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"A Gathering in Boca Raton: 2004"

Back Row (L to R)Vic Badia, Barbara Baker, Joe Lembo, Al Galgano, Vince Zarrilli
Front RowLuisa Galgano, Cecilio Onis, Sue Badia, Rose Lembo, Edith Caporizzo, Fred Caporizzo
Photographer:  Tony Lembo

Cugini -  Feb. 27 Louise and I hosted a Florida Get-togerther party.    Those who attended were Fred and Edith (Vallario) Caporizzo, Joe and   Rose (Vallario) Lembo and their son,Tony, Babara (Galgano) Baker,  Vince, Jackie and Kristina Zarrilli, Nick and Helen (Galgano) Martinetti and Vic and Sue Badia who drove 260 miles from Tampa Bay.   Honored guests were Ruth Reichelt and Cecilio Onis.  We knew that  everybody knew at least somebody except Vince, we thought that  everybody would be comfortable.  Vince then told me that he knew   Barbara would be there as they went to school together  (sneaky)    My  sister, Helen,  set out the anti-pasta for the cocktail hour.   After  the Cugini had said their hellos and were munching on chips and dips,   I called for everybody to be quiet.  I pushed the remote on the VCR.    Suddenly the screen lit up and there was Peggy Raso announcing:   "This  is Calitri where my father was born".  After a few scenes showing the  country side and activity, it was time to start celebrating.   I set  out the baked ziti and sausage & peppers and Jackie set out the   "baccala" she had prepared.  Between munching, drinking and excited   conversations, Babara and Vic showed the photos from their trip to  Calitri. After everybodies' appetites were partially satisfied, coffee  and tea was served.   Edith set out her fabulous 'biscotti', Ruth set  out her pineapple upside down cake and I put out my pineapple cheese  cake.  There was to be no "store-bought pastry".  There was never a  silent moment.  To sweeten the palate, chocolates and candy was served  at the Venetion Table with lit candles.  Soon it was time to depart.   As usual there were plenty of hugs and kisses.  As Edith and Fred   lived around the corner and Vic & Sue was staying with us overnite, we  continued talking until late.  The following morning Vic and Sue had a  leisurely  breakfast before leaving for their long trip home.   Although everybody was gone, the memories were still with us and will  stay with us.