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1870 Federal Census for Brillion, Calumet County

{NOTE: There is a gap in Dwelling and Family Numbers after 96. The next number on the actual census is 100. Numbers 97, 98 & 99 are missing on the Census}

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# of
# White
# White
# Colored
# Colored
# Males,
Foreign Born
# Females,
Foreign Born
# Blind# Insane

Column-Identifying Intial = Full Explanation

1-D = Dwelling - Houses numbered in the order of visitation
2-F = Families numbered in the order of visitation
3-Name= The name of every person whose place of abode on the first day of June, 1870, was in this family.
4-Age = Age at last birthday. If under 1 year, give months in fractions, thus 3/12
5-G = Sex {M= Male / F = Female}
6-C = Color {White = W / Black = B / Mulatto = M / Chinese = C / Indian = I}
7-O = Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each Male Person over 15 years of age.
Value of Real Estate owned
8-R = Value of Real Estate Owned
9-P = Value of Personal Estate
10-B = Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
11-FB = Father of Foreign born
12-MB = Mother of Foreign born
13-I = If born within the year, state month {Jan. & c.}
14-M = If married within the last year, state month {Jan. & c.}
15-A = Attended school within the year
16-CR = Cannot Read
17-CW = Cannot Write
18-DD = Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper, or convict.
19-US = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards.
20-V = Male Citizens of U.S. of 21 years of age and upwards where rights to vote is denied on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.

Page 1
11Fox, Henry58MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Fox, Elizabeth60FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Fox, Priscilla16FW   PAXX        
  Fox, Margret15FW   PAXX  X     
  Fox, Patrick11MW   WisXX  X     
  Fox, Mary A.9FW   WisXX  X     
22Thompson, Mattis25MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Thompson, Anna27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Thompson, John2MW   WisXX        
33Clianland, Samuel66MWFarmer1100250New YorkX       X 
  Clianland, Rachel59FW   CanadaXX        
  Clianland, Hatte26FW   Ohio X        
  Clianland, George19MW   Wis X        
44Powel, Schizler45MWFarmer5000386New YorkX       X 
  Powel, Sarah49FWKeeping House  Maine          
  Powel, Henry15MW   Wis    X     
  Powel, Mary13FW   Wis    X     
  Powel, Ida13FW   Wis    X     
55Suhr, George26MWFarmer1500175OldenburgXX        
  Suhr, Alice26FWKeeping House  OldenburgXX        
66Ruppenthal, Jacob65MWFarmer2260225PrussiaXX        
  Ruppenthal, Catharine65FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Ruppenthal, Henry28MWCarpenter  PrussiaXX        
  Schuler, Gottleb23MWCarpenter  Wurtenburg {sic}XX        
77Ruppenthal, Peter26MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Ruppenthal, Eliza27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Ruppenthal, Melida3FW   WisXX        
  Ruppenthal, Otto2MW   WisXX        
  Ruppenthal, Herman3/12MW   WisXXMar       
88Langemak, Willem23MWFarmer900175HolsteinXX        
  Langemak, Augusta21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Langemak, Herman3/12MW   WisXXMar       
99Summer, Seth48MWLumberman1500225Vermont        X 
  Summer, Martha22FWKeeping House  Vermont          
1010Plank, Henry50MWFarmer680 PrussiaXX        
  Plank, Charlotte51FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Plank, William26MW   PrussiaXX        
  Plank, Charles24MW   PrussiaXX        
  Plank, Henry21MW   PrussiaXX        
  Plank, Amelia19FW   PrussiaXX        
Page 2
1010Plank, Wilhelmina14FW   PrussiaXX        
  Plank, Ferdinand12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Plank, Albert9MW   PrussiaXX  X     
1111Donoden, Thomas35MWFarmer1200180IrelandXX        
  Donoden, Anna35FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Donoden, John15MW   ConnXX  X     
  Donoden, Mary G.12FW   WisXX  X     
  Donoden, Margret10FW   WisXX  X     
  Donoden, Thomas H.5MW   WisXX  X     
1212Rowney, Michael29MWFarmer1200300IrelandXX   XX   
  Rowney, Catherine24FWKeeping House  Wis          
  Rowney, Cornelius1MW   WisX         
  Rowney, Catharine67FW   IrelandXX   XX   
1313McBride, Sidney40MWPhysician26,000600New York        X 
  McBride, Anna33FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  McBride, Emma16FW   Ohio    X     
  McBride, Daniel13MW   Ohio    X     
  McBride, William12MW   Ohio    X     
  McBride, Eve7FW   Ohio    X     
  McBride, Mabel2M {sic}W   Wis          
  Housy, Murray64F {sic}W   New York          
  Faulmer, W. G.24MWRetired Merchant  New York        X 
1414Whitney, Dassow29MWFarmer1000300New York        X 
  Whitney, Charlotte29FWKeeping House  Ohio          
  Whitney, Herman13MW   Wis    X     
  Whitney, Emmelda11FW   Wis    X     
  Whitney, Walter2MW   Wis          
  Whitney, Ellen1FW   Wis          
1515McMullen, Mary63FWKeeping House6500700CanadaXX        
  McMullen, William25MWFarmer  CanadaXX        
  McMullen, Richard20MW   CanadaXX        
  McMullen, Henrietta18FW   CanadaXX        
  Clarke, Elizabeth12FW   WisXX        
1616Jones, John D.48MWCong. Minister1000 EnglandXX        
  Jones, Ellen J.31FW   CanadaXX        
  Jones, Daniel M.12MW   WisXX   X    
  Jones, Clara10FW   WisXX   X    
  Jones, Mary7FW   WisXX   X    
  Jones, Milton4MW   WisXX        
  Jones, Glenn1MW   WisXX        
Page 3
1717Fuller, Levi46MWFarmer  New YorkX       X 
  Fuller, Louisa43FWKeeping House  New YorkX         
  Fuller, Harvey24MW   New YorkX       X 
  Fuller, Elmer11MW   Wis    X     
  Fuller, Cora9FW   Wis    X     
  White, Henry69MWLumberman700 VermontX       X 
1818Petty, Alphonso64MWFarmer800275New YorkX         
  Petty, Mellisa54FWKeeping House  New YorkX         
  Petty, Charles26MW   New YorkX       X 
  Petty, Floyd18MW   New YorkX   X     
  Petty, Dwight16MW   Wis    X     
  Petty, William H.14MW   Wis    X     
  Johnson, George9MW   Wis    X     
1919Guff, Rebecca57FWKeeping House1000110PA          
  Guff, Wallace20MWFarmer  Wis          
  Guff, Eva R.15FW   Wis    X     
  Guff, Walter C.12MW   Wis    X     
2020Delano, Adam64MWFarmer6700760MaineX       X 
  Delano, John23MWFarmer  MaineX       X 
  Delano, Mary A.20FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Delano, Frank3MW   Wis X        
  Delano, Luella4/12FW   Wis XFeb       
  Delano, Joseph19MW   MaineX         
2121Beuch, Soloman55MWFarmer1200300New Jersey        X 
  Beuch, Alvira49FWKeeping House  New YorkX         
  Beuch, Westley22MW   Wis        X 
  Beuch, Walter20MW   Wis          
  Beuch, Adell15FW   Wis    X     
2222Walter, Thomas52MWFarmer2000350IrelandXX   XX   
  Walter, Bridget50FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   XX   
  Walter, Thomas18MW   New YorkXX        
  Walter, Margret17FW   New YorkXX        
  Walter, John13MW   New YorkXX        
  Walter, Michael11MW   WisXX        
  Walter, Amelia7FW   WisXX        
2323Sintner, Leonard45MWFarmer2000 BadenXX        
  Sintner, Mary J.44FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
  Sintner, Jacob21MW   WisXX        
  Sintner, John18MW   WisXX        
  Sintner, William15MW   WisXX        
Page 4
2323Wolf, John7/12MW   WisXXOct       
2424Feyls, Christopher56MWFarmer800216PrussiaXX        
  Feyls, Frederich
54FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Feyls, William15MW   WisXX        
2525Holn, John35MWFarmer600 IrelandXX        
2626Radloff, Joachim48MWFarmer1500170MecklenburgXX        
  Radloff, Rica52FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Radloff, Joseph23MW   MecklenburgXX        
  Radloff, Sophia23FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Radloff, Christiana11FW   WisXX  X     
  Radloff, Betsy9FW   WisXX  X     
2727Pudey, Anthony37MWFarmer1500196BohemiaXX        
  Pudey, Sophia36FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Pudey, George9MW   WisXX  X     
  Pudey, Charles7MW   WisXX  X     
  Pudey, Mary5FW   WisXX  X     
  Pudey, Mina3FW   WisXX        
  Pudey, Anna2FW   WisXX        
  Pudey, Kate1FW   WisXX        
2828Fendlosen, Bates29MWFarm Laborer  Maine        X 
  Fendlosen, Loretta23FWKeeping House  Vermont          
2929Gauske, Charles25MWFarmer1000108PrussiaXX        
  Gauske, Henrietta22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gauske, William1MW   WisXX        
3030Schule, John38MWFarmer1500200PrussiaXX        
  Schule, Berta26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schule, Alvina7FW   WisXX  X     
  Schule, Robert3MW   WisXX        
3131Weigett, Charles50MWFarmer300260PrussiaXX        
  Weigett, Berta35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Weigett, Harry2MW   WisXX        
  Weigett, Henry4/12MW   WisXXJan       
  Peters, Mina39FWDomestic Servant  PrussiaXX        
3232Metner, John50MWFarmer1200 PrussiaXX        
  Metner, Sophia36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Metner, Mina20FW   PrussiaXX        
  Metner, George9MW   WisXX        
  Metner, Harry3MW   WisXX        
3333Miller, George32MWFarmer600 Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Miller, Frederika20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
Page 5
3434Dernberger, John24MWFarmer2000350New YorkX       X 
  Dernberger, Phillipa24FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
  Dernberger, John66MW   BavariaXX        
  Dernberger, Mary60FW   BavariaXX        
  Dernberger, Christopher25MWFarmer  New YorkX       X 
  Dernberger, Henry20MWFarmer  New YorkX         
3535Summs, Lucy A.57FWKeeping House2000300VermontX         
  Summs, Jame F.
18MW   New YorkX   X     
  Summs, Laura A.16FW   New YorkX   X     
  Summs, Mary D.13FW   WisX   X     
3636Timm, Lewis26MWFarmer2000200PrussiaXX        
  Timm, Hannah23FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Timm, Emma6FW   WisXX  X     
  Timm, Frederick3MW   WisXX        
  Timm, Caroline9/12FW   WisXXSept       
3737Hall, John30MWFarmer2000230BadenXX        
  Hall, Mary26FWKeeping House  DarmstadtXX        
  Hall, George3MW   WisXX        
  Hall, Henry2MW   WisX        
  Hall, Rheady2/12MW   WisXXMay       
3838Kinsmen, Frederick28MWFarmer1800220PrussiaXX        
  Kinsmen, Henrietta27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kinsmen, Mary10FW   WisXX  X     
  Kinsmen, Frank9MW   WisXX  X     
  Kinsmen, William7MW   WisXX  X     
  Kinsmen, Alvena2FW   WisXX        
  Kinsmen, Anna5/12FW   WisXX        
3939Jackem, Benjamin40MWFarmer3500250CanadaXX        
  Jackem, Sarah32FWKeeping House  New YorkX         
  Jackem, Imogine8FW   WisX   X     
  Jackem, Adam5MW   WisX   X     
  Jackem, George3MW   WisX         
  Jackem, Matice
1FW   WisX         
4040Shermenhan, George52MWBlacksmith1600300New YorkX       X 
  Shermenhan, Shelly A.42FWKeeping House  New YorkX         
  Shermenhan, Hattie A.18FW   New YorkX   X     
  Shermenhan, Margret8FW   WisX   X     
  King, Parlun62FWSchool Teacher  New YorkX         
4141Rusburg, Ernestine27FWKeeping House1000 Maine        X {sic} 
  Rusburg, Adam5MW   Wis    X     
Page 6
4141Rusburg, Maybell3FW   Wis          
4242Koenig, William45MWFarmer2000200PrussiaXX        
  Koenig, Henrietta33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Koenig, Ernestine15FW   WisXX  X     
  Koenig, August11MW   WisXX  X     
  Koenig, William7MW   WisXX  X     
4343Bearth, Daveatus45MWFarmer2000230BavariaXX        
  Bearth, Anna46FW   BavariaXX        
  Bearth, Joseph28MW   New YorkXX        
  Bearth, John18MW   WisXX        
  Bearth, Henry18MW   WisXX        
  Bearth, Appolonia16FW   WisXX  X     
  Bearth, Charles16MW   WisXX  X     
  Bearth, August12MW   WisXX  X     
  Bearth, Christian10MW   WisXX  X     
  Bearth, Mary4FW   WisXX        
4444Bearth, Mary24FWKeeping House  BavariaXX        
4545Schaubs, Ernest44MWFarmer3000350SaxonyXX        
  Schaubs, Jane36FWKeeping House  SaxonyXX        
  Schaubs, Emil16MW   WisXX  X     
  Schaubs, Henrietta14FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaubs, Mary12FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaubs, Oddile9FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaubs, Caroline7FW   WisXX  X     
  Schaubs, Henry2MW   WisXX        
4646Gise, Ludwig36MWFarmer600 PrussiaX;X        
  Gise, Christian37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gise, Frederich15MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Gise, Anna10FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Gise, Rudolph8MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Gise, Emma6FW   WisXX        
  Gise, Ludwig2MW   WisXX        
4747Freden, Seth36MWCarpenter  EnglandXX        
  Freden, Mary30FWKeeping House  EnglandXX        
  Freden, Margret13FW   WisXX        
  Freden, Eliza11FW   WisXX        
  Freden, Elias10MW   WisXX        
  Freden, Catharine8FW   WisXX        
  Freden, Esther6FW   WisXX        
  Freden, Georgina1FW   WisXX        
Page 7
4848Gustell, Frederick44MWFarmer1000100SwitzerlandXX        
  Gustell, Catharine29FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Gustell, Frederick13MW   WisXX  X     
  Gustell, Henry10MW   WisXX  X     
  Gustell, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Gustell, Charlotte6FW   WisXX  X     
  Gustell, William1MW   WisXX        
4949Tesch, Christian46MWFarmer2800660PrussiaXX        
  Tesch, Mena41FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Tesch, Charles17MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tesch, John14MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tesch, William12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tesch, Mary10FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tesch, Frank6MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tesch, Lena4FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tesch, Jacob2MW   PrussiaXX        
  Tesch, Rictimax70FW   MecklenburgXX        
5050Smith, Loren26MWFarmer1500 New York        X 
  Smith, Frances26FWKeeping House1200100New York          
5151Wickham, Charles41MWLumberman  New York        X 
  Wickham, Alice27FWKeeping House  New York          
  Wickham, James10MW   Wis    X     
  Wickham, Ida8FW   Wis    X     
  Wickham, Emma8FW   Wis    X     
  Wickham, Ernest4/12MW   Wis  Feb.       
5252Clark, Netheniel44MWFarmer1500150Mass        X 
  Clark, Cordelia45FWKeeping House  Mass          
  Clark, James15MW   Wis          
  Clark, George13MW   Wis    X     
  Clark, Elizabeth12FW   Wis    X     
  Clark, Martha11FW   Wis    X     
5353Bubolz, Godfrey27MWFarmer1000168PrussiaXX        
  Bubolz, Teana25FW   PrussiaXX        
  Bubolz, Charles6MW   WisXX        
  Bubolz, William3MW   WisXX        
  Bubolz, Kate1/12FW   WisXXMay       
5454Horn, Christopher36MWFarmer2200400PrussiaXX        
  Horn, Amalia34FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Horn, Henry8MW   PrussiaXX        
  Horn, Herman5MW   PrussiaXX        
Page 8
5454Horn, Carloline{sic}1FW   Wis          
5555Siegler, John28MWFarmer2000 New YorkXX      X 
  Siegler, Charlotte28FW   PrussiaXX        
  Siegler, William3MW   Wis X        
5656Forman, Eli30MWFarmer  VermontX       X 
  Forman, Olivia30FWKeeping House  OhioX         
  Forman, Mary L.7FW   Wis          
  Forman, Wheeler1MW   Wis          
  Forman, Sally M.64FW   VermontX         
  Forman, William H.42MWCarpenter  VermontX       X 
  Forman, Janie J.9FW   Wis          
  Forman, Ana A.13FW   Wis          
5757Green, E. D.68MWFarmer2300300VermontX       X 
  Green, Rebecca64FWKeeping House  MaineX         
  Green, John C.37MWFarmer  New YorkX       X 
  Green, Sarah M.26FW   EnglandXX        
5858Brown, Charles26MWFarmer2500200PrussiaXX        
  Brown, Caroline22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Brown, William1MW   WisXX        
  Rosloff, Frederic49MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Rosloff, Louisa47FW   PrussiaXX        
  Rosloff, Henry16FW   PrussiaXX        
5959Swandner, Basld28MWFarmer1000 BadenXX        
  Swandner, Mary30FWKeeping House  Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Swandner, Sophia2/12FW   WisXXApril       
6060Bleadeon, Henry36MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Bleadeon, Albertine21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Bleadeon, Charles9/12MW   WisXXAgust {sic}       
6161Schull, John45MWFarmer1800200MecklenburgXX        
  Schull, Louisa39FWKeeping House  MecklenburgXX        
  Schull, John16MW   WisXX  X     
  Schull, Sophia14FW   WisXX  X     
  Schull, Henry11MW   WisXX  X     
  Schull, Mena10FW   WisXX  X     
  Schull, Charles8MW   WisXX  X     
  Schull, Kate6FW   WisXX  X     
  Schull, Mary4FW   WisXX        
  Schull, Catharine1FW   WisXX        
  Bule, John75MW   MecklenburgXX        
6262Marx, Charles20MWFarmer500 PrussiaXX        
Page 9
6262Marx, Antona21FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Marx, Melida4FW   WisXX        
  Marx, John3MW   WisXX        
  Marx, William1MW   WisXX        
6363Kasch, John50MWFarmer2000280PrussiaXX        
  Kasch, Mary45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kasch, Rica16FW   PrussiaXX        
  Kasch, John14MW   PrussiaXX        
6464Osgood, O. S.46MWFarmer2000300Vermont        X 
  Osgood, Mary31FWKeeping House  New York          
  Osgood, Jennie10FW   Wis    X     
  Osgood, Aden2MW   Vermont          
  Osgood, Angelina67FW   Vermont          
6565James, Samuel52MWMiller & Lumberman20002000New YorkX       X 
  James, Lucinda45FWKeeping House  New YorkX         
  Dean, Walter10MW   Wis    X     
6666Tamm, Charles40MWFarmer2000 PrussiaXX        
  Tamm, Reke F.40FW   PrussiaXX        
  Tamm, August13MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Tamm, John11MW   WisXX  X     
  Tamm, William9MW   WisXX  X     
  Tamm, Mary6FW   WisXX  X     
  Tamm, Frank3MW   WisXX        
6767Grave, Frederich42MWFarmer2500 MecklenburgXX        
  Grave, Leayce44FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Grave, Frederick15MW   WisXX  X     
  Grave, Henry13MW   WisXX  X     
  Grave, Mary9FW   WisXX  X     
  Grave, Charles7MW   WisXX  X     
  Grave, John3MW   WisXX        
6868Winkler, Fred44MWFarmer  MecklenburgXX        
  Winkler, Hannah46FW   MecklenburgXX        
  Winkler, Frederick13MW   WisXX  X     
  Winkler, Hannah8FW   WisXX  X     
  Winkler, Charles4MW   WisXX        
  Winkler, Mary1FW   WisXX        
6969Posson, Charles37MWFarmer1500 PrussiaXX        
  Posson, Warter20FW   PrussiaXX        
  Posson, Lena4FW   PrussiaXX        
  Posson, Hannah2FW   PrussiaXX        
Page 10
7070Basten, Frederick23MWFarmer1000160MecklenburgXX        
  Basten, Caroline19FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Basten, Kate6/12FW   WisXXJan       
7171Schader, Frederick32MWFarmer1000150PrussiaXX        
  Schader, Dorothy26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schader, Frederick5MW   PrussiaXX        
  Schader, William3MW   WisXX        
  Schader, Christopher1MW   WisXX        
7272Timm, John H.36MWLumberman3000300PrussiaXX        
  Timm, Maria27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Timm, Robert8MW   WisXX        
  Timm, Ida5FW   WisXX        
  Timm, Kate3FW   WisXX        
7373Halthuesen, Frederick37MWFarmer1000170PrussiaXX        
  Halthuesen, Claudene31FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Halthuesen, William14MW   WisXX  X     
  Halthuesen, Charles13MW   WisXX  X     
  Halthuesen, August10MW   WisXX        
  Halthuesen, Pauline8FW   WisXX        
  Halthuesen, Margret5FW   WisXX        
  Halthuesen, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Halthuesen, Barnard2MW   WisXX        
  Halthuesen, Tobias63MW   PrussiaXX        
7474Rosk, Andrew33MWFarmer600 SwitzerlandXX        
  Rosk, Kate28FW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Rosk, Barbara8FW   SwitzerlandXX  X     
  Rosk, Albert5MW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Rosk, Margret4FW   WisXX        
  Rosk, Christian2MW   WisXX        
  Rosk, Andrew1MW   WisXX        
  Semson, Christian30MWFarm Laborer  PrussiaXX        
7575Fetzeburg, Charles51MWFarmer1000270PrussiaXX        
  Fetzeburg, Mary46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Fetzeburg, William12MW   WisXX  X     
  Fetzeburg, August10MW   WisXX  X     
  Fetzeburg, David7MW  < /td>WisXX  X     
  Fetzeburg, Anna5FW   WisXX        
  Fetzeburg, Charles1MW   WisXX        
7676Persohn, Joachim58MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Persohn, Caroline56FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
Page 11
7676Persohn, William26MWShoemaker800 PrussiaXX        
  Persohn, Albertine16FW   PrussiaXX        
7777Keur, Henry37MWFarmer400 PrussiaXX        
  Keur, Sophia37FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Keur, Mena5FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Keur, Frederick1MW   WisXX        
7878Rock, Lewis26MWFarmer1000300PrussiaXX        
  Rock, Augusta22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Rock, Eda2MW   WisXX        
  Rock, Henry1MW   WisXX        
  Rock, Rosa55FW   PrussiaXX        
7979Peters, Gerhard44MWFarmer300 PrussiaXX        
  Peters, Dora A.70FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
8080Peters, Mathias45MWFarmer300 PrussiaXX        
  Peters, Catharine42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Peters, Peter8 {sic}MW   PrussiaXX        
  Peters, Johanna16FW   PrussiaXX        
  Peters, Gertrude14FW   PrussiaXX        
  Peters, John12MW   PrussiaXX        
  Peters, Theodore9MW   PrussiaXX        
8181Norick, Charles26MWFarmer1000200PrussiaXX        
  Norick, Regana22FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Norick, Martha1FW   WisXX        
8282Rush, Andrew34MWFarmer400 SwitzerlandXX        
  Rush, Catharine27FWKeeping House  SwitzerlandXX        
  Rush, Barbara8FW   SwitzerlandXX  X     
  Rush, Elizabeth6FW   SwitzerlandXX        
  Rush, Margret4FW   WisXX        
  Rush, Christian3MW   WisXX        
  Rush, Andrew1MW   WisXX        
8383Reim, Reinhold32MWFarmer1200250PrussiaXX        
  Reim, Rosina30FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Reim, Batan4MW   WisXX        
  Reim, Rudolph2MW   WisXX        
8484Schubing, Charles35MWFarmer800180PrussiaXX        
  Schubing, Hannah35FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Schubing, August10MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Schubing, Monroe7MW   WisXX  X     
  Schubing, Mary4FW   WisXX        
  Schubing, Amelia1FW   WisXX        
Page 12
8484Schubing, Mary70FW   PrussiaXX        
8585Hobusin, August40MWFarmer800220PrussiaXX        
  Hobusin, Frederika38FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Hobusin, Charles11MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Hobusin, Monroe8MW   WisXX  X     
  Hobusin, John6MW   WisXX  X     
  Hobusin, Richmond2MW   WisXX        
  Hobusin, Amelia1/12FW   WisXXMay       
8686Goliab, Stomalla35MWFarmer1200200PrussiaXX        
  Goliab, Beate33FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Goliab, Albert7MW   WisXX  X     
  Goliab, Frank5MW   WisXX        
  Goliab, Selma3FW   WisXX        
  Goliab, Laymon1MW   WisXX        
8787Kleathen, John35MWFarmer1000180PrussiaXX        
  Kleathen, Eliza32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kleathen, William3MW   WisXX        
  Kleathen, Robert2MW   WisXX        
  Kleathen, Frank2/12MW   WisXXApr       
  Jesse, John14MW   PrussiaXX        
8888Jaensch, William39MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Jaensch, Caroline40FW   PrussiaXX        
  Jaensch, Charles12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Jaensch, Risa8FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Jaensch, Stina7FW   WisXX        
  Jaensch, Baton5FW   WisXX        
  Jaensch, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Jaensch, Augusta1FW   WisXX        
8989Brahm, Jacob31MWFarmer2000400PAXX        
  Brahm, Catharine32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Brahm, Edward8MW   Wis X  X     
  Brahm, Theodore6MW   Wis X  X     
  Brahm, John4MW   Wis X        
  Brahm, Levi2MW   Wis X        
  Brahm, Emma1/12FW   Wis XMay       
9090Wegess, Lorenzo59MWFarmer1500300PrussiaXX        
  Wegess, Mary51FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Wegess, William27MW   PrussiaXX        
  Wegess, Jacob25MW   PrussiaXX        
  Wegess, Johanna12FW   WisXX  X     
Page 13
9090Wegess, Mena7FW   WisXX  X     
9191Kolls, Moretz36MWFarmer1000 HollandXX        
  Kolls, Anthonette30FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Kolls, Dora4FW   HollandXX        
  Kolls, Mena2FW   HollandXX        
  Kolls, William3/12MW   WisXXMar       
  Kolls, Willaim30MW   HollandXX        
9292Poudgres, Ludwig31MWFarmer800190MecklenburgXX        
  Poudgres, Mina32FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Poudgres, Henry6MW   WisXX        
  Poudgres, William3MW   WisXX        
  Poudgres, Mena1FW   WisXX        
9393Verkiles, John25MWFarmer1000150HollandXX        
  Verkiles, Mary26FWKeeping House  HollandXX        
  Verkiles, John2MW   WisXX        
  Verkiles, Frank1MW   WisXX        
9494Kersten, Henry19MWFarmer4600500PrussiaXX        
  Kersten, Mathew21MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Kersten, Peter26MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Kersten, Mary57FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
9595Meachum, Henry38MWFarmer1700 PrussiaXX        
  Meachum, Catharine24FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Meachum, Anna3FW   WisXX        
  Meachum, Mary1FW   WisXX        
9696Plately, Hugh30MWFarmer2000160IrelandXX        
  Plately, Johanna25FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Plately, Johanna5/12FW   WisXXJany       
  Plately, Michael32MWFarmer1800 IrelandXX        
100100Roflatt, Charles45MWFarmer800350PrussiaXX        
  Roflatt, Mary45FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Ott, Mary21FW   PrussiaXX        
  Ott, Henry21MW   PrussiaXX        
101101Shauer, Christian46MWFarmer400 PrussiaXX        
  Shauer, Justinus42FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Shauer, Frederick14MW   WisXX X      
  Shauer, Christian10MW   WisXX X      
  Shauer, Charles4MW   WisXX        
  Shauer, Anna E.9/12FW   WisXX        
102102Haberland, Charles29MW   WisXXSep {sic}       
  Haberland, Mary29FWKeeping House  WisX         
Page 14
102102Haberland, Gustus2MW   WisXX        
  Haberland, Mary8/12FW   WisXXOct       
103103Holtz, William59MWFarmer1000200PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, Hannah54FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, August20MW   PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, Amelia18FW   PrussiaXX        
  Holtz, Ida3FW   WisXX        
  Holtz, Matter1FW   WisXX        
104104Dickvoss, Christian29MWFarmer600100PrussiaXX        
  Dickvoss, Mena20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Dickvoss, Julia1FW   WisXX        
  Dickvoss, Andrew60MW   PrussiaXX        
  Dickvoss, Frederika55FW   PrussiaXX        
105105Usadel, Christian27MWFarmer500120PrussiaXX        
  Usadel, Amelia20FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Usadel, Herman1/12MW   WisXXMay       
106106Seybold, Leonard39MWFarmer1000170Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Seybold, Kate36FWKeeping House  Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Seybold, Kate12FW   WisXX  X     
  Seybold, Barbara10FW   WisXX  X     
  Seybold, William8MW   WisXX X      
  Seybold, Frederick6MW   WisXX X      
  Seybold, Mary4FW   WisXX        
  Seybold, John2MW   WisXX        
107107Riesor, Ferdinand22MWFarmer800100Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
108108Schindler, Alois38MWFarmer500 BadenXX        
  Schindler, Eliza20FWKeeping House  BadenXX        
109109Reichal, John46MWFarmer1000200BadenXX        
  Reichal, Barbara38FWKeeping House  Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Reichal, Christina15FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichal, Frederick12MW   WisXX  X     
  Reichal, Louisa10FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichal, Elizabeth7FW   WisXX  X     
  Reichal, Mary4FW   WisXX        
  Reichal, Anna1FW   WisXX        
110110Lindow, August48MWFarmer1000270PrussiaXX        
  Lindow, Mena46FWKeeping House  FranceXX        
  Lindow, Gustave18MW   PrussiaXX        
  Lindow, Bertan15FW   PrussiaXX        
  Lindow, Eaton13FW   PrussiaXX  X     
Page 15
110110Lindow, Christiane76FW   PrussiaXX        
111111Lindow, Frederick46MWFarmer1800450PrussiaXX        
  Lindow, Louisa46FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Lindow, Anestine12FW   WisXX  X     
  Lindow, Hans10MW   WisXX  X     
  Lindow, Lewis8MW   WisXX  X     
  Lindow, Frederick4MW   WisXX        
  Lindow, John2MW   WisXX        
  Lindow, Mary3/12FW   WisXXMar       
  Lindow, Gustus15MW   WisXX        
112112Sidlow, August38MWFarmer1800300PrussiaXX        
  Sidlow, Mary36FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Sidlow, Frederick12MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Sidlow, August9MW   WisXX  X     
  Sidlow, Charles6MW   WisXX  X     
  Sidlow, Mary4FW   WisXX        
  Sidlow, Hannah1FW   WisXX        
  Sidlow, Albert6MW   WisXX  X     
  Sidlow, Stena3FW   WisXX        
113113Welch, Patrick64MWFarmer600 IrelandXX   X    
  Welch, Ellen55FWKeeping House  IrelandXX   X    
  Welch, Ellen10FW   IrelandXX  X     
114114Mattie, Jacob36MWFarmer1000250PrussiaXX        
  Mattie, Julia35FWKeeping House  Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Mattie, Charles10MW   WisXX  X     
  Mattie, John8MW   WisXX  X     
  Mattie, Louisa5FW   WisXX  X     
  Mattie, Henry3MW   WisXX        
  Mattie, William5/12MW   WisXXFeb       
  Holland, John38MWFarmer800 IrelandXX        
115115Mc Donald, Mark52MWFarmer1000150IrelandXX        
  Mc Donald, Mary52FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mc Donald, Mark14MW   WisXX        
  Mc Donald, Peter12MW   WisXX        
  Mc DOnald, Richard6MW   WisXX        
116116Russell, David52MWFarmer  New York        X 
  Russell, Hannah30FWKeeping House  New York          
  Russell, Jane2FW   Wis          
117117Maily, Louisa49MWFarmer300160Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Maily, Louisa41FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
Page 16
117117Maily, John10MW   WisXX  X     
  Reston, Augusta11FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Maily, Jacob7MW   WisXX  X     
  Maily, Gotlieb5MW   WisXX  X     
  Maily, Catharine3FW   WisXX        
  Maily, Louisa3FW   WisXX        
118118Engle, George50MWFarmer  Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Engle, Rose34FWKeeping House  Wurtemburg {sic}XX        
  Engle, George9MW   WisXX  X     
  Engle, William7MW   WisXX  X     
  Engle, Henry4MW   WisXX        
  Engle, Rose3FW   WisXX        
  Engle, Mary6/12FW   WisXXNov       
119119Joachim, John50MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
  Joachim, Frederika37FWKeeping House1600190PrussiaXX        
  Joachim, William13MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Joachim, Mena10FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Joachim, Lena6FW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Joachim, Herman4MW   WisXX  X {sic}     
120120Joachim, Kastom40MWFarmer500 Mucklenburg {sic}XX        
121121Mulkeney, Thomas40MWFarmer  IrelandXX        
  Mulkeney, Bridget30FWKeeping House  IrelandXX        
  Mulkeney, Mary3FW   WisXX        
  Mulkeney, Daniel2MW   WisXX        
  Mulkeney, Ellen1/12FW   WisXXMay       
122122Kealer, Peter39MWFarmer800180PrussiaXX        
  Kealer, Mary A.26FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Kealer, Mary A.11FW   WisXX  X     
  Kealer, Anthony8MW   WisXX  X     
  Kealer, Peter5MW   IllXX  X     
  Kealer, Joseph R.2MW   WisXX        
  Kealer, Margret4/12FW   WisXXFeb       
123123Haeberth, Henry50MWFarmer800190PrussiaXX        
  Heaberth, Mary53FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Heaberth, John20MW   PrussiaXX        
124124Bear, Nicholas28MWFarmer1000170PrussiaXX        
  Bear, Susan27FW   PrussiaXX        
  Bear, Matthew8MW   PrussiaXX        
  Bear, John3MW   PrussiaXX        
  Bear, Peter1MW   PrussiaXX        
Page 17
125125Cimmer, John41MWFarmer1000300PrussiaXX        
  Cimmer, Agnes33FW   PrussiaXX        
  Cimmer, John14MW   WisXX  X     
  Cimmer, Peter12MW   WisXX  X     
  Cimmer, Mary9FW   WisXX  X     
  Cimmer, Elizabeth7FW   WisXX  X     
  Cimmer, Catharine5FW   WisXX  X     
  Cimmer, Agnes3FW   WisXX        
  Cimmer, Jacob1/12MW   WisXXMay       
  Cimmer, Nicholas40MWFarmer  PrussiaXX        
126126Cullens, Peter33MWFarmer2000350IrelandXX        
  Cullens, Catherine28FWKeeping House  CanadaXX        
  Cullens, Mary9FW   WisXX  X     
  Cullens, Catharine8FW   WisXX  X     
  Cullens, Robert7MW   WisXX  X     
  Cullens, Thomas2MW   WisXX        
127127Britton, Matts37MWFarmer1200200PrussiaXX        
  Britton, Anna27FWKeeping House  PrussiaXX        
  Britton, Mattes9MW   PrussiaXX  X     
  Britton, Mary7FW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Sophia5FW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Nicholas3MW   WisXX        
  Britton, Peter1MW   WisXX        
128128Britton, Nicholas38MWFarmer1200220PrussiaXX        
  Britton, Christian33FW   PrussiaXX        
  Britton, William11MW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Mary9FW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Anna7FW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Joseph5MW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Margret4FW   WisXX  X     
  Britton, Mattis2MW   WisXX        
  Britton, Christiana2/12FW   WisXXMar       

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