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      Reynolds Family History

      By Sterling Price Reynolds
      For Edgar Clatterbuck
      Son of Richard Payne Clatterbuck and Nannie Jane Holt.

      Note: This came to me several years ago, I believe from my grandfather's papers. It is mostly accurate, although I have made a few notes where is is incorrect. I found it particularly interesting coming from a family member. I am not a Reynolds, but they intermarried freely with the Clatterbucks, as you will see. -Cathy

      In 1785 John Reynolds who is my great great grandfather was living in Halifax County, Virginia. He had two sons, James and William. Tradition in the family says he came to Halifax Co, Virginia from Culpepper Co, VA. We are said to be of Scotch-Irish extraction. The heavy emigration of Scotch-Irish to America went largely to Pennsylvania and Maryland and thence spread southward through Virginia into the Carolinas and even Georgia. The John Reynolds above (I donít know date of his birth or death, was living from 1785 to 1804(?) in Halifax Co, VA.) Tradition say he was from Culpepper Co, VA and that his father was named John. Beginning with the John at top of the page who was probably born about 1745-1755 the line runs as follows.

      John Reynolds of Halifax Co, Virginia and wife had two children;

      James Reynolds born March 9th, 1777 and died November 8th 1851. He left Va. And went to Tennessee, from Tennessee emigrated to Missouri near St. Joseph in 18óand raised a large family with descendants scattered over Northwest Missouri. He was a soldier in the war of 1812.

      William Reynolds son of the above John, was born October 1, 1781, and died June 6, 1837. He married Lucy E. Holt, daughter of Timothy Holt, in Halifax CO, VA. December 20, 1801. I found the record of this marriage in Houston (Old Halifax Court House) when I was there in 1912.

      Their children were:

      John Reynolds who married Viney Newman born December 31, 1804 and died in March 1881. They were my grandparents.

      Martha Reynolds born June 30, 1806, died June 1, 1831 married Joe K. Reynolds (my note: this is incorrect, it should be John Clatterbuck)

      Fannie (Francis) (My note: This should be Lucy Reynolds) who married James Holt, her 1st cousin.

      Their children were: Timothy Holt and 2 girls (next sentence was crossed out) one married Waller Clatterbuck (Francis) and one married a Nevins. There were others.

      Children of William Reynolds and his wife Lucy continued

      Annie Reynolds born March 23, 1813, died June 21, 1872, married Richard Clatterbuck-these are of course your grandfather and grandmother.

      Bedford Reynolds born May 4, 1809, died April 11, 1891. He married Elizabeth Holt and lived near Holts Summit and had a large family.

      There seems to have been two other children, Elizabeth and Anna who probably died in infancy.

      This family, (William and Lucy Reynolds) moved from Virginia to Callaway CO, Mo, in 1828 and lived about 2 to 3 miles north of Holts Summit on the old Paris road that passes by Prospect Church. They are buried in the Old Prospect Church graveyard.

      My grandfather,John Payne Reynolds who was a brother of Uncle Dickís wife, married Viney Newman. They had eight children- Eliza Ann, William, Robert Newman James Cory, Martha P., Nancy Jane, John Payne and Lucy Frances.

      Eliza Ann married 1st Smith Brandon and 2nd Tilman G. Vaughn.

      William Reynolds married Martha Bennett. Robert Newman Reynolds died in Ringold, California in 1850 (gold rush times).

      James Reynolds married Margaret D. Crank. These are my parents.

      Martha P. married William Clardy.

      Nancy Jane married Robert Emmons.

      Lucy married John Clatterbuck.

      John Payne Reynolds married Sallie Clatterbuck. I think she was his 1st cousin and a daughter of the Martha Reynolds who married Joel(?) Clatterbuck. I may be mistaken about who was Sallie Clatterbuckís father.

      I think Uncle Jack Clatterbuck who married Martha Reynolds was a brother of your grandfather, Richard Clatterbuck who married Anna Reynolds. You will notice that the Holts, Reynolds and Clatterbucks have intermarried pretty freely.

      James Cory Reynolds who married Margaret D. Crank in 1853 was my father.

      They had 8 children, six of them living Ė

      Sarah Frances born 1853 married Alfred Longley, had no children. Alfred is now dead.

      John Robert Reynolds born 1857 married Emma Sheley, had two children- his wife is now dead.

      Sterling Price Reynolds (I) born November 9, 1861, married Eliza Crews and we have four children.

      Chas., S. Reynolds, born 1866, married Zonie Baysinger and has 5 living children.

      Abbie Reynolds born 1870 married J.D. Hodgen, and had one child. They are now living in San Francisco.

      Annie Guy Reynolds born 1872 married Dr. Kirtly Pemberton, and lives in McAlester, Oklahoma, has four children.

      Iíve just found this (which I had Forgotten) Annie Reynolds, daughter of William Reynolds and Lucy Holt Reynolds, was born 3/23/1813, married Richard Clatterbuck and he was a son of Reuben Clatterbuck of Virginia; Later moved to Kentucky and still later to Callaway County MO.

      Richard and Annie Clatterbuck had children; Frances Ann who married 1st Alfred Longley and 2nd Abner Holt; Isabelle who married John Wilson; Lucy Chambers who also married John Wilson, _________Clatterbuck and J. James Clatterbuck, both died in Confederate Army; and Richard Clatterbuck married Nannie Holt.

      Frances Reynolds daughter of William Reynolds and Lucy Reynolds came to Missouri in 1828 and married Daniel Wagoner, moved to Texas in as early day, had several children, but all have been dead many years.

      If you will refer back to the old Bible record relative to Timothy Holt marrying his wife Elizabeth Chambers in 1775, you will then understand that your Aunt Lucy Chambers was so named for her own mother Lucy Holt Reynolds and Chambers for her great grandmother Elizabeth Holt who was a Chambers before she married Timothy Holt.

      When I was in Old Halifax Court House in 1912, I then learned from the records that William Price Holt sold land to a Robert Holt in 1763 on April 21. 840 acres. The following notes relative to Timothy Holt of Halifax Co, VA were copied from the old family Bible that belonged to Robert Holt, a son of Timothy Holt. He lived at old mill site on Cedar Creek some 4 or more miles west of the Sheley School House where Richard Clatterbuck and I used to go to School. The school house was also called McKamey School House.

      Here is what I copied form this old Bible in the fall of 1909 ;
      Timothy Holt married his wife Elizabeth Chambers 21st of July, 1774. Their children were:

      Lucy Holt born July 4, 1775 (her tombstone says 1776, but this is wrong) She married William Reynolds who was our great grandfather and she our great grandmother.

      Abner Holt born 29 December 1776 and died Feb. 27, 1832. He was the father of James Holt of Holts Summit who married Lucy Reynolds, sister of Annie who married Richard Clatterbuck, your grandfather.

      Elizabeth Holt born 13, March 1781 who married James Brooks

      Robert Holt born May 24, 1783 (Winnie Holt?)

      Hiram Holt born 16 September 1785 m. Eva(?) Stanfield and Nancy Stanfield.

      John Holt born 12 July, 1787 (crip Johnnie Holt married Mary Baynham.

      Annie Holt born 24 August 1792.

      William P. Holt born 30, Dec. 1794 and died May 26, 1814

      Timothy Holt Sr. died March 29, 1821 (I saw a copy of his administration and list of goods sold in 1912 at Old Halifax Court House and his wife died July 25, 1821.

      I believe Robert Holt was the father of Timothy Holt for Timothy Holt administered on his Robert Holtís Est. in 1807 who to give a $10,000 bond(of course this Robert might )

      On December 16, 1783 Robert Holt deeded 222 acres of land to Robert Holt, Jr. On same day he deed 222 acres to William Holt. It would look like he was giving land to two of his boys. In 1770 a man by name of Yates sold 240 acres to Timothy Holt. In 1771 Timothy Holt sold land to Smith again to Smith 1772; again to Shaw 1776;1784 to Alec Gray; 1786 to John Gray; 1817 to John Holt, his son. In 1815 Hiram Holt sold land to his father. At that time he probably moved to Missouri and improved a farm about one mile south of Guthrie along the railroad being the Dr. Christian farm when I was a child and reached west just across the road north of my fatherís tobacco barn- on that west forty of the Hiram Holt farm. My motherís sister Sarah Crank, was born in an old log cabin in 1832 when the Cranks first moved to Missouri from Virginia.

      Back to Timothy Holt and the elder Robert Holt- the elder Robert Holt died in 1807 or 44 years after having bought land in Halifax County, VA, from Byrd of Charles City County. William Byrd was a surveyor and received a great deal of land scattered over the states for his work as a surveyor. This Robert Holt paid him 10 pounds or about $50 for this 840 acres of land. You will notice that Timothy Holt bought land in 1770. He was probably then 20 years old at least. He was married to Elizabeth Chambers 21st July 1774 So he was probably 24 years old. Timothy Holt when he administered on Robert Holt, Sr. Est. in 1807 had to give a $10,000 bond and this bond was signed by James Warren and James Henry Chambers. In all probability James Henry Chambers was his brother in law. Coming to Callaway County Uncle Jimmie Holt, Uncle Abner Holt, Uncle John Friskin Holt were children of Abner Holt and grandchildren of Timothy.

      If any one of the Holts was a Revolutionary ancestor, it would have to bee Robert, Sr. and Timothy with this doubt about Robert. to which we do not know whether he was the father or older brother of Timothy. The gap in the birth of Timothyís children from 1776 to 1781 might indicate he was absent from home, as explanation. See the birth dates as taken from the Robert Holt Bible. Remember this Robert Holt was Timothyís son.

      Abner Holt son of Timothy born 29 December 1776 and died February 27, 1832 married Elizabeth Brooks who was born August 27, 1781 and died July 23, 1868. They moved to Tennessee in 1806; Howard County in 1819 and to Callaway County in 1820. Their first child was born November 22, 1801- Susannah,

      James Holt born Jan 13, 1806 was third child and died 6/1/1895 and married sister of your grandmother Annie Clatterbuck.

      John Friskin Holt born November 29, 1810 and died 4/25/1895 married Sallie Brandon his own cousin.

      Elizabeth Callaway Holt born May 27, 1824 and died April 6, 1893 married Uncle Bedford Reynolds and they were 1st cousins.

      Another son of Abner Holt was William Price Holt who lived southwest of Holts Summit married Polly Blythe.

      The Holts and Prices were somehow related back in Virginia. The best information I have is that the Holts came from Surry and Sussex Counties in Virginia into Halifax County- also probably Lunenberg County. Lunenberg was at one time a part of Surry County. There used to be an Eliza Holt in Northern Callaway County, but I know nothing of his ancestry except she was related in some way to our line of Holts- sister Fannie can probably tell you what the connection is. (the following notes are written on the side of the paper at this point.): Eliza Holt was a son of Abner Holt a brother of John Friskin and James.( ) I knew, but it had escaped my memory. There was one branch of the Holt family in Virginia whose names were largely bible names-for example our Timothy, Peter, Elijah, Joseph and Hiram. My father told me one time that the Holts were of strong Dutch descent. I donítí know whether he meant real Holland Dutch or German. In either event they were in the state of Virginia probably 100 years before the Revolution. Surry, Sussex and Halifax Counties were full of them at time of Revolution. Father said the Reynolds were of Scotch Irish descent. On my grandmotherís side of the house there is a mixture of English, Irish Newmans, Williams and Careys.

      In my search the only place Iíve run across Clatterbucks was in Culpepper County, Virginia. And I feel sure that is the part of Virginia they came from and you may remember that Iíve already said that tradition says the Reynolds originally came from Culpepper County too. Ėdown to Halifax County. Old Uncle Alec Gray, not long before his death told my father the Reynolds came to Halifax County from Culpepper County.

      Maybe what Iíve written you will be of service to you and if there is anything More you would like to know write me and Iíll do the best I can to tell you if I know it. I have a great many notes-there may be other things I can write you. I can go back to some old tax lists and probably find something about the Clatterbucks in Culpepper County Virginia.

      Very truly yours,
      Sterling Price Reynolds