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1870 Federal Census for Brothertown, Calumet County

Column-Identifying Intial = Full Explanation

1-D = Dwelling - Houses numbered in the order of visitation
2-F = Families numbered in the order of visitation
3-Name= The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
4-Age = Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
5-G = Sex {M= Male / F = Female}
6-C = Color {White = W / Black = B / Mulatto = M / Chinese = C / Indian = I}
7-O = Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.
Value of Real Estate owned
8-R = Value of Real Estate Owned
9-P = Value of Personal Estate
10-B = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
11-FB = Father of Foreign born
12-MB = Mother of Foreign born
13-I = If born within the year, state month {Jan. & c.}
14-M = If married within the last year, state month {Jan. & c.}
15-A = Attended school within the year
16-CR = Cannot Read
17-CW = Cannot Write
18-DD = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
19-US = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.
20-V = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards where rights to vote is denied on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

Page 21
139143Bolman, Cadon5/12MIAt Home  Wisconsin  Jan       
  Hamman, John18MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
140144Samson, Clark51MIFarmer1000250New York        X 
  Samson, Elisabeth39FWKeep House  EnglandXX        
  Samson, Albert10MWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Samson, Emilie17FWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Samson, Rosaltha7FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
141145Laprory, Joseph66MWFarmer 325CanadaXX      X 
  Laprory, Elisabeth52FWKeep House  CanadaXX        
  Laprory, Joseph10MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
142146Mentor, Kellina60FWWidow Keep House 300New York          
143147Bayer, David28MWFarmer2500700New York        X 
  Bayer, Lissette26FIKeep House  New York          
  Bayer, Alvin2MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Degget, Geneva3FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Bayer, Leonhardt69MWNo Occupation  New YorkXX      X 
  Bayer, Lena67FWNo Occupation Keep House  New YorkXX        
  Degget, James24MWLaborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Degget, Lennert21MWLaborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Degget, Tom18MWLaborer  Wisconsin          
  Bayer, Allen18MWLaborer  Wisconsin          
  Bayer, Charles17MWLaborer  Wisconsin          
  Bayer, Heronins13MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
144148Biedel, William41MWFarmer2500525SachoniaXX      X 
  Biedel, Elisabeth27FWKeep House  WisconsinXX        
  Biedel, Clara5FWAt Home  WisconsinX         
  Biedel, Emma4FWAt Home  WisconsinX         
  Biedel, Alma3FWAt Home  WisconsinX         
  Biedel, William1MWAt Home  WisconsinX         
145149Garnett, James34MWLaborer  Maine        X 
  Garnett, Maria30FWKeep House  Pensylvania {sic}          
  Garnett, Willard15MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Garnett, Viola14FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Garnett, Lucy12FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Garnett, Elisabeth10FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Garnett, James8MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
146150Parkeson, Georg41MWFarmer2500450New York        X 
  Parkeson, Sahra20FWKeep House  New York          
  Parkeson, Emma15FWAt Home  New York    X     
  Parkeson, Frank12MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
Page 22
146150Parkeson, Brian10MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Parkeson, Jancy4MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Parkeson, Jinni2/12FWAt Home  Wisconsin  April       
147151Shelly, John37MIFarmer200275New York        X 
  Shelly, Tilden26FIKeep House  New York          
  Shelly, Littie14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Shelly, Lena9FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Shelly, Mark10/12MIAt Home  Wisconsin  September       
148152Voigt, Edward32MWFarmer1700375PrussiaXX      X 
  Voigt, Helene25FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Voigt, Josephine7FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Voigt, Joseph5MWAt Home  MichiganXX  X     
  Voigt, Mary2FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Voigt, Ladavina6/12FWAt Home  WisconsinXXDec       
  Gottraither, Peter14MWDomestic Servant  WisconsinXX  X     
149153Voigt, Anton62MWFarmer250160PrussiaXX      X 
  Voigt, Josephine58FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Voigt, Bernhardt22MWLaboring  PrussiaXX      X 
  Voigt, Joseph20MWAt Home  PrussiaXX        
  Voigt, Ladavine17FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
150154Voigt, August25MWBlacksmith1000650PrussiaXX      X 
  Voigt, Mary17FWKeep House  New YorkXX        
151155Wolf, Theodor25MWWaggon Maker800400PrussiaXX      X 
  Wolf, Lisy18FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Wolf, Joseph1/12MWAt Home  WisconsinXXMay       
152156Wilms, Mathias40MWFarmer2400660PrussiaXX      X 
  Wilms, Maria43FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Falker, Maria13FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Falker, Heinrich9MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Falker, Theresia7FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Wilms, Martin44MWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX      X 
  Wilms, Peter72MWRetired Farmer  PrussiaXX      X 
153157Hoffman, Peter26MWFarmer2500500PrussiaXX      X 
  Hoffman, Therese24FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Hoffman, Peter3MWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Hoffman, Josephine8/12FWAt Home  WisconsinXXSept       
154158Friedrich, Joseph43MWFarmer1400210PrussiaXX      X 
  Friedrich, Chatrine33FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Friedrich, Nicolaus8MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Friedrich, Mary7FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
Page 23
154158Friedrick, Peter4MWAt Home  MichiganXX        
  Friedrick, Margreth3FWAt Home  MichiganXX        
  Friedrick, Gertrude1/12FWAt Home  MichiganXXMay       
  Friedrick, Clara1/12FWAt Home  MichiganXXMay       
155159Nett, Philip36MWFarmer1100200PrussiaXX        
  Nett, Chatrina42FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Nett, Henry17MWWork at Home  PrussiaXX        
  Nett, Luis14FWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
  Nett, Mary11FWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
  Nett, Johan6MWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
156160Stark, Stephan54MW/td>Farmer1000150PrussiaXX      X 
  Stark, Anna42FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Stark, Joseph18MWWork at Home  PrussiaXX        
  Stark, Philip16MWWork at Home  PrussiaXX        
  Stark, Mathes12MWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
  Stark, Johan10MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Stark, Chatrina6FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Stark, Anna3FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
157161Booie, William50MWFarmer1500400Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Booie, Emme41FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX        
  Booie, Ben15MWWork on Farm  OhioXX   XX   
  Booie, Daniel13MWAt Home  OhioXX  X     
  Booie, Frank10MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Booie, William5MWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
158162Higgins, Thomas38MWFarmer2000325Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Higgins, Chatrina31FWKeep House  OhioXX        
  Higgins, William6MWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Higgins, Alexander5MWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Higgins, Peter4MWAt Home  WisconsinX         
  Higgins, Teria1FWAt Home  WisconsinX         
  Becker, Eveline9FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
159163Owens, James50MWFarmer1000275Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Owens, Elisabeth45FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX        
  Owens, Marian16FWTeaching School  WisconsinXX        
  Owens, Luhie15MWWork at Home  WisconsinXX        
  Owens, Margreth13FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Owens, James12MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Owens, Susanna10FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Owens, William8MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Owens, Michael5MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
Page 24
159163Owens, John4MWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
160164Duffy, Martin37MWFarmer  Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Duffy, Elise36FWKeeping House  Irland {sic}XX   XX   
  Duffy, Maria10FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Duffy, Susanna10FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Duffy, Diele7FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Duffy, John4MWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
161165Hakes, Thomas50MWFarmer1000350Irland {sic}XX   XX X 
  Hakes, Brigett47FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX   XX   
  Nolen, Johan17MWWork at Home  New YorkXX        
162166Sheyer, Nelson25MWFarmer  New YorkX       X 
  Sheyer, Alisie21FWKeep House  New York          
  Sheyer, Charley1MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Kranhard, Henry75MWNo Occupations  New York        X 
163167Wieshlern, Margretha51FWFarming2000425BavariaXX        
  Wieshlern, Johan26MWWork at Home  BavariaXX      X 
  Wieshlern, John Joseph24MWWork at Home  BavariaXX      X 
  Wieshlern, Eva18FWAt Home  BavariaXX        
  Wieshlern, Michael14MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Wieshlern, Maria10FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Wieshlern, Anna8FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
164168Harrahs, Jacob30MWFarmer500150PrussiaXX        
  Harrahs, Stephan33MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
165169Rimond, Lora53FWFarming400 New York          
  Rimond, Maria13FWAt Home  Illinois    X     
166170Tapper, Georg49MWFarmer1600350New York        X 
  Tapper, Maria49FWKeep House  New York          
  Tapper, Spennies23MWWork at Home  New York        X 
  Tapper, John17MWWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Tapper, Charley7MWWork at Home  Wisconsin    X     
167171Theisen, Joseph33MWFarmer1000110PrussiaXX      X 
  Theisen, Anna27FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Theisen, Maria7FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Theisen, Chatrina5FWAt Home  MichiganXX        
  Theisen, Josephine4FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Theisen, Paulina1FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
168172Kutzer, Norbert68MWRetired Farmer250100BohemiaXX   XX X 
  Kutzer, Anna68FWKeep House  BohemiaXX   XX   
169173Kutzer, Andah36MWFarmer1800450BohemiaXX      X 
  Kutzer, Elisabeth26FWFarmer  BohemiaXX        
Page 25
169173Kutzer, Maria14FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Kutzer, Gertrude12FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Kutzer, Chatrina9FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Kutzer, Ferdinand2MWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Kutzer, Lasce10/12FWAt Home  WisconsinXXSept       
  Kutzer, Anna4FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
170174Tederbord, Lorenz49MWLaborer100 BohemiaXX        
  Tederbord, Theresia45FWKeep House  BohemiaXX        
171175David, Joseph39MWLaborer & Tailor  BohemiaXX   XX   
  David, Wendelin10MWAt Home  BohemiaXX  X     
  David, Joseph8MWAt Home  BohemiaXX  X     
  David, Engelbert6MWAt Home  BohemiaXX  X     
  David, Theresia3FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
172176Lenz, Reimund47MWFarmer2500850BohemiaXX      X 
  Lenz, Barbara47FWKeep House  BohemiaXX        
  Lenz, Louise13FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Lenz, Franzisca11FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Lenz, Joseph9MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Lenz, Anton7MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Lenz, Maria5FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Lenz, Anton22MWDomestic Servant  BohemiaXX        
173177Ulsehig, August39MWFarmer1200400BohemiaXX      X 
  Ulsehig, Gertrude38FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Merten, Anna11FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Ulsehig, Theresa5FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Ulsehig, Maria3FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Ulsehig, Faliana2FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Ulsehig, Anna4/12FWAt Home  WisconsinXXFeb       
174178Kasper, Anna58FWFarming & Keep House1500450PrussiaXX        
  Kasper, Nicolaus26MWWork at Home  PrussiaXX        
  Kasper, Anna M.24FWAt Home  PrussiaXX        
  Kasper, Chatrina22FWAt Home  PrussiaXX        
  Kasper, Joseph13MWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
175179Ulsehig, Albert40MWFarmer1300300BohemiaXX      X 
  Ulsehig, Anna28FWKeep House  BohemiaXX        
  Ulsehig, Stephan5MWAt Home  BohemiaXX  X     
  Ulsehig, Gertrude6FWAt Home  BohemiaXX  X     
  Ulsehig, Anton4MWAt Home  BohemiaXX        
  Ulsehig, Rosea2FWAt Home  BohemiaXX        
  Ulsehig, Charlotte1FWAt Home  BohemiaXX        
Page 26
176180Schrowen, Johan35MWFarmer1700400PrussiaXX      X 
  Schrowen, Maria27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schrowen, Maria5FWAt Home  MichiganXX  X     
  Schrowen, Johan3MWAt Home  MichiganXX        
  Schrowen, Chatrina10/12FWAt Home  WisconsinXXAgst       
177181Steffens, Anton60MWLaborer 100PrussiaXX      X 
  Steffens, Susanna52FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Steffens, Johan14MWLaboring  WisconsinXX        
  Steffens, Magreth11FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
178182Simons, John50MIFarmer700300New York        X 
  Simons, Mariane48FIKeep House  New York          
  Simons, John29MILaborer  New York        X 
  Simons, Betty24FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Simons, Esaia20MILaborer  Wisconsin          
  Simons, Alwin17MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Simons, Emma14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Simons, Anita12FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Simons, Alma7FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
179183Towsey, Charles51MIFarmer350 New York        X 
  Towsey, Elisabeth35FIKeep House  New York          
  Towsey, Antonette1/12FIAt Home  Wisconsin  May       
180184Potter, Caroline60FMKeep House400 New York          
  Coinks, Alexander19MMLaborer  New York          
  Coinks, Henry32MMLaborer  New York        X 
  Wells, Louise15FMAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Wells, Marsaly17FMWork Out  Wisconsin          
  Wells, Cecelia19FMWork Out  Wisconsin          
181185Dorn, Wilhelm35MWFarmer1600450PrussiaXX      X 
  Dorn, Emilie27FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Dorn, Elsie9FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Dorn, Emma7FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Dorn, Maria4FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Dorn, Lina2FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
  Dorn, William1/12MWAt Home  WisconsinXXMay       
  Dorn, Maria20FWDomestic Servant  IndianaXX        
182186Pirk, Lorenz48MWFarmer800 BavariaXX        
  Pirk, Chatrina57FWKeep House  BavariaXX        
  Pirk, Lorenz10MWAt Home  BavariaXX  X     
183187Boss, Ferdinand26MWFarmer2300225BohemiaXX        
  Boss, Marca20FWKeep House  BohemiaXX        
Page 27
184188Sohiesyer, Florian71MWLaboring  BavariaXX        
185189Barret, Frei N.49MWFarmer2500900New York        X 
  Barret, Belle43FWKeep House  New York          
  Barret, Sirio F.23FWTeaching School  New York          
  Barret, Marie16FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Barret, John W.13MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Barret, Ella3FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
186190Bonshil, Samuel35MIFarmer 150New York        X 
  Bonshil, Rosana25FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Bonshil, Martine8FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Bonshil, Terri7FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Bonshil, Nanci E.5FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Bonshil, Parisid1FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
187191Reis, Valentine66MWFarmer1300120Hessen Dornstadt {sic}XX        
  Reis, Chatrina56MWKeep House  Hessen Dornstadt {sic}XX   XX   
  Reis, Peter25MWCarpenter & Farmer  Hessen Dornstadt {sic}XX        
  Reis, Jacob20MWWork at Home  Hessen Dornstadt {sic}XX        
188192Welsch, William60MIFarmer40001000New York     XX X 
  Welsch, Carrie43FWKeep House  CanadaXX   XX   
  Welsch, Elmira14FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Welsch, Ophilia11FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Welsch, Eiby9FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Welsch, Ellword7MWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Welsch, Adelia4FWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Welsch, Bartin1MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Thamion, Georg11MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Maies, Andrew21MWDomestic Servant  WisconsinXX      X 
189193Gilles, Joseph28MWFarmer1300150PrussiaXX      X 
  Gilles, Elisabeth23FWKeep House  WisconsinXX        
  Gilles, Johan1MWAt Home  WisconsinX         
190194Wiggers, David57MIFarmer55001100New York        X 
  Wiggers, Louise62FIKeep House  New York          
  Wiggers, John21MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
  Wiggers, Sampson10MIDomestic Servant  Wisconsin          
  Wiggers, Siley54MILaborer  New York        X 
191195Walker, Chaney24MWFarmer2000450New York        X 
  Walker, John P.59MWRetired Farmer  New York        X 
  Walker, Hanna54FWKeep House  New York          
  Walker, Laise22FWAt Home  New York          
  Walker, John20MWLaboring  New York          
Page 28
192196Kenny, Patrick54MWFarmer4400800Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Kenny, Maria45FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX        
  Kenny, Thomas12MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Kenny, Mariane11FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Kenny, Joseph9MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
193197Kissner, Joseph45MMCarpenter 200New York        X 
  Kissner, ??43FWKeep House  New York          
  Thomson, Fanny5FWAdopted - At Home  WisconsinX         
194198Simson, James49MIFarmer & Carpenter1000450New York        X 
  Simson, Martha48FIKeep House  New York          
  Simson, Maria20FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Simson, James M.19MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
195199Powele, Jacob53MWFarmer8001370CanadaXX        
  Powele, Emma49FWKeep House  CanadaXX        
  Powele, Ab ?? G.25MWWork at Home  CanadaXX        
  Powele, Walker11MWAt Home  CanadaXX  X     
196200Rein, Philip44MW??300100PrussiaXX      X 
197201Fowler, James32MILaborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Fowler, Toria E.26FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Edward11MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Barher, Emma8FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
198202Taft, Tuedeck ??45MWFarmer4000800Schronis ??XX      X 
  Taft, Chatrina36FWKeep House  Schronis ??XX        
  Taft, Johannes8MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Taft, Halenter ??6MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Wisber, Louise15FWDomestic Servant  WisconsinXX  X     
199203Wissner, Fra78MWFarmer2500600New YorkXX      X 
  Wissner, Delia73FWKeep House  New YorkXX        
  Wissner, Lorenz44MWWork at Home  New York          
  Thomsen, Elmine13FWAt Home  New YorkX  X      
 204Johns, Maria48FWNo Occupation  New York          
200205Sempich, Frederich50MWFarming & Boot & Shoemaker1000200PrussiaXX      X 
  Sempich, Maria45FWKeep House  Tachsonia ??XX        
  Sempich, Pauline15FWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
  Sempich, Emilie13FWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
  Sempich, Albert7MWAt Home  PrussiaXX  X     
201206Heller, Georg38MWFarmer3000925Tachsonia ??XX        
  Heller, Elise40FWKeep House  Tachsonia ??XX        
  Heller, Emma12FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Heller, Amanda2FWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
Page 29
202207Johnson, Oreas28MIFarmer5000400Wisconsin        X 
  Johnson, Ellen26FIKeep House  New York          
  Johnson, Harlin1MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Diehl, Hanna57FINo Occupation250 New York          
  Ludwig, Rashiel18FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
203208Kaiser, James34MILaborer 100New York        X 
  Kaiser, Luvena24FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Kaiser, Eira3MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Kaiser, Homer1MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
204209Fowler, L. Sam51MIFarmer60001500New York        X 
  Fowler, Patri J.52FIKeep House  New York          
  Fowler, Henry22MIWork at Home  New York        X 
  Fowler, James D.20MIWork at Home  New York          
  Fowler, Marsey16FIAt Home  New York    X     
  Fowler, Lavines14MIAt Home  New York    X     
  Fowler, Clara7FIAt Home  New York    X     
205210Mehm, Michael52MWFarmer300275Irland {sic}XX   XX X 
  Mehm, Elisabeth40FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX   XX   
  Mehm, John J.17MWLaboring  New HampshireXX        
  Mehm, Maria13FWAt Home  MassachusettsXX  X     
  Mehm, Chatrina10FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Mehm, Ellen9FWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Mehm, Charley1MWAt Home  WisconsinXX        
206211Hamme, Jure54MIFarmer5000650New York        X 
  Hamme, Bettie E.57FIKeep House  New York          
  Hamme, John W.23MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
  Hamme, Frank14MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
207212Dignen, James39MWFarmer2000320Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Dignen, Fani36FWKeep House  New York          
  Dignen, Samuel15MWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Dignen, Emma12FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Dignen, Fanny10FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Dignen, Mariane8FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Dignen, William6MWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Dignen, Magrette3FWAt Home  WisconsinX         
  Dignen, Clara B.3/12FWAt Home  WisconsinX         
208213Dignen, William32MWFarmer1200300New YorkXX      X 
  Dignen, Elisabeth26FWKeep House  New YorkXX        
  Dignen, James4MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Dignen, William3MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
Page 30
208213Dignen, John1MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
209214Brushy, Marian65FIFarming1400150Connecticut      X   
  Wigging, C. W.39FIKeep House  New York      X   
  De Lawn, Steffens19MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  De Lawn, Flexer4MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Shmidt, David54MINo Occupation  New York        X 
  Johnson, Marei86FINo Occupation  Connecticut          
210215Reed, Joseph40MILaborer  New York        X 
  Reed, Jane28FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Reed, John11MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Reed, Maria9FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Reed, Fanny5FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Reed, Lavina7/12FIAt Home  Wisconsin  Nov       
211216Thisack, Ruffas32MILaborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Thisack, Malwine21FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Thisack, Georg3MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Thisack, Ernest3/12MIAt Home  Wisconsin  March       
212217Basburgh, John41MWFarmer3000600New York        X 
  Basburgh, Marian31FWKeep House  EnglandXX        
  Basburgh, James H.15MWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Basburgh, William L.9MWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Basburgh, Hannah6FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Basburgh, Edward3MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Bishop, Luicretia23FWTeaching School  New York          
213218Laprosie, Sandford31MWFarmer1600700New York        X 
  Laprosie, Chatrina26FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Laprosie, Theresa7FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Laprosie, Dexter1MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
214219Shapley, William60MWLaboring  EnglandXX      X 
  Shapley, Phiby49FWKeep House  New York          
  Shapley, Elmire14FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Shapley, Minna12FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
215220Shelly, Simon29MILaborer100 New York        X 
  Shelly, Ruth26FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Shelly, David4MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Weubey, Emon34MINo Occupation  Wisconsin     XX X 
216221Sheries, Samuel61MWFarming300 Connecticut        X 
  Sheries, Griso61FWKeep House  New York          
  Sheries, Henry11MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Sheries, Cornelia4FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
Page 31
216221Skisie, Frederic16MWLaboring  Wisconsin          
217222Pemberton, Alexander40MWFarming & Carpenter500240New York        X 
  Pemberton, Frederike40FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Pemberton, Almonsa13FWAt Home  Ohio X  X     
  Pemberton, Pheon11MWAt Home  Ohio X  X     
  Pemberton, Joseph10MWAt Home  Ohio X  X     
  Pemberton, Alexander4MWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Pemberton, Frederich1MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
218223Crowsty, John40MIFarmer560 Wisconsin        X 
  Crowsty, Emilie30FIKeep House  Wisconsin     XX   
  Crowsty, Hanna1FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
219224Murduck, Leander42MWFarmer1200440New York     XX X 
  Murduck, Caroline40FWKeep House  New York          
  Green, Aliees16FWAt Home  New York          
  Green, Ida14FWAt Home300 Wisconsin          
  Murduck, Edward10MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
220225Ammel, Peter46MWFarmer15001240CanadaXX      X 
  Ammel, Bregeth42FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX        
  Ammel, Peter16MWWork at Home  WisconsinXX        
  Ammel, Leonhard8MWAt Home  WisconsinXX  X     
  Ward, Magreth16FWAdopted / At Home  New YorkXX        
221226Johnson, Orin48MWFarmer2600540New York        X 
  Johnson, Maria34FWKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Welshi14FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Amersie10MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Hail7MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Elmore2MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Skeisack, James73MIDomestic Servant  New York        X 
222227Seuner, Jonason59MIFarmer600250New York        X 
  Seuner, Nancy54FIKeep House  New York          
  Seuner, Elisabeth33FIAt Home  New York          
  Seuner, Luther24MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
  Seuner, Alwildo22FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
223228Johnson, Roland54MIFarmer5000500New York        X 
  Johnson, Barbara51FIKeep House  New York          
  Johnson, Melvil26MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
  Johnson, Hiram16MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Henry E.23MIAt Home  Wisconsin        X 
224229Keerela, Thomas35MWLaborer150 EnglandXX      X 
  Keerela, Charlotte30MWKeep House  WisconsinXX        
Page 32
224229Keerela, Josephine12FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Keerela, Nancy10FWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
  Keerela, Justin6MWAt Home  WisconsinX   X     
225230Daekotector, Steven38MWFarmer 400New York        X 
  Daekotector, Christine35FWKeep House  PrussiaXX        
  Daekotector, Charles11MWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Daekotector, Arlemihe9FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Daekotector, Belea7FWAt Home  Wisconsin X  X     
  Daekotector, William1MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Daekotector, Walter21MWLaborer  New York        X 
226231Johnson, Toreoun55MILaboring  New York        X 
  Johnson, William31MILaboring  Wisconsin        X 
  Johnson, Rosalie28FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Chatrina23FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Ellen17FIWork out by ??  Wisconsin          
227232Grosbeck, Sallas36MWFarmer60002630New York        X 
  Grosbeck, Hannah55FWKeep House  New York          
  Grosbeck, Alexander24MWWork at Home  New York        X 
  Grosbeck, Oreas18MWWork at Home  New York          
  Prosses, Georg15MWDomestic Servant  Wisconsin          
228233Hart, Alwin36MIFarmer1000 New York        X 
  Hart, Serry P.32FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Hart, Ida B.12FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Hart, Simon8MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
229234Hihgt, Howard26MWGeneral County Store Keeper35002000New York        X 
  Hihgt, Seria23FWKeep House  Cannada {sic}XX        
  Hihgt, William1MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
230235La Grange, Abraham58MWStore Keeper in Co With Hihgt300200New York        X 
  La Grange, Maria55FWKeep House  New York          
  La Grange, Chatrina18FWAt Home  New York          
231236Wentdevort, Peter40MWFarmer 1000New York        X 
  Wentdevort, Maria34FWKeep House  New York          
  Wentdevort, Abraham9MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Wentdevort, Mariam7FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Wentdevort, Peter4MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Wentdevort, Michael2MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
232237Bahe, Warran52MWGeneral County Store Keeper2500650Massochesett {sic}        X 
  Bahe, Mariee36FWKeep House  New York          
  Bahe, Mari4FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Bahe, Charles10/12MWAt Home  Wisconsin  August       
Page 33
232237Durtan, Elise62FWNo Occupation  New Hampshire          
233238Bahl, Walton52MWFarmer2000650Massachusett        X 
  Bahl, Harway50MWFarmer  Massachusett        X 
  Bahl, Anna40FWKeep House  Massachusett          
  Bahl, Anna16FWAt Home  Massachusett          
  Bahl, Frederic14MWAt Home  Massachusett    X     
  Bahl, Hatty10FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Bahl, Samuel7MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
234239Brill, H. E.26MWMinister of the Gospel1500200Wisconsin        X 
  Brill, Caroline22FWKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Brill, Clarence6MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Brill, Marsie3FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Brill, Maude1FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
235240Rott, Joseph57MWFarmer800150AustriaXX        
  Rott, Franzisca45FWKeep House  AustriaXX        
  Rott, Franz13MWAt Home  AustriaXX  X     
  Rott, Anton7MWAt Home  AustriaXX  X     
236241Skeisiek, Arnhold54MWFarmer1800225New York        X 
  Skeisiek, Hanna57FWKeep House  New York     XX   
  Skeisiek, Hanna18FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Skeisiek, Martha16FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Skeisiek, Lilly12FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Skeisiek, Marcel10MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
237242Hamtlin, Speniet33MWFarmer2000825New York        X 
  Hamtlin, Helene23FWKeep House  New York          
  Johslen, Albany20MWDomestic Servant  Wisconsin          
238243Wing, James62MWFarmer2000500New York        X 
  Wing, Mary67FWKeep House  New York          
239244Parker, Tov23MWFarmer1400300New York        X 
  Parker, Victoria23FWKeep House  New York          
  Parker, Eve5FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Parker, Charles1MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
240245Henderson, Joseph21MWFarm Laborer  New York        X 
  Henderson, Caroline19FWKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Henderson, William1MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Henderson, Mahella63FWNo Occupation  New York          
241246Welch, William33MIFarmer1000240New York        X 
  Welch, Chatrina23FWKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Welch, James9MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Welch, Elisabeth7FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
Page 34
241246Welch, Uriel3MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
242247Timm, Christian25MWFarmer1100100West PrussiaXX      X 
243248Johnson, Joseph40MWFarmer & Carpenter800150New York        X 
  Johnson, Chatrina24FWKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Sarah14FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, John8MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Charles10MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Chatrina6FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Electa4FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Edward2MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
244249Spregue, Milton50MWBlacksmith400300New York        X 
  Spregue, Garusha36FWKeep House  New York          
  Spregue, Millan17MWFarmer 140New York          
  Spregue, Chatrina15FWAt Home  New York          
  Spregue, Alexander13MWAt Home  New York    X     
  Spregue, Frederik9MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Spregue, Charles6MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Spregue, Mary3FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Spregue, Josie1FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
245250Martens, John57MWFarmer40001925New York        X 
  Martens, Adelia53FWKeep House  New York          
  Martens, Elise28FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Martens, Miranda26FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Martens, Edwin5MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
246251Fowler, Orremas55MIFarmer6000800New York        X 
  Fowler, Abba26FIAt Home - Keep House  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Sarah17FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, James12MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Diek, Edgard26MIDomestic Servant  Wisconsin        X 
247252Niels, Abigil65FIOwner of Farm - Keep House4000110New York          
  Niels, Adrew42MIWork at Home  New York        X 
  Niels, Phebey48FIAt Home  New York          
  Niels, Saloman30MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
248253Niels, John40MIFarmer 160New York        X 
  Niels, Adelaide30FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Niels, Frederick5MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Niels, Franzisca3FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Niels, Barbara1FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Niels, Samuel8MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Niels, James5MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
Page 35
249254Wilek, Charles34MIFarmer24001000New York        X 
  Wilek, Abbe25FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Wilek, Teresa8FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Wilek, Alonso1MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
250255Reed, William25MIFarmer1000110Wisconsin        X 
  Reed, Clasenze19FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Reed, Elisabeth3FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Reed, Henry2/12MIAt Home  Wisconsin  May       
  Reed, William61MINo Occupation  Connecticut        X 
  Reed, Emilie59FINo Occupation  New York          
251256Diek, Elira48FINo Occupation & Keep House200 New York          
  Diek, Sanei14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
252257Fowler, Liman47MIFarmer1800700New York        X 
  Fowler, Arelia39FIKeep House  New York          
  Fowler, Radolph24MIFarm Laborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Fowler, Alice19FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Sarah2/12FIAt Home  Wisconsin  May       
  Fowler, Almira22FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Lavinia19FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Amanda16FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Altha14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Enria12FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Lana9FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Mary7FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Orin6MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Ella4FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Arod1MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
253258Fowler, Rate38FIWidow Keep House2000 New York          
  Fowler, Harriet21FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Louis16MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, Franzisca14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Dick, Elise60FIW. No Occupation  New York          
  Dick, Theodor11MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
254259Wabig, Mary62FIW. No Occupation150 New York          
  Mai Ying, Sarah44FIW. & U.S.S.  Wisconsin          
  Mai Ying, Aleen8FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Mai Ying, Amborse9MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Mai Ying, Mary4FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Mai Ying, Almida2FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Wabig, Emin42MILaborer  Wisconsin        X 
Page 36
254259Wabig, Trina22FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
255260Balman, Grisel30MIFarmer1500500New York        X 
  Balman, Mary23FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Balman, Harris1/12MIAt Home  Wisconsin  May       
  Balman, Morai15MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Balman, Emilie26FIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Balman, Ervin23MIFarm Laborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Balman, Susan18FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Balman, Rolethe11MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Balman, Deforest8MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Balman, Lucy7FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
256261Mathias, Maria48FIFarming1500 New York          
  Mathias, Orilla25FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Mathias, Rebecca23FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Mathias, Rosetta16FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Mathias, Mason9MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Mathias, Jane5FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Mathias, Fawrick4MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Mathias, Benbrier1FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
257262Ross, Aran58MWFarming Labor200265New York     XX XX
  Ross, Janet40FWKeep House  Cannada {sic}XX     Insane  
258263Niles, John39MIFarmer800250New York        X 
  Niles, Harriet30FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Niles, Frederick5MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Niles, Franzis3FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Niles, Barbara1FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
259264Fowler, David57MIFarmer & Miller (Saw)70001400New York        X 
  Fowler, Elisabeth54FIKeep House  New York          
  Fowler, Leterab22MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
  Fowler, Elisabeth17FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Lisette16FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
260265Stern, James34MWFarm Laborer 150New York        X 
  Stern, Caiye29FWKeep House  Comada {sic}XX        
  Stern, Abba6FWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Stern, Carie3FWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
  Stern, William1MWAt Home  Wisconsin X        
261266Powele, Ruben I.38MWMinister of the Bibl {sic} Church & Farmer3000200Ohio        X 
  Powele, Rath35FWKeep House  Ohio          
  Powele, Plume15FWAt Home  Ohio          
  Powele, William12MWAt Home  Ohio          
Page 37
261266Powele, Robert9MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Powele, Emma7FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
262267Murdock, Allen52MWFarmer350175Connecticut        X 
  Murdock, Bestey {sic}60FWKeep House  New York          
  Hammes, Louise32FINo Occupation  New York          
  Kiednes, James66MILaborer  New York        X 
263268Comming, Franzis24MWFarmer2500350Cannada {sic}XX      X 
  Comming, Mary22FWKeep House  Cannada {sic}XX        
  Comming, Franzis76MWNo Occupation  Iresland {sic}XX      X 
264269Goodrich, Stephen49MWFarmer1500400New York        X 
  Goodrich, Harriet38FWKeep House  Michigan          
  Goodrich, Tre13MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
265270Waffel, Lowel35MWFarmer2500575New York        X 
  Waffel, Susan34FWKeep House  New York          
  Waffel, Rolena72FWNo Occupation  New York          
266271Fowler, Lorenzo53MIFarmer2800350New York        X 
  Fowler, Mary57FIKeep House  New York          
  Fowler, Ottilie29FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Jacob19MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Abista11FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
267272Philips, Franklin21MWGeneral Contigation Keeper500800New York        X 
268273Howe, William55MWRetired Farmer250300New York        X 
  Howe, Marian50FWKeep House  New York          
  Howe, Carl8MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
269274Waffle, Gilbert47MWFarmer1200150New York        X 
  Waffle, Tanny39FWKeep House  New York          
  Waffle, Lilly16FWAt Home  New York    X     
  Waffle, John14MWAt Home  New York    X     
270275Diek, John62MIFarmer800800New York        X 
  Diek, Hanna62FIKeep House  New York          
  Warnen, Markad13MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Diek, Carra5FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Aufany, Lorende60FINo Occupation  New York          
271276Artele, Jaron49MWFarmer2000500New York        X 
  Artele, Mary43FWKeep House  New BrunswickXX        
  Artele, John19MWWork at Home  Canada WestXX        
  Artele, William16MWAt Home  Canada WestXX        
  Artele, Lindon4MWAt Home  IllinoisXX        
272277Artele, Dualliet22MWFarmer 420Canada WestXX        
273278Diek, Dacker47FWOwner of Farm25001200New York          
Page 38
273278Leach, Sarah60FINo Occupation  New York          
  Diek, Emma10FIAt Home  New York    X     
  Diek, Alando30MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
274279Diek, Natan57MIFarmer3000400New York        X 
  Diek, Janes52FIKeep House  New York          
  Diek, Ewill30MIFarm Laborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Diek, Gracie17FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Diek, Auguste3FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
275280Paul, Taleman64MIFarmer2500225New York        X 
  Paul, Martha70FIKeep House  Connicticut {sic}          
276281Scott, John45MWFarmer50001200New York        X 
  Scott, Jane45FWKeep House  New York          
  Scott, Walker15MWAt Home  New York    X     
  Scott, Charles13MWAt Home  New York    X  Deaf  
  Scott, Jane9FWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
277282Prosfer, Josiha34MWFarmer800400New York        X 
278283Fahewen, Daniel50MILaborer150100New York        X 
  Fahewen, Louise45FIKeep House  New York          
  Fahewen, Lee25MILaborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Fahewen, John19MILaborer  Wisconsin          
  Fahewen, Ruffas16MILaborer  Wisconsin          
  Fahewen, William12MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fahewen, Emilie9FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
279284Mackenzge, John55MWFarmer3000400Irland {sic}XX      X 
  Mackenzge, Elisabeth45FWKeep House  Irland {sic}XX        
  Mackenzge, William17MWWork at Home  Massachaseth {sic}XX        
  Mackenzge, Philip16MWWork at Home  Massachaseth {sic}XX        
  Mackenzge, Georg13MWAt Home  Massachaseth {sic}XX  X     
  Mackenzge, James11MWAt Home  Massachaseth {sic}XX  X     
  Mackenzge, Mary8FWAt Home  Massachaseth {sic}XX  X     
  Mackenzge, John7MWAt Home  Massachaseth {sic}XX  X     
  Kelly, Chatrina60FWNo Occupation  Irland {sic}XX        
280285Fowler, Palianie60FIOwner of Farm2500100New York          
 286Fowler, Ladan48MICarpenter  New York        X 
  Fowler, Elisabeth48FIKeep House  New York          
  Diek, Eliake21MILaboring  Wisconsin        X 
  Diek, Kisie16MILaboring  Wisconsin          
281287Trask, Ervin46MWFarmer2500500New York        X 
  Trask, Hellen35FWKeep House  New York          
  Trask, Mary18FWAt Home  New York          
Page 39
281287Trask, John16MWAt Home  New York          
  Trask, Edwin13MWAt Home  New York    X     
282288Diek, John W.31MIFarmer1000 Wisconsin   Sept    X 
  Diek, Paliente24FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
283289Fowler, John C.52MIFarmer2500400New York        X 
  Fowler, Roxiann43FIKeep House  New York          
284290Johnson, Lorenz30MIFarm Laborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Johnson, Jane30FIKeep House  New York          
  Johnson, Clatan4MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Georg2MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Mary3/12FIAt Home  Wisconsin  April       
285291Diek, Latan72MIFarmer40001200New York        X 
  Diek, Abigal65FIKeep House  New York          
  Samson, Elmira34FINo Occupation  New York          
  Adams, Elmira14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Samson, Parsal12MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
286292Seana, John43MIFarmer400125New York        X 
  Seana, Sarah33FIKeep House  New York          
  Seana, Elisabeth15FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Seana, Georg13MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Seana, Lorenz12MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Seana, Abraham9MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Seana, Martha6FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Seana, Jane4FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Seana, May2FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
287293Diek, William55MICarpenter  New York        X 
  Diek, Fuliesh45FIKeep House  Vermont          
  Diek, Warrens21MILaborer  Wisconsin        X 
  Diek, Frank14MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Fowler, William6MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Diek, Morris4MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
288294Shelly, David41MIFarmer1000300New York        X 
  Shelly, Marutte40FIKeep House  New York          
  Shelly, Francis21FIAt Home  New York          
289295Adams, Edwin52MIFarmer2000190New York        X 
  Adams, Adies38FIKeep House Owner of Farm2000150New York          
  Johnson, Ansel18MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Johnson, Miesle15MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Marey14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Johnson, Henry9MIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
Page 40
289295Adams, Susan2FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Adams, Simon16MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Adams, Alonna14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
290296Philips, George45MWFarmer3000650New York        X 
  Philips, Pasty43FWKeep House  New York          
  Philips, Edgardo17MWWork at Home  New York          
  Philips, Georg14MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Philips, Frederich1MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
291297Seouner, Lichel32MIFarmer350225New York        X 
  Seouner, Abba24FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
292298Mardock, Benjamin40MWFarmer500130New York        X 
  Mardock, Caroline38FWKeep House  New York          
  Mardock, Edward7MWAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Mardock, Benjamin72MWNo Occupation  Connecticut        X 
  Mardock, Laianda70FWWife No Occupation  Massochaseth {sic}          
  Mardock, Juliane33FWAt Home  New York          
293299Holme, John65MWFarmer 2100New York        X 
  Parker, Charles26MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Parker, Caroline20FWKeep House  CanadaXX        
  Blount, Pamelin55FWKeep House  New York          
  Blount, Steven15MWWork at Home  Wisconsin    X     
294300Dayton, Falem63MWFarmer1200129New York        X 
  Dayton, Rosana55FWKeep House  New York          
  Dayton, James16MWWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Hamlin, Helen24FWNo Occupation  New York          
  Hamlin, Gladis6FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
295301Brachel, Delila49FIOwner of Farm500450New York          
  Brachel, James21MIWork at Home  Wisconsin        X 
  Brachel, Teriamias19MIAt Home  Wisconsin          
296302Crowell, Hoce31MIBlacksmith200200Wisconsin        X 
  Crowell, Franzisca30FIKeep House  Wisconsin          
  Crowell, Elmira9FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
297303Prosfer, Abraham70MWLaborer150 New York        X 
  Prosfer, Ruth45FWKeep House  New York          
  Timmerman, Emilie17FWAt Home  Wisconsin     XX   
  Timmerman, George19MWLaborer  Wisconsin     XX   
  Timmerman, Franklin6MWAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Prosfer, Hanna6FWAt Home  Wisconsin          
Page 41
298304Fowler, Alexander55MIFarmer550400New York          
  Fowler, Dectemenia42FIKeep House  New York          
  Fowler, Emibra20FIAt Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, William18MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Willis17MIWork at Home  Wisconsin          
  Fowler, Agnes14FIAt Home  Wisconsin    X     
  Dagget, Jeanette3FWAdopted At Home  Wisconsin          

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