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Descendants of James B. Fulton
(1765 - 1848)
and Their Families

Updated March 10, 2000
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First Generation 

1. James B. Fulton1, Source.

He married Anastasia Tuel1, daughter of Rachell Offutt, on May 27, 1787.1

They had the following children:
		i.	Rachel Offutt2, Daughter.

She married Buday W. Wheeler2, on Dec 23, 1805 in York Co., SC.2

		ii.	Ezekiel Tuel2, Son.

		iii.	Elealah Pratt2, Daughter.

She married Richard Featherstone2, on Oct 18, 1808 in York Co., SC.2

		iv.	Horatio Sparburn2, Son.

He married Gilly James2, on Feb 21, 1822 in York Co., SC.2

	2	v.	Theodore D. (1798-1885)
		vi.	Amarandah E.2, Daughter.

		vii.	Arebelah Clement2, Daughter.

She married Daniel James2, on Sep 16, 1819 in York Co., SC.2

		viii.	Daniel Asbury2, Son.

He married Elizabeth Blalock2, on Jan 4, 1827 in York Co., SC.2

		ix.	James Whatcoat2, Son.

He married Mary Clemmer2, on Aug 10, 1837 in York Co., SC.2 Alias/AKA: Polly.

Second Generation 

2. Theodore D. Fulton1, Son.

He married Elizabeth Parker1, in 1821.2

They had the following children:
	3	i.	Anastasia (1830-1921)
	4	ii.	James

Third Generation 

3. Anastasia Fulton1, Granddaughter. Alias/AKA: Stacy.

		i.	Alice1 (Illegitimate), G Granddaughter.

She married Joseph M. Runyan1.

	5	ii.	John Bishop (Illegitimate) (1849-1937)
		iii.	Joseph1 (Illegitimate), G Grandson.

4. James Fulton1, Grandson.

He married Jane Kierman1.

They had the following children:
		i.	Elva Jane1, G Granddaughter.

She married Isaac Gabriel Wells1.

		ii.	Mary Sapoch1, G Granddaughter.

		iii.	Elizabeth Bettis1, G Granddaughter.

		iv.	Nora Randall1, G Granddaughter.

		v.	Rachel Parker1, G Granddaughter.

		vi.	Willie1, G Grandson.

Fourth Generation 

5. John Bishop Fulton1, G Grandson.

He married Martha E. Dover1.

They had the following children:
	6	i.	Wylie Irvin (1883-1918)
		ii.	Charlie1, GG Grandson.

He married Lydia Jane Bridges1.

		iii.	Myra1, GG Granddaughter.

She married William David Earl1.

		iv.	Nora1, GG Granddaughter.

She married Oliver McSwain1.

		v.	Ida, GG Granddaughter.

She married Will Johnson.

		vi.	Minnie1 (Died as Child), GG Granddaughter.

		vii.	Francis1, GG Granddaughter.

She married Silvanus Jones1.

		viii.	George1, GG Grandson.

		ix.	John Thoedore1, GG Grandson.

		x.	Elizabeth1, GG Granddaughter.

She married Hugh Kerr McSwain1.

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