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Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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1840 Federal Census for Calumet County

Note: There are no individual Townships listed for this census for Calumet County.

Abner, Randal Sen.3
Adams, Simon2
Anthony, Charles2
Atkins, Jacob B.2
Baldwin, John3
Brashel, Jonathan2
Brooks, Stephen2
Bull, George C.2
Commick, Thomas2
Crosley, William1
Crossley, Betsey3
Crowel, Peter3
Dean, John2
Dick, Alexander2
Dick, Alonzo D.1
Dick, Cynthia1
Dick, Elkanah1
Dick, Hannah1
Dick, Nathan3
Dick, William2
Fowler, Amy1
Fowler, David2
Fowler, Elizabeth1
Fowler, Lorenzo1
Fowler, Patrica1
Fowler, Phoebe 2nd3
Fowler, Phoebe Widow2
Francis, Morris2
Hammer, Ira1
Hammer, John1
Hart, Simon1
James, Samuel3
Johnson, David1
Johnson, Jeremiah1
Johnson, John Sen.1
Johnson, Martha2
Johnson, William Sen.1
Mann, Moody2
Marsh, Cutting2
Marthews, Eliphalet1
Mathews, John1
Mills, Jesse2
Nites, James1
Palmer, Martha1
Paul, Christiana1
Paul, Sally2
Paul, Solomon1
Sampson, Clark2
Schrones, Jonathan1
Scissio, Dennis1
Sckerter, Charles3
Scott, William2
Skecack, Samuel Sen.1
Skesack, Abraham2
Skesack, Arnold1
Skesack, George2
Skesack, Samuel Jun.2
Stanton, Catoe G.2
Tocus, Joseph1
Wadsworth, Ariel S.1
Waubey, Isaac2
Waubey, James2
Welch, William1
Westfall, Simon2
Whitney, Clark2
Wiggins, Betsy2
Wiggins, Ezekiel2
Wiggons, David1

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