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Galganos.jpg (122658 bytes) This picture  is of my Great Grandparents.  In it is my Grandfather Angelo Galgano,the boy with his fist to his chest.

MyGrandmother,Vincenza Galgano,maiden name Scoca,gave me this photo before she
passed. She had told me that I would be the only person to have it and to keep it safe.I have, and I proudly have it on my dinning room wall. To share this with the Calitri web Family is an honor to me. I am Thomas Regan, Son of Theresa Regan. My Mom was the Daughter of Angelo Galgano whose Father was Andrea Galgano. I think Mr. Fastiggi will appreciate this for his Great Aunt is my Great Grandmother.

Sincerely Thomas J. Regan

Top Row:  Step Children of Andrea (seated left) Andrea holding baby Giovanna (she died at Ellis Island of Ensephylitus at age 18); Center:   Lucia; Below Lucia is Angelo (grandfather of Thomas Regan);  Far right:   Anthony (Tony)

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