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George McKinsey

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: c. 1752
Date of Marriage: before 1781 (using date of first born child as rough estimate)
Date of Death: 11 June 1840
Place of Death: Waynesville, Ohio


My McKinsey line was not Quaker. They lived very close to the Bush River cemetery. I used to think that Sarah Moore McKinsey was buried in the cemetery. I am not as sure now. The McKinsey family were neighbors, kin, and very close friends with Nehemiah Thomas who IS buried in the cemetery. Nehemiah's wife, Abigail Moore Thomas, and Nehemiah had no children. They were very close to the children of George and Sarah Moore McKinsey. Sarah's Moore family were Quakers who had lived in Orange County, NC during the war of the Regulation. They moved with other Quaker families after the battle of Alamance to Wrightsboro, Ga. Almost everyone related to this family moved to the area around Warren County, Ohio in the first decade of the 1800's with the mass exodus of the Quaker families out of the south and into the non-slave states of the midwest. So George lived in the Newberry area from at least 1773 when we find either him or a father with same name purchasing land in Craven County, SC until George moved his family to Ohio in the first decade of the 1800's.

Newberry SC Deed Book D2, pp. 5-11: Lease and release. 8 Jan 1773, Thomas Shaw and wife Sarah of Craven County, SC, to George McKinny of same, for 250 SC money, 150 acres in Craven County adj. William Hilburn, Nelson Dunkin, part of tract granted to said Thomas Shaw 10 Sept 1765, 100 acres of which is laid off to said Nelson Dunkin. Thomas Shaw (Seal), Sarah Shaw (Seal), Wit: Wm Mills (M), Wm. Hilbirn, Richard Holeman. Proved in Ninety Six District by the oath of William Hilburn 28 Aug 1773 before Michael Dickert, J.P. Recorded 16 June 1797.

Contributed by Marsha Moses