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1870 Federal Census for Chilton, Calumet County

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# White
# White
# Colored
# Colored
# Males,
Foreign Born
# Females,
Foreign Born
# Blind# Insane

Column-Identifying Intial = Full Explanation

1-D = Dwelling - Houses numbered in the order of visitation
2-F = Families numbered in the order of visitation
3-Name= The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
4-Age = Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
5-G = Sex {M= Male / F = Female}
6-C = Color {White = W / Black = B / Mulatto = M / Chinese = C / Indian = I}
7-O = Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.
Value of Real Estate owned
8-R = Value of Real Estate Owned
9-P = Value of Personal Estate
10-B = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
11-FB = Father of Foreign born
12-MB = Mother of Foreign born
13-I = If born within the year, state month {Jan. & c.}
14-M = If married within the last year, state month {Jan. & c.}
15-A = Attended school within the year
16-CR = Cannot Read
17-CW = Cannot Write
18-DD = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
19-US = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.
20-V = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards where rights to vote is denied on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

Page 1
11Offeldt, Theodore21MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Offeldt, Charlotte18FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
22Retterst, Antony30MWFarmer750150PrussiaXX        
  Retterst, Mary C.28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Retterst, Christina3FW   PrussiaXX        
  Retterst, Mary A.1FW   WisconsinXX        
33Schurrer, Barthel35MWFarmer500130BohemiaXX        
  Schurrer, Anna23FWKeeping House  BohemiaXX        
  Schurrer, Joseph1MW   WisconsinXX        
44Wenzel, Taub C.36MWFarmer360130BohemiaXX        
  Wenzel, Elizabeth37FWKeeping House  BohemiaXX        
  Wenzel, Anna4FW   BohemiaXX        
  Wenzel, Robert1MW   WisconsinXX        
55Jubka, Joseph37MWFarmer360 BohemiaXX        
  Jubka, Anna26FWKeeping House  BoehmiaXX        
66Cerrey, Laurence36FWKeeping House1000150Vermont        X 
  Cerrey, George A.10MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Cerrey, Ellen8FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Cerrey, Mary3FW   Wisconsin          
77Flinn, Patrick50MWFarmer1600180IrelandXX   XX   
  Flinn, Mary38FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Flinn, Edward16MW   WisconsinXX        
  Flinn, James14MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Flinn, Mary11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Flinn, Bridget9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Flinn, Catherine8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Flinn, Margret5FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Flinn, Patrick3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Flinn, John6/12MW   WisconsinXXDec       
88Fleming, Matthew33MWFarmer1600150WurtemburgXX        
  Fleming, Clara32FWKeeping House  WurtemburgXX        
  Fleming, Emma10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Fleming, Michael4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Fleming, Gertrude3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Fleming, Matthew2MW   WisconsinXX        
99Westcott, George P.46MWFarmer2000450New York        X 
  Westcott, Mary C.42FW   PrussiaXX        
  Westcott, Nathan19MW   New York X        
  Westcott, Franklin17MW   New York X  X     
  Westcott, Alvira15FW   Wisconsin X  X     
Page 2
1010Fleming, John26MWFarmer2000180BadenXX        
  Fleming, Odelia26FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Fleming, Mary2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Fleming, Michael1MW   WisconsinXX        
1111Buettner, Joseph28MWFarmer1500160BadenXX        
  Buettner, Lucy26FW   BadenXX        
  Buettner, Mary3FW   WisconsinXX        
  Buettner, Frank2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Buettner, Barbara6/12FW   WisconsinXXDec       
1212Mc Cabe, Peter33MWFarmer4500190IrelandXX        
  Mc Cabe, Elizabeth20FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Mc Cabe, James7/12MW   WisconsinX Nov       
1313Hammon, John72MWFarmer4000290IrelandXX        
  Hammon, Elizabeth72FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Hammon, James26MWFarmer  New YorkXX   XX   
  Hammon, Henry22MWFarmer  New YorkXX      X 
  Hammon, Rose23FW   New YorkXX      X 
1414Mc Connell, Mary55FWKeeping House2000150Pensylvania          
  Mc Connell, James29MWFarmer  Ohio          
1515Goggins, Patrick29MWFarmer1600160New York        X 
  Goggins, Margret28FWKeeping House  IrelandXX      X 
  Goggins, Margret3FW   New York X        
1616Mc Cabe, James W.29MWFarmer2500300IrelandXX        
  Mc Cabe, Elizabeth26FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Mc Cabe, John2MW   WisconsinXX        
  Colhone, John20MWFarm Laborer  IrelandXX        
1717Donovan, Dennis25MWFarmer2000250Pensylvania          
  Donovan, Julia20FWKeeping House  Wisconsin        X 
  Donovan, Mary9/12FW   Wisconsin  Sept       
  Nather, John14MW   Wisconsin          
  Barry, John21MWCarpenter  Pensylvania          
1818Maloney, Patrick36MWFarmer2000170IrelandXX      X 
  Maloney, Margret34FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Maloney, James5MW   WisconsinXX        
  Maloney, Bart3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Maloney, Timothy1MW   WisconsinXX        
  Maloney, Anstead70FW   IrelandXX        
1919Terry, Albert O.37MWFarmer1600 New York     XX   
  Terry, Josephine18FWKeeping House  Illinois        X 
2020Eastman, Leander24MWFarmer900170Wisconsin          
Page 3
2020Eastman, Esther21FWKeeping House  New York          
  Eastman, Louisa J.2FW   Wisconsin          
  Eastman, Martha2/12FW   Wisconsin  Apr       
2121Dodge, Obed25MWFarm Laborer  New York        X 
  Dodge, Rosalia22FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
2222Lynch, Thomas25MWFarmer  WisconsinXX      X 
  Lynch, Winifred23FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Lynch, Mary2/12FW   Wisconsin XApr       
  Mc Figgert, Daniel40MW   IrelandXX        
  Mc Figgert, John26MW   BadenXX        
  Reihder, Barbara13FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
2323Ehrp, Peter57MWFarmer  HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Mary45FWKeeping House  HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Jacob20MW   HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Peter18MW   HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Nicholas16MW   HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Reimer12MW   HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Emma10FW   HolsteinXX        
  Ehrp, Gustavas6MW   HolsteinXX        
2424Broadhead, James L.37MWFarmer2100315New York        X 
  Broadhead, Jane33FWKeeping House  New York          
  Broadhead, Sarah11FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Broadhead, Mary9FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Broadhead, Jason7MW   Wisconsin    X     
2525Newel, Jason W.35MWFarmer2200450New York        X 
  Newel, Lydia34FWKeeping House  New York          
  Newel, Perry15MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Newel, Lydia13FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Newel, Nellie11FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Newel, Grace6FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Newel, Maud1FW   Wisconsin          
  Lee, William75MW   IrelandXX        
2626Gerry, George31MWFarmer1600300New York        X 
  Gerry, Josephine20FWKeeping House  Pensylvn {sic}          
  Gerry, Lottie2/12FW   Wisconsin  Apr       
  Gerry, Katie21FW   New York          
2727Gery, Malinda36FWKeeping House100 New York          
  Gery, Melville18MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Gery, Mason12MW   Wisconsin    X     
2828Healy, Stephen47MWFarmer1850300Mass        X 
Page 4
2828Healy, Mary R.40FWKeeping House  New York          
  Healy, Marriet9FW   Wisconsin    X     
2929Breed, George D.30MWFarmer30001175New York        X 
  Breed, Eliza25FWKeeping House  New York          
  Breed, Russell18MW   Wisconsin          
  Breed, Frank D.8/12MW   Wisconsin  Oct       
  Roberts, Georgina14FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX  X     
3030Crawford, Andrew30MWFarmer3000850New York        X 
  Crawford, Mary26FWKeeping House  New York          
  Crawford, Katie8FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Crawford, Mary1FW   Wisconsin          
  Morgen, Ruands15MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Crawford, Dinah68FW   New York          
3131Oram, George51MWFarmer5000760Pennsylvania        X 
  Oram, Jane52FWKeeping House  ScotlandXX        
  Oram, Jane12FW   Wisconsin X  X     
3232Cheesebrough, Nicholas45MWFarmer3500340New York        X 
  Cheesebrough, Elizabeth40FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Cheesebrough, Lorenzo22MW   Wisconsin X      X 
  Cheesebrough, Andrew19MW   Wisconsin X        
  Cheesebrough, Theodore16MW   Wisconsin X        
  Cheesebrough, Henry13MW   Wisconsin X  X     
3333Goggins, John43MWFarmer5000600IrelandXX        
  Goggins, Mary31FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Goggins, Mary A.12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Goggins, James9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Goggins, Barnard4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Goggins, Catharine2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Rogers, Thomas62MWFarm Laborer  IrelandXX        
3434Kelly, Michael59MWFarmer1600200IrelandXX        
  Kelly, Margret59FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Kelly, Michael12MW   WisconsinXX        
3535Cheesebrough, Frank39MWFarmer600100New York        X 
  Cheesebrough, Cornelia29FWKeeping House  New York          
  Cheesebrough, Alice11FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Cheesebrough, Laura9FW   Wisconsin    X     
3636Cheesebrough, Almena69FWKeeping House600100Mass          
3737Maugen, Richard63MWFarmer1600300IrelandXX        
  Maugen, Alice63FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
3838Maugen, William35MWFarmer2000250IrelandXX        
Page 5
3838Maugan, Aurorah22FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
3939Gage, Richard47MWFarmer7000600New York        X 
  Gage, Elizabeth39FWKeeping House  New York          
  Gage, Ellen14FW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Angelina12FW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Lawson10MW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Clinton9MW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Ida7FW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Alice5FW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Orvill3MW   Wis    X     
  Gage, Rhoda1FW   Wis          
4040Lane, Martin F.64MWFarmer5000410New Jersey        X 
  Lane, Apphia61FWKeeping House  Ohio          
4141Geff, Elihu36MWFarmer2000 Ohio        X 
  Geff, Rocksana27FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Geff, Isabel10FW   Wis    X     
  Geff, Frederick3MW   Wis    X     
  Geff, Charlotte1FW   Wis          
4242Deskum, John W.40MWFarmer6500300New York        X 
  Deskum, Cardine31FWKeeping House  New York          
  Deskum, Genevieve14FW   New York    X     
  Deskum, Frank10MW   New York    X     
  Deskum, Willie6MW   Wis          
  Deskum, Alice2FW   Wis          
  Deskum, Anna9/12FW   Wis  Aug       
  Deskum, Edward28MWFarmer3500220New York        X 
4343Craig, Jacob49MWFarmer200135New York        X 
  Craig, Mary37FWKeeping House  New York          
  Craig, Adam2MW   Wis          
  Craig, Emiline11FW   Wis          
  Craig, Mannery7FW   Wis          
  Craig, Jane3FW   Wis          
4444Lynch, Patrick55MWFarmer3000675IrelandXX   XX   
  Lynch, Mary55FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Lynch, David22MW   WisXX      X 
4545Horn, Gustav31MWFarmer1200190BadenXX        
  Horn, Sophia27FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Horn, Mary8FW   WisX   X     
  Horn, Louisa6FW   WisX         
  Horn, Pauline3FW   WisX         
Page 6
4646Doyle, Peter47MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Doyle, Ann38FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Doyle, Bridget20FW   IrelandXX        
  Doyle, Ann19FW   OhioXX        
  Doyle, John19MW   OhioXX        
  Doyle, Rosannah17FW   OhioXX        
  Doyle, Mark15MW   OhioXX  X     
  Doyle, Elizabeth12FW   WisXX  X     
  Doyle, James10MW   WisXX  X     
  Doyle, Mary8FW   WisXX  X     
  Doyle, Edward6MW   WisXX  X     
  Doyle, William2MW   WisXX        
  Doyle, Patrick H.1/12MW   WisXXMay       
4747Rightly, Gesey54MWFarmer80001050Pa        X 
  Rightly, Christine46FWKeeping House  Ohio      X   
  Rightly, Wilson S.26MWFarmer  Ohio        X 
  Rightly, Andrew J.20MW   Ohio          
  Rightly, George W.18MW   Ohio          
  Rightly, Margret J.16FW   Ohio    X     
  Rightly, Mary A.14FW   Ohio    X     
  Rightly, Dora E.8FW   Ohio    X     
  Rightly, William E.5MW   Ohio          
4848Mooney, Edward31MWFarmer2800350CanadaXX        
  Mooney, Elizabeth24FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Mooney, Mary E.3FW   WisX         
  Mooney, Adeline1FW   WisX         
4949Oneil, John40MWFarmer2000570IrelandXX        
  Oneil, Anna40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Oneil, Anabel11FW   WisXX  X     
  Oneil, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Oneil, William7MW   WisXX  X     
  Oneil, Katie5FW   WisXX  X     
  Oneil, Margret2FW   WisXX        
  Oneil, Fanny2FW   WisXX        
  Hackett, Mary19FW   Wis    X     
  Hackett, Hannah13FW   Wis    X     
5050Eastman, Nathan48MWFarmer3000600Vermont        X 
  Eastman, Louisa35FWKeeping House  New York          
  Eastman, Cyrus15MW   Wis    X     
  Eastman, Wilson13MW   Wis    X     
Page 7
5050Eastman, Harriet12FW   Wis    X     
  Eastman, Blaretta9FW   Wis    X     
  Eastman, James5MW   Wis          
5151Great, Eber J.28MWFarmer 200New York        X 
  Great, Eunice25FWKeeping House  New York          
  Great, Uriel1MW   New York          
5252Berner, Claus33MWFarmer3000165HolsteinXX        
  Berner, Mary28FWKeeping House  HolsteinXX        
  Berner, Henry6MW   HolsteinXX  X     
  Berner, Amanda2FW   IowaXX        
  Berner, Matan6/12FW   WisXXOct       
5353Sweet, John54MWFarmer3000625New York        X 
  Sweet, Belinda51FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Sweet, Eliza20FWSchool Teacher  Wis          
  Sweet, Eva18FW   Wis          
  Sweet, Cyrus16MW   Wis    X     
5454West, Alva48MWFarmer1500400New York        X 
  West, Mary39FWKeeping House  New York          
  West, Edwin18MW   New York    X     
  West, Albertine16FW   New York    X     
  West, Nillea11FW   New York    X     
5555Doyle, William54MWFarmer1500330IrelandXX        
  Doyle, Ann38FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Doyle, William18MW   WisXX  X     
  Doyle, John H.27MW   OhioXX        
5656Grady, Michael41MWFarmer2400300IrelandXX        
  Grady, Catharine37FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Grady, Roseanna19FW   WisXX        
  Grady, James16MW   WisXX  X     
  Grady, Richard14MW   WisXX  X     
  Grady, Elias12MW   WisXX  X     
  Grady, Solomon9MW   WisXX  X     
  Grady, Mary E.4FW   WisXX        
  Grady, Delia1FW   WisXX        
5757Maugan, James40MWFarmer3500450IrelandXX        
  Maugan, Catharine41FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Maugan, John18MW   WisXX  X     
  Maugan, James17MW   WisXX  X     
  Maugan, Christopher15MW   WisXX  X     
  Maugan, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
Page 8
5757Maugan, Henry10MW   WisXX  X     
  Maugan, Elizabeth7FW   WisXX  X     
  Maugan, Catharine3FW   WisXX        
5858Tulle, Hora59MWFarmer2000412Ohio        X 
  Tulle, Almira36FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Tulle, Harriett M.11FW   Wis    X     
  Tulle, Alva9MW   Wis    X     
  Tulle, Lewis7MW   Wis    X     
  Tulle, Mary5FW   Wis    X     
  Tulle, Hiram1MW   Wis          
  Height, Phebe16FW   Wis          
5959Kepper, William50MWFarmer3500450SaxonyXX        
  Kepper, Eva60FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Kepper, Lewis18MW   WisXX        
  Fiddler, Adolph7MW   WisXX  X     
6060Yules, John49MWFarmer3000450New York        X 
  Yules, Eliza A.45FWKeeping House  New York          
  Yules, Adeline23FW   Wis          
  Yules, Lucy19FW   Wis    X     
  Yules, Palmer13MW   Wis    X     
  Tripp, Nancy76FW   New York          
6161Harper, Chester23MWFarmer 275New York        X 
  Scott, Mary47FW   New York          
  Scott, Charles8MW   Wis    X     
  Scott, Margret17FW   Illinois          
6262Yules, Harvey25MWFarmer  Wis        X 
  Yules, Ellen20FW   Mass          
  Yules, John B.10/12MW   Wis  July       
6363Schener, Jacob48MWFarmer5000450WurtemburgXX        
  Schener, Mina32FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Schener, Albert10MW   WisXX  X     
  Schener, Anna8FW   WisXX  X     
  Schener, William6MW   WisXX  X     
  Schener, Edward4MW   WisXX        
  Schener, Clara2FW   WisXX        
  Steker, Christina30MWFarm Laborer  MecklenburgXX        
6464Yules, James58MWFarmer3000560New York        X 
  Yules, Nelly A.57FWKeeping House  New York          
  Yules, Purly A.21FW   Wis          
  Yules, Olivia13FW   Wis    X     
Page 9
6565Harriman, Willm21MWFarmer1000390CanadaXX        
  Harriman, Lilie17FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
6666Joyce, James45MWFarmer2000300IrelandXX        
  Joyce, Ann32FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Joyce, James16MW   IllinoisXX  X     
  Joyce, Bridget14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Joyce, Ellen12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Joyce, Daniel10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Joyce, John8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Joyce, Anna5FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Joyce, Thomas4MW   WisconsinXX  X     
6767Harley, John45MWFarmer2000320IrelandXX   XX   
  Harley, Eliza40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Harley, John18MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harley, Andrew16MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harley, Honora14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harley, James12MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harley, Margret9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harley, William7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
6868Stiers, Silas47MWFarmer70001127New York        X 
  Stiers, Mary A.32FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Stiers, Frank12MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Stiers, Clyde10MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Stiers, Nellie7FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Stiers, Jennie5FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Stiers, Minnie3FW   Wisconsin          
  Stiers, Willie1/12MW   Wisconsin  May       
  Stiers, Harris71MW   New York        X 
  Stiers, Joseph31MW   New York        X 
6969Oherne, Owen51MWFarmer2000550IrelandXX        
  Oherne, Catherine45FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Oherne, Ellen20FWSchool Teacher  WisconsinXX        
  Oherne, Julia13FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Oherne, Elizabeth11FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Oherne, Jennie9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Fabvey, Michael55MWFarmer2000 IrelandXX        
7070Roach, Edmund52MWFarmer1000200IrelandXX        
  Roach, Bridget41FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Roach, Joanna16FW   IllinoisXX  X     
  Roach, Michael11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
Page 10
7070Roach, Hannah9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Roach, John7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Roach, Martin5MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Roach, Thomas3MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Roach, Edmund1MW   WisconsinXX        
7171Carney, Ellen52FWKeeping House1000250IrelandXX        
  Carney, Dennis23MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Carney, Eliza21FW   IrelandXX        
  Carney, John18MW   New Hampsh {sic}XX  X     
  Carney, James17MW   New Hampsh {sic}XX  X     
7272Counenly, Michael33MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Counenly, Bridget21FWKeeping House  New YorkXX        
  Counenly, Margret1FW   WisconsinX         
  Counenly, Mary3FW   WisconsinX         
7373Granger, Ephraim46MWFarmer50001140New York          
  Granger, Margret A.41FWKeeping House  New York          
  Granger, Adelia16FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Granger, Alma6FW   Wisconsin    X     
7474Baldock, Charles22MWFarmer 270OhioXX      X 
  Baldock, Nancy30FWKeeping House  New York          
  Blodgett, Albert17MW   New York          
  Blodgett, Maria11FW   New York    X     
7575Merrill, Jeremiah40MWFarmer1000100New York        X 
  Merrill, Angelina38FWKeeping House  New York          
  Merrill, Francis13MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Merrill, Esther10FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Merrill, Ada7FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Merrill, Mary3FW   Wisconsin          
7676Decoy, J. G.50MWStone Mason2000200ScotlandXX        
  Decoy, Mary40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
7777Davis, John39MWFarmer2000300WalesXX        
  Davis, Melida25FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Davis, Ellous H.6MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Davis, Evan E.3MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Davis, John63MWFarmer  WalesXX        
7878Davis, Evan32MWFarmer3000520WalesXX        
  Davis, Susan28FWKeeping House  WalesXX        
7979Bavee, Lucy47FWKeeping House900600New York      X X 
  Bavee, Andrew21MWFarm Laborer  New York        X 
  Bavee, Sevelia24FW   Ohio          
Page 11
7979Bovee, Melita15FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Bovee, Warren11MW   Wisconsin    X     
8080Holstead, Watson42MWFarmer4800700New York        X 
  Holstead, Maria39FWKeeping House  New York          
  Holstead, Cowan W.17MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Holstead, Jay D.15MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Holstead, Dearnsby7MW   Wisconsin    X     
8181Lehner, Matthias42MWFarmer  WurtemburgXX        
  Lehner, Rosina33FWKeeping House  WurtemburgXX        
  Lehner, John11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lehner, George9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lehner, Matthew7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lehner, Mary5FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Lehner, August3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Lehner, Frank10/12MW   WisconsinXX        
  Lehner, Jacobona70FW   WurtemburgXX        
8282Gibson, James34MWFarmer2000400IrelandXX        
  Gibson, Mary A.26FWKeeping House  OhioXX        
  Gibson, Alice M.3FW   WisconsinX         
  Gibson, Francis W.2MW   WisconsinX         
  Gibson, Alice70FW   IrelandXX        
8383Mc Hugh, Patrick32MWFarmer2500200IrelandXX        
  Mc Hugh, Margret24FWKeeping House  OhioXX        
8484Mc Hugh, Owen40MWFarmer1200350IrelandXX        
  Mc Hugh, Mary40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Hugh, James19MW   PaXX        
  Mc Hugh, Owen17MW   PaXX        
  Mc Hugh, Hannah15FW   PaXX        
  Mc Hugh, Mary A.12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Hugh, Bridget9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Hugh, Thomas7MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Hugh, John6MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Hugh, Francis4MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Hugh, Catharine1FW   WisconsinXX        
8585Mc Auliff, John52MWFarmer1500200IrelandXX        
  Mc Auliff, Bridget40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Auliff, Thomas18MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Mc Auliff, John16MW   PaXX  X     
  Mc Auliff, Mary A.13FW   PaXX  X     
8686Gouns, Francis50MWFarmer1800253FranceXX        
Page 12
8686Jouns, Catharine48FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Jouns, Lewis25MW   PaXX        
  Jouns, James11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Jouns, John9MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Odanad, Peter23MWFarm Laborer800 Ohio        X 
8787Barlet, Olm38MWFarmer  New YorkXX        
  Barlet, Mary29FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Barlet, Susan4FW   New York X        
  Barlet, Jane2FW   Wisconsin X        
  Barlet, Elizabeth1FW   Wisconsin X        
8888Jones, Hugh H.68MWFarmer2000360WalesXX        
  Jones, Elizabeth67FWKeeping House  WalesXX        
  Jones, John27MW   WalesXX        
  Jones, Jane20FW   New York          
  Jones, Elizabeth1FW   WisconsinX         
8989Gillespie, John60MWFarmer2500390IrelandXX        
  Gillespie, Ellen40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Gillespie, Patrick18MW   WisconsinXX        
  Gillespie, Ellen16FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gillespie, John14MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gillespie, Barnard12MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gillespie, Catharine10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
9090Byron, Francis30MWFarmer1600160IrelandXX        
  Byron, Bridget31FWKeeping House  New YorkXX        
  Byron, Edward17MW   WisconsinXX        
  Byron, Michael13MW   WisconsinXX        
  Byron, John10MW   WisconsinXX        
  Byron, Patrick3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Byron, Mary J.8/12FW   WisconsinXXOct       
9191Setter, Joseph44MWFarmer1800200WurtemburgXX        
  Setter, Elizabeth45FWKeeping House  Hessen DarmstadtXX        
  Setter, Elizabeth12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Setter, Henry10MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Setter, Theresa8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
9292Haus, Peter23MWFarmer1800100PrussiaXX        
  Haus, Sophia19FWKeeping House  WisconsinXX        
  Haus, John20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Dubine, Herman22MWFarmer1300100PrussiaXX        
9393Plauz, John30MWFarmer3000 Hessen DarmstadtXX        
  Plauz, Margret30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
Page 13
9393Plauz, Andrew8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
9494Hoffman, Frank26MWFarmer1500300PrussiaXX        
  Hoffman, Anna23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hoffman, Augusta2FW   WisconsinXX        
  Hoffman, Henry10/12MW   WisconsinXXAug       
9595Gallager, Mary48FWKeeping House3500300IrelandXX   XX   
  Gallager, Hugh21MWFarmer  New YorkXX        
  Gallager, Thomas16MW   New YorkXX        
  Gallager, Anna14FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Gallager, John11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Gallager, Andrew8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
9696Stone, James31MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Stone, Elizabeth27FWKeeping House  New York          
  Stone, James H.4MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Cornell, Alvira15FW   CanadaXX  X     
  Wulf, Oscar25MWSchool Teacher1000 DenmarkXX        
9797Bridge, Robert47MWFarmer4400500EnglandXX        
  Bridge, Harriet47FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Bridge, Anna18FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Heass, John73MW   EnglandXX        
9898Laughlin, John46MWFarmer3000840IrelandXX        
  Laughlin, Mary43FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
9999Mc Cue, John45MWFarmer2000350IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Cue, Bridget45FW   IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Cue, John11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Mc Cue, Mary J.8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
100100Mc Cue, Dennis35MWFarmer1200484IrelandXX        
  Mc Cue, Anna26FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Cue, Mary A.8FW   WisconsinXX  X     
101101Bride, Owen50MWFarmer1000140IrelandXX   XX   
  Bride, Rose51FW   IrelandXX   XX   
  Bride, Elizabeth21FW   IrelandXX        
  Bride, Barnard20MW   IrelandXX        
  Bride, James18MW   IrelandXX        
  Bride, Kate15FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Bride, Owen12MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Bride, Mary8FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Bride, Jane4FW   New YorkXX        
102102Philips, Edward39MWFarmer3000400New York        X 
  Philips, Maria42FWKeeping House  New York          
Page 14
102102Philips, Edward15MW   New York    X     
103103McGabe, Barnard25MWFarmer2300360New YorkXX      X 
  McGabe, Anna20FWKeeping House  Rhode IslandXX        
104104Tracy, Charles H.50MWFarmer  Vermont        X 
  Tracy, Nancy L.41FWKeeping House  New York          
  Tracy, Franklin20MW   New York          
  Tracy, Calvin18MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Tracy, Clark F.11MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Tracy, Aurilla J.10FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Tracy, Jasper A.8MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Tracy, Delia F.6FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Tracy, Oscar6/12MW   Wisconsin  Dec       
  Tracy, Lucy85FW   Wisconsin          
105105Tracy, Samuel F.61MWFarmer1200 Vermont        X 
  Tracy, Atheda51FWKeeping House  New York          
  Tracy, Betsy16FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Tracy, Miles13MW   Wisconsin    X     
106106Jenkins, Hannah46FWKeeping House  New York          
107107Mc Cole, Patrick67MWFarmer30001000IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Cole, Catharine75FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Cole, Patrick30MWFarmer  OhioXX        
  Mc Cole, John20MW   IrelandXX        
  Burns, John35MWFarm Laborer  IrelandXX   XX   
108108Warner, Samuel41MWFarmer3500 SwitzerlandXX        
  Warner, Barbara42FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Warner, Bridget19FW   BadenXX        
  Warner, Martin17MW   BadenXX        
  Warner, Margret10/12FW   WisconsinXXSep       
109109Knickerbocker, Adam49MWFarmer4000500New York        X 
  Knickerbocker, Catharine40FWKeeping House  New York          
  Knickerbocker, Frederick19MW   New York          
  Knickerbocker, Cornelius16MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Knickerbocker, Laura13FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Knickerbocker, Edward E.5MW   Wisconsin          
110110Healy, Adam H.49MWFarmer3000150New York        X 
  Healy, Emilian39FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Healy, Emir H.16MW   Ohio    X     
  Healy, Ella H.16FW   Ohio    X     
  Healy, Ida14FW   Wisconsin    X     
111111Maddigan, Patrick56MWFarmer2000800IrelandXX   XX   
Page 15
111111Maddigan, Mary56FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Maddigan, Lewis17MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Maddigan, Edward13MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Maddigan, Lucy9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
112112Lalonde, Edward25MWFarmer  Wisconsin        X 
  Lalonde, Emily26FWKeeping House  New York          
  Lalonde, Maude1/12FW   Wisconsin  May       
113113Reynolds, Enoch W.71MWFarmer1600 New York        X 
114114Jenkins, Luther83MWFarmer5000168New York        X 
  Jenkins, Lydia B.73FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Jenkins, Adelaide39FW   New York          
  Jenkins, George D. B.33MW   New York        X 
  Jenkins, Lillie6FW   Wisconsin          
115115Manning, Henry P.44MWFarmer1500225New York        X 
  Manning, Eliza40FWKeeping House  New York          
  Manning, Martha21FW   New York          
  Manning, Charles18MW   New York          
116116Scott, Ephraim67MWFarmer1500813Vermont        X 
  Scott, Mary D.68FWKeeping House  Mass.          
117117Scott, Henry K.26MWFarmer1200300New York        X 
  Scott, Mary C.23FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
  Scott, Henry M.4MW   Wisconsin          
  Scott, Wilber L.1MW   Wisconsin          
118118Dutcher, Joshua62MWFarmer4500500New York        X 
  Dutcher, Cynthia50FWKeeping House  Vermont          
  Dutcher, Alvira12FW   Wisconsin    X     
119119Dutcher, Cornelius30MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Dutcher, Amanda23FWKeeping House  Wisconsin          
  Dutcher, Ellen E.3FW   Wisconsin          
  Dutcher, Lillian T.1FW   Wisconsin          
120120Knickerbocker, Philip49MWFarmer3500640New York        X 
  Knickerbocker, Hannah47FWKeeping House  New York          
  Knickerbocker, Hugh13MW   Wisconsin    X     
  Knickerbocker, Annie11FW   Wisconsin    X     
121121Sparks, Samuel50MWFarmer1000210EnglandXX        
  Sparks, Catharine39FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Sparks, Rebecca E.16FW   OhioXX  X     
  Sparks, Eliza M.14FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Sparks, William T.11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Sparks, Loretta A.9FW   WisconsinXX  X     
Page 16
121121Sparks, Louisa7FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Sparks, Flora A.2FW   WisconsinXX        
122122Clark, Ozias54MWFarmer3000300New York        X 
  Clark, Lydia48FWKeeping House  New York          
  Clark, William20MW   Wisconsin          
  Clark, Samuel D.18MW   Wisconsin          
123123Mc Cole, Cornelius37MWFarmer3700336PaXX        
  Mc Cole, Delia27FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Cole, Mary A.12FW   WisconsinX {sic}   X     
  Mc Cole, James A.10MW   WisconsinX {sic}   X     
  Mc Cole, Elizabeth1FW   WisconsinX {sic}         
124124Baldock, Edward55MWFarmer1000175EnglandXX        
  Baldock, Ruth W.48FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Baldock, Wesley16MW   WisconsinX   X     
  Baldock, Lathrop G.13MW   WisconsinX   X     
125125Baldock, Jeremiah28MWFarmer1800230OhioX       X 
  Baldock, Maria25FWKeeping House  New York          
  Baldock, Ruth1FW   Wisconsin          
126126Morris, Henry40MWFarmer3500536New York        X 
  Morris, Cornelia37FWKeeping House  New York          
  Morris, Aaron17MW   New York    X     
  Morris, Carrie B.8FW   Wisconsin    X     
  Morris, Walter4MW   Wisconsin          
127127Trever, Joseph S.40MWFarmer1400290EnglandXX        
  Trever, Maria39FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Trever, Mary A.19FW   EnglandXX        
  Trever, Betsy M.17FW   EnglandXX        
  Trever, Sarah J.15FW   EnglandXX        
  Trever, George H.13MW   EnglandXX        
  Trever, Maria9FW   EnglandXX  X     
  Trever, Joseph S.7MW   EnglandXX  X     
  Trever, Charlotte5FW   EnglandXX  X     
  Trever, Kate2FW   EnglandXX        
  Trever, Eunice8/12FW   EnglandXXNov       
128128Trever, Robert28MWFarmer & Tailor  EnglandXX        
  Trever, Jemima35FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Trever, Elizabeth M.5FW   EnglandXX  X     
  Trever, Mary L.4FW   EnglandXX        
  Trever, Joseph E.1MW   EnglandXX        
129129Jackson, Robert41MWFarmer1500350EnglandXX        
Page 17
129129Jackson, Eliza40FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Jackson, John14MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Jackson, William12MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Jackson, Charles10MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Jackson, Mary6FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Jackson, Thomas2MW   WisXX        
  Jackson, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
130130White, William59MWFarmer1400160New York        X 
  White, Melissa43FWKeeping House  New York          
  White, Myron17MW   Wis    X     
  White, Charles E.14MW   Wis    X     
  White, Mary S. A.10FW   Wis    X     
131131Boyle, John54MWFarmer900265IrelandXX   XX   
  Boyle, Margret46FW   IrelandXX   XX   
  Boyle, Patrick23MW   New YorkXX        
  Boyle, Charles18MW   WisXX        
  Boyle, William16MW   WisXX        
  Boyle, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Boyle, Lewis10MW   WisXX  X     
  Boyle, Mary J.8FW   WisXX  X     
  Boyle, Frank6MW   WisXX        
  Boyle, Barnard4MW   WisXX        
132132Maine, John27MWFarmer  Ohio        X 
  Maine, Elvira22FW   Ohio          
  Maine, Jennie2FW   Wis          
133133Morgan, Patrick54MWFarmer2100720IrelandXX        
  Morgan, Mary54FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Trantor, Brady60MW   IrelandXX   XX   
134134Hall, Edwin28MWFarmer4000575OhioXX        
  Hall, Catharine62FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Hall, Philip25MW   OhioXX        
  Hall, Robert23MW   OhioXX        
135135Hall, James30MWFarmer4500450OhioXX        
  Hall, Hannah23FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
136136Canon, Dennis53MWFarmer2000 IrelandXX   XX   
  Canon, Grace47FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Canon, John14MW   OhioXX  X     
  Canon, Thomas13MW   OhioXX  X     
  Canon, Charles13MW   OhioXX  X     
  Canon, Catharine8FW   OhioXX  X     
Page 18
136136Canon, Manis28MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
137137Luffman, Gordon45MWFarmer4000520New York        X 
  Luffman, Alvina34FWKeeping House  New York          
138138Petit, Luther50MWFarmer1400250New York        X 
  Petit, Sylvia38FWKeeping House  New York          
  Petit, William7MW   Wis    X     
  Petit, Mary4FW   Wis    X     
  Petit, Emma1FW   Wis          
139139Chesner, Anthony37MWFarmer2000320FranceXX        
  Chesner, Dianthy24FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Chesner, Sophia9FW   WisXX  X     
  Chesner, William3MW   WisXX        
  Chesner, Barnard1MW   WisXX        
  Straus, Philip28MWStone Mason  PrussiaXX        
140140Merrill, Melanethan65MWFarmer3000366New York        X 
  Merrill, Addison37MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Merrill, Cynthia30FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Merrill, Almand91MW   Ohio        X 
141141Hyatt, Ara W.38MWFarmer2000300New York        X 
  Hyatt, Anna33FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Hyatt, Increase76MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Carneggie, Peter17MW   New York          
142142Randal, John46MWFarmer3000400New York        X 
  Randal, Alma40FWKeeping House  New York          
  Randal, Moreus17MW   New York          
143143Merrill, Calvin58MWFarmer3100400New York        X 
  Merrill, Phileena57FWKeeping House  New York          
  Merrill, Sarah B.17FW   Wis          
144144Merrill, Wilson22MWFarmer900400Ohio        X 
  Merrill, Amelia23FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Merrill, Estella2FW   Wis X        
  Orson, John11MW   Wis    X     
  Merrill, Esther88FW   Mass          
145145Mortimer, Edmond45MWFarmer4000650EnglandXX        
  Mortimer, Jemima44FWKeeping House  EnglandXX    X   
  Mortimer, William S.20MW   WisXX        
  Mortimer, George D.18MW   WisXX  X     
  Mortimer, Mary E.16FW   WisXX  X     
  Mortimer, Emma O.14FW   WisXX  X     
  Mortimer, Albert T.11MW   WisXX  X     
Page 19
146146Kennedy, Edward35MWFarmer2500420OhioXX        
  Kennedy, Catharine70FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
147147Ryan, Edward43MWFarmer3000525IrelandXX   XX   
  Ryan, Catharine40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Ryan, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Ryan, Sarah J.11FW   WisXX  X     
  Ryan, Dennis8MW   WisXX  X     
  Ryan, Catharine6FW   WisXX  X     
  Ryan, Mary E.3FW   WisXX        
  Ryan, Susan5/12FW   WisXXJan       
148148Bogle, Hugh38MWFarmer3000347OhioXX        
  Bogle, Anna27FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Bogle, John5MW   WisXX  X     
  Bogle, Mary A.1FW   WisXX        
  Bogle, Bridget12FW   WisXX  X     
  Bogle, James10MW   WisXX  X     
  Bogle, John41MWFarmer  OhioXX        
  Bogle, William63MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
149149Burns, Derby58MWFarmer2500224IrelandXX   XX   
  Burns, Bridget50FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Burns, Michael22MW   OhioXX        
  Burns, Winnie12FW   WisXX  X     
150150Fuller, Fiayette22MWFarmer25001595Wis        X 
  Fuller, Hannah20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Fuller, Frederick1MW   Wis X        
  Graham, Daniel27MWFarm Laborer  New York          
151151Hindermaster, Jacob63MWFarmer  SwitzerlandXX        
  Hindermaster, Susannah50FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Hindermaster, Carloline {sic}20FW   SwitzerlandXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Anna18FW   SwitzerlandXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Pauline17FW   SwitzerlandXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Charles15MW   WisXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Berte12FW   WisXX  X     
  Hindermaster, Susannah9FW   WisXX  X     
152152Bart, James36MWFarmer1500200New YorkXX      X 
  Bart, Nancy33FWKeeping House  OhioXX        
  Bart, Catharine9FW   Wis    X     
  Bart, James8MW   Wis    X     
  Bart, Anna5FW   Wis    X     
  Bart, Francis3MW   Wis          
Page 20
152152Bart, Joseph1MW   WisXX        
153153Bart, Michael69MWFarmer  FranceXX   XX   
  Bart, Catharine66FWKeeping House  FranceXX   XX   
  Bart, Lewis58MW   FranceXX   XX   
154154Mc Hale, Patrick52MWFarmer1500275IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Hale, Hannah42FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Hale, John17MW   New YorkXX        
  Mc Hale, Ellen16FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Mc Hale, Richard13MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Mc Hale, Patrick9MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Mc Hale, Dennis8MW   New YorkXX  X     
155155Flinn, Patrick37MWFarm Laborer  IrelandXX   XX   
  Flinn, Ellen30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Flinn, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Flinn, Margret10FW   WisXX  X     
  Flinn, Ellen6FW   WisXX  X     
  Flinn, William+MW   WisXX        
  Flinn, Mary8FW   WisXX  X     
156156Krepser, Jacob44MWFarmer3000225SwitzerlandXX        
  Krepser, Elizabeth44FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Krepser, George11MW   BadenXX  X     
157157Fuller, David W.51MWFarmer2000160Mass        X 
  Fuller, Emily40FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Fuller, Alice16FW   Wis X  X     
  Fuller, Morris14MW   Wis X  X     
  Fuller, Gertrude4FW   Wis X        
158158Fuller, David Jr.21MWFarmer  Wis        X 
  Fuller, Nellie20FWKeeping House  Maine          
  Fuller, Walter4/12MW   Wis  Mar       
159159Mc Kenna, Patrick30MWFarmer3000300OhioXX      X 
  Mc Kenna, Ellen26FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Kenna, Alexander6MW   Wis X        
  Mc Kenna, Catharina4FW   Wis X        
  Mc Kenna, Sarah1FW   Wis X        
  Baker, Mary14FWDomestic Servant  Wis X  X     
160160Hagan, Gunther27MWFarmer1500 BadenXX        
161161Minagen, John28MWFarmer2750335IrelandXX        
  Minagen, Susan26FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Minagen, William H.4MW   WisXX        
  Minagen, Delia2FW   WisXX        
+ Age for this child was unable to be read off of several copies It could be a 1 or 7
Page 21
161161Schrader, Mina9FW   WisXX  X     
162162Zapp, Christopher26MWFarmer1200165PrussiaXX        
  Zapp, Agnes21FW   PrussiaXX        
  Zapp, Kate6/12FW   WisXXJan       
163163Nolan, William35MWFarmer2000225IrelandXX        
  Nolan, Ann35FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Nolan, Richard13MW   WisXX  X     
  Nolan, Julia7FW   WisXX  X     
  Nolan, John6MW   WisXX        
  Nolan, William4MW   WisXX        
  Nolan, Mary2FW   WisXX        
164164Hein, William26MWFarmer  BavariaXX        
  Hein, Margret23FWKeeping House  Hessin DarmstadtXX        
  Hein, Mary8/12FW   WisXXOct       
  McKenna, Dennis20MW   OhioXX        
  McKenna, Ellen21FW   CanadaXX        
165165Hammond, A. W.37MWCounty School Superintendent3000300CanadaXX        
  Hammond, Mary C.35FWKeeping House  Maine          
  Hammond, Alice J.14FW   New YorkX   X     
  Hammond, Lucy J.11FW   WisX   X     
  Hammond, Ansel V.2MW   WisX         
  Nozes, William10MW   Maine    X     
166166Hammond, W. C.28MWFarmer2500400New York        X 
  Hammond, Mary C.24FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Hammond, Emma2FW   Wis          
  Hammond, Herbert7/12MW   Wis  Oct       
  Nozes, Charles H.12MW   Maine    X     
  Coonrad, Peter19MW   Wis          
167167Voking, M. J.30MWFarmer4000700Maine        X 
  Voking, Melida26FWKeeping House  New York X        
  Voking, Frank F.6MW   New Jersey          
  Voking, Fred H.4MW   Wis          
  Nozes, George A.14MW   Maine    X     
168168Mc Kenna, Peter68MWFarmer3800640IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Kenna, Sarah61FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Mc Kenna, Edward18MW   WisXX        
  Mc Kenna, William14MW   WisXX        
  Mc Cabe, Bridget15FW   New YorkXX        
169169Wheeler, Nathan45MWFarmer500145New Hampshire          
  Wheeler, Sarah44FWKeeping House  Vermont          
Page 22
169169Wheeler, Francis13MW   New York    X     
  Wheeler, Alma10FW   New York    X     
170170Dow, Araph57MWFarmer3000500Maine        X 
  Dow, Edna46FWKeeping House  Maine          
  Dow, Benjamin25MWFarmer  Maine   June    X 
  Dow, Florence21FWTeaching School  Maine          
  Dow, Adalred19MW   Maine    X     
  Dow, Julia17FW   Maine    X     
171171Crouch, John57MWFarmer7000810New York        X 
  Crouch, Cynthia42FWKeeping House  New York          
  Crouch, Eliza19FW   Ohio    X     
  Crouch, John C.17MW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Emma G.12FW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Oscar M.11MW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Morris9MW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Anna7FW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Martin6MW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Sarah3FW   Wis          
172172Menegham, Michael48MWFarmer1500185IrelandXX        
  Menegham, Mary35FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Menegham, John9MW   WisXX  X     
  Menegham, Mary A.7FW   WisXX  X     
  Menegham, Eliza2FW   WisXX        
  Menegham, Margret3/12FW   WisXXApr       
  Lyons, Wainag46MW   IrelandXX   XX   
173173Winter, A. J.38MWFarmer1000170CanadaXX        
  Winter, Sarah41FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Winter, Calista13FW   WisXX  X     
  Winter, Gilbert9MW   WisXX  X     
  Winter, Austin3/12MW   WisXXApr       
174174Short, Dennis68MWFarmer4000480IrelandXX        
  Short, Ann66FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Short, Peter23MW   OhioXX        
  Mame, Catharine35FW   PaXX     Idiotic  
  Reynold, Margret4FW   Wis    X     
175175Kohl, John52MWFarmer1000130PrussiaXX        
  Kohl, Amalia24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kohl, John18MW   PrussiaXX        
  Kohl, Mary15FW   PrussiaXX        
  Kohl, Frank11MW   PrussiaXX  X     
Page 23
175175Kohl, Theodore2MW   WisXX        
176176Dillet, James50MWFarmer3000278New JerseyXX      X 
  Dillet, Ann36FWKeeping House  Virginia          
  Dillet, James26MWFarmer  Ohio          
  Dillet, George21MW   Ohio          
  Dillet, Charles18MW   Ohio          
  Dillet, Christopher15MW   Kentucky    X     
  Dillet, Sarah J.5FW   Wis    X     
  Dillet, William3MW   Wis          
  Dillet, Susan1FW   Wis          
  Boyle, Catharine14FW   VirginiaXX  X     
177177Dillet, George33MWFarmer900145OhioXX      X 
  Dillet, Ellen18FWKeeping House  Virginia          
  Dillet, John1MW   Wis          
178178Dillet, Charles Sr.79MWFarmer3100625IrelandXX        
  Dillet, Catharine74FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Dillet, John54MWFarm Laborer  New JerseyXX        
  Boyle, Catharine10FW   WisXX  X     
179179Boyle, William41MWFarmer2000250OhioXX      X 
  Boyle, Mary39FWKeeping House  Pa      X   
  Groff, Catharine10FW   SwitzerlandXX  X     
  McCarline, Francis5MW   Ohio          
180180Crouch, James46MWFarmer4000483New York        X 
  Crouch, Rosalthe35FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Crouch, Sarah13FW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Clinton11MW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Frank8MW   Wis    X     
  Crouch, Stella3FW   Wis          
  Crouch, Alice1FW   Wis          
181181Lex, Nicholas25MWFarmer1100155PrussiaXX        
  Lex, Elizabeth24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lex, Anna4FW   WisXX        
182182Skahan, Michael50MWFarmer1500295IrelandXX   XX   
  Skahan, Bridget40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Skahan, Thomas16MW   WisXX  X     
  Skahan, Catharine14FW   WisXX  X     
  Skahan, James12MW   WisXX  X     
  Skahan, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Skahan, John2MW   WisXX        
183183Minaghan, Wm. B.35MWFarmer2500190IrelandXX        
Page 24
183183Minaghan, Mary30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Minaghan, Robert12MW   New YorkXX        
  Minaghan, Ellen10FW   WisXX        
  Minaghan, John R.7MW   WisXX        
  Minaghan, Grace5FW   WisXX        
  Minaghan, William3MW   WisXX        
184184Gill, John35MWFarmer1000200IrelandXX        
  Gill, Mary30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Gill, James8MW   Rhode IsdXX  X     
  Gill, Catharine6FW   WisXX  X     
  Gill, Mary5FW   WisXX        
  Gill, John3MW   WisXX        
  Gill, William1MW   WisXX        
  Gill, John75MW   IrelandXX   XX   
185185Minaghan, Roger61MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Minaghan, Margret56FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
186186Nolan, James50MWFarmer1000200IrelandXX        
  Nolan, Mary A.40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Nolan, William13MW   WisXX        
187187Hughes, Michael42MWFarmer1000265IrelandXX        
  Hughes, Mary A.40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Hughes, James9MW   WisXX        
  Hughes, Alfred8MW   WisXX        
  Hughes, George6MW   WisXX        
  Hughes, Thomas3MW   WisXX        
  Hughes, Josephine1FW   WisXX        
188188Grots, Andrew69MWFarmer700125CanadaXX   XX   
  Gilman, Thomas46MWMail Carrier  CanadaXX        
  Gilman, Matilda41FWKeeping House  CanadaXX   XX   
  Gilman, Nelson21MW   VermontXX        
  Gilman, Nicholas19MW   VermontXX        
  Gilman, Joseph17MW   New YorkXX        
  Gilman, Peter15MW   New YorkXX        
  Gilman, Eliza13FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Gilman, Elie11MW   CanadaXX  X     
  Gilman, Alfred9MW   CanadaXX  X     
  Gilman, Edmitta7MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Gilman, Matilda5FW   New YorkXX        
  Gilman, Emeline1FW   New YorkXX        
189189Connelly, James30MWFarmer2200300IrelandXX        
Page 25
189189Connely, Mary A.36FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Connely, George10MW   WisXX  X     
  Connely, Elizabeth8FW   WisXX  X     
  Connely, James6MW   WisXX        
  Connely, Catharine4FW   WisXX        
  Connely, John2MW   WisXX        
  Connely, Patrick6/12MW   WisXXJan       
  Mc Hugh, Mary A.13FW   WisXX  X     
190190Connely, Dennis80MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Connely, Winifred77FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Cain, Dennis13MW   Rhode IslandXX  X     
  Cain, Ann11FW   Rhode IslandXX  X     
191191Higgins, James33MWFarmer1500350IrelandXX        
  Higgins, Maria24FWKeeping House  Rhode IslandXX        
  Higgins, Mary E.8FW   WisX   X     
  Higgins, Agnes6FW   WisX   X     
  Higgins, Edward3MW   WisX         
  Higgins, John1MW   WisX         
  Higgins, Jome {sic} H.2/12MW   WisX Mar       
192192Wade, Owen36MWFarmer  IrelandXX    X   
  Wade, Eliza36FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Wade, Thomas14MW   Rhode IslandXX  X     
  Wade, Mary J.10FW   Rhode IslandXX  X     
  Wade, Elizabeth7FW   Rhode IslandXX        
  Wade, John5MW   Rhode IslandXX        
  Wade, Michael3MW   WisXX        
  Wade, Helena2FW   WisXX        
  Wade, Willm H.9/12MW   WisXXSep       
193193Baker, George53MWFarmer400 BadenXX   XX   
  Baker, Sarah38FWKeeping House  New York     XX   
  Baker, Christoph14MW   WisX   X     
  Baker, Rocksena13FW   WisX   X     
  Baker, Charles12MW   WisX   X     
  Baker, Catharine6FW   WisX   X     
  Baker, Warren5MW   WisX         
  Baker, Gustave3MW   WisX         
  Baker, Alice1FW   WisX         
194194Draw, Ferdinand38MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Draw, Louisa38FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Draw, Fredericke10FW   PrussiaXX        
Page 26
194194Draw, William11MW   PrussiaXX        
  Draw, Louisa9FW   PrussiaXX        
  Draw, August7MW   PrussiaXX        
  Draw, Wilhelmina5FW   PrussiaXX        
  Draw, Mary1/12FW   WisconsinXXMay       
195195Graf, Barbara60FWKeeping House1200190SwitzerlandXX        
  Graf, Solomon28MWCarpenter  SwitzerlandXX        
  Graf, Henry16MW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Graf, David14MW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Graf, Richard12MW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Graf, Catharine11FW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Graf, Albert10MW   SwitzerlandXX        
196196Boyle, Edward26MWFarmer  New YorkXX    X   
  Boyle, Margret25FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
197197Calaghan, James45MWFarmer1400190IrelandXX    X   
  Calaghan, Mary40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Calaghan, Ellen16FW   Wis.XX  X     
  Calaghan, Sarah17FW   Rhode IslandXX        
  Calaghan, Mary E.20FW   Rhode IslandXX        
  Calaghan, Catharine7FW   WisXX        
  Calaghan, Margret5FW   WisXX        
  Calaghan, Theresa2FW   WisXX        
198198Forkins, John68MWFarmer3000340IrelandXX   XX   
  Forkins, Margret57FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Forkins, Edward19MW   Rhode IslandXX        
  Forkins, Michael17MW   Rhode IslandXX        
  Forkins, William13MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Forkins, Margret12FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Forkins, Ellen10FW   WisconsinXX  X     
199199Harlow, James50MWFarmer2100290IrelandXX        
  Harlow, Bridget40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  Harlow, Mary18FW   Rhode IslandXX  X     
  Harlow, Celia16FW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, Luke11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, James8MW   WisconsinXX  X     
  Harlow, John4MW   WisconsinXX        
  Harlow, William2MW   WisconsinXX        
200200Forkins, John Jr.26MWFarmer1800175IrelandXX        
  Forkins, Elizabeth20FWKeeping House  PaXX        
  Forkins, Maria3FW   WisconsinX         
Page 27
200200Forkins, John1/12MW   WisXXMay       
201201Hickey, John40MWFarmer1600160IrelandXX   XX   
  Hickey, Catharine40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Hickey, Nanny10FW   Mo.XX  X     
  Hickey, Mary8FW   Ill.XX  X     
  Hickey, John5MW   Ill.XX        
  Hickey, Dennis3MW   Wis.XX        
  Calaghan, Thos.25MWFarmer900150IrelandXX        
202202Vallily, Stephen40MWFarmer200310IrelandXX        
  Vallily, Margret30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Vallily, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Vallily, Albert9MW   WisXX  X     
  Vallily, Mary M.5FW   WisXX        
  Vallily, Peter J.3MW   WisXX        
  Connaught, Thomas28MW   WisXX        
203203Higgins, Peter28MWFarmer1500350IrelandXX        
  Higgins, Catharine26FWKeeping House  Rhode IslandXX        
  Higgins, Henry3MW   WisconsinXX        
  Johnson, Clara10FI   Wisconsin    X     
  Higgins, Thomas72MWFarmer1400200IrelandXX        
204204Duffy, Philip69MWFarmer3200290IrelandXX        
  Duffy, Bridget69FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Duffy, Patrick25MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Duffy, Mary19FW   OhioXX        
  Duffy, Bridget8/12FW   WisXXOct       
205205McCusker, Patrick42MWFarmer3000300IrelandXX        
  McCusker, Mary42FWKeeping House  IrelandXX    X   
  McCusker, Mary A.16FW   WisXX  X     
  McCusker, Catharine14FW   OhioXX  X     
  McCusker, Theresa12FW   WisXX  X     
  McCusker, Jennie10FW   WisXX  X     
  McCusker, Jane E.6FW   WisXX  X     
  McCusker, Margaret4FW   WisXX  X     
  McCusker, Josephine2FW   WisXX        
206206Watzstain, Joseph25MWFarmer1800165BadenXX        
  Watzstain, Catharine23FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Watzstain, Elizabeth5FW   WisXX        
  Watzstain, John3MW   WisXX        
  Watzstain, Joseph2MW   WisXX        
  Watzstain, Anna1/12FW   WisXXMay       
Page 28
207207Rapolyan, David47MWBlacksmith300150New York        X 
  Rapolyan, Adeline46FWKeeping House  New York          
  Rapolyan, Eugene21MW   New York        X 
  Rapolyan, Jochabed18MW   Michigan          
  Rapolyan, Clara15FW   Wis    X     
  Rapolyan, Minnie10FW   MO    X     
  Rapolyan, Phebe3FW   MO          
208208Field, Jared27MWFarmer400 Pa        X 
  Field, Hannah62FWKeeping House  New York          
209209Godding, James55MWFarmer1000350EnglandXX        
  Godding, Elizabeth50FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Godding, Isaac22MW   EnglandXX        
  Godding, Sarah20FW   WisXX        
  Godding, John15MW   WisXX  X     
  Godding, Lewis13MW   WisXX  X     
210210Oetliess, Philip28MWFarmer1100150BadenXX        
  OetliessCatharine25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Oetliess, Minnie3FW   WisXX        
  Oetliess, Henry1MW   WisXX        
  Nelson, Mary11FW   WisXX        
211211Nero, John50MWFarmer400180PrussiaXX        
  Nero, Melida18FWKeeping House  WisXX        
  Nero, Caroline15FW   WisXX  X     
  Nero, Margret14FW   WisXX        
  Nero, Emma11FW   WisXX        
212212Latterman, Lewis40MWStone Mason1400160SaxonyXX        
  Latterman, Helen35FWKeeping House  New YorkXX        
  Latterman, Helen14FW   New YorkXX        
  Latterman, Barbara12FW   New YorkXX  X     
  Latterman, Edward10MW   New YorkXX  X     
  Latterman, Henry8MW   WisXX  X     
  Latterman, Mary6FW   WisXX  X     
  Latterman, August4MW   WisXX        
  Latterman, Henry2MW   WisXX        
  Wilhelm, Catherine72FW   FranceXX        
  Stumpenhart, Antony29MWFarmer  OldenburgXX        
213213Hitlon, O. J.73MWFarmer1400475New York        X 
  Hilton, Sophia66FWKeeping House  New York          
214214Field, Lemuel41MWFarmer1000150New York        X 
  Field, Catharine34FWKeeping House  New York          
Page 29
214214Fields, Henry7MW   Wis          
  Fields, Leonard3MW   Wis          
  Fields, Lemuel Sen75MWFarmer  New York        X 
215215Managan, Thomas32MWWorks in Grist Mill300 CanadaXX        
  Managan, Esther D.28FWKeeping House  Michigan          
  Managan, Mary J.9FW   WisX   X     
  Managan, Eden D.8FW   WisX   X     
  Managan, Margret4FW   WisX   X     
216216Beanholy, Peter48MWFarmer1200250PrussiaXX        
  Beanholy, Caroline56FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Beanholy, Hartwig20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Beanholy, Claus28MWButcher  PrussiaXX        
217217Sircher, Frederic54MWFarmer5000465WurtemburgXX        
  Sircher, Dorothy43FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Sircher, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Sircher, Anna10FW   WisXX  X     
  Sircher, Louisa7FW   WisXX  X     
  Sircher, Mary3FW   WisXX        
  Sircher, Minnie4/12FW   WisXXFeb.       
218218Reich, John59MWFarmer2000200PrussiaXX        
  Reich, Anna58FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Reich, Charles27MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Reich, Anna28FW   PrussiaXX        
  Reich, Henry1MW   WisXX        
219219Paulus, John45MWBrewer  BadenXX        
  Paulus, Elizabeth37FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Paulus, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Paulus, Emma11FW   WisXX  X     
  Paulus, Eliza9FW   WisXX  X     
  Paulus, George W.6MW   WisXX  X     
  Paulus, Adam4MW   WisXX        
220220Potter, Mary A.50FWMilliner500100New York          
  Potter, Juliet72FW   New York          
  Jones, Laura49FWMilliner  New York          
  Jones, Stella8FW   Wis    X     
221221Melenotocher, William71MWGunsmith300 PrussiaXX        
222222Murphy, John43MWShoemaker300 IrelandXX        
  Murphy, Mary40FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Murphy, Catharine12FW   Mass.XX  X     
  Murphy, Eugene11MW   Mass.XX  X     
Page 30
Village of Chilton
222222Murphy, John9MW   Mass.XX  X     
  Murphy, Mary7FW   Wis.XX  X     
  Murphy, Margret4FW   Wis.XX        
  Murphy, James1MW   Wis.XX        
223223Waller, O. F.44MWFarmer23001190New York        X 
  Waller, Jennie28FWKeeping House  New York          
  Waller, O. F.3MW   Wis          
  Waller, Pauly73MWFarmer  Conn.          
  Alden, Frank7MW   Wis.    X     
224224Bosshart, John21MWPainter300 SwitzerlandXX        
  Bosshart, Bertha29FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Bosshart, Julius2MW   Wis.XX        
  Schuter, Christian21MWPainter  SwitzerlandXX        
225225Brown, Daniel39MWCarpenter800100New York        X 
  Brown, Ellen29FWKeeping House  New York          
  Brown, Henry11MW   Canada    X  Blind  
  Brown, Edwin7MW   Michigan    X     
  Brown, George4MW   Wis          
  Brown, Olive1FW   Wis          
226226Ziely, Henry E.44MWPhysician20002000New York        X 
  Ziely, Assineth27FWKeeping House  Michigan          
  Ziely, Nancy A.3FW   Wis          
  Liscomb, Ellen15FW   Wis    X     
227227Lovett, Adam36MWShoemaker20001000MichiganXX      X 
  Lovett, Mary Jane29FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Lovett, Frank A.11MW   Wis X  X     
  Lovett, Frederick J.7MW   Wis X  X     
  Lovett, Edward E.3MW   Wis X        
  Smith, George15MW   PrussiaXX        
228228Lesill, John52MWStone Mason  PrussiaXX        
  Lesill, Barbara40FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lesill, John12MW   WisXX  X     
  Lesill, Theresa10FW   WisXX  X     
  Lesill, Matilda4FW   WisXX        
229229Oieched, David40MWFarm Laborer  SwitzerlandXX        
  Oieched, Mary50FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
230230Haysen, Kayhart58MWFarmer1249135PrussiaXX        
  Haysen, Charlotte55FW   PrussiaXX        
  Haysen, Ellen20FW   PrussiaXX        
  Haysen, Frederick11MW   WisconsinXX  X     
Page 31
Village of Chilton
231231Cone, Thomas72MWFarmer4800850New York        X 
  Cone, Harriet P.34FW   New York          
  Case, Victoria30FWDressmaker  New York          
  Case, Charles3MW   Iowa          
232232Lavoy, Oliver46MWFarmer800450New York          
  Lavoy, Mary41FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Lavoy, James19MW   Wis X        
  Lavoy, Margret17FWSchool Teacher  Wis X        
  Lavoy, Eliza A.15FW   Wis X  X     
233233Patten, Patrick33MWFarmer  PaXX        
  Patten, Catharine26FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Patten, Mary J.10FW   Wis X  X     
  Patten, John8MW   Wis X  X     
  Patten, Ann5FW   Wis X        
  Patten, Kate2FW   Wis X        
234234Connelly, Arthur25MWRegister of Deeds1000 IrelandXX        
  Connelly, Mary J.21FWKeeping House  New York          
  Connelly, Katie3FW   WisX         
  Connelly, Mary A.1FW   WisX         
235235Papincon, Adolph40MWBlacksmith 100CanadaXX        
  Papincon, Harriet36FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Papincon, Napoleon12MW   WisXX  X     
  Papincon, George10MW   WisXX  X     
  Papincon, Lewis8MW   WisXX  X     
  Papincon, Alphonso6FW   WisXX        
  Papincon, Omar4MW   WisXX        
  Papincon, Marian3FW   WisXX        
  Papincon, James1MW   WisXX        
236236Schuster, Christian52MWBookbinder600 SwitzerlandXX        
237237Horst, Lucy32FWKeeping House800100PrussiaXX        
  Horst, John15MW   WisXX  X     
  Horst, Gustave9MW   WisXX  X     
  Horst, Menie7FW   WisXX  X     
  Horst, Emma5FW   WisXX  X     
238238Powell, John43MWBarber800100EnglandXX        
  Powell, Ann46FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Powell, Mary D.2FW   WisXX        
  Fisher, M. H.30MWSchool Teacher  Vermont        X 
239239Forbes, John H.52MWPainter800500New York        X 
  Forbes, Mary27FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
Page 32
Village of Chilton
239239Forbes, Dora2FW   Wis X        
240240Sweet, E. N.28MWPainter 900New York        X 
  Sweet, Ida22FWKeeping House  Maine          
  Sweet, Edna2/12FW   Wis  May       
241241Breed, Margret40FWKeeping House800 New YorkXX        
  Breed, George14MW   WisX   X     
  Breed, Margret J.9FW   WisX   X     
242242Rablitz, George69MWMiller Grist8000300Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Rablitz, Dorothy63FWKeeping House  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Rablitz, George29MWMiller  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Rablitz, John23MWSaw Miller  Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Silkey, Anna22FWDomestic Servant  WisXX        
243243Paulsen, William41MWMerchant Retail Dry Goods36002000Holstein PrussiaXX        
  Paulsen, Margret33FWKeeping House  SleswickXX        
  Paulsen, Minnie15FW   WisXX  X     
  Paulsen, Ernest13MW   WisXX  X     
  Paulsen, Dorothy11FW   WisXX  X     
  Paulsen, William9MW   WisXX  X     
  Paulsen, Emma2FW   WisXX        
  Kind, Rosa20FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
244244Curtis, Frederick44MWU.S. Dep. Collector2000325Conn.        X 
  Curtis, Betsy37FWKeeping House  New York          
  Curtis, Edwin17MWSchool Teacher  Wis          
  Curtis, Myea15FW   Wis    X     
  Curtis, Lewis5MW   Wis    X     
  Curtis, Arthur2MW   Wis          
245245Robinson, James42MWMerchant Retail Dry Goods50004000New YorkXX      X 
  Robinson, Eleanor35FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Robinson, Frank21MW   Wisconsin X      X 
  Robinson, William13MW   Wisconsin X  X     
  Robinson, Nellie9FW   Wisconsin X  X     
  Robinson, A. J.6MW   Wisconsin X  X     
  Robinson, Mary E.3FW   Wisconsin X  X     
  Wichman, Margret18FWDomestic Servant  Holstein PrussiaXX        
246246Feind, Julius42MWHarness Maker300 PrussiaXX        
247247Feind, Edward37MWLaborer  PrussiaXX        
  Feind, Louisa26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Feind, Gustave2MW   PrussiaXX        
248248Makaney, William26MWDruggist18001000IrelandXX Nov.      
  Makaney, Sarah24FWKeeping House  Ohio   Nov.      
Page 33
Village of Chilton
249249Mahoney, Dennis66MWLaborer  IrelandXX        
  Coniff, Benjamin24MWPainter  New York        X 
250250Stanton, Cato38MICarpenter300100Rhode Island        X 
  Stanton, Almira29FIKeeping House  New York          
  Stanton, Myron11MI   Wis    X     
  Stanton, Katie8FI   Wis    X     
  Stanton, Charity5FI   Wis    X     
  Stanton, Harrison3MI   Wis          
  Stanton, Maryette5/12FI   Wis  Feb.       
251251Grotto, Lewis39MWFarmer7500220New YorkXX   XX X 
  Grotto, Zelia37FWKeeping House  Canada          
  Grotto, Belinda15FW   Wis X  X     
  Grotto, Agnes12FW   Wis X  X     
  Grotto, Ellen8FW   Wis X  X     
  Grotto, Lewis10MW   Wis X  X     
  Grotto, David4MW   Wis X        
  Grotto, Joseph1MW   Wis X        
252252Marigold, Catharine32FWMilliner2000500CanadaXX   XX   
  Marigold, George9MW   WisXX  X     
  Marigold, Cooper80MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Cooper, Alexander21MWFarmer  CanadaXX        
  Plunket, Catharine23FW   New YorkXX        
253253Castonce, Mary47FWKeeping House500100CanadaXX   XX   
  Castonce, Henry11MW   WisXX  X     
  Castonce, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Castonce, Moses10MW   WisXX  X     
  Castonce, Martha8FW   WisXX  X     
  Charland, Mary70FW   CanadaXX   XX   
  Vertan, Supry28MWFarmer  CanadaXX   XX   
254254Ortlieb, Matthew60MWFarmer4500680BadenXX        
  Ortlieb, Margret52FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Ortlieb, Lewis19MW   WisXX  X     
  Ortlieb, John16MW   WisXX  X     
  Ortlieb, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
255255Schneider, Reinhold28MWHarness Maker1600 PrussiaXX        
  Schneider, Francis27FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Schneider, Herman6MW   WisXX  X     
  Schneider, Emma4FW   WisXX        
  Schneider, Helena2FW   WisXX        
  Schneider, Charles1/12MW   WisXXMay       
Page 34
Village of Chilton
256256Connely, Michael46MWMerchant Retail Dry Goods40003000IrelandXX        
  Connely, Julia42FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Connely, Michael15MW   WisXX  X     
  Connely, Mary J.13FW   WisXX  X     
  Connely, Anna11FW   WisXX  X     
  Connely, Dennis4MW   WisXX  X     
257257Kamps, Charles32MWWagon Maker2000200MecklenburgXX        
  Kamps, Mary33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kamps, Anna12FW   WisXX  X     
  Kamps, Louisa9FW   WisXX  X     
  Kamps, Ernest7MW   WisXX  X     
  Kamps, William4MW   WisXX        
  Kamps, Henry1MW   WisXX        
258258Forkin, Martin43MWMerchant Retail Dry Goods1200500IrelandXX        
  Forkin, Bridget34FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Forkin, Mary A.10FW   WisXX        
  Forkin, Alice8FW   WisXX        
  Forkin, Margret5FW   WisXX        
  Forkin, Martin J.2MW   WisXX        
  Forkin, Esther6/12FW   WisXXDec.       
259259McKenna, James21MWHardware & Tin Merchant2000800OhioXX        
260260Moeckes, George26MWFire Insurance Agent1000100PrussiaXX        
  Moeckes, Mary21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Moeckes, Anna14FW   PrussiaXX  X     
261261Schlichting, Reinhold35MWHotel Keeper2385375OldenburgXX        
  Schlichting, Bertha28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schlichting, Herman4MW   WisXX        
  Schlichting, Oscar2MW   WisXX        
  Schlichting, Jennie1FW   WisXX        
  Schlichting, Eliza66FW   OldenburgXX        
  McMullen, John E.28MWLawyer  CanadaXX        
  Doyle, John30MWUnder Sheriff  IrelandXX        
  Hainke, Charles40MWHostler  PrussiaXX        
  Baning, Frederika26FWDomestic Servant  OldenburgXX        
  Frenzen, Mary17FWDomestic Servant  New YorkXX        
  Rouner, Frantz24MWStone Cutter  SaxonyXX        
  Sandar, Michael22MWBlacksmith  FranceXX        
262262Wirth, Jacob25MWHorse & Cattle Dealer1200425PrussiaXX        
  Wirth, Sophie22FWKeeping House  Hesse DarmstadtXX        
  Shawfield, Aaron24MW   New YorkXX        
Page 35
Village of Chilton
262262Wilmes, Elizabeth27FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
  Stanton, William22MW   Wis        X 
263263Hume, John P.34MWPainter15001500IrelandXX        
  Hume, Margret30FWKeeping House  ScotlandXX        
  Hume, William10MW   WisXX  X     
  Hume, John P.8MW   WisXX  X     
  Hume, Archibald6MW   WisXX  X     
  Hume, Hannah J.4FW   WisXX        
  Hume, George C.3MW   WisXX        
  Hume, Elizabeth5/12FW   WisXXJan.       
  White, Richard67MW   IrelandXX        
  White, Richard14MW   WisXX  X     
  White, Margret12FW   WisXX  X     
  Baier, Margret19FW   PrussiaXX        
264264Guck, Catharine45FWSeamster800125BadenXX        
  Kerston, Theodore27MWClerk of Superior Co. 100IrelandXX        
  Kerston, Mary27FW   HollandXX        
  Kerston, Gherard2MW   Wis.XX        
  Kerston, Francis6/12MW   Wis.XXJan.       
265265Mohrhusen, Henry32MWCabinet Maker1000200OldenburgXX        
  Mohrhusen, Johanna28FWKeeping House  OldenburgXX        
  Mohrhusen, Theodore9MW   WisXX  X     
  Mohrhusen, William7MW   WisXX  X     
  Mohrhusen, Anna5FW   WisXX  X     
  Mohrhusen, Henry3MW   WisXX        
266266Mohrhusen, Theodore29MWCabinet Maker1000200OldenburgXX        
  Mohrhusen, Catharine21FWKeeping House  OldenburgXX        
  Mohrhusen, John1MW   Wis.XX        
267267Hanson, Henry20MWCarpenter 100Holstein, PrussiaXX        
  Hanson, Sophia23FWKeeping House  Holstein, PrussiaXX        
  Hanson, John2MW   WisXX        
  Hanson, Anna1FW   WisXX        
268268Hauptle, Matthew51MWMerchant Tailor1000200BadenXX        
  Hauptle, Anna51FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
269269Lacount, David43MWPhysician3000500New YorkXX      X 
  Lacount, Ellen33FWKeeping House  New York          
  Lacount, Jennie6FW   Wis    X     
  Green, Adoph65MWCooper1200 Vermont        X 
  Green, Lydia55FW   New York          
  Lacount, Joseph78MW  1600CanadaXX      X 
Page 36
Village of Chilton
269269Lacount, Eliza19FW   Wis          
  Honuch, Caws15FW   Wis          
270270Holtz, Charles39MWMerchant Dry Goods Retail10001500PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, Menie28FWKeeping House  Holstein, PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, Ida6FW   WisXX  X     
  Holtz, Charles4MW   WisXX  X     
  Holtz, Gotherd3MW   WisXX        
  Holtz, Alma1FW   WisXX        
  Holtz, Sophia30FW   PrussiaXX        
  Brandus, Augusta16FW   PrussiaXX        
271271Holtz, Ludwig59MWCigar Manufacturer 150PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, Wilhelmina54FW   PrussiaXX        
272272Gutheil, F. L.35MWBrewer3600650PrussiaXX        
  Gutheil, Mary28FWKeeping House  OldenburgXX        
  Gutheil, Arthur6MW   WisXX  X     
  Gutheil, Martha4FW   WisXX        
  Gutheil, Addie2FW   WisXX        
  Gutheil, Barnard1MW   WisXX        
  Kind, Eliza24FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
  Wuendelin, Jiesec {sic}19MWWork in Brewery  BadenXX        
273273Guck, Edward38MW 1600 BavariaXX        
  Guck, Dorothy24FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Guck, Edward9MW   WisXX  X     
274274Emer, Frederick30MWHotel Keeper30001400PrussiaXX        
  Emer, Melida31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Emer, Hannah7FW   WisXX  X     
  Emer, Godfrey5MW   WisXX  X     
  Emer, Henry3MW   WisXX  X     
  Emer, Gerhard2MW   WisXX        
  Emer, Elysius3/12MW   WisXXMarch       
  Ball, Apollo18FWDomestic Servant  Wis          
  Fieck, George26MWHostler  PrussiaXX        
  Baldwin, George39MWLawyer25,0002000Vermont        X 
275275Breed, Sarah49FWKeeping House500100New York          
  Breed, Helen17FW   Wis    X     
  Breed, Henry14MW   Wis    X     
  Breed, Sarah11FW   Wis    X     
276276Tecks, John30MWTailor350100PrussiaXX        
  Tecks, Anna25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Tecks, William2MW   WisXX        
Page 37
Village of Chilton
276276Heck, Margret5/12FW   WisXXFeb.       
  Freichel, Philip51MWStone Mason900600PrussiaXX        
  Freichel, Margret57FW   PrussiaXX        
277277Ebert, David31MWSheriff 150VermontXX      X 
  Ebert, Jennie32FWKeeping House  New York          
  Ebert, Ellen3FW   Wis          
  Ebert, Ida2FW   Wis          
  Ebert, Nelson7/12MW   Wis  Dec       
278278Ebert, David55MWHardware Merchant50006000CanadaXX   XX   
  Ebert, Clothilde54FWKeeping House  CanadaXX   XX   
  Ebert, Napoleon27MWClerk in Store  VermontXX        
  Ebert, Masson26MWBook Keeper  CanadaXX        
  Ebert, Clara20FW   New YorkXX        
  Ebert, Martha12FW   WisXX  X     
  Mella, George18MWTin Smith  WisXX        
  Botts, Ellen20FWDomestic Servant  New YorkXX        
279279Erdmann, Henry30MWButcher800200PrussiaXX        
  Erdmann, Mina27FWKeeping House  HungaryXX        
  Erdmann, Melida3FW   WisXX        
280280Andolohik, Andrew40MWCatholic Priest  WisXX        
  Zasso, Susan62FWHouse Keeper  PrussiaXX        
281281Miles, William48MWBlacksmith1200100EnglandXX   XX   
  Miles, Sarah A.42FWKeeping House  EnglandXX   XX   
  Miles, Walter20MW   EnglandXX        
  Miles, Edna10FW   WisXX  X     
  Miles, Emma8FW   WisXX  X     
282282Miles, James50MWFarm Laborer  EnglandXX   XX   
  Miles, Mary45FWKeeping House  New York          
  Miles, Emily8FW   WisX    X    
283283Lauer, John30MWWagon Maker200 BadenXX        
  Lauer, Theresa25FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lauer, John7MW   WisXX   X    
  Lauer, George6MW   IowaXX   X    
  Lauer, Anna4FW   IowaXX        
  Lauer, Edward1MW   WisXX        
284284Siegrist, Henry27MWShoemaker  SwitzerlandXX        
  Siegrist, Elizabeth25FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Siegrist, Edward4MW   WisXX        
  Siegrist, Lewis2MW   WisXX        
  Siegrist, Emily2/12FW   WisXXMay       
Page 38
Village of Chilton
284284Pries, Caspar20MWShoemaker  AustriaXX        
  Gerhard, Charles17MWShoemaker  PrussiaXX        
285285Charland, Moses41MWBlacksmith400100CanadaXX   XX   
  Charland, Angelina35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX   XX   
  Higgins, George19MWBlacksmith Apprentice  New YorkXX        
286286Nellessen, Egidius49MWBlacksmith4000500PrussiaXX        
  Nellessen, Mary A.51FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Nellessen, Henry18MW   WisXX  X     
  Nellessen, Nicholas16MW   WisXX  X     
  Nellessen, Emma14FW   WisXX  X     
  Nellessen, John13MW   WisXX  X     
  Nellessen, Anna8FW   WisXX  X     
287287While, Henry33MWBlacksmith ??400 New York        X 
  While, Alvira23FWKeeping House  Pa          
  While, Alice3FW   Wis          
  While, George1MW   Wis          
288288Bell, Antony28MWWagon Maker 100PrussiaXX Nov.      
  Bell, Gertrude20FWKeeping House  WisXX Nov.      
289289Stauer, Claus44MWFarmer  Holstein, PrussiaXX        
  Stauer, Odsel39FWKeeping House  Holstein, PrussiaXX        
  Stauer, Margret7FW   WisXX  X     
  Stauer, Henry2MW   WisXX        
  Stauer, Anna12FW   Holstein, PrussiaXX        
290290Shuner, Catharine35FWKeeping House  OhioXX      X 
  Shuner, Henry17MW   WisXX  X     
291291Clason, R. S.25MWLawyer  New York        X 
  Clason, Alla24FWKeeping House  New York          
292292Hillmar, Charles38MWFarmer2000200PrussiaXX        
  Hillmar, Mena28FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hillmar, Emma6FW   WisXX        
  Hillmar, Albert4MW   WisXX        
  Hillmar, Gustave2MW   WisXX        
  Hillmar, Augusta4/12FW   WisXXMarch       
293293Fiddler, Charles65MWStone Mason110100SaxonyXX        
  Fiddler, Christina72FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
294294Hawey, Thomas40MWMill Wright  New York        X 
  Hawey, Eunice25FWKeeping House  New York          

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