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On the Steps of Our Lady of Loretto Church
Sackman St & Pacific St - East New York, Brooklyn
I believe the group is la Societa Immacolata Concezione.  Late 1930's - The picture is compliments of Fred Rabasca

Does Anyone Know the Identies of these Calitrani?

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Click on the thumbnails above, the people are all numbered (thanks Mario).  If you know someone's name, e-mail me

Top Left: Woman w/sunglasses & Pearls = Angelina Gautieri; to her left = Maria Cerreta Codella; to her left = Vincenza Della Badia; Tallest man on the top row in the center = Vincenzo Papa;

2nd Row from Top:  directly in front of Maria Cerreta Codella = Elena (Frasca) Abate (she is 1st cousin to Vincenza Della Badia above)

1st Woman in the 3rd Row = Frances Mastropieri, directly behind Frances is Josephone DiNapoli (maiden name); directly in front of Frances = Angelina Codella Vitale; left of Angelina = her husband Alfonso Vitale

Middle Rows:  Man directly behind behind Padre Russo = Gaetano Codella (arm on priest);to the left of Gaetano = Mike Galgano;  Man  behind Gaetano = Luigi Cestone; 3rd woman to Luigi's left w/hat & glasses = Lucia Maffucci Rabasca ; Woman in front of Lucia to her right w/brown hair = Lucy Scoca Rabasca (Fred Rabasca's mother);Woman directly behind Lucy=Vincenza Quaranta; Woman slightly behind Lucia(to her right)=Susan Scoca Toglia; Man in front of Susan to her left (in 2nd Row)=Padre Gandolfo;Woman  to Padre's left (at the end, with hat) = Margherita Del Re Lampariello(or Rose Galgano?); Frank Mastropieri is the tall man with sash and carnation behind the priest.


Bottom Row 1st Man on the left = Carmine Telese; ?; Padre Russo, Tony Codella, ?, ?, ? Salvatore Fioravanti (Holding flag)

Some of the other people have been identified as:  Teresa DiNapoli, Frances Matropieri, Sal Fiorvanti, ? Sperduto, Frank Mastropieri, Frances Metallo, Rosa Galgano.   Can anyone identify them?  E-mail Marlene


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