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Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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1850 Federal Census for Calumet County

NamePageTownship / District number
Aaron, Betsey10036th District
Aaron, Caronelia10136th District
Aaron, Cornelius09536th District
Aaron, Cornelius10136th District
Abner, Randall08536th District
Abrahams, John W.09436th District
Abrams, John W.09436th District
Adalaid, Harriet09836th District
Adalaide, Harriet09836th District
Adams, Ediom08936th District
Adams, Edwin08936th District
Adams, Richard09836th District
Adams, Rick09836th District
Alberts, John10336th District
Alby, Moses09236th District
Allen, Barbary09236th District
Altroger, John10436th District
Anthony, Elizabeth10136th District
Anthony, Lonufo08536th District
Anthony, Lorinda08536th District
Aps, Heas10336th District
Arends, Henry G.10236th District
Arens, Henry G.10236th District
Arens, John10436th District
Arens, Otto10436th District
Areus, Henry G.10236th District
Athoger, John10436th District
Ault, Thomas10536th District
Babcock, William08936th District
Baker, George09036th District
Baker, Sarah09036th District
Baldnin, Messin H.09836th District
Baldun, Deborah09336th District
Baldwin, James09336th District
Baldwin, Jane09336th District
Baldwin, John09336th District
Baldwin, Lyman H.09836th District
Baldwin, Mervin A.09836th District
Ballard, Stephen10036th District
Banghen, Channcey L.09736th District
Baram, George09736th District
Barber, Hannah10536th District
Barques, Hannah09136th District
Bateman, Barbara10336th District
Bateman, Peter10336th District
Beach, Elias10036th District
Bear, Bela10336th District
Bemet, John10136th District
Bennet, Jeremiah10136th District
Bennet, John10136th District
Bennet, Peter10136th District
Bennet, Rufus S.09436th District
Bernet, John10136th District
Betts, Aaron H.09536th District
Big Deer, Dr.10136th District
Binnet, Jeremiah10136th District
Bitts, Aarin H.09536th District
Bitts, Aaron H.09536th District
Boeck, Charles10336th District
Bolies, Nicholas10036th District
Boner, Grand10436th District
Bonkapot, Elisha10036th District
Bonkapot, Jacob10236th District
Bostwick, Henry08936th District
Bower, William S.09236th District
Bowman, Jane09436th District
Bowman, Lewis09436th District
Bownaer, Elizabeth09436th District
Boye, John08736th District
Boyer, Charles09036th District
Boyer, John09036th District
Boyer, Leonard09036th District
Boyer, Lonard09036th District
Boyl, John08736th District
Brach, Elias10036th District
Brewer, Henry09436th District
Brishill, Benjamin08736th District
Brock, Charles10336th District
Brockman, Amasa10336th District
Brockman, Amesa10336th District
Broeck, Charles10336th District
Browmaer, Lewis09436th District
Browman, Jane09436th District
Brown, Barbara10136th District
Brown, Benjamin08936th District
Brown, John C.09636th District
Brown, N.09236th District
Brown, W.09236th District
Brushel, Hannah08536th District
Brushel, Jonathan08836th District
Brushel, Mary Jane08636th District
Brushel, Samuel09036th District
Brushell, Benjamin08736th District
Brushell, Henry08936th District
Brushil, Samuel09036th District
Brushill, Benjamin08736th District
Bruskel, Samuel09036th District
Buhl, Joseph10536th District
Bukle, Joseph10536th District
Buldin, Deborah09336th District
Bull, Charles A.08936th District
Bull, Charles J.08936th District
Bull, George C.09836th District
Bull, Hannah09836th District
Bulland, Stephen10036th District
Bullman, Henry09136th District
Burell, Eli09236th District
Bushel, Hannah08536th District
Butler, William J.09836th District
Butterfield, Catham09536th District
Butterfield, Catharine09536th District
Camdy, Jacob10036th District
Cammer, Thomas09336th District
Candis, Molly09636th District
Canidy, Jacob10036th District
Ceasar, Julius09836th District
Cesar, Julius09836th District
Chapney, Horain09436th District
Charles, Moses10236th District
Cheats, Hannah10136th District
Cheesbn, Micholas09736th District
Cheesbro, Nicholas09736th District
Chennan, Robert10536th District
Chesman, Robert10536th District
Chibbuck, Susan09636th District
Chicks, John N.09536th District
Chicks, Joseph L.09536th District
Chicks, Joseph09536th District
Chicks, Josiah C.09536th District
Chubbuck, Job09636th District
Chubbuck, Lidia Ann09336th District
Chubbuck, Susan09636th District
Claus, M.09736th District
Clay, Henry09536th District
Clifford, Cephas09236th District
Clop, Jeremiah10236th District
Closs, Jeremiah10236th District
Cluiks, Josiah C.09536th District
Cohel, Albert08736th District
Cole, Ebenezer09736th District
Connelly, Dennis09936th District
Cook, George09236th District
Corlin, John09036th District
Costela, Peter10436th District
Cotrel, Albert08736th District
Cowell, Edward09536th District
Coyhis, Benjamin09236th District
Coyhis, John Jr.09936th District
Coyhis, John09936th District
Coyliers, Martha09036th District
Coylin, Benjamin09236th District
Coylin, John Jr.09936th District
Coylin, John09036th District
Coylin, Martha09036th District
Cram, George09736th District
Crammund, James08536th District
Crandal, A.08736th District
Crider, M.10436th District
Crolby, George09036th District
Cronkapot, Elisha10036th District
Crosby, George09036th District
Crosby, James09536th District
Crosby, William09236th District
Crosley, James09536th District
Crosley, James10236th District
Crosley, William09236th District
Crosly, George09036th District
Crowl, Peter08936th District
Cuish, John08636th District
Cummuck, Thomas08636th District
Cunnelly, Dennis09936th District
Dagget, Daniel09036th District
Dasham, Solomon10136th District
Dashow, Solomen10136th District
Davids, Daniel09336th District
Davids, Daniel09736th District
Davids, Jacob09736th District
Davis, Satah08536th District
De Dick, Alonzo08636th District
Deck, Daniel08536th District
Deck, John08836th District
Deer, Big10136th District
Delon, Eli09336th District
Delou, Eli09336th District
Demoth, John09936th District
Demoth, John09936th District
Denny, Catharina E.09436th District
Denny, Catherine E.09436th District
Denston, Elihu09336th District
Deuston, Elihu09336th District
Dick, Alenzo D.08636th District
Dick, Alexander G.08836th District
Dick, Alonzo C.08636th District
Dick, Cynthia08936th District
Dick, Cynthia09136th District
Dick, Daniel08536th District
Dick, Elias09136th District
Dick, Elkanah09036th District
Dick, Hammiah09136th District
Dick, Hannah09136th District
Dick, Isaac Sr.08736th District
Dick, John08836th District
Dick, John09336th District
Dick, Laton09136th District
Dick, Lucine09336th District
Dick, Lucius09336th District
Dick, Nancy08836th District
Dick, Nathan C.08536th District
Dick, Satlo09136th District
Dick, Thomas09136th District
Dick, Wiather C.08536th District
Dick, William H.09236th District
Dick, William08536th District
Dick, William09236th District
Dickinson, A. J.09136th District
Dickinson, A.P.09136th District
Dignon, Patrick08936th District
Dignon, Petrick08936th District
Dothater, Joseph10136th District
Doustow, Eliha09336th District
Doxtaer, Mary R.08936th District
Doxtater, Benjamin10036th District
Doxtater, David08936th District
Doxtater, Dolly10236th District
Doxtater, Jacob08736th District
Doxtater, James09536th District
Doxtater, Joseph10136th District
Drake, John P.09636th District
Dsmpdon, Snfy D.08536th District
Ducher, Claus10336th District
Duell, J.B.09436th District
Dullman, Henry09136th District
Durell, Eli09236th District
Dutton, Willard09936th District
Dutton, Williar09936th District
Earl, Benjamin09536th District
Easan, Claws10436th District
Easau, Claus10436th District
Eason, Greta10436th District
Easrn, Gertha10436th District
Eastman, Nathan C.09936th District
Eaton, Abel09436th District
Elay, Henry09536th District
Elderman, Carolina10436th District
Elderman, Martin10336th District
Eliler, Peter10436th District
Ellenhurst, Jacob10436th District
Esau, Henrich10336th District
Esau, Henrick10336th District
Esau, Margaret10336th District
Esider, M.10436th District
Fans, Joseph10036th District
Fargasin, Sutsana09236th District
Fargason, Silas09236th District
Farler, Colin09136th District
Faus, Joseph10036th District
Fedles, John10336th District
Fence, Thomas09736th District
Fender, Bartin09036th District
Fenler, David08536th District
Fenler, Smith09136th District
Fenter, Alexander09236th District
Fenter, David09236th District
Fenter, Lyman P.08636th District
Fiddlee, Richard09336th District
Fiddler, Richard09336th District
Fields, Lemuel09736th District
Fields, Lemuel09836th District
Flecher, Sarah08836th District
Flint, Andrew09536th District
Flirt, Andrew09536th District
Fonlin, Hizikiah08636th District
Fouler, James L.09036th District
Fouler, William09036th District
Fowle, Laton09036th District
Fowler, Alexander09236th District
Fowler, Barbara09036th District
Fowler, Barbury08536th District
Fowler, Benjamin09036th District
Fowler, Colins09136th District
Fowler, Elizabeth09036th District
Fowler, Francis09136th District
Fowler, George Rowley08536th District
Fowler, Hezekiah08636th District
Fowler, James L.09036th District
Fowler, Laton09036th District
Fowler, Lorenzo D.09036th District
Fowler, Lucius S.08736th District
Fowler, Lyman P.08636th District
Fowler, Onsannus D.09036th District
Fowler, Orrin09036th District
Fowler, Orsamus D.09036th District
Fowler, Phebe09036th District
Fowler, Rosetta09136th District
Fowler, Smith09136th District
Fowler, William09036th District
Frenkenfloyel, John10036th District
Frrenkenfloyel, John10036th District
Furgason, Silas09236th District
Furgason, Sutrana09236th District
Gaddin, Isaac09836th District
Gage, Jabez09936th District
Gage, Richard09936th District
Gage, Thomas Q.09836th District
Gardner, Rowland10036th District
Gardner, William09436th District
Gaze, Thomas Q.09836th District
Gill, John09936th District
Gill, Joseph09936th District
Gill, Luke09936th District
Gimm, Frits10436th District
Gimm, Grisber10336th District
Gimmes, Betty,10436th District
Gimns, Giesber10336th District
Goddin, Isaac09836th District
Goff, Charles10436th District
Goodell, Lemand09436th District
Goodell, Lemuel09436th District
Gouning, Charles10236th District
Grcin, William10336th District
Grein, William10336th District
Greve, Claus10336th District
Greve, Elaier10336th District
Greve, Simon10336th District
Gripman, Hervey08536th District
Gruning, Charles10236th District
Gurnest, Helena10336th District
Halhurst, Jobes10436th District
Halhurst, Jobis10436th District
Haller, Reuben D.09836th District
Halstead, David W.09336th District
Halsted, Jesse Rev.09136th District
Halsted, Joseph09336th District
Hamilin, Edward09736th District
Hamlin, Canot09636th District
Hamlin, Edward09736th District
Hammer, Eelzabeth08536th District
Hammer, Elizabeth08536th District
Hammer, Ira08736th District
Hammer, John C.08536th District
Hammer, Polly08936th District
Hammer, Thomas09336th District
Hanly, Simon A.08536th District
Hannah, Paul08836th District
Hanson, Frednich10336th District
Hanson, Fredrick10336th District
Harsler, John10436th District
Hartman, John10536th District
Hartman, Joseph10536th District
Hartman, Mary10536th District
Hartman, Paul10536th District
Hartoman, Joseph10536th District
Hassier, Olrin09036th District
Hastman, Mary10536th District
Hathway, Israel08536th District
Haul, Surena08636th District
Haut, Surena08636th District
Hawley, Simon A.08536th District
Heathway, Israel08536th District
Hendrick, John10236th District
Hendrick, Mary09636th District
Henrich, Johannus10336th District
Henrick, Johannes10336th District
Heuest, Conrad09936th District
Heurst, Hamack09936th District
Hick, John10536th District
Higerts, Jacob10336th District
Higgins, Thomas09836th District
Hihhin, Rli08536th District
Hill, John09936th District
Hinkle, Mathis J.10536th District
Hithighs, William10436th District
Hoffman, Henry10436th District
Holt, Albert09436th District
Holt, Hiram09536th District
Howe, Edwin09436th District
Howe, George09436th District
Howe, Julia09536th District
Howe, William09536th District
Howell, Edward09536th District
Hunt, Conrad09936th District
Hunt, Hannah09936th District
Hurst, Conrad09936th District
Hurst, Hannah09936th District
Hutchenson, Leonard09336th District
Hutchinson, Leonard09336th District
Huysen, Freding10036th District
Hyber, Jesse10036th District
Jacobs, Aaron09236th District
Jacobs, Isaac09236th District
Jacques, Daniel09136th District
Jacques, Hannah09136th District
James, Joseph10036th District
Jammes, Claus10436th District
Jamson, Mills08836th District
Janes, Mary08736th District
Jimess, Isaac08636th District
Johannes, Antoine10436th District
Johannes, Antonine10436th District
Johnson, Alexander09736th District
Johnson, David08636th District
Johnson, Harvey09636th District
Johnson, Henry08736th District
Johnson, Henry08736th District
Johnson, Jeremiah W.08636th District
Johnson, Jeremiah08636th District
Johnson, John Jr.08836th District
Johnson, John Sr.08836th District
Johnson, Joseph M.09436th District
Johnson, Martha08636th District
Johnson, Matthew08636th District
Johnson, Nathaniel H.09436th District
Johnson, Orin G.08636th District
Johnson, Orrin G.08636th District
Johnson, Phebe08936th District
Johnson, Rebecca08836th District
Johnson, Roulend08636th District
Johnson, Rowland08636th District
Johnson, William08736th District
Jokiam, Lansence10036th District
Joshua, James10036th District
Jourdan, Timothy09536th District
Keketer, May10136th District
Kelley, John N.08536th District
Kelley, John R.08536th District
Kelliher, John09236th District
Kemper, Albert10036th District
Keness, Lewis09036th District
Kiness, Isaac08636th District
Kiness, James08536th District
Kiness, Lewis09036th District
Kiness, Thomas09536th District
Kiness, William08636th District
Kinght, William09936th District
Kinkapot, Lucy09636th District
Kismire, Yocum10336th District
Klapper, Antoine10536th District
Klopper, Antoine10536th District
Klopper, John10536th District
Knap, Lewis09036th District
Knight, William09936th District
Kolt, Hinan09536th District
Konkapot, Jacob10236th District
Konkapot, Levi09236th District
Konkapot, Lucy09636th District
Kroemecker, D.O.10436th District
Kroenecker, J. O.10436th District
Ladd, George H.08736th District
Ladd, George M.08736th District
Ladd, George08736th District
Ladd, Nancy08736th District
Larkey, Asma10236th District
Leach, Sarah08536th District
Learler, Orrin09036th District
Lehner, Jacob09736th District
Leketer, Delilah10236th District
Leketer, Mary10136th District
Leketer, Milo08736th District
Leketer, Patience09136th District
Leny, Albert08636th District
Leroy, Frank09436th District
Linden, Peter J.10536th District
Lippe, Marks10336th District
Littleman, Jeremiah10236th District
Littleman, John10036th District
Littleman, Peter10236th District
Locus, Joseph08536th District
Lonso, Chester09736th District
Louse, Chester09736th District
Lye, Elizabeth10036th District
Main, Woody09636th District
Malbeck, Peter J.10536th District
Malbick, Peter I.10536th District
Malbick, Peter J.10536th District
Malbock, Peter J.10536th District
Mangam, Richard09936th District
Mangan, Richard09936th District
Mann, John09636th District
Mann, Moody09636th District
Mann, Zenos09536th District
Martin, Antoine10536th District
Martin, Casher10436th District
Martin, Casper10436th District
Martin, Proff10536th District
Mathers, Ramson08936th District
Mathers, Ransom08936th District
Mathew, John09136th District
Mathews, Eliphalet09136th District
Mathews, John09136th District
Matoxen, Daniel10236th District
Matoxen, Louisa10236th District
Matoxen, Simon10136th District
Matoxer, Sonsa10236th District
Mattews, Eliphalet09136th District
Mc Allister, Joseph09736th District
Mc Allister, Josephl09736th District
Mc Fay, Nancy09736th District
Mc Norton, Daniel09836th District
Merrill, Almond09836th District
Mers, East10236th District
Mers, Erst10236th District
Metoxen, John10136th District
Metoxew, John10136th District
Michole, Stephew09836th District
Miles, James09136th District
Miles, Phebe08936th District
Milfilfer, J.C.10236th District
Miller, Clarissa09536th District
Miller, Clarissa10036th District
Miller, Dinah09636th District
Miller, John09436th District
Miller, Manona10236th District
Miller, Ramona10236th District
Miller, Samuel10136th District
Mills, Jesse09636th District
Mirrell, Almond09836th District
Mirrill, Almond09836th District
Mitoxew, Daniel10236th District
Modlen, Henry08536th District
Modlin, Henry08536th District
Monag, Joseph10136th District
Monage, Joseph10136th District
Moon, Henry09536th District
Moon, Jeremiah09636th District
Moon, Jormiah09636th District
Moore, Alonzo09436th District
Moore, Jacob10536th District
Moore, Jeremiah09636th District
Moore, Job09436th District
Moore, John09436th District
Moore, John09536th District
Moore, Sophia09436th District
Mordman, G.10236th District
Morgan, Nancy10036th District
Morse, Ebenezer09636th District
Morse, Ebenizer09636th District
Moyer, Peret08736th District
Moyer, Peter08736th District
Murdock, Allen09036th District
Murdock, Julian Ann08836th District
Murdock, Leander08836th District
Murdock, Wheeler08836th District
Nervell, Jeffrey Rev.09336th District
Newell, Jeffrey Rev.09336th District
Nichols, Stephen09836th District
Niles, James09136th District
Nolan, James09936th District
Nolen, James09936th District
Norton, Daniel M.09836th District
O'brien, Edward09836th District
O'brien, Edward09836th District
O'brien, William09136th District
O'brien, William09136th District
Obermier, Veban10336th District
Obermire, Conrad10336th District
Ocuish, John09036th District
Orsan, Mark10436th District
Orson, Claus10436th District
Palemer, Charlotte10236th District
Palmer, Benjamin08536th District
Palmer, Charlotte09436th District
Palmer, Charlotte10236th District
Palmer, Elizabeth10236th District
Palmer, Nicholas10236th District
Palmer, Shermain10236th District
Palmer, Sherman10136th District
Palmer, Sherman10236th District
Palmer, Soloman10136th District
Palmer, Solomon10136th District
Pardan, Timothy09536th District
Paters, Mary E.08936th District
Paul, Eliza08536th District
Paul, Hanah08836th District
Paul, Phebe09036th District
Paul, Sally08736th District
Paul, Solomon08536th District
Paul, Solonon08536th District
Paulison, E.P.C.10436th District
Pease, Sylvester08736th District
Peters, Amos09036th District
Peters, H.R.10236th District
Peters, Henrich10336th District
Peters, Mary E.08936th District
Peters, Melancthen09036th District
Peters, Melanthon09036th District
Peters, William09036th District
Peters, Zebaa L.10136th District
Peters, Ziba T.10136th District
Petus, Amos09036th District
Phillips, Welcome08736th District
Piper, Henrich10336th District
Poor, Andrew J.09936th District
Potter, Caroline09036th District
Powers, Jonathan10236th District
Prchner, Raadolf10336th District
Prentiss, Orlando09636th District
Price, Alexander09536th District
Prier, Alexander09536th District
Proff, Anna10536th District
Proff, Mary10536th District
Puchner, Rodolf10336th District
Pullman, Henry09136th District
Putnam, John09636th District
Pye, Abram10136th District
Pye, Benjamin10136th District
Pye, Benjamin10236th District
Pye, Elizabeth10036th District
Pye, Paul10236th District
Quanncy, Josephin M.10036th District
Quimery, Washington10236th District
Quincy, Austir E.10036th District
Quinney, Austin E.10036th District
Quinney, John P.10036th District
Quinney, John W.10136th District
Quinney, Joseph M.10036th District
Quinney, Lucinda10236th District
Quinney, Simeon10036th District
Quinney, Washington10236th District
Rachley, George09736th District
Rackley, George09836th District
Rawtaur, Histhan10436th District
Reed, Stephen08836th District
Reed, William09136th District
Rhodes, Arnold09636th District
Rhodes, Dolphens10436th District
Rhodes, Dolphus10436th District
Rick, William08536th District
Ringleka, Henry J.09836th District
Ringleka, Henry09836th District
Roberts, Betsy L.09036th District
Roberts, Francis J.09236th District
Rohdes, Arnold09636th District
Rolf, Peter10336th District
Rolfs, Peter10336th District
Rolhfoflx, Peter10436th District
Rolhfoflz, Peter10436th District
Rose, Daniel08536th District
Roxan, Mary09236th District
Roxana, Mary09236th District
Ruckle, Peter09536th District
Rusha, Nod09736th District
Rusha, Noel09736th District
Ruwlan, Westham10436th District
Ruwtan, Westham10436th District
Sailor, Joseph10536th District
Sailor, Mary10536th District
Salor, Joseph10536th District
Samms, Claus10436th District
Sampson, Avery D.08536th District
Samsen, Ralph09136th District
Samson, Clark08936th District
Samson, Eliza08836th District
Samson, Esther09136th District
Samson, Melina08736th District
Samson, Mills08836th District
Samson, Moris08636th District
Samson, Moses08636th District
Samson, Ralph09136th District
Samuel, Abram J.10136th District
Samuel, Electa10136th District
Savory, Oliver08936th District
Savoy, Oliver08936th District
Sax, Adam09936th District
Schenandoah, Thomas10036th District
Schoomer, Charlotte08736th District
Schooner, Charlotte08736th District
Schooner, Jonathan08636th District
Scipio, Electa09136th District
Scott, William09836th District
Seancher, Christian09836th District
Searcher, Christian F.09836th District
Sehley, Margaret09936th District
Sekeber, John09836th District
Seketer, Charles09636th District
Seketer, Delilah10236th District
Seketer, John09836th District
Seketer, Milo08736th District
Seketer, Patience09136th District
Sepio, Dennis08936th District
Sepley, Margaret09936th District
Seymor, John P.09436th District
Seymor, John R.09436th District
Shaff, Hannah10536th District
Shaff, John10536th District
Shell, Abram08836th District
Shell, John08736th District
Shell, Sanford08736th District
Shelley, Elizabeth09136th District
Shelley, Simon Sr.08836th District
Shelly, Elizabeth09136th District
Sheriff, Adair09436th District
Sheriff, Adam09436th District
Shill, Sanford08736th District
Shilley, Elizabeth09136th District
Shuntop, Samuel08536th District
Simms, John09136th District
Simons, Alonzo08836th District
Simons, Catharine09536th District
Simons, Charlotte08836th District
Simons, John09136th District
Simpson, Jane09336th District
Sinden, Peter J.10536th District
Sinth, Daniel G.08736th District
Sipio, Dimis08936th District
Sipley, Margaret09936th District
Sittleman, John10036th District
Sittleniaer, Peter10236th District
Siveel, Janice Rev,09336th District
Skasuck, David09036th District
Skeeduck, Abram08936th District
Skeeduck, Arnold09136th District
Skeeduck, Philinda08536th District
Skeeduck, Sylvester09236th District
Skeenuck, Samuel Jr.08936th District
Skeesuck, Abram08936th District
Skeesuck, Arnold09136th District
Skeesuck, Charlotte08936th District
Skeesuck, Daniel08836th District
Skeesuck, Henry J.08536th District
Skeesuck, Philinda08536th District
Skeesuck, Samuel Jr.08936th District
Skeesuck, Samuel08836th District
Skeesuck, Simon08836th District
Skeesuck, Sylvester09236th District
Skeesuck, Thankful09136th District
Skunick, Simon08836th District
Skusick, Henry L.08536th District
Skusuck, Henry J.08536th District
Skusuck, Simon08836th District
Slingleland, Jeremiah10036th District
Slingtrlans, Jeremiah10036th District
Smith, Amelia09336th District
Smith, David G.08736th District
Smith, Henry10036th District
Smith, Levi09936th District
Socus, Joseph08536th District
Somason, Clark08936th District
Somon, Isaac08936th District
Somons, James08936th District
Spaulding, John M09936th District
Stanton, Cato09536th District
Stanton, Joseph09836th District
Stanton, Moses09836th District
Stauton, Joseph09836th District
Stengle, George10536th District
Stevens, Charles09536th District
Stevens, Samuel10236th District
Stevens, Thankful09136th District
Stongle, George10536th District
Stougle, George10536th District
Sweet, James Rev.09336th District
Sweet, John09336th District
Sweet, William09336th District
Tar, Aps10336th District
Taylor, Zachary09236th District
Teny, Joseph G.08636th District
Terry, Albert08636th District
Terry, Joseph G.08636th District
Thayer, William09836th District
Thomas, Martin10036th District
Thompson, Garret10036th District
Thompson, Gerret10036th District
Thompson, Jonas10136th District
Thompson, Malinda10136th District
Thompson, Rufus09436th District
Thomston, Nancy09636th District
Thomton, Daniel09636th District
Thorp, Isaac09636th District
Thursday, William10236th District
Thurston, Daniel09636th District
Thurston, Nancy09636th District
Timm, Mary10336th District
Timm, Thry10336th District
Tonceo, Thomas09736th District
Tonler, George Rolwy08536th District
Toster, Bailing08536th District
Trembow, John10536th District
Tripman, Henry08536th District
Trukey, Aron10236th District
Tubble, Horatio09736th District
Turkey, Aaron10236th District
Turkey, Anna10236th District
Tuttle, Horatio09736th District
Uqinney, Lucinda10236th District
Urmston, William09836th District
Vallt, Nicola10336th District
Vaudia, Alice10236th District
Vaughen, Chauncey09736th District
Vaughn, Chauncey09736th District
Vinten, William10436th District
Volquarts, Henry10236th District
Wadsworth, Lucy08536th District
Waller, Mary C.10536th District
Waller, Orrin F.09836th District
Waller, Parley09836th District
Waller, Reuben D.09836th District
Wallt, Ernest10436th District
Wallt, Nicola10336th District
Wallt, Nicolas10336th District
Walstead, David W.09336th District
Wanby, James09136th District
Wanby, Silas09036th District
Warriner, Oliver09036th District
Waters, Hilliam P.09936th District
Waters, Orrin J.09936th District
Watrous, Catharine M.09936th District
Watrous, Orrin J.09936th District
Watrous, William P.09936th District
Wauby, James09136th District
Wauby, Silas09036th District
Webster, Bradley10336th District
Week, John10536th District
Weigand, Conrad08836th District
Welch, Benjamin09636th District
Welch, David09636th District
Welch, Erasters09336th District
Welch, Erastus09336th District
Welch, Heira09236th District
Welch, Henry09236th District
Welch, Hira09236th District
Welch, James09236th District
Welch, Jane09236th District
Welch, John09536th District
Welch, Leroy08836th District
Welch, William08936th District
Wells, James09136th District
Wesley, John08736th District
Wheeler, F. S.09536th District
Wheeler, James09436th District
Wheeler, L.S.09536th District
Whitney, Daniel H.09436th District
Whitney, Daniel09436th District
Whitney, Joseph08836th District
Wiggins, Betsey08936th District
Wiggins, Charles08936th District
Wiggins, David08936th District
Wiggins, Eli08536th District
Wiggins, Ezekial08836th District
Wiggins, Martin08936th District
Wiggins, Samuel08736th District
Wight, David09936th District
Wilber, Elizabeth10236th District
Wilber, John09636th District
Wilkinson, Charles09836th District
Willemson, Charles09836th District
Williams, Eli10036th District
Wills, James09136th District
Wimsley, Hannah09336th District
Wing, James08736th District
Winkle, Mathis J.*10536th District
Wobby, Isaac09136th District
Wodsworth, Lucy08536th District
Wompsnnd, Elizabeth09736th District
Wompum, Elizabeth*09736th District
Womsley, Hannah09336th District
Wood, D.E.09236th District
Wright, Barbara10136th District
Wright, David09936th District
Wsimons, Isaac08936th District
Wyatt, Elizabeth09536th District
Yale, James C.09736th District
Yale, John09736th District
Yocum, Juliet10136th District
Yokum, John10036th District
Yokum, Lawrence10036th District
Yorle, John09736th District
Yule, James C.09736th District
Yule, John09736th District
Zephenfeldt, William09836th District
Zephenfild, William09836th District

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