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Contribution Templet


o Highlight in between lines
o Press Ctrl + C to copy
o Right click on any part of the page
o A drop down menu will appear Click "Select All"
o Right click on any part of the page
o Click "Copy"

o Open a new email in your client.
o Ctrl + V to paste the templete in your email.
o Fill out template in email.
o You can delete what is in the parenthisis
o email to
o Put Cemetery Website in Subject box

Contributors Name:
Name of Decesed:

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Marriage:
Place of Marriage:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:


Spouse 1:
Spouse 2:
Spouse 3:


(In here write what ever you want about the history of this person and thier family. Some Examples to keep in mind are parents, Spouses, and children Inscription on the Memorials. etc.)


(In here write the transcript of any obits for this person)

The rest of the email include anything of importance that wish to add to the page. Use your e-mail client to upload any pictures you want to include