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They Came By Ship

The Transatlantic Passenger Lists of the Calitrani ImmigrantsCruzshp2.wmf (8844 bytes)

By Mario Toglia

History books have discussed at length the reasons why our Italian forebears have emigrated to the United States:   the land droughts, the lack of work, the abundance of manpower, the endless toil of eking out a living on a small overused parcel of land for low pay as well as the political turmoils of the times.  This website will seek to list the numerous Calitrani immigrants who braved the ocean crossings to seek a better life in America for themselves and their families from the early 1880's to the period prior to World War II.  

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Alphabetized Index By Passenger Name            Updated through Ship Page 31
Alphabetized Index By Ship Name                      Updated through Ship Page 33

LINK TOThe Great Ocean Liners - You may find a picture of your ancestors ship here.
1887 SS Chardernagor 1903 Ravenna 1910/May SS Oceania
1910/Mar SS Oceania
1888 SS Bolivia 1903/Feb  SS Roma  
1903/May   1903/Sept
1910/09 Feb SS Oceana
1910/21 Sept SS Oceana
1888 SS Alexandria 1903/Nov SS Sardegan
1903/May SS Sardegna
1910 SS Prinz Oscar
1910 SS Prinzess Irene
1889 SS California 1903 SS Sicilia 1910 SS Roma
1910/19 Sept SS Venezia
1890/Mar SS Alesia
1890 SS Cachemire
1903 SS Trojan Prince 1911 SS America
1890/May SS Alesia
1903/June   SS Umbria  1903/Apr
1903/July   SS Umbria
1911/Mar SS Berlin   1911/Feb
1890/July  SS Alesia 1903 SS Vincenzo Florio 1911/20 Mar SS Cincinnati
1911/May SS Cretic 1911/Dec
1911/17 Sept SS Cretic
1891 SS Alstatia 1904 SS Auguste Victoria
1904/Apr SS Calabria
1904/Feb SS Calabria
1911 SS Duca di Genova
1911/Feb SS Italia
1911/Oct SS Italia
1891 SS Chandernagor
1891 SS Giava
1904 SS California 1911/10 Mar SS Koenig Albert
1911/Apr SS Koenig Albert
1911/Jun SS Koenig Albert
1892/25 Feb SS Britannia 1904/18 May SS Citta di Napoli 1911 SS Madonna
1911 SS Moltke
1892/14 Sept SS Plata 1904 SS Germania 1911 SS Oceania
1911/08 Apr SS Prinzess Irene
1911/28 June SS Prinzess Irene
1893 SS Chateau Lafite
1893 SS California
1904/14 Aug SS Italia
1904/18 May SS Koenig Albert
1911/May SS Sant'Anna
1911/Nov SS Sant'Anna
1911/Sept SS Verona
1893 SS Cheribon
1893 SS Ems
1904/Mar SS Liguria
1904/Apr SS Lombardia
1912 SS Adriatic
1893/16 Dec SS Gellert
1893/04 Feb SS Hindoustan
1904 SS Massilia
1904 SS Neckar
1912/Feb 1912/April  
May/1912 SS Berlin
1893/10 June SS Montebello
1893/08 Apr SS Neustria
1904/Mar SS Perugia
1904/05 May SS Perugia
1904/Dec SS Perugia
1912 Calabria
1893 SS Scotia 1904/18 Jan SS Prinz Adalbert
1904/May SS Prinz Adalbert
1904/Mar SS Prinz Adalbert
1912 SS Cedric
1894 SS Columbia
1894/May SS Wieland
1904/Feb SS Roma
1904/07 Apr SS Roma
1912 SS Cincinnati
1895 SS Bohemia 1904 SS Sardegna
1904/Feb SS Sicilia
1912 SS Duca d'Aosta
1895/Apr SS KronPrinz Wilhelm 1904 SS Umbria 1912 SS Friederich der Grosse
1895 SS Saale 1904 SS Carpathia 1912/June Friederich der Grosse
1896 SS Burgundia 1905/13 Mar SS Algeria
1905/18 Sept SS Cretic
1912/May SS Koenig Albert
1896 SS Fulda 1905 SS Florida
1905/1 June SS Gallia
1912 SS Mendoza   1912/Nov
1896/Sept SS Massilia 1905/Feb SS Georgia
1905 SS Italia
1905/03 Sept SS Italia
1912/March Prinzess Irene
1912/Apr Prinzess Irene
1912/June  1912/Sept  1912/Oct
1896 SS Normannia 1905 Koenig Luise 1912 SS Pannonia
1912/22 July SS Sant'Anna
1897 SS Trojan Prince 1905/Apr SS Liguria
1905/09 June SS Liguria
1912/Aug SS Stampalia  1912/Oct SS Stampalia
1898 SS Agusta Victoria
1898 SS Aller
1905/Apr SS Lombardia
1905/27 Jul SS Lombardia
1905/Nov SS Lombardia
1912/Feb SS Venezia
1912/July SS Venezia
1898/03 Dec SS Alesia 1905 SS Madonna 1913/Mar SS Adriatic
1898/March SS Ems 1905 SS Manuel Calvo 1913 SS America
1898/May; 1898/Sept SS Ems 1905/Oct SS Prinz Oscar 1913 SS Barbarossa
1913/10 Oct SS Barbarossa
1898 SS Massilia 1905 SS Republic
1905 SS Roma
1905/28 July SS Roma
1905/03 Dec SS Roma
1913/18 Mar SS Berlin  
1913/30 Apr SS Berlin 
1913/23 Oct SS Berlin
1898/Nov SS Patria   May 1898 1905 SS Sardegna 1913/01 Dec SS Berlin
1898/Apr SS Trojan Prince 1905/30 Mar SS Sicilia
1905/10 Feb SS Sicilia
1905/01 Dec SS Sicilia
1913 SS Canada
1913/Mar SS Europa
1898/March   1898/Aug SS Werra 1905/June Sicilian Prince 1905/May 1913/18 May SS Koenig Albert
1913/April SS Koenig Albert
1899 SS Alsatia
1899/23 May SS Archimede
1905 SS Vincenzo Florio 1913 SS Madonna
1899 SS Kaiser Wilhelm II
1899/01 Oct SS Massilia
1906 Antonio Lopez 1913 SS Mendoza
1899/10 June SS Palatia
1899/17 June SS Patria
1906/Mar SS Barbarosa 1913/Aug SS Prinzess Irene
1913/Sept  1913/Nov
1899 SS Sempione 1906 Citta Di Napoli
1906/06 May SS Cretic
1913/27 Aug SS San Giorgio
1913/June SS Sant'Anna
1913/Sept SS Sant'Anna
1899/13 Sept SS Tartar Prince
1899/23 Feb SS Tartar Prince

1899 SS Werra
1906/June SS Cretic
1906/Sept SS Cretic
1906/Oct SS Cretic
1913/01 Apr SS Stampalia
1913 SS Venezia
1914/14 Mar SS Berlin
1900/June SS Archimede 1906 SS Gallia 1914/16 Apr SS Berlin
1914/02 Mar SS Calabria
1900/Apr SS Bolivia
1900/Jul SS Bolivia
1900 SS Columbia
1906/Feb  SS Germania  
1906/June SS Germania
1906/Sept SS Germania
1906/Nov SS Germania
1914 SS Galgano
1914/3 Apr SS Koenig Albert
1914/19 Mar SS Prinzess Irene
1900/Feb SS Ems 
1900/Apr SS Ems
1900/Nov SS Ems
1906/June SS Italia 1914/Nov SS Stampalia
1915/Jul SS America
1900 SS Kaiser Wilhelm II 1906 Koenig Albert 1915 SS Ancona
1915/Nov SS Duca di Genova
1900/19 June SS Karamania 1906/Aug SS Koningen Luise
1915 SS Europa
1900 SS Karamania
1906 SS Lazio 1915 SS Stampalia
1900/31 May SS Manilla
1900/Mar SS Marco Minghetti
1906 SS Liguria 1916 SS Caserta 1916/Dec
1900/Nov SS Patria 1900/July 1906/Feb SS Lombardia
1916 SS Duca d'Aosta
1916/14 Oct SS Duca d'Aosta
1900 SS Tartar Prince
1900/Feb SS Werra
1900/08 Mar SS Werra 
1906/Jan SS Madonna
1906/Apr SS Madonna
1906/22 Aug SS Madonna
1906/Nov SS Madonna
1916  SS Patria
1900/20 June SS Werra
1900/02 Aug SS Werra
1906/06 May SS Piemonte
1906 SS Perugia
(1917) SS Dante Alighieri
1901 SS Armenia 1906/Oct SS Prinzess Irene 1917 SS Patria 1917SS Patria
1901/May SS Belgravia
1901/June SS Belgravia
1906/Jun Prinzess Irene 1919/Aug Dante Alighieri
1901 SS Burgundia 1906 SS Prinz Oscar
1906/02 June Prinz Oscar
1918/Aug SS Giuseppe Verdi
1901/28 May SS Citta di Torino
1901/13 Apr  SS Citta di Torino
1906 SS Ravenna 1919 SS Re d'Italia
1901 SS Columbia
1901/Feb SS Furst Bismarck
1901/Nov SS Furst Bismarck
1906/Apr SS Roma
1906/June SS Roma
1906/Sept SS Roma
1919 SS Madonna
1901/Feb SS Gallia 1906/Aug SS Sannio
1919 SS Patria
1920/31 Jan SS America
1901/06 Mar SS Hohenzollern
1901/Apr SS Hohenzollern
1906/Mar SS Sicilia
1906/Oct SS Sicilia
1920/31 Jan SS Belvedere
1920 SS Caronia
1901/June SS Hohenzollern 
1901/Nov SS Hohenzollern
1907 SS Barabarosa 1920/23 Mar SS Dante Alighieri
1920/Dec SS Dante Alighieri
1901/12 June SS Isola di Levanzo 1907/May SS Brasile 
1907/Feb SS Brasile
1920/Sept SS Duca d'Aosta
1901 SS Lahn 1907 SS Celtic 1920 SS Duca degli Abruzzi
1901/4 Mar SS Ligura 1907 SS Cretic 1920 SS Finland
1901/Aug SS Lombardia
1907 SS Hamburg 1920 SS France
1920/Nov SS Gothland
1901/Oct SS Lombardia
1901/Dec SS Lombardia
1901 SS Neustria
1907/21 Mar SS Germania
1907/April SS Germania
1907/June SS Germania
1920 SS Italia 1920/July
1901/27 July SS Nord America 1907/10 May SS Koenig Albert
1907 SS Koenigen Luise
1920 SS La Touraine
1920 SS Madonna
1920 SS Madonna
1901/Apr SS Patria
1901/Aug SS Patria
1901/Oct SS Patria   
1907 SS Lazio


1901/Jun SS Prinzess Irene 1907 SS Liguria 1920/Dec SS Niagra
1920 SS Olympic
SS Sicilia 1901/Dec    1901/May 1907 SS Luisiana 1920/15 Feb SS Patria
1920/Feb SS Patria
1920/Nov SS Patria
1901 SS Sempione 1907/Mar SS Madonna 1920/28 Aug SS Pesaro
SS Trave
1907/June SS Madonna 1920 SS Presidente Wilson
1901/01 May SS Victoria
1901/12 Oct SS Victoria
1907/20 Apr SS Moltke
1907/Aug SS Moltke
1920 1921 SS Providence
1920 SS Providence
1901 SS Werra 1907/17 Oct SS Neckar  
1907/01 June SS Neckar 
1920/23 Oct SS Re d'Italia
1902/20 May SS Aller
1902/June SS Aller
1907/Sept SS Nord America
1907/Nov SS Nord America
1920 SS Rochambeau
1920/29 Dec SS Rochambeau
1902/Oct SS Aller   
1902/Dec SS Aller
1907 SS Prinzess Irene
1907/Dec SS Re d'Italia
1920 SS Roussillon
1902 SS Augusta Victoria   1907/06 May SS Roma 1920 SS Ryndam
1920/Oct SS Saxonia
1902 SS Algeria 1907 SS Roma 1920 SS Taormina
1920/19 Sept SS Thomas
1902 SS Bolivia 1907 SS Romanic 1921 To Phil SS Canada
1902/17 Nov SS Calabria 1907 SS Sannio
1907 SS Liguria
1921 SS Canada
1902/Mar SS Gallia
1902/July SS Gallia
1908/10 Oct SS Duca d Abruzzi
1908/Nov SS Lombardia
1921/March SS Dante Alighieri
1921 SS Dante Alighieri
1902 SS Georgia 1908 SS Prinzess Irene
1921/Feb SS Duca d'Aosta
1902/07 June SS Hesperia
1902 SS Hesperoia
1908/Apr SS Madonna
1908/24 Dec SS Madonna
1921 SS Europa
1902/July SS Karamania 
1902/May SS Karmania
1908/Apr SS Moltke
1908/30 Nov SS Moltke
1908 SS Republic
1921 SS Gothland
1902/Oct SS Lahn    
1902/May SS Lahn
1908/Mar SS Roma
1908 SS Sannio 
1921 SS Guglielmo Peirce
1921/Feb Guglielmo Peirce
1902/6 Jan SS Liguria
1902/12 Feb SS Liguria
1902/2 Apr SS Liguria
1902/31 Dec SS Liguria
1909/22 June SS Berlin
1909/3 Aug SS Berlin
1909 SS Bulgaria
1921 SS Palermo
1921/21 Jan SS Patria
1921/09 May SS Patria
1902/14 Jan SS Lombardia
1902/Oct SS Lombardia
1909 SS Campania
1909/27 Mar SS Cedric
1921/22 Nov SS Patria
1902 SS Massilia 1909/22 Jun SS Cretic
1909 SS Duca di Genova
1921/04 Sept SS Providence
1902 SS Neckar 1909 SS Europa 1921/22 Sept SS San Giorgio
1902/Feb SS Neustria  
1902/May SS Neustria
1909 SS Konigen Luise
1921 SS San Giovanni
1902/July SS Palatia   
1902/May SS Palatia
1909 SS Koenig Albert 1921 SSTaormina
1902 SS Patria 1909 SS Liguria  1921 SS New Rochelle
1902/Jan SS Perugia  1909 SS Lombardia 1922 SS Giulio Cesare
1922/Aug SS Colombo
1922/March SS Colombo
1902/March SS Perugia  
1902/June SS Perugia
1909 SS Madonna
1909/14 Apr SS Manuel Calvo
1909 SS Neckar
1922/13 Oct SS Taormina
1902 SS Phoenicia     1909 SS Principe di Pienonte 1923 SS Conte Rosso
1923/23 Aug SS Conte Rosso
1902 SS Rio Amazonas 1909/09 Apr SS Prinzes Irene
1909/18 Aug  SS Prinzess Irene
1923 SS Conte Verde
1902/May SS Roma
1902/03 Oct SS Roma
1902/Dec SS Roma
1909/30 Sept SS Prinzess Irene
1923 SS Giuseppe Verdi
1923/11 Aug SS Giulio Cesare
1923 President Wilson
1902/Oct SS Sardegan 1909/Nov SS Prinzess Irene 1923/Mar SS Taormina
1923/July SS Taormina
1902 SS Spartan Prince
1902/14 June SS Trojan Prince
1909 SS Roma  1909/Oct
1909 SS Venezia

1924 SS Colombo
1924/26 June SS Colombo
1903/July  SS Calabria   1903/Sept 1910 America 1924/Feb Conte Verde
1903 SS Gallia
1903/18 April SS Gallia
1910/Apr SS Barbarossa 1924 SS Duilio
1903 SS Germania
1903/May Hesperia
1910/Sept SS Berlin 
1910/Dec      1910/July
1927/June SS Conte Rosso
1927/Jul SS Conte Rosso
1903 SS Hohenzollern 1910 SS Cedric 1927 SS Columbo
1903 SS Koenig Albert 1910 SS Celtic 1927 SS Roma
1903/04 Mar SS Lahn 1910 SS Cincinnati 1929/June SS Conte Grande
1903 SS Lahn 1910 SS Cretic 1928 & 1929 SS Conte Grande
1903/Oct SS Liguria 1910 SS Duca di Genova July 1928 SS Conte Grande
1903/Feb SS Lombardia
1903/17 June SS Lombardia
1910 SS Europa Nov.1929 SS Conte Grande
1903 SS Palatia
1903/Sept SS Perugia
1910 SS Friederich der Grosse
1910/13 Sept SS Hamburg
1930 SS Conte Grande
1903/26 Jan SS Phoenicia
1903/16 Mar SS Phoenicia
1903/02 May SS Phoenicia
1910/Mar SS Koenig Albert
1910/July SS Koenig Albert
1910/Sept SS Koenig Albert
1931 SS Biancamano
1903/19 June SS Phoenicia
1903 SS Prinz Oscar
1910 SS Madonna 1933 SS Roma
1903 Prinzess Irene
1903/03 Sept SS Prinzess Irene
1910/Aug SS Moltke
1933 SS Augustus

Updated through Ships Page 33 (12/31/02)