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Picture compliments of Al Galgano

On the extreme left (3rd row from bottom on the larger portion of picture) holding the American Flag is my (Al Galgano) father, Erberto.  On the extreme right, holding the Society Flag, is my Uncle Vincenzo Galgano.  In the center of the second row is Father DellaBadia (Vic Badia's cousin) the Society Chaplain.  I knew most of these men personally as they were my uncles and many were Galgano cousins.  On the top row on the extreme right is Joe Rabasca, my first cousin, and Fred's father's brother.  The fourth man to his right, white shirt and tie, is my brother-in-law Canio (Willie) DiNapoli, whose mother was Giuseppina Fastiggi, the great aunt of Dr. Cicoira*, and part of the same family as quite a few of the Calitrian Connections members.  Most of the members of the Society were Galgano's, DiNapoli's and Cestone's.  There are over 70 members shown.  Multiply this by the member's children and grandchildren, in addition to non-members - there were quite a few people at the picnic.  It was held in Dexter Park, which had a dance hall, carousel, rides, games and refreshment stands.

* Dr. Cicoira is the president of the Calitran Society in Rome

Additional Notes:  My  father Gabriele DiMaio is  center man in third row from the bottom.(Lucy Mancuso)
                             2nd row from bottom, 7th in from your right short man with light colored suit (next to the priest) is my uncle, Leonardo Della Badia, who was                                president of the Brooklyn Calitrana Society. ( Vic Badia)

                             Seated in the 1st row (3rd from right) is Canio Vincenzo Caputo, my father (Paul Caputo)



Eberto Galgano

Vincenzo Galgano

Erberto Galgano (Al's Father)

Vincenzo Galgano (Al's Uncle) holding the Society Flag

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