Hannah26FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Runte, Hannah3FW   WisXX        
  Runte, Otto1MW   WisXX        
9494Stacy, Peter42MWFarmer4200500PrussiaXX        
Page 15
9494Stacy, Elizabeth45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Stacy, Mary17FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Stacy, Peter15MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Stacy, Jacob14MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Stacy, Anna11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Stacy, Catharine9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Stacy, Henry7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Stacy, Gertrude3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Miller, Battease31MWFarm Laborer  BadenXX        
9595Feess, John52MWFarm Laborer  BadenXX        
  Feess, Barbara51FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Feess, Jacob16MW   BadenXX        
  Feess, Anna22FW   BadenXX        
  Feess, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Feess, Andrew11MW   WisXX  X     
  Feess, Michael8MW   WisXX        
9696Sabesman, Madet.38MWFarmer800350WurtemburgXX        
  Sabesman, Theresa43FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Sabesman, Susan12FW   WisXX  X     
  Sabesman, Theresa10FW   WisXX  X     
  Reundo, John43MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
9797Fighalem, John47MWFarmer780170BadenXX        
  Fighalem, Anna49FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Fighalem, John18MW   BadenXX        
  Fighalem, Nicholas17MW   WisXX  X     
  Fighalem, Charles15MW   WisXX  X     
  Fighalem, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
  Fighalem, William11MW   WisXX  X     
  Fighalem, Margret9FW   WisXX  X     
  Fighalem, Gustave6MW   WisXX        
9898Ellis, Benjamin31MWFarmer2000235New York        X 
  Ellis, Maryatt36FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Puffer, Emma13FW   Indiana    X     
  Puffer, Lucy10FW   Wis    X     
  Puffer, Margret8FW   Wis    X     
  Ellis, John N.3MW   Wis          
  Ellis, William1MW   Wis          
  Cornell, Theodore30MWFarmer  CanadaXX        
9999Diehl, Peter40MWFarmer4400320DarmstadtXX        
  Diehl, Christina40FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
Page 16
9999Diehl, Eliza16FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Diehl, Henry L.14MW   WisXX  X     
  Diehl, Christina12FW   WisXX  X     
  Diehl, Caroline10FW   WisXX  X     
  Diehl, Ernestine8FW   WisXX  X     
  Diehl, Catharine6FW   WisXX  X     
  Diehl, Peter4MW   WisXX        
  Diehl, Hannah9/12FW   WisXXNov       
100100Schrieber, Michael32MWFarmer560150PrussiaXX        
  Schrieber, Alinga29FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schrieber, Alinga2FW   WisXX        
101101Schock, John41MWFarmer800115PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Rosa45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Dina16FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Schock, Augusta8FW   PrussiaXX  X     
102102Schock, Michael44MWFarmer300 PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Augusta41FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Caroline20FW   PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Mary17FW   PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Dina13FW   PrussiaXX   XX   
  Schock, Augusta9FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Schock, William1MW   PrussiaXX        
103103Jensen, Jens52MWFarmer500 DenmarkXX        
  Jensen, Gertrude44FWKeeping House  DenmarkXX        
104104Rassmussen, Madi36MWFarmer300 DenmarkXX        
  Rassmussen, Mary35FWHouse Keeping  DenmarkXX        
  Rassmussen, Irine8FW   DenmarkXX        
  Rassmussen, Sophie5FW   DenmarkXX        
  Rassmussen, Peter3MW   DenmarkXX        
105105Jensen, Christian35MWFarmer420 DenmarkXX        
  Jensen, Mary34FWKeeping House  DenmarkXX        
  Jensen, Peter9MW   DenmarkXX        
  Jensen, Dorothea3FW   DenmarkXX        
106106Anderson, Lars26MWFarmer300 DenmarkXX        
107107Rohlof, Andrew60MWFarmer1500 PrussiaXX        
  Rohlof, Rese50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Rohlof, Andrew15MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Rohlof, Agnes10FW   WisXX  X     
108108Fahrback, John47MWFarmer3000355BadenXX        
  Fahrback, Elizabeth38FWKeeping House  WurtemburgXX        
Page 17
108108Fahrback, Elizah14FW   WisXX  X     
  Fahrback, Mary13FW   WisXX  X     
  Fahrback, George10MW   WisXX  X     
  Fahrback, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Fahrback, Henry5MW   WisXX        
  Fahrback, Catharine1FW   WisXX        
109109Shafer, Henry45MWFarmer4000360PrussiaXX        
  Shafer, Margret42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Shafer, Henry11MW   WisXX  X     
  Shafer, Mary3FW   WisXX        
  Swolleck, Henry33MWFarm Laborer  DarmstadtXX        
110110Kuepper, William25MWFarmer700 OhioXX        
  Kuepper, Gertrude19FWKeeping House  PaXX        
111111Cyiske, Joseph31MWFarmer600 PolandXX        
  Cyiske, Anna28FWKeeping House  PolandXX        
  Cyiske, Andrew7MW   PolandXX        
  Cyiske, Joseph1MW   PolandXX        
112112Russ, William40MWFarmer110100PrussiaXX        
  Russ, Mary41FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schuler, Henry36MWFarmer110 PrussiaXX        
  Schuler, Hannah31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schuler, Frederick7MW   PrussiaXX  X     
113113Lauve, Paul29MWFarmer400 PrussiaXX   XX   
  Lauve, Rosemann60FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
114114Frose, Michael40MWFarmer300 PrussiaXX        
  Frose, Catharine32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Frose, Augusta12FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Frose, Herman6MW   PrussiaXX        
  Frose, William3MW   WisXX        
  Frose, Charles1MW   WisXX        
115115Lauve, Frederick37MWFarmer300135PrussiaXX        
  Lauve, Catharine26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Lauve, Henry1MW   WisXX        
  Lauve, Mary3/12FW   WisXXMay       
116116Daumker, Fred30MWFarmer600 PrussiaXX        
  Daumker, Anna25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Daumker, Henry60MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
117117Foster, Peter62MWFarmer700 CanadaXX        
  Foster, Lavinia52FWKeeping House  New YorkXX        
  Foster, Albert20MW   WisX         
Page 18
117117Foster, Gertrude15FW   Wis    X     
  Foster, Theodore12MW   Wis    X     
Foster, George56MWFarmer1200300CanadaXX        
  Foster, Martha55FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Foster, John21MWFarmer  CanadaXX        
  Foster, Jane17FW   CanadaXX  X     
  Foster, Benjamin14MW   CanadaXX  X     
  Foster, Randal9MW   WisXX  X     
118118Milkey, Michael25MWFarmer800225PrussiaXX        
  Milkey, Charlotte23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Milkey, Fred3MW   WisXX        
  Milkey, James1MW   WisXX        
119119Ballow, Alvah33MWFarmer780 Mass        X 
  Ballow, Amanda24FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Ballow, Nellie6FW   Wis X        
  Ballow, Addie4FW   Wis X        
  Ballow, Elmer2MW   Wis X        
  Furgeum, Amanda59FW   CanadaXX        
120120Mares, John36MWFarmer1000150PrussiaXX        
  Mares, Augusta32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Mares, Charles10MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Mares, Anna6FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Mares, John5MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Mares, Fred3MW   WisXX        
  Mares, William1MW   WisXX        
121121Lemmerhotter, Robert26MWFarmer800 SwitzerlandXX        
122122Miller, Fred28MWFarmer350 PrussiaXX        
  Miller, Mary28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
123123Marx, Nicholas36MWFarmer1500190PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Anna26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Barnard8MW   WisXX        
  Marx, Mary6FW   WisXX        
  Marx, Christina4FW   WisXX        
  Marx, Louisa2FW   WisXX        
124124Peickler, Nick28MWFarmer750 WurtemburgXX        
125125Frency, Frank55MWFarmer1600330WurtemburgXX        
  Frency, Connie50FWKeeping House  WurtemburgXX        
  Frency, John24MWFarmer  WurtemburgXX        
  Frency, Joseph21MWFarmer  WurtemburgXX        
  Frency, Lena11FW   WisXX  X     
Page 19
125125Frency, Elizabeth9FW   WisXX  X     
126126Kuepper, Peter51MWFarmer2000270PrussiaXX        
  Kuepper, Anna49FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kuepper, Mattice22MWFarmer  WisXX        
  Kuepper, Mary19FW   WisXX        
  Kuepper, Catharine14FW   WisXX  X     
  Kuepper, Hubbard11MW   WisXX  X     
  Kuepper, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Kuepper, Regina7FW   WisXX        
  Kuepper, Peter5MW   WisXX        
127127Shay, Michael36MWFarmer5000690IrelandXX        
  Shay, Anna36FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Shay, Julia10FW   WisXX  X     
  Shay, Ellen8FW   WisXX  X     
  Shay, William5MW   WisXX  X     
  Shay, Francis3MW   WisXX        
128128Shay, James35MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Shay, Elizabeth27FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
129129Bodmer, John37MWFarmer1200140BadenXX        
  Bodmer, Anna32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Bodmer, John11MW   WisXX  X     
  Bodmer, Susan9FW   WisXX  X     
  Bodmer, Kate6FW   WisXX  X     
  Bodmer, Frank4MW   WisXX        
  Bodmer, William2MW   WisXX        
  Bodmer, George8/12MW   WisXX        
130130Kerchels, Christian48MWFarmer225 PrussiaXX        
  Kerchels, Dora31FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
  Kerchels, Susan11FW   WisXX  X     
  Kerchels, Elizabeth9FW   WisXX  X     
  Kerchels, Frank7MW   WisXX  X     
  Kerchels, Gertrude2FW   WisXX        
131131Maister, Frederick46MWFarmer2000190BadenXX        
  Maister, Fredericka50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Maister, Charlotte16FW   WisXX  X     
  Maister, Frederick12MW   WisXX  X     
  Maister, Adam10MW   WisXX  X     
  Maister, Hannah6FW   WisXX  X     
  Maister, George82MW   BadenXX        
132132Hoeffle, Anlow45MWFarmer800160FranceXX        
Page 20
132132Hoeffle, Cicilia13FW   WisXX        
  Hoeffle, Peter11MW   WisXX  X     
  Hoeffle, Mary8FW   WisXX        
  Hoeffle, John3MW   WisXX        
  Hoeffle, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
133133Preslyck, Joseph33MWFarmer350 PrussiaXX        
  Preslyck, Mary31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Preslyck, John9MW   PrussiaXX        
  Preslyck, Anna6FW   PrussiaXX        
  Preslyck, Christina3FW   WisXX        
  Preslyck, Martha5/12FW   WisXXJan       
134134Kufner, Joseph52MWFarmer1830390BavariaXX        
  Kufner, Faronker36FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Kufner, Christian15MW   WisXX  X     
  Kufner, Susan13FW   WisXX  X     
  Kufner, Elizabeth11FW   WisXX  X     
  Kufner, Faronker8FW   WisXX  X     
  Kufner, John6MW   WisXX        
135135Meller, Ferdinand48MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Meller, Mary30FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Meller, Lena11FW   WisXX  X     
  Meller, Josephine11FW   WisXX  X     
  Meller, Mary8FW   WisXX  X     
  Meller, Sophia5FW   WisXX        
  Meller, Elizabeth2FW   WisXX        
136136Seetfluth, Charles25MWFarmer1600250PrussiaXX        
  Seetfluth, Emma21FWKeeping House  PaXX        
  Seetfluth, Emma1FW   WisXX        
  Krich, Eva50FW   BadenXX        
  Krich, Eva9FW   WisXX  X     
  Krich, Amanda17FW   WisXX  X     
  Klaber, Philip25MWFarmer  BadenXX        
137137Wile, George51MWFarmer  BadenXX        
  Wile, Catharine48FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Wile, Laura21FW   PaXX        
  Wile, John18MW   IndianaXX        
  Wile, Leopold17MW   IndianaXX        
  Wile, Henry15MW   WisXX  X     
  Wile, Barbara12FW   WisXX  X     
  Wile, Katie9FW   WisXX  X     
Page 21
137137Wile, Peter8MW   WisXX  X     
138138Lindoff, Frederick52MWFarmer1000300AustriaXX        
  Lindoff, Hannah54FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Lindoff, Christina12FW   WisXX  X     
139139Zisky, Frank32MWFarmer300 PolandXX        
  Zisky, Mary34FWKeeping House  PolandXX        
  Zisky, Catharine6FW   WisXX        
  Zisky, Mary4FW   WisXX        
  Zisky, John3MW   WisXX        
  Zisky, Anna1FW   WisXX        
140140Sturn, Sebastian44MWFarmer4500700BadenXX        
  Sturn, Catharine47FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Sturn, John20MW   New JerseyXX        
  Sturn, Catharine18FW   New JerseyXX        
  Sturn, Elizabeth15FW   New JerseyXX        
  Sturn, Lena12FW   WisXX  X     
  Sturn, Peter9MW   WisXX  X     
141141Starkes, Christopher81MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Starkes, Rosanna71FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
142142Hiedger, Charles53MWFarmer1800400PrussiaXX        
  Hiedger, Josephine40FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hiedger, Elizabeth19FW   PrussiaXX        
  Hiedger, Mary16FW   PrussiaXX        
  Hiedger, Theresa13FW   WisXX  X     
  Hiedger, John11MW   WisXX  X     
143143Bach, Anna50FWKeeping House1000270PrussiaXX        
  Bach, John18MWFarmer  WisXX        
  Bach, Lena15FW   WisXX  X     
  Bach, Fred13MW   WisXX  X     
  Bach, John11MW   WisXX        
144144Rohe, John52MWFarmer900150BadenXX        
  Rohe, Catharine51FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Rohe, Lena15FW   IndianaXX  X     
145145Schamaly, Nicolas38MWFarmer1000250PrussiaXX        
  Schamaly, Eva28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schamaly, Nicholas12MW   WisXX  X     
  Schamaly, Theodore10MW   WisXX  X     
  Schamaly, Anna8FW   WisXX  X     
  Schamaly, Arnold5MW   WisXX        
  Schamaly, Peter6/12MW   WisXXJan       
Page 22
146146Marx, Joseph35MWFarmer3000250PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Mary26FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Marx, Mattice3MW   WisX         
  Marx, Joseph2MW   WisX         
  Marx, Michael1MW   WisX         
147147Heidger, Peter49MWFarmer1520250PrussiaXX        
  Heidger, Mary26FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Heidger, Peter6/12MW   WisXXJan       
148148Reefe, James47MWFarmer2000450EnglandXX        
  Reefe, Ann44FWKeeping House  New YorkXX        
  Jones, John17MW   WisXX  X     
  Jones, William15MW   WisXX  X     
  Jones, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, Walter13MW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, Thomas10MW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, Ellen8FW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, Katie3FW   WisXX        
  Reefe, Charle {sic}1MW   WisXX        
149149Reefe, George50MWFarmer2000280EnglandXX        
  Reefe, Ruth46FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Reefe, George11MW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Reefe, Richard8MW   WisXX  X     
150150Freman, Sidney46MWFarmer400125EnglandXX        
  Freman, Mary42FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Freman, Elizabeth20FW   EnglandXX        
  Freman, John17MW   EnglandXX  X     
  Freman, Christina13FW   WisXX  X     
  Freman, Sidney7MW   WisXX  X     
  Freman, Nicholas5MW   WisXX        
151151Melchiard, John45MWFarmer600100PrussiaXX        
  Melchiard, Catharine31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Melchiard, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Melchiard, Mary9FW   WisXX  X     
  Melchiard, Joseph8MW   WisXX  X     
  Melchiard, Margret7FW   WisXX  X     
  Melchiard, William5MW   WisXX        
  Melchiard, Anna3FW   WisXX        
  Melchiard, Eliza1FW   WisXX        
Page 23
152152Halybich, Hubert49MWFarmer2000275PrussiaXX        
  Halybich, Margret35FWKeeping House  LuxemburgXX        
  Halybich, Joseph17MW   WisXX        
  Halybich, Margret14FW   WisXX        
  Halybich, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
  Halybich, William9MW   WisXX  X     
  Halybich, Anna7FW   WisXX        
  Halybich, Elizabeth2FW   WisXX        
153153Lemuel, Peter65MWFarmer1000100BavariaXX        
  Lemuel, Rose63FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Lemuel, Catharine26FWAt Home  BavariaXX        
  Lemuel, Peter6MW   BavariaXX     Deaf & Dumb  
154154Power, Sampson58MWFarmer300 Maine          
  Power, Mary Ann45FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Power, William17MW   Wis X  X     
  Power, Mary A.15FW   Wis X  X     
  Power, Franklin13MW   Wis X  X     
  Power, Ada B.11FW   Wis X  X     
  Power, Forest9MW   Wis X  X     
  Power, George6MW   Wis X  X     
155155Child, Sidney56MWFarmer1000 Vermont        X 
  Child, Catharine22FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Child, Alexander7MW   Wis    X     
  Child, Fred W.2MW   Wis          
156156Child, John W.53MWFarmer300 New York        X 
  Child, Sarah42FWKeeping House  New York          
  Child, Albert16MW   Wis          
  Child, John W.14MW   Wis    X     
  Child, Lewis12MW   Wis    X     
  Child, Laura10FW   Wis    X     
  Child, Adda8FW   Wis    X     
  Child, Sarah M.6FW   Wis    X     
  Child, Ellen M.2FW   Wis          
157157Thomas, David45MWFarmer30001300WalesXX        
  Thomas, Lydia29FWKeeping House  WalesXX        
  Thomas, Jane8FW   WisXX  X     
  Thomas, Anna6FW   WisXX  X     
  Thomas, Mary2FW   WisXX        
  Thomas, Alice1FW   WisXX        
  Gorn, John30MW   WisXX        
Page 24
157157Rees, Mary A.17FWDomestic Servant  WalesXX        
158158Neff, Bartherm25MWFarmer1700100DenmarkXX        
  Neff, Mary31FWKeeping House  DenmarkXX        
  Neff, James1MW   WisXX        
159159Thomas, Rowland34MWFarmer1000160WalesXX        
  Thomas, Mary44FWKeeping House  WalesXX        
  Thomas, Sarah13FW   WalesXX  X     
  Thomas, David11MW   WisXX  X     
  Thomas, Joshua7MW   WisXX        
  Thomas, John5MW   WisXX        
  Thomas, Ann2FW   WisXX        
160160Schuler, Joseph58MWFarmer1000150FranceXX        
  Schuler, Mary56FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Schuler, Enoch19MW   WisXX  X     
  Schuler, Frank15MW   WisXX  X     
  Schuler, Frederika12FW   WisXX  X     
161161Pextar, Michael50MWFarmer  BadenXX        
  Pextar, Mary32FWKeeping House  HungaryXX   XX   
  Pextar, John5MW   WisXX        
  Pextar, Elizabeth1FW   WisXX        
162162Vandecklin, George27MWFarmer600 HollandXX        
  Vandecklin, Catharine23FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Vandecklin, John Otto1MW   WisXX        
163163Carmel, Mully41MWFarmer  SwitzerlandXX   XX   
  Carmel, Mary44FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX   XX   
  Carmel, Joseph19MW   SwitzerlandXX   XX   
  Carmel, Frank15MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Carmel, John15MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Carmel, Ameal13MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Carmel, August5MW   WisXX        
  Carmel, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Carmel, Louisa7FW   WisXX  X     
  Carmel, Alzina2FW   WisXX        
164164Yuenger, John33MWFarmer  FranceXX        
  Yuenger, Ida23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Yuenger, Katie2FW   WisXX        
  Yuenger, Clement6/12MW   WisXXFeb       
165165Yuenger, Clement30MWFarmer1600390FranceXX        
  Yuenger, Mary21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Yuenger, Mary C.4/12FW   WisXXApr       
Page 25
165165Yuenger, Andrew27MWFarmer  FranceXX        
166166Bodman, Kronan30MWFarmer1400200FranceXX        
  Bodman, Sophia27FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Bodman, Mary18FW   WisXX  X     
  Bodman, Frank7MW   WisXX  X     
  Bodman, Raymond5MW   WisXX  X     
  Bodman, Ida3FW   WisXX        
  Bodman, Peter1MW   WisXX        
  Bodman, Louisa2/12FW   WisXXMay       
167167Steffes, Joseph49MWFarmer1400300PrussiaXX        
  Steffes, Margret41FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Steffes, Peter19MW   PrussiaXX        
  Steffes, Catharine17FW   WisXX        
  Steffes, Nicholas14MW   WisXX        
  Steffes, Joseph12MW   WisXX  X     
  Steffes, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Steffes, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Steffes, Anna5FW   WisXX        
  Steffes, Henry1MW   WisXX        
168168Laux, William25MWFarmer1400340PrussiaXX        
  Laux, Julia21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Laux, Emma2FW   WisXX        
169169Laux, Peter27MWFarmer 150PrussiaXX        
  Laux, Fanny22FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Laux, Barbara2FW   WisXX        
  Laux, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
  Laux, Antone11MW   WisXX  X     
170170Sauter, Anthony54MWFarmer3000430PrussiaXX        
  Sauter, Catharine49FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Sauter, Peter23MW   WisXX        
  Sauter, Joseph19MW   WisXX  X     
  Sauter, Mary16FW   WisXX  X     
  Sauter, Charles12MW   WisXX  X     
171171Joharm, John36MWFarmer2600300PrussiaXX        
  Joharm, Elizabeth36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Joharm, Gertrude10FW   WisXX  X     
  Joharm, Henry8MW   WisXX        
  Joharm, Frank6MW   WisXX        
  Joharm, Catharine5FW   WisXX        
172172Bertline, John32MWFarmer3000290BadenXX        
Page 26
172172Bertline, Margret32FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Bertline, Margret9FW   WisXX  X     
  Bertline, Catharine6FW   WisXX        
  Bertline, John4MW   WisXX        
  Bertline, Anna2FW   WisXX        
  Bertline, Louisa2/12FW   WisXXMay       
173173Saulter, John26MWFarmer1400300WisXX        
  Saulter, Louisa24FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Saulter, Catharine1FW   WisXX        
174174Mergert, Frank40MWFarmer1400325DarmstadtXX        
  Mergert, Barbara27FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Mergert, Michael6MW   WisX         
  Mergert, Lena5FW   WisX         
  Mergert, Frank2MW   WisX         
  Cora, Philip20MWFarm Laborer  WisXX        
175175Walter, Charles57MWFarmer3400340PrussiaXX        
  Walter, Elizabeth56FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Walter, Henry20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Walter, Henrietta17FW   PrussiaXX  X     
176176Borressa, Frank29MWFarmer1100188PrussiaXX        
  Borressa, Mary23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
177177Borressa, Frank58MWFarmer1200200PrussiaXX        
  Borressa, Lena E.60FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Borressa, Lena E.20FW   PrussiaXX        
  Borressa, Joseph18MW   PrussiaXX        
  Borressa, Ferdinand16MW   PrussiaXX  X     
178178Conry, John51MWFarmer2000290IrelandXX        
  Conry, Mary38FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Conry, Patrick16MW   WisXX  X     
  Conry, John14MW   WisXX  X     
  Conry, James12MW   WisXX  X     
  Conry, Jane10FW   WisXX  X     
  Conry, Mary8FW   WisXX  X     
  Conry, Ellen7FW   WisXX  X     
  Conry, Catharine5FW   WisXX        
  Conry, William2MW   WisXX        
179179Schroelbech, John35MWFarmer2000260DarmstadtXX        
  Schroelbech, Margret25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schroelbech, John4MW   WisXX        
  Schroelbech, Louisa3FW   WisXX        
Page 27
179179Schroelbech, William2MW   WisXX        
  Schroelbech, Christina3/12FW   WisXXApr       
180180Cowry, Andrew40MWFarmer1000220IrelandXX        
  Cowry, Sarah30FW   WisXX        
  Cowry, Jane4FW   WisX         
  Cowry, Susan2FW   WisX         
  Cowry, Andrew1MW   WisX         
181181Scheobeck, Frank35MWFarmer1200100DarmstadtXX        
  Scheobeck, Catharine29FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Scheobeck, Lena2FW   WisXX        
  Scheobeck, John73MWFarmer  DarmstadtXX        
182182Scheobeck, Valentin68MWFarmer1200150DarmstadtXX        
  Scheobeck, Margret65FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
  Frank, John31MWFarmer2200220DarmstadtXX        
  Frank, Catharine25FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Frank, Peter3MW   WisX         
  Frank, Mary2FW   WisX         
  Frank, Margret1FW   WisX         
  Rounde, Godfrey23MWFarm Laborer  BadenXX        
183183Scheobeck, George38MWFarmer2600350DarmstadtXX        
  Scheobeck, Magdalen36FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
  Scheobeck, Franklin11MW   WisXX  X     
  Scheobeck, Lena8FW   WisXX  X     
  Scheobeck, Louisa6FW   WisXX  X     
  Scheobeck, George4MW   WisXX        
  Scheobeck, Anna2FW   WisXX        
184184Bach, Alexander37MWFarmer  DarmstadtXX        
  Bach, Olive19FWKeeping House  New York          
  Bailey, Westley14MW   WisX   X     
185185Palm, Jacob40MWFarmer500135PrussiaXX        
  Palm, Mary40FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
186186Bletner, Michael42MWFarmer2000300BadenXX        
  Bletner, Mary38FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
187187Mater, George40MWFarmer2400305BadenXX        
  Mater, Francis35FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Mater, Mary12FW   BadenXX  X     
  Mater, Sophel6MW   WisXX        
  Mater, Francis4FW   WisXX        
  Mater, George2MW   WisXX        
  Mater, Theresa4/12FW   WisXXApr       
Page 28
188188Shriber, Nicholas48MWFarmer2000600PrussiaXX        
  Shriber, Mary50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Shriber, Joseph22MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Shriber, Thomas19MW   PrussiaXX        
  Shriber, Mary16FW   PrussiaXX        
  Shriber, Barbara16FW   PrussiaXX        
  Shriber, August10MW   WisXX  X     
  Shriber, Michael9MW   WisXX  X     
  Shriber, Charles7MW   WisXX  X     
189189Haleal, John50MWFarmer2400500PrussiaXX        
  Haleal, Barbara50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Haleal, Frank12MW   WisXX  X     
  Haleal, Enea11FW   WisXX  X     
  Haleal, Elizabeth9FW   WisXX  X     
  Haleal, John5MW   WisXX        
190190Palm, Michael50MWFarmer1000360PrussiaXX        
  Palm, Catharine42FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Palm, Mary13FW   WisXX  X     
  Palm, Katie9FW   WisXX  X     
  Palm, Francis6FW   WisXX  X     
  Palm, Michael4MW   WisXX        
  Palm, Frederika2FW   WisXX        
191191Kons, John48MWFarmer1000215PrussiaXX        
  Kons, Antone16MW   PrussiaXX   XX   
  Kons, Elizabeth15FW   PrussiaXX  X     
192192Lunak, Antony50MWFarmer2400450BohemiaXX        
  Lunak, Elizabeth46FWKeeping House  BohemiaXX        
  Lunak, William20MW   BohemiaXX        
  Lunak, Francis19FW   BohemiaXX        
  Lunak, Joseph14MW   BohemiaXX  X     
  Lunak, Agnes9FW   WisXX  X     
193193Quell, Herman51MWFarmer2500600PrussiaXX        
  Quell, Mary41FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Quell, Michael20MW   WisXX        
  Quell, Kate17FW   WisXX  X     
  Quell, Margret16FW   WisXX  X     
  Quell, August14MW   WisXX  X     
  Quell, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Quell, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Quell, Josephine8FW   WisXX  X     
Page 29
193193Quell, Henry6MW   WisXX  X     
  Quell, Katie4FW   WisXX        
  Quell, Anna2FW   WisXX        
194194Koh, Jacob26MWFarmer800150DarmstadtXX        
  Koh, Susan21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Koh, Elizabeth1FW   WisXX        
195195Waber, Henry65MWFarmer100 PrussiaXX        
196196Linke, Joseph35MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Linke, Paulina30FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Linke, Joseph5MW   WisXX  X     
197197Van Groff, William56MWFarmer2000600HollandXX        
  Gothoof, Anna48FWKeeping House  HollandXX   XX   
  Van Groff, Mena23FW   HollandXX        
  Van Groff, John19MW   WisXX        
  Van Groff, Kate17FW   WisXX        
  Van Groff, William15MW   WisXX        
  Colthoff, Jane14FW   WisXX        
  Colthoff, John13MW   WisXX        
  Colthoff, Sophia8FW   WisXX        
  Colthoff, Michael5MW   WisXX        
198198Sanders, Catherine48FWKeeping House2000100HollandXX        
199199Stumpt, William37MWFarmer2200410PrussiaXX        
  Stumpt, Mary35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Stumpt, Alfred11MW   WisXX  X     
  Stumpt, Adolph9MW   WisXX  X     
  Stumpt, Frank8MW   WisXX  X     
  Stumpt, Theresa6FW   WisXX  X     
  Stumpt, William5MW   WisXX  X     
200200Seahulback, Val51MWFarmer7000505DarmstadtXX        
  Seahulback, Barbara57FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
  Grade, Michael26MWFarmer  DarmstadtXX        
  Grade, John23MWFarmer  DarmstadtXX        
  Grade, Mary20FW   DarmstadtXX        
  Grade, Christina16FW   WisXX        
  Seahulback, Sophia13FW   WisXX  X     
  Seahulback, Frank10MW   WisXX  X     
201201Smitch, John31MWFarmer2800480DarmstadtXX        
  Smitch, Anna18FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
202202Fisher, Joseph55MWFarmer  BadenXX        
  Fisher, Theresa52FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
Page 30
202202Fisher, John14MW   BadenXX        
  Fisher, Joseph12MW   BadenXX        
  Fisher, Frank19MW   BadenXX        
203203Smitch, John Sr.60MWFarmer1000250PrussiaXX        
  Smitch, Henry24MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
204204Smitch, Melchior30MWFarmer1200125PrussiaXX        
205205Konda, August44MWFarmer500 PrussiaXX        
  Konda, Anna37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Konda, Huldah6FW   PrussiaXX        
206206Poudche, Joseph36MWFarmer350 PrussiaXX        
  Poudche, Mary35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Poudche, Augusta6FW   WisXX        
  Poudche, Anna3FW   PrussiaXX        
  Poudche, Mary2FW   PrussiaXX        
  Poudche, Andrew1MW   PrussiaXX        
207207Prepst, Joseph55MWFarmer2000560BadenXX        
  Prepst, Lena50FMKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Prepst, Michael20MW   BadenXX        
  Prepst, Jacob18MW   BadenXX        
  Prepst, Anna15FW   WisXX        
208208Merbach, John39MWFarmer3000280PrussiaXX        
  Merbach, Sophia26FWKeeping House  MechlenburgXX        
  Merbach, Frederick7MW   WisXX  X     
  Merbach, Charles5MW   WisXX  X     
  Merbach, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Merbach, Louisa1/td>FW   WisXX        
209209French, Frederick36MWFarmer4000570PrussiaXX        
  French, Helena24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  French, Louisa3FW   WisXX        
  French, Charles2/12MW   WisXXMay       
210210Basch, Charles28MWFarmer  BadenXX        
  Basch, Barbara64FWKeeping House  BadenXX    X   
211211Fitzgerald, Thomas60MWFarmer1200230IrelandXX        
  Fitzgerald, Mary50FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Fitzgerald, John7MW   WisXX  X     
212212Jervis, Alexander68MWFarmer2500425CanadaXX        
  Jervis, Esther58FWKeeping House  CanadaXX    X   
  Jervis, George28MWFarmer  WisXX        
  Jervis, Edward24MWFarmer  WisXX        
  Jervis, Ida22FWAt Home  WisXX        
Page 31
212212Jervis, Joseph20MW   WisXX        
  Jervis, Frank18MW   WisXX        
213213Huipe, Hubbard45MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Huipe, Lucy38FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Huipe, Garrett19MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Huipe, Mattice18MW   WisXX  X     
  Huipe, Margret13FW   WisXX  X     
  Huipe, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Huipe, Gertrude7FW   WisXX  X     
  Huipe, Joseph5MW   WisXX        
214214Lau, James26MWFarmer360 DenmarkXX        
  Lau, Christian30MWFarmer360 DenmarkXX        
215215Comrigg, Christ35MWFarmer800220SwitzerlandXX        
  Comrigg, Kate28FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Comrigg, Lydia12FW   WisXX  X     
  Comrigg, Walter9MW   WisXX  X     
  Comrigg, Margret5FW   WisXX        
216216Holmes, Ira47MWFarmer800150New York        X 
  Holmes, Louisa45FWKeeping House  New York          
  Holmes, Merna23FW   New York          
  Holmes, Levi20MW   New York          
  Holmes, Elizabeth16FW   New York          
  Holmes, Ida4FW   New York          
  Holmes, Robert4MW   New York          
  Holmes, Sarah1FW   New York          
217217Hindermaster, Henry52MWFarmer1200150SwitzerlandXX        
  Hindermaster, Margret39FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Hindermaster, Susan16FW   MarylandXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Henry15MW   MarylandXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Anna13FW   WisXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Ida9FW   WisXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Margret7FW   WisXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Mena5FW   WisXX  X     
218218Schneider, Jacob40MWFarmer800220SwitzerlandXX        
  Schneider, Mary39FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Schneider, Katie10FW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Schneider, Ann9FW   BadenXX        
219219Kauer, Joseph49MWFarmer1000300BavariaXX        
  Kauer, Maryett39FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
Page 32
219219Kauer, Margret16FW   WisXX  X     
  Kauer, Katie15FW   WisXX  X     
  Kauer, Joseph12MW   WisXX  X     
  Kauer, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Kauer, Elizabeth8FW   WisXX  X     
  Kauer, John6MW   WisXX  X     
  Kauer, Hannah3FW   WisXX        
  Kauer, Johanna1FW   WisXX        
220220Schleidwader, Joseph55MWFarmer900160PrussiaXX        
  Schleidwader, Anna M.37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schleidwader, Hubbard12MW   IllXX  X     
  Schleidwader, Jacob11MW   IllXX  X     
221221Huipe, Peter46MWFarmer1500160PrussiaXX        
  Huipe, Elizabeth37FWKeeping House  HungaryXX        
  Huipe, Leroy14MW   WisXX        
  Huipe, Mary7FW   WisXX        
  Huipe, John5MW   WisXX        
  Huipe, Caroline3FW   WisXX        
  Huipe, Anna1FW   WisXX        
222222Mayer, Michael34MWFarmer1500210WurtembergXX        
  Mayer, Stina24FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Mayer, Ernest3MW   WisXX        
  Mayer, Louisa5/12FW   WisXXMar       
223223Otto, John51MWFarmer1300190PrussiaXX        
  Otto, Aparona48FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Otto, Wellington16MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Otto, Adda13MW   WisXX  X     
  Otto, John5MW   WisXX        
  Otto, Albert2MW   WisXX        
224224Whaling, John50MWFarmer2000290IrelandXX        
  Whaling, Ellen46FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Whaling, Honora20FW   MichiganXX        
  Whaling, John16MW   WisXX        
  Whaling, Katie13FW   WisXX  X     
  Whaling, Edward9MW   WisXX  X     
  Whaling, Francis4MW   WisXX        
225225Mulloy, Michael45MWFarmer2500460IrelandXX        
  Mulloy, Bridget40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Mulloy, Michael16MW   OhioXX        
  Mulloy, Mary14FW   IndianaXX        
Page 33
225225Mulloy, Patrick12MW   WisXX        
  Mulloy, Edward10MW   WisXX        
  Mulloy, Mark8MW   WisXX        
  Mulloy, Ann6FW   WisXX        
  Mulloy, Margret3FW   WisXX        
  Mulloy, Ellen8/12FW   WisXXNov       
  Manion, James66MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
226226Baugart, Christoph63MWFarmer2500390PrussiaXX        
  Baugart, Matthias26MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Baugart, Catharine23FW   PrussiaXX        
  Baugart, Christopher21MW   PrussiaXX        
  Baugart, Nicholas18MW   PrussiaXX        
227227Kuhn, Henry48MWFarmer1200170PrussiaXX        
  Kuhn, Elizabeth76FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
228228Stoffner, Antony35MWFarmer800 PrussiaXX        
  Stoffner, Dorothy32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Stoffner, Augusta4FW   PrussiaXX        
  Stoffner, Mary2FW   PrussiaXX        
229229Wolfe, John37MWFarmer1000 PrussiaXX        
  Wolfe, Mary35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Wolfe, Dorothy13FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Wolfe, August10MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Wolfe, Christina8FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Wolfe, Barthing3FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Wolfe, Aumbanga2FW   PrussiaXX        
  Wolfe, Peter1MW   WisXX        
230230Nettercevin, Peter26MWFarmer1000 PrussiaXX        
  Nettercevin, Helen29FWKeeping House  LuxemburgXX        
231231Hilger, Matthias39MWFarmer4000450PrussiaXX        
  Hilger, Kate29FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hilger, Margret12FW   WisXX  X     
  Hilger, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Hilger, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Hilger, William8MW   WisXX  X     
  Hilger, Peter6MW   WisXX  X     
  Hilger, Joseph4MW   WisXX        
  Hilger, Anna3FW   WisXX        
  Hilger, Kate6/12FW   WisXXJan       
232232Haupt, Peter53MWFarmer5000790PrussiaXX        
  Haupt, Gertrude50FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
Page 34
232232Haupt, John23MW   WisXX        
  Haupt, Antony20MW   WisXX        
  Haupt, Joseph20MW   WisXX        
  Haupt, Jane18FW   WisXX        
  Haupt, Peter16MW   WisXX        
  Haupt, James B.14MW   WisXX  X     
  Haupt, Frank12MW   WisXX  X     
  Haupt, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
233233Hovemberg, Andrew21MWFarmer600 BavariaXX        
  Hovemberg, Theresa20FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
234234Myers, Frank56MWFarmer1000180PrussiaXX        
  Myers, Kate56FW   PrussiaXX        
  Myers, Mary20FW   PrussiaXX        
  Myers, Ellen18FW   PrussiaXX        
  Myers, Frank14MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Myers, Peter12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
235235Stran, Charles52MWFarmer2100330HungaryXX        
  Stran, Martha56FWKeeping House  HungaryXX        
236236Grevere, Michael55MWFarmer2800460CanadaXX        
  Grevere, Mary43FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Grevere, Emery20FW   WisXX        
  Grevere, Frank18MW   WisXX        
  Grevere, Maria16FW   WisXX  X     
  Grevere, Henry15MW   WisXX  X     
  Grevere, Josephine8FW   WisXX  X     
  Grevere, Angeline11FW   WisXX        
  Grevere, Agnes1FW   WisXX        
  Veve, Jennie66FW   WisXX        
237237Wallace, James36MWFarmer2000500IrelandXX        
  Wallace, Mary37FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Wallace, William17MW   New YorkXX        
  Wallace, James13MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, Mary11FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, Edward10MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, Alice9FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, David8MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, Daniel7MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, Michael4MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Wallace, Ellen1FW   New YorkXX        
238238Hartzheim, Godfrey53MWFarmer3000450PrussiaXX        
Page 35
238238Hartzheim, Cath.49FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hartzheim, Andrew17MW   WisXX        
  Hartzheim, Anna15FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Michael13MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Joseph9MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Frederick6MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, John2MW   WisXX        
239239Hartzheim, Henry48MWFarmer3200560PrussiaXX        
  Hartzheim, Sophia40FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hartzheim, Godfrey25MW   PrussiaXX        
  Hartzheim, Henry20MW   WisXX        
  Hartzheim, Peter18MW   WisXX        
  Hartzheim, Kate16FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Mattice14MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Mary13FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Charles9MW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Elizabeth6FW   WisXX  X     
  Hartzheim, Michael2MW   WisXX        
240240Hupfauf, John56MWFarmer1000170BavariaXX        
  Hupfauf, Margret54FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Hupfauf, George21MWFarmer  BavariaXX        
  Hupfauf, Rosa16FW   BavariaXX  X     
241241Hollihan, James40MWFarmer2000420IrelandXX        
  Hollihan, Katie14FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Hollihan, James13MW   WisXX  X     
  Hollihan, Margret11FW   WisXX  X     
  Hollihan, Mary A.10FW   WisXX  X     
  Hollihan, Ellen8FW   WisXX  X     
  Hollihan, Elizabeth7FW   WisXX  X     
  Hollihan, Edward5MW   WisXX  X     
  Hollihan, Sarah3FW   WisXX        
  Hollihan, William1MW   WisXX        
242242Feldmeger, John51MWFarmer1000290BavariaXX        
  Feldmeger, Cresen45FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Feldmeger, Mary13FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmeger, Mena10FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmeger, Mina8FW   WisXX  X     
  Feldmeger, John5MW   WisXX        
  Feldmeger, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
Page 36
243243Vandehy, Martin37MWFarmer1100350HollandXX        
  Vandehy, Mena37FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Vandehy, Henry16MW   WisXX        
  Vandehy, Michael14MW   WisXX  X     
  Vandehy, Peter12MW   WisXX  X     
  Vandehy, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Vandehy, Catharine8FW   WisXX  X     
  Vandehy, George6MW   WisXX  X     
  Vandehy, Frank5MW   WisXX  X     
  Vandehy, Mena3FW   WisXX        
  Vandehy, Harriet1FW   WisXX        
244244Noe, Conrad70MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Noe, Anna29FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Noe, Ulrich25MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Noe, Catharine19FW   PrussiaXX        
245245Williams, Peter54MWFarmer250125HollandXX        
  Williams, Hannah40FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Williams, Leonard15MW   HollandXX        
  Williams, Anna13FW   HollandXX        
  Williams, John12MW   HollandXX  X     
  Williams, Christiana9FW   HollandXX  X     
  Williams, Mary5FW   HollandXX        
246246Conry, Andrew36MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Conry, Sarah26FWKeeping House  MichiganXX        
  Conry, Jane4FW   WisX         
  Conry, Susan2FW   WisX         
  Conry, Andrew8/12MW   WisX Nov       
247247Wineback, Hubbard54MWFarmer1400300HollandXX        
  Wineback, Ellen45FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Wineback, Andrew20MW   HollandXX        
  Wineback, Martin18MW   HollandXX        
  Wineback, Ellen16FW   HollandXX        
  Wineback, Hannah14FW   WisXX        
  Wineback, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
  Wineback, William10MW   WisXX  X     
  Wineback, Albert6MW   WisXX  X     
  Wineback, Peter4MW   WisXX        
  Wineback, Caroline2FW   WisXX        
248248Novian, Nicholas69MWFarmer  HollandXX        
  Novian, Mary66FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
Page 37
249249Dietzen, John50MWFarmer4000390PrussiaXX        
  Dietzen, Elizabeth45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Dietzen, John19MW   WisXX        
  Dietzen, Margret17FW   WisXX        
  Dietzen, Catharine15FW   WisXX        
  Dietzen, Peter13MW   WisXX  X     
  Dietzen, Mary11FW   WisXX  X     
  Dietzen, Frank8MW   WisXX  X     
  Dietzen, Anna3FW   WisXX        
250250Anhauer, Frank50MWFarmer3600335PrussiaXX        
  Anhauer, Mary42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Anhauer, Fark {sic}17MW   WisXX  X     
  Anhauer, Henry15MW   WisXX  X     
  Anhauer, Peter13MW   WisXX  X     
  Anhauer, Gertrude11FW   WisXX  X     
  Anhauer, Theresa8FW   WisXX  X     
  Anhauer, August6F {sic}W   WisXX  X     
  Anhauer, Bernard1F {sic}W   WisXX  X     
251251Heartsback, Lewis30MWFarmer  MecklenburgXX        
  Heartsback, Hannah25FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Heartsback, Mena4FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Heartsback, Herman1MW   WisXX        
  Croff, Caroline58FW   MecklenburgXX        
252252Neuman, John36MWFarmer1800120PrussiaXX        
  Neuman, Kate30FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Neuman, Jane3FW   WisXX        
253253Brush, Christian60MWFarmer1500190MecklenburgXX        
  Brush, Christina65FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Brush, Frank22MW   MecklenburgXX        
  Brush, Henry18MW   MecklenburgXX        
254254Arnold, Michael59MWFarmer1200200PrussiaXX        
  Arnold, Caroline57FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Arnold, Albert17MW   PrussiaXX        
  Arnold, Amelia12FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Arnold, Urekee10FW   PrussiaXX  X     
255255Brookman, Fred44MWFarmer1000135PrussiaXX        
  Brookman, Anna33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Brookman, John10MW   WisXX        
  Brookman, Joseph7MW   WisXX        
  Brookman, Mary4FW   WisXX        
Page 38
256256Augustin, Frederika55FWKeeping House1500200SaxonyXX        
  Augustin, Gustave20MW   SaxonyXX        
  Augustin, Julius18MW   SaxonyXX        
  Augustin, Edward12MW   SaxonyXX  X     
  Augustin, Frank10MW   SaxonyXX  X     
  Augustin, Henry7MW   SaxonyXX  X     
257257Brookman, Oral73MWFarmer1000195MecklenburgXX        
  Brookman, Anna63FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
258258Brookman, Fred29MWFarmer1800370PrussiaXX        
  Brookman, Frederika28FW   PrussiaXX        
  Brookman, Mary7FW   WisXX        
  Brookman, Charles6MW   WisXX        
  Brookman, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Brookman, Albert1MW   WisXX        
  Kratzke, William24MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Schwartz, Valentin30MWSchool Teacher  PrussiaXX        
259259Linch, Joseph54MWFarmer900300FranceXX        
  Linch, Margret45FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Linch, Frederick18MW   WisXX   XX   
  Linch, Mary14FW   WisXX   XX   
  Linch, Joseph13MW   WisXX   XX   
  Linch, Margret9FW   WisXX  X     
  Linch, John7MW   WisXX  X     
  Linch, Rosetta3FW   WisXX        
260260Barker, Mary68FWKeeping House1800 EnglandXX        
  Barker, Benjamin25MW   EnglandXX        
261261Chase, Seth45MWFarmer  EnglandXX        
  Chase, Jane30FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Chase, Alden12MW   WisXX  X     
  Chase, William10MW   WisXX  X     
  Chase, Mina5FW   WisXX  X     
  Chase, Jennie1FW   WisXX        
262262McGregor, Henry24MWFarmer2400125Vermont        X 
  McGregor, Jane22FWKeeping House  Maine          
263263Nuschler, Peter45MWFarmer1600480FranceXX        
  Nuschler, Mary45FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Nuschler, Peter17MW   WisXX        
  Nuschler, Mary A.15FW   WisXX        
  Nuschler, Mary14FW   WisXX        
  Nuschler, Rosa11FW   WisXX        
Page 39
263263Nuschler, Anthony8MW   WisXX        
  Nuschler, Josephine6FW   WisXX        
  Nuschler, George4MW   WisXX        
  Nuschler, Frank2MW   WisXX        
264264Fronzuik, Hubert27MWFarmer2400230HollandXX        
  Fronzuik, Hannah26FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Fronzuik, Caroline2FW   HollandXX        
  Fronzuik, Joseph56MWFarmer  HollandXX        
265265Kempke, Henry42MWFarmer1800326HollandXX        
  Kempke, Margret31FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Kempke, Henry11MW   WisXX  X     
  Kempke, John9MW   WisXX        
  Kempke, George5MW   WisXX        
  Kempke, Peter2MW   WisXX        
266266Naff, Christian36MWFarmer500 PrussiaXX        
267267Hockel, Charles50MWFarmer2000230PrussiaXX        
  Hockel, Jennisuone43FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hockel, Joseph19MW   WisXX        
  Hockel, John16MW   WisXX        
  Hockel, Philamel13FW   WisXX  X     
  Hockel, Phrise11FW   WisXX  X     
  Hockel, Theodore9MW   WisXX  X     
  Hockel, Peter8MW   WisXX  X     
  Hockel, Charles5MW   WisXX        
  Hockel, Frank1MW   WisXX        
268268Ragle, Joseph49MWFarmer2000600BavariaXX        
  Ragle, Wybolger {sic}51FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
  Ragle, Fave {sic}18FW   WisXX        
  Ragle, Rose16FW   WisXX  X     
  Ragle, Mary13FW   WisXX  X     
  Ragle, Joseph11MW   WisXX  X     
  Ragle, Charles8MW   WisXX  X     
  Ragle, John6MW   WisXX        
  Ragle, Ann2FW   WisXX        
269269Nettlekeven, Hubert37MWFarmer2000265PrussiaXX        
  Nettlekeven, Mary27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Nettlekeven, Catharine1FW   WisXX        
270270Nettlekeven, John35MWFarmer2000375PrussiaXX        
  Nettlekeven, Catharine25FWKeeping House  WurtemburgXX        
  Nettlekeven, Christina8FW   WisconsinXX        
Page 40
270270Nettlekeven, Gotha4FW   WisconsinXX        
  Nettlekeven, Mary6/12FW   WisconsinXXMay       

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