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Bush River Quaker Cemetery - Benjamin Pearson

Contributors Name: Steve Pearson
Name of Deceased: Benjamin Pearson

Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: 19 Sept 1722
Place of Birth: Delaware Co., PA
Date of Marriage: 1st abt 1752; 2nd abt 1762
Place of Marriage: 1st unknown; 2nd probably VA.
Date of Death: bef 06 Jun 1788
Place of Death: Newberry Co., SC

Father: Enoch Pearson (1690 - 1749)
Mother: Mary Smith (1697 - 1780)

Spouse 1: Agatha Brooks
Spouse 2: Margaret Evans
Spouse 3:
1st wife:
Rosannah b 01 May 1753 PA
Margery b 19 Oct 1754 PA
Jacob b 09 Oct 1756 PA
Thomas b 22 Jul 1758 PA
Enoch 04 Aug 1760 PA
2nd wife:
Elizabeth b 07 Aug 1763 PA
William b 29 May 1765 PA
Abel b 24 Jul 1767
Samuel b 22 Aug 1769 SC
Robert b 15 Aug 1771 SC
Joseph b 30 Jan 1774 SC
John b 19 Apr 1776 SC


Newberry County S.C. - Estates Box 357, Pkg. 52

The record of Benjamin's family was copied from his family Bible, which Eli Jay found in the home of Benjamin's grand-daughter.

1788 - Benjamin PEARSON
Executors: Margaret PEARSON, Enoch PEARSON
Last Will & Testament: 10 Dec. 1784
Proven: 6 June 1788; recorded Bk A, p.25, of Bush River, S.C.
WILL OF BENJAMIN PEARSON: To all persons whom it may concern Know ye, That I Benjamin Pearson of Bush River in the District of 96, and State of South Carolina, do this Tenth day of December, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty four, make and publish this my Last Will and Testament, in manner following, that is to say, First I give and bequeath to my Wife, Margaret Pearson, all my personal estate together with the plantation whereon I now live containing four hundred acres of land for and during her natural life, or widowhood for her own use and maintenance and Education of my younger children, Also I give to my six sons, Namely, William, Abel, Samuel, Robert, Joseph and John and to their Heirs and assigns forever, three hundred acres being part of the tract whereon I now live containing 400 acres of land after the expiration of my said wife's widow-hood or death, Also one other tract situate on the Beaver dams, adjoining Caleb Gilberts, containing two hundred acres of land, likewise one other tract containing one hundred and fifty acres of land adjoining to where Jehu Inman now lives which said part tract containing 300 acres and tract of 200 acres and 150 acres of land, I desire may be equally divided as to value between my above said six sons at the discretion of my Executrix and Executors hereinafter named and one hundred acres being part of my above said plantation or tract of land containing 400 acres, to be taken off the side adjoining to lands late Henry Coate's. I give and bequeath to my son Enoch Pearson and to his Heirs and Assigns, forever, I also bequeath to my said Seven Sons all my personal Estate, that may be at the expiration of my said Wife's widowhood or death as aforesaid, to be equally divided among them. And if any of my said sons should decease before his or their arrival at due age in Law, his or their proportional part or parts as above divided shall revert and be equally divided between the Survivors of my said sons and to their Heirs and assigns forever and Whereas I sold a plantation or tract of land containing 200 acres situate in Bush River settlement, bounded on lands late Hugh Creighteons, Henry Coate and John Brooks, to my Brother William Pearson deceased for which I received a certain sum of money which if my said sons or any of them do pay or cause to be paid to the Administrators or Assigns of my said Brother the sum he or they so paying the same, I do hereby will and bequeath the said plantation or tract containing 200 acres of land and to his heirs or Assigns forever and I give and bequeath to my two daughters Rosanna Russel and Marjory Buffington their Heirs and assigns, the sum of fourteen pounds each to be paid by my said sons, their heirs or assigns to my said daughters their heirs and assigns and as soon after my decease as my executors and executrix conveniently can, and I do hereby make and ordain my said wife my Executrix and my Cousin William Pearson and my son Enoch Pearson Executors of this my last will intrust for the intents and purposes above mentioned. In Witness Whereof I the said Benjamin Pearson have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Benjamin Pearson Singned Sealed and Delivered by the said Benjamin Pearson as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who were present as the signing and sealing thereof. Zebulon Gaunt, John Wilkesen, Sam. I Kelly Recorded in Will Book A page 25. Proved June 6th 1788 Test. W. Malone, Clk. Ct (Recorded Date not available). (Original Will not in files of Probate Judge).

In Summary:

Wife; Margaret, 400 acres of land and personal estate during her life, for maintenance and education of my younger children. 6 sons; William, Abel, Samuel, Robert, Joseph and John. 300 acres being part of 400 acres where I live after death of wife. Also one other tract on Beaver dam adjoining Caleb Gilbert containing 200 acres. Also 150 acre tract adjoiniong where Jehu Inman now lives being part of 300 acres. Son; Enoch PEARSON, 100 acres of above 400 acre tract adjacent to Henry COATE. 7 sons; all personal estae after death of wife. Sold 200 acre tract of land in Bush River Settlement to my brother, William PEARSON, dec. Adjacent to Hugh CREIGHTON, Henry COATE, and John BROOKS, for which I have received a sum of money. 2 daughters; Rosannah RUSSELL and Marjory BUFFINGTON, 14 pounds each. Executors: Wife and cousin, William PEARSON and son, Enoch PEARSON. Witnesses: Zebulon GAUNT, John WILKESEN, Samuel KELLY.

Appraisal: 22 July 1788 of Benjamin's estate:

An inventory of the Goods and chattels belonging to the estate of Benjamin Pearson deceased taken this 22nd day of July 1788 by Thomas Pearson, William Elmore and Sam. I Kelly
one wagon hind gears and lock chain 14 pounds
One bay horse 6 pounds
three old scythes 7 s
one shovel and two mattocks 9s 4d
two iron wedges and two axes 9s 4d
three augers 6s
three chissels drawing knife and adds 4s
old iron 2s
two old saddles 7/2 smoothing irons 1/6 8s 6d
one gun l pound 8s
fifteen head of cattle 19 pounds 3s 6d
twelve head of sheef 3 pounds
one bay colt 2-5 one ditto 10t 1 pounds 15s
nine head of hoggs 1 pound 16s
one roan mare 10 pounds
one bay ditto 6 pounds 16 pounds
one plough and geers 1 pound 10s
one sett of shoe makers tools 9s 4d
one steel trap 4/8 one pine table 3/ 7s 8d
one bedstead bed and furniture 3 pounds
six pewter plates 18/six earthen plats 2/6 1 pound 6d
three pewter basons 1 pound
a lott of old pewter 1 pound 10s
one pewter dish and six porengers and 5 spoons 9s 4d
one coffee mill six knives and forks 4s 6d
one walnut table 4s 8d
one cotton wheel and cards flax ditto and reel 9s 4d
fivebooks 15/oldcrockeryware 1/ 15s
four chairs 4s
one bedstead bed and furniture 3 pounds 10s
one chest 4/ one case and 10 bottlers 3/ 7s
one srnall chest 2/2 sickels
1 basket and riddle 6s
one loom and tackling 2 pounds
one large iron pott and two baking pans 15s
1 churn 1 tub 1 pail and 3 piggins 6s
1 old tea kettle earthen crock and bake iron 3s
2 barrels 5/two jugs and old keg 214 7s 4d
30 geese at 2/ each 3 pounds
one wagon and geers 18 pounds
4 augers 1 square and compassers 7s 6d
1 handsaw 1 drawing knife 1 foot adz 1 mattock chissel and jointer 12s
1 old saddle 7s
some iron 5s 8d
1 sett of smiths tools and some iron 15 pounds
1 pr of truck wheels 4s

Total appraisement 238 pounds 4 s 2 d
Notes and other accompts ot the amount of November the 17th 1788 90 8 2 William Pearson, Henry Steddom, Enoch Pearson, Source: "Benjamin and Esther (Furnas) Pearson" (1941), by George M. Pearson

More About Benjamin Pearson:

1749, Nov. and June 1750, Md.., Frederick Co. Court records: John Nelson vs. Benjamin Pearson, and Joseph West; "struck off" the docket. (WMG 8:7)

1754, Sep. 8/9, VA., Frederick Co. deed, Jonah "F" Friend, and Sarah, late of Frederick Co., but now of Augusta Co., deed to Simon Rice, for L. 100, for 66 1/2 acres on south side of Potomac River, part of 300 acres granted to Israel Friend... witnesses, Benjamin Pearson, Robert Worthington... (deed book 3, pages 372 -374.) ( sold again 1758, book four, page 336)

1762, S.C. at Brook's (Rawl's) Fort, on land of Jacob Brooks, on Bush River, payment to Benjamin Pearson, for corn and pork.
Source: Reck to Pearson e-mail 8-30-1998, Corinne H. Diller,, e-mail dated May 10th, 1999.