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bullet Ahas Hix(1)

Children were: James Bradford Hicks, Wellington Benton Hicks, Roxalena E. Hix.

bulletMalinda Hix(1).

Children were: Elemender Scarberry, Noah Scarberry.

bulletRoxalena E. Hix(1) was born about 1840 in VA. She died before 1900. Parents: Ahas Hix and Rebecca Latherman.

She was married to Hillery G. Ashworth on 24 Aug 1857 in Lawrence Co., OH. Children were: Rebecca J. Ashworth, Benjamin Ashworth.

bullet Charles Brooks Hoard(1) was born on 5 Jun 1805 in Springfield, Windsor County, Vt.. He was buried in Nov 1886 in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, Cabell Co., WV. He died on 20 Nov 1886 in Ceredo, Wayne, WV. HOARD, Charles Brooks, a Representative from New York; born in Springfield, Windsor County, Vt., June 5, 1805; attended the public schools; moved to Antwerp, N.Y., where he was postmaster during the administrations of Jackson and Van Buren; member of the State assembly in 1837; moved to Watertown, N.Y., in January 1844; clerk of Jefferson County 1844-1846; elected as a Republican to the Thirty-fifth and Thirty-sixth Congresses (March 4, 1857-March 3, 1861); engaged in the manufacture of portable engines and, during the Civil War, the manufacture of arms for the Government; moved to West Virginia in 1870; died in Ceredo, W.Va., November 20, 1886; interment in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, W.Va.

bullet Robert Orr Hoback(1) Soon after their marriage, they moved west, ending up in Cass County, Nebraska.
-J. David DeLesDernier,

He was married to Louisa D. Clarke on 17 Sep 1840 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV).(20)

bullet Hobbs (1)

bulletNancy M. Hobbs(1) was born in Jan 1814 in Va..(2) She appeared on the census in 1900 in Cabell Co., WV. Living in household of son, Stephen Donahoe. Listed as Nancy M. Donahoe, mother, b. Jan 1814, 86y, Wd., 8 children, 6 living, VA MD MD She died after 1900. Subj: Donahue/Hobbs
Date: 12/7/1999 9:31:01 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Lynda Davis-Logan)
To: (Candie Freeman)


I've tried to call you a couple of times. I wanted to talk to you about the Donahue/Hobbs connection.

Since you gave me the name of Hobbs instead of Hand, I was going through the 1870 Wayne Co. Census and found something interesting.

On page 89 you will find James Donahue and Nancy
On page 90 you find Joseph Donaha and his wife Julia who was a d/o Arthur and Mary Ann (Fraley) Hobbs. Arthur and Mary are listed right above Joseph and Julia.

I'm wondering if Arthur Hobbs might have been Nancy Hobbs Donahue brother???

I thought at first they were her parents, but she is older than Arthur.

What do you think?


She was married to James H. Donahoe on 29 Aug 1832 in KY. Nancy Hobbs
Sex: F
Spouse: James Donahoe
Marriage: 29 Aug 1832

Source Information:
Film Number: 2034369
Page Number:
Reference Number:
-LDS web site Children were: Mary Elizabeth Donahoe, Martha J. Donahoe, Alexander M. Donahoe, Joseph V. Donahoe, James H. Donahoe, William Patrick Donahoe, Diadema Donahoe, Sarah A. Donahoe, Nancy Donahoe, Stephen G. Donahoe, Burwell S. Donahoe.

bullet Charles Hodge(1) appeared on the census in 1860 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Charles Hodge, age 22, is listed in the 1860 Cabell Census living in the household of Margaret Lusher, age 36.

He was married to Margaret Blake on 23 Feb 1862 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). This record is not listed in the Marriage Index, but it is in the Marriage Book 1 at the court house.

bullet Alvin Hodges (Private). Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bullet Dennis Hodges(1) was born on 30 Aug 1910. He died on 30 Jan 1967. Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bullet Dillard Hodges (Private). Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bullet Ernest H. Hodges(1) was born on 7 Jun 1921. He died on 3 Apr 1992. He had Social Security Number 233-28-4345. ERNEST H HODGES
SSN 233-28-4345 Residence:
Born 7 Jun 1921 Last Benefit:
Died 3 Apr 1992 Issued: WV (Before 1951)
-SSDI Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bullet Frank Hodges(1) Parents: Lewis Hodges and Elizabeth Erwin.

Children were: Noel R. Hodges, Dennis Hodges, Opal Frances Hodges, Dillard Hodges, Merrill W. Hodges, Ernest H. Hodges, Loucille Hodges, Louise Hodges, Louella Hodges, Alvin Hodges.

bulletLewis Hodges(1).

Children were: Frank Hodges.

bulletLoucille Hodges(1) was born on 20 May 1925. She died on 2 Feb 2000. She had Social Security Number 236-36-5437. LUCILLE GLENN
SSN 236-36-5437 Residence: 32807 Orlando, Orange, FL
Born 20 May 1925 Last Benefit:
Died 2 Feb 2000 Issued: WV (Before 1951)
-SSDI Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

Children were: Forrest Dale Glenn, Gary Allen Glenn, Patricia Jane Glenn, Kenneth M. Glenn.

bulletLouella Hodges (Private). Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bulletLouise Hodges(1) was born on 20 May 1925. She died on 23 Mar 2001. She had Social Security Number 236-36-5438. LOUISE WARD
SSN 236-36-5438 Residence: 44102 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
Born 20 May 1925 Last Benefit: 44117 Euclid, Cuyahoga, OH
Died 23 Mar 2001 Issued: WV (Before 1951)
-SSDI Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bulletMerrill W. Hodges(1) was born on 7 Feb 1918. He died in Sep 1988. He had Social Security Number 233-30-6274. MERRILL W HODGES
SSN 233-30-6274 Residence: 24946 Hillsboro, Pocahontas, WV
Born 7 Feb 1918 Last Benefit: 24946 Hillsboro, Pocahontas, WV
Died Sep 1988 Issued: WV (Before 1951)
Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bullet Noel R. Hodges(1) was born on 14 Aug 1908. He died on 3 Mar 2000 in Cabell Co., WV. He had Social Security Number 234-18-4062. NOEL R HODGES
SSN 234-18-4062 Residence: 25702 Huntington, Cabell, WV
Born 14 Aug 1908 Last Benefit:
Died 3 Mar 2000 Issued: WV (Before 1951)
-SSDI Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bulletOpal Frances Hodges (Private). Parents: Frank Hodges and Bertha May Wallace.

bullet Sylvia I. Hodges(1) was born in 1904. She was buried in Valley View Cemetery, Hurricane, Putnam Co., WV.

bulletJack Hoek(1).

He was married to Pearl Tevault Lambert.

bullet Bertha Marie Hoffman(1) was born in 1902. She died in 1963.

Children were: Alex Erwin Donahoe Jr., Joel Bernard Donahoe, Kathleen Donahoe.

bulletN. Connolly Hoffman(1) was born in 1915. He died in 1989. He was buried in 1989 in Milton Cemetery, Milton, Cabell Co., WV. Tombstone:
1915 1989 1916 ____
Together Forever

bulletT. Norton Hoffman(1) was born on 20 Jun 1894. He was buried in 1970 in Milton Cemetery, Milton, Cabell Co., WV. Tombstone:
1894 1970 He died in Sep 1970. He had Social Security Number 713-12-1762. NORTON HOFFMAN
SSN 713-12-1762 Residence: 32901 Melbourne, Brevard, FL
Born 20 Jun 1894 Last Benefit:
Died Sep 1970 Issued: RR (Before 1951)

bullet Anna Hohnberger(1) was born on 16 Oct 1861. Parents: Joseph Hohnberger and Henrietta.

bulletCaroline Hohnberger(1) was born about 1853 in Pa.. Parents: Joseph Hohnberger and Henrietta.

bullet Joseph Hohnberger(1) was born on 11 Nov 1817. He appeared on the census in 1860 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Note The following is the 1860 census entry for this family. I believe the name was hard to read and the spelling is different than represented here. The correct spelling is Hohnberger.

Cabell County Va. 1860 Census - annotated
Published by KYOWVA Genealogy Society, Huntington, WV
Guyandotte District
Family 0433-0421
Joseph Hamburger 40 Austria day laborer
Henrietta 27 Austria
Caroline 7 Pa
Mary 4
Lewis 2 (born 26 Aug 1858)
He was buried in Jan 1899 in Hohnberger Cemetery, Union Ridge, Cabell Co., WV. He died about 8 Jan 1899 in Cabell Co., WV. Man an Wife Found Dead

Joseph Hahambarger, aged 85, and his venerable wife were found dead last Sunday at their humble home on Union Ridge, this county. The wife was dead on the bed, and the husband was found fifty yards from the house lying in the snow, cold and stiff in death. Both had died from illness, the man having died probably Friday, and his wife between that time and Sunday. The old couple had been quite feeble. They were in good circumstances, having over fifty dollars in the house and a bank account. Their daughter, Mrs. John Capehart, lives in the vicinity. Two fine caskets were furnished by Undertaker Parrish, of Milton, to contain all that was mortal of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hahambarger.

Cabell Record, Milton, W. Va., Thursday, January 12, 1899, pg.1

Last of the First German Settlers.
Editor Record: That old couple that were found dead in Union District on Sunday, the 8th inst., were the last survivors of the first German settlers in our county. His name was Joseph Hohnberger, a German Bohemian, of Austria. He was scrupulously honest and upright, owing no man, nor letting any man owe him. He was kind, and never caused any man sorrow or trouble. He leaves three daughters, married - Mrs. John Gebhardt, Mrs. Theodore Henry and Mrs. Cartright, and a grand-daughter in Pittsburg, all good people and well to do.
T. B. Summers.

Cabell Record, Milton, W. Va., Thursday, January 19, 1899, pg. 1

Children were: Caroline Hohnberger, Mary Hohnberger, Lucy Hohnberger, Anna Hohnberger.

bulletLucy Hohnberger(1) was born in 1858. She died in 1901. She was buried in 1901 in Hohnberger Cemetery, Union Ridge, Cabell Co., WV. Subj: Hohnberger, Gebhardt
Date: 8/28/2002 2:10:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I am looking for any and all information for Hohnberger (often misspelled) and Gebhardt families. My grandmother was Anna Francis Gebhardt, born December 17, 1880, Union Ridge, Cabell county. Her mother was Lucy Hohnberger Gebhardt and her father was John Gebhardt. I know they lived in the city of Huntington around the turn of the century, but at one time they had a farm on Union Ridge. I would love to know where it was. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

Kathy Stapf
Parents: Joseph Hohnberger and Henrietta.

Children were: Joseph Gebhardt , Anna Francis Gebhardt.

bulletMary Hohnberger(1) was born about 1856. Parents: Joseph Hohnberger and Henrietta.

Children were: Evaline Cartwright , Henry Cartwright.

bulletHolbrook (1).

bulletAnnie Holbrook(1).

Children were: Henry Peyton, Charley Peyton, Cecil Peyton, Prudent Peyton, Florence Peyton, Rosie Peyton.

bulletNaomi Elizabeth Holbrook(1).

She was married to James M. Prince in 1862 in Lawrence Co., KY.

bullet Absolom Holderby(1) was born about 1794 in King & Queen, VA. He was buried in 1859 in Barboursville Cemetery, Barboursville, Cabell Co., WV. He died on 14 Jul 1859 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Subj: Re: Holderby line
Date: 2/25/2000 6:11:33 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Edwin L Holderby)

This is what I have on Absolom and America. Absolom was born l793 in
King and Queen Co., Va. He was the s/o William and Priscilla Pendleton
Holderby. Absolom married America Gardner ca. l814 in Cabell Co. He
died July 14, l859 in Cabell Co. and is buried in Barboursville, Cabell
Co., W.Va. America was born between 189-10 to Stewart and Maria Chotilda
Theresa Gardner in Ky. She died Aug. l, l88l in Cabell Co. Absolom and
America spent their married life in Barboursville. The had three
confirmed children as follows:
Martha E. b. l829 married Henry Maupin June 22, l847 Cabell Co. and
d. cl855. Buried in the Maupin cem.
Francis b. l828 married R. B. Allen
Absolom, Jr. married Pertia Proctor Nov. 27, l855 in Lawrence Co., Ohio
This information was taken from the l830 Cabell Co., census; l850 Cabell
Co., census,
marriage records for Cabell and Lawrence Co., Ohio, Cabell Co. Hx. Book.
In the l850 census we find them living alone.
I have quite a bit of information on the Holderby line including the
Lawrence Co. branch, my husband's line. Some of the info now on the web
is wrong as to family groupings. Please let me know if you want any of
this information before you set up your site. I would be interested in
what you have, too.........thanks, Sandy

1815 Cabell Co VA/WV Tax List
The following are the TAXABLE Inhabitants of Cabell Co.,VA/WV in 1815.
The first column is the number of men in the household over 16 years of age
The second column is the number of slaves
The third column is number of horse
The last column is number of cattle
Any notations to the right are additional taxable items.

Holderby, Absalom 1 0 1 0, James 1 0 1 0, Robert 1 1 1 2 one bureau, Wm 1 0 4 3
Parents: William Holderby and Priscilla Pendleton.

Children were: Martha E. Holderby.

bulletArena Holderby(1) was born on 29 Jan 1823 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Parents: James Holderby and Ariana Lane.

She was married to Elisha W. McComas on 8 Sep 1842 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV).

bullet Eliza Holderby(1) Eliza Holderby is reputed to be the daughter of William Holderby, Sr. and Priscilla Pendleton. It is not clear at this time if her father is the same William Holderby listed in this database, but it is likely. -CF

She was married to Allen A. McGinnis on 8 Aug 1822 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Children were: America McGinnis, Dr. A. B. McGinnis, John W. McGinnis, Sarah Priscilla McGinnis , Ira J. McGinnis, Henry H. McGinnis.

bullet Frances Holderby(1) was born about 1790. Frances Chapman, age 70y, is listed in household 0400-0388 of Henry H. Miller and wife Eliza in the 1860 Cabell County, Va census records. Fannie Chapman, 85y: 1872

Posted by Candie Freeman on Fri, 12 Jun 1998

Surname: CHAPMAN

DEATH OF AN OLD LADY -- Mrs. Fannie Chapman aged about 85 years, an old settler in this part of the state, died in this city on Thursday morning. last.

The Huntington Argus, June 8, 1872

Note: Is this the obituary for Frances Holderby Chapman?

Children were: Eliza Ann Chapman.

bulletFrances L. Holderby(1). An annotation in the 1860 Cabell Co. Census by Kyowva Genealogy Society states Frances was the dau. of Absolom & Amanda (Stewart) Holderby. America Holderby, widow of Absolom is also living in the household of R. B. and Frances Allen in 1860. America's maiden name was Gardner, so if this annotation is referring to the same Absolom, then America must be his second wife. This connection would explain why America Holderby is living with this family.

Children were: America Allen, Virginia B. Allen.

bulletGeorge W. Holderby(1).

bulletJames Holderby(1). Parents: William Holderby and Priscilla Pendleton.

He was married to Ariana Lane on 19 Dec in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Children were: Arena Holderby.

bullet Martha E. Holderby(1) was born in 1829. She died before 1856. Parents: Absolom Holderby and America Gardner.

She was married to Dr. Henry B. Maupin on 22 Jun 1847 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). Children were: Mary E. Maupin.

bullet R. W. Holderby(1)

bulletWilliam Holderby(1) died on 10 Oct 1812. Holderby Family WV and OH
Posted by: Janet Holderby Date: March 23, 2000 at 18:00:56
of 51

This article comes from the Historical Society of Cabell County, WV.
William R. Holderby and his wife Priscilla Pendleton Holderby settled in Cabell County about 80 years before Huntington, WV was founded. He served in the Revolutionary War as a Private. It was in his field in Guyandotte on which the first courthouse was erected. He ran a hotel in Guyandotte that burned by the Union Army during the Civil War. William and Priscilla came to this area from the York River section of VA. There children were James, Robert, Absolom, William II, Nancy, Fanny, and Eliza.
James Holderby married Lucy Wright Holderby. Both James and Robert owned slaves (according to their wills).
William Holderby, II (1765 - 1870) married Rebecca Haskenson and had twelve children, which included King Absolom (1823 - 1894). He married Martha Henry (1823-1882) on March 14, 1844. Their children were Cammulus Hall, James Kyle, William Robert, and Mary Elizabeth.
Cammulus Hall (12/18/1849 to 06/07/1903) married Elizabeth McMohan (1848 to Jan 29,1898). Their children were Henry King, Jesse Abner, Robert, James Kyle, William Andrew, and Martha Elizabeth.
Jesse Abner (06/02/1875 to 05/18/51) married Estella M. Simpson (08/05/1878 to 05/03/1960). They had six children: Harold Hall, Porter Conway, Mary Elizabeth, Margaret Ingram, Jesse Paul, and Frances. We are descended from Harold Hall then Everett Abner then William Harold then William Harold, II.

Children were: Absolom Holderby, James Holderby.

bulletJohn D. Holdryde(1) died about 1858 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV). He had an estate probated on 22 Jul 1858 in Cabell Co., Va.(WV).

He was married to Sarah Chapman on 2 Feb 1819. Children were: Olivia Holdryde.

bullet Olivia Holdryde(1) was born about 1820. Olivia is living with her mother, Sarah Holdryde, in the Cabell County 1860 census and listed as age 40. Parents: John D. Holdryde and Sarah Chapman.

She was married to William P. Sheff in 1863 in Cabell Co., WV.

bullet Elizabeth Holland(1)

Children were: Cesshell M. Floyd.

bulletC. Ernest Hollandsworth(1). Parents: Charles Smith Hollandsworth and Elizabeth Jane Henderson .

bulletCatherine Hollandsworth(1).

bulletCharles Smith Hollandsworth(1) was born in 1859. Subj: RE: Charles Smith Hollandsworth and Elizabeth Jane Henderson
Date: 99-01-09 19:56:46 EST
From: (Jean Lawson)
To: ('')

Candie, I have some Hollandsworth information, but I don't know if it
what you need. I have Charles Smith (not C. E.) Hollandsworth as the
husband of Elizabeth Jane Henderson in my data base and I am fairly
they are the same family you are researching. I don't know what you
so I'm sending the basics without trying to sort it out. Charles
Hollandsworth is the son of German Hollandsworth and Mary Jane McGhee.

Charles Smith is the grandson of Madison Hollandsworth and Susan
Hollandsworth. The children of Charles Smith and Elizabeth Jane that
have are:
C. Ernest Hollandsworth (this is the only C. E. Hollandsworth I have)
Della Maud Hollandsworth
Everett Chilton Hollandsworth
Leff Hollandsworth
Reba Jan Hollandsworth
Rena Hollandsworth
Ivan G. Hollandsworth
James Mack Hollandsworth
Ellmore "Elmer" Hollandsworth
Martha E. Hollandsworth
I have some more information on the children and some on siblings if
would like to have it. Charles Smith Hollandsworth was born 9 April
probably in Patrick Co., VA and died after 1903. He married Elizabeth
Henderson 11 Nov 1879 in Putnam Co., WV. The ceremony was performed
by the
Rev. James Madison Hollandsworth, Charles' father's first cousin.
Elizabeth Jane Henderson was born in 1860 in (W)VA and died in 1926.
is buried in Nichols Cemetery, Clymers Creek Rd, Putnam County, WV. I

don't have any information on her parents or siblings but I have more
the Hollandsworths if you would like to have it. Hope this helps.
Parents: Jermon Hollandsworth and Martha J. McGhee.

Children were: C. Ernest Hollandsworth , Della Maude Hollandsworth, Everett Chilton Hollandsworth, Leff Hollandsworth , Reba Jan Hollandsworth, Rena Hollandsworth, Ivan G. Hollandsworth, James Mack Hollandsworth, Ellmore Hollandsworth , Martha E. Hollandsworth.

bulletDella Maude Hollandsworth(1) was born on 29 Aug 1878 in Hurricane, Putnam Co., WV. She died on 17 Mar 1941 in Huntington, Cabell Co., WV. She was buried on 20 Mar 1941 in Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, Cabell Co., WV. Parents: Charles Smith Hollandsworth and Elizabeth Jane Henderson.

She was married to Pinkney E. Bowen on 23 Dec 1903 in Huntington, Cabell Co., WV.(183) Children were: Edith Bowen, John Lawrence Bowen, Joseph Bowen.

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